My Taurus guy

by Elena

Well, I met this guy - it was one of those "everything happens for a reason" situations. I still haven't found the reason yet though... The point is that everything happened so damn fast that I kinda blew it. He is the most passionate man I ever met, extremely sensual, natural, determined, classy, kind, beautiful... He is amazing! He used to call me almost every day, asking me all kinds of questions - very curious :P I liked that, but I never thought he would be interested in me that much.. It seems he actually was and I did not respond the same. I like him very much, but I don't quite know how to get closer to him...I really don't know what to do now... We do talk on the phone, now and then, but it's always me the one who's calling, not him. I don't know if there's still a chance... Anyway, I'm happy I got to meet him.

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Win Him Over...
by: Aphrodite Bull

During the initial courtship, expect to be the PURSUER! This man is very shy and introverted, but does a brilliant job in covering it up. Why? This man wants the upper hand. He is very protective of himself, so he will want to know everything about you. He relies on his instincts. So avoid being pretentious, flighty, inconsistent, or flirtacious with other men. He will hold it against you....

But here are some extra perks to win him over...

(1) Invite him over for dinner. Cook one of his favorite meals.
(2) Rent a DVD, a comedy. This man has a funny bone.
(3) Light scented candles. This man is a sign of Venus. Aroma is EVERYTHING!
(4) a BOTTLE of wine always does the trick...nothing cheap please!
(5) Wear a nice feminine scented perfume. He will remember you for a lifetime.

Good Luck. BTW, I am also a Taurus!

my Taurus Guy
by: Elena

I've been thinking over and over again about everything that happened. My job implies meeting other people all the time - most of them are men - I'm a sales consultant. Most of my friends are also men... Maybe he was scared about that. I am an independent woman and maybe he thought that I am hard to keep up with or just hard to keep.
I know he likes a dinner at home, with a home cooked meal, a fine wine, candles and all that. I actually did that for him, but it seems it didn't turn the way he expected or something. I don't know...I also tried to talk to him - you know, just talk, trying to find out things about him, but he was very evasive...
He may be seeing someone else now, I'm not sure. And in that case, what am I supposed to do?! I'm beginning to think this is a lost cause, but I just can't let it go. And I'm going crazy! Damn

Thoughts of a Taurus
by: Anonymous

I know not all of us Taureans are the same but for the most part I think we share some strong tendencies and thought patterns. If your Taurus is like me then he will do the math before the relationship gets to far along.

I think you were on the right track when you suspected your job involving male friendship as a possible issue. A taurus male doesn't mind an indepandent, successful woman who has guy friends. But even if you would be great for him and vice versa, he might never give it a chance because of that "math" he was calculating before. I think many times we tend to sterotype women and situations because we become so confident in our "read" on people. He might think you would be too much work and a possible liability. Unless he knows how utterly in love with him and only him you are and how that could never change then good luck. Once a taurus feels secure and both parties are obviously involved in something special then he will really open up. A Taurus man wants a lady in the street and a lover in the sheets.

He would give up his life without a second thought to protect his wife or children. If he ever found out you didn't feel the same or equally passionate about him then he will die inside and so with it the relationship. Also if he is like me then he wont normally make the first move when it comes to being sensual or sexual contact. He loves sex and touch but normally waits (not from lack of intuitiveness like some have said) for the woman to make the first move and then gladly joins in or takes the lead. He wants it to be proper and not forced. Once a relationship has been established there will be times of intimate love making and also times of just passionate sex. A true taurus feels inadequate if he cannot please his lover. He wants to be your everything while at the same time boldly telling you to leave if you can find better somewhere else. But you must remember he doesn't really wish for you to call his bluff and if you do he will surely shed tears over the situation.

Just remember, once you've been with a Taurus and leave him to be sexual with another man then the odds of ever having a relationship with him again, no matter how badly you want it are slim. Almost anything can be fixed but the thought of that image in a Taureans head. When these souls are in love they will give up their lives for the beloved.

A mature taurus knows the human condition very well and they value life and the feelings of others. They truly are like Ferdinand the bull who sits in the field smelling the rose and enjoying the beauty of nature. But he will gore you to death before you even know what happened if you threaten him or those whom he loves. So be gentle, honest and kind to your taurus. For these are some of his most enduring characteristics and what he looks for in friends or a mate.

by: Marty

Reading the last part of what Anonymous said as well as almost all of it, I find to be very true.

I always as my potential girlfriends(ladies) certain question or just state my dislikes about flirtatious women to find out if they would stick around. If they do then I have a keeper - If they don't then Thank God the Potential Headache is Gone. See I find that there is a way to break away from your so called Sign Traits (Taurus) by being outspoken about your dislikes and if she is willing to leave than to have a person Respect and Love her for Life then So Be It. Have Confidence in yourself as Men and realize that Compromise is cool in anything that you do but what is the Cost at the end of the Day!!!!!

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