My Libra boyfriend

by AmandaKay

So, I recently started dating my boyfriend who is a Libra. He is so romantic, intelligent, genuine, charming and emotional. Since I am a Leo, I am afraid that he might be a little too reserved for me, and I do not want to outshine him in any way. Romantically, he moves rather slow paced, which is a nice contrast to my fast paced lifestyle. I can tell that he is in it for the long run. He seems to really like cutesy gestures such as writing letters and sharing a glass of wine. He isnt self absorbed but he likes to feed my ego. I only fear that if I have the upper hand in the relationship though, I will soon get bored.

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im a leo too dating a libra
by: Anonymous

i am a leo too and dating a libra guy ...and he did everything i wanted him too and was so charming but then got very clingy then i realized i had the upper hand and i got scared because i was getting bored and almost stopped having feelings for him which i didnt want to happen...but instead of leaving i told him how i felt and asked him to back off ...which he did but now its almost like he backed off too much and now the tables have turned and he has the upper hand (which is keeping me interested ) but still not fully satisfied sometimes i wish he could be that clingy guy again haha becareful what you wish for :)

leo woman that married a libra man
by: Anonymous

When I first met my husband, there was a automatic chemistry. So charming,smart, and loved me in everyway I needed. After time(8 years)I grew bored and I believe he did too. We divorced and remain friends, but the chemistry(sexual) seems to never go away..just remember willpower and don't fall into the same trap. He's a great guy (for someone else).

another leo woman with libra man
by: Anonymous

Oooh this is exciting stuff. I'm also a Leo woman and I'm madly in love with my Libra boyfriend. At first it wasn't that way, he was too persistent, a little too "mushy" and it scared me to death. Definitely not the way I was used to being treated, but the way I'd always wanted to be treated .... like a queen, and so I decided to go for it and test the waters...and a year later, I'm still completely crazy about this guy! I think when it comes down to it, Leos and Libras both love pleasure...and its true for me and my guy. We both love going to restaurants, romantic gestures, and beautiful scenery, which is a good start. But in my opinion, the best thing about Libras is they (astrologically speaking and true in my case) offer fun and security at the same time, as well as lots of grounding, which we Leo women sometimes need (but don't want to admit). Go for it!

Dating a Libra Man
by: Loe Woman

I've been dating my first Libra for no longer than a month.
It took some getting use to since we're both egotistical and like to be right most of the time.
On the otherhand, it's hard to find someone that can keep me this interested in them. I hate simple-minded people and this guy definately keeps me on my toes and is a great intellectual. He seems to be able to fully grasp my way of thinking and thought processes. We make each other laugh so much.
Thought the very first weeks were rocky because he can be very complicated, things now are going very smoothly and we greatly enjoy each other's company and never get bored.
He seems to really be opening up to me now and he seems to lead a very adventerous life.
I would say to give it a chance if things have been as great as you say they have this far.

confused leo woman dating a reserved libra man
by: Anonymous

i too am dating a libra man... i was in a really messy relationship when we first met six months ago... but that did not deture him at all! he wined and dined me and called me regularly! now that i am out of that relationship and able to give him my full attention im lost on what he really feels. we still date and just last night we took our relationship to that "next step" if you know what i mean! ;) but to tell you the truth i was the agressor! he is very introverted for a libra... he is very reserved on letting me know where i stand with him. our conversations are very short and light and never too deep on our feelings for each other... it feels strange pursuing him in this mannor becus bfor i was to preoccupied with my ex. as a matter of fact i think he liked the fact that i was in a prior commitment so that he would be free to do as he pleased... he really is the perfect gentlemen... but i really dont know where i stand with him... idk maybe im just trying to move too fast! i am a leo! lol

Libra Boy/ Leo Girlie (:
by: rollingstone

Ok, so theres this Libra Guy.
And hes Amazing... BUT. We're Not dating. Its More like a flirty thing.
Hes aPlayer. INSANELY. ...But (LOL) He says the nicest things sometimes... >.<
I HAVE NO IDEA how this will Work , Aha.
Hes Also like, 2 Years Older Than me?
But im Like HEAD over Heels!! He Has the Upper Hand Now, I USED to, But Its changed. Odd.

Leo and Libra in Love
by: Leo Girl

I am 20, leo and cancer cusp, dating a Libra man 22 years old. We have been dating a little over a year now and things couldnt be better. We are Perfect for each other.. It's almost scary lol He loves my bossy side, he loves my emotional side, he loves my dorky side. He likes that I am bossy but also vulnerable to him. We are both very romantic and like to show each other how much we care. He is always treating me like a princess, doing things for me, buying me food or taking me wherever I need to go. And I nurture him a lot, I'm always cooking for him, cuddling with him, helping him whenever I can. I hope one day we can get married and things still remain so balanced. Because right now we definitely balance each other out completely.

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