My Leo man is ignoring me

by Aries Guy
(New York City)

So, I've been going out with a Leo male for a very short time (let's just say that I'm an Aries, for all intents and purposes). We had a few very good first dates. He usually would contact me afterward, telling me how good of a time he had and what-not. But, after the most recent date, he didn't do so (maybe it's because he was busy with business in another state for the weekend). Let's just say that we had some... issues... in the bedroom and had trouble engaging in intercourse. I think this may have been part of the problem, considering that Leos take a great sense of pride in their general prowess. But, other than that, our general chemistry was great, and I wasn't at all pushy or anything like that. In fact, I'd wait for him to initiate contact, and he'd be all gushy.

Anyways, I contacted him around the time he said he was going to be back via text (telling him I was thinking about him) and asked him if he'd like to do something the following day. He responded a bit later and said that he was busy with family for the weekend (he's said that before, so, I understand). However, he said he'd still 'love' to see me early that following week. Here's the thing: it's 'early that following week' (aka Wednesday), and he still hasn't contacted me. As a result, I uncharacteristically sent him a message late yesterday evening/very early this morning (around 12 AM), asking him if he wanted to do something this weekend. I don't know what the sudden change is about, but I'm guessing it has something to do with his wounded pride. But, I only praised him, rather than insulting him. Any advice or insight? If he's moved on, then, I'd rather just move on. I just don't understand why he would propose seeing me early this week, rather than simply saying that he's busy.

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