My Leo man

by Darrian

I am an Aries female... About a year ago i met my lion...Like the discussion indicated he can be very stubborn, but i usually find it adorable. At times,he can be very arrogant and self-centered and as he likes to say ''It's his way or the highway." He is very flirtatious with other females and you can sometimes see a spec of a womanizer in him. In the early stages of our association he usually talked about sex...since the discussion indicated that they have a strong sex drive i guess it's true.

However regardless of all his "flaws" he is one of the most understanding persons i have ever met... When he gets ready he is the sweetest person ever and he loves to shower me with praises occasionally. Just his presence makes me happy even when he's mad. The chemistry between us is totally awesome.

He dislikes it when I'm stubborn and difficult-because of this we often argue ...but the making up part is the best.He can be very jealous at times but plays it off like it doesn't matter.He has a lot of pride!

Never you try to disrespect him or try to rule him or you will see what is really called fireworks-unless you've found a Leo with great self control.

We've been through hell and back but I'm sure he's worth it, i have learned to put up with all the "bad things'' with a little more patience, understanding and trying to tame my temper- which is a common trait for Aries ...I <3 him a lot...Leos Rock- well he does!

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Love You!
by: Aries Gal

Heya, I'm a seventeen years old Aries! And seeing your post, I'm kinda relieved. Most comments here are from water signs, which aren't really useful for me. So... Don't you think his flirts are kinda embarrassing? (I really don't know how to answer them! Shame on me) And his stubbornness is somehow a bit annoying. It's always me to say 'yes'. Even after I said yes, he didn't stop! And the way he flirts... Yes, this problem again. I don't feel like having my face turns red >.< But I love how he gives me his attention, how he comforts me with his words. And how he keeps up with my impulsiveness, lol. Ah, writing this comment makes me feel even better!

We were just starting this relationship, we're only a week old xD We're not even committed yet, which is not a really big deal actually. So, he dislikes it when his girl's stubborn and difficult... Noted. Don't try to disrespect and rule him... Noted.

Alrighty, wish us luck!

Ram ♥ Lion

Hate Fights
by: Leo Man

Yeah, I hated fighting to my aries ex-girlfriend, also try not to doubt so much about him. Those were probably the main reasons for the break-up.

Bad Deal
by: Mindpensoul

To be honest i dated an aries, & she was to selfish and permiscuious. Plus an alcoholic and weed head. Wish i never met her.

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