My Taurus man is confusing

by tammy

This is reallly long and realllly complicated. So when we met he was the one who started making the first move. We wouldn't really talk (because I was too stupid and too shy lol) but he would try to touch me every time he got a chance and say something.

It was so funny cause I had to be a goalie once and he knew that I suck at sports so he decided to be the person who protects the goalie (I don't know what you call that) cause he saw me getting hit and probably felt bad. lol every time he caught the ball he would turn around smile at me and walk away. I was like ok?

Anyways, it was very obvious that his facebook statuses were about me. Some of them were just reallllly obvious. And we have this connection I don't know how to explain...

Like, if he's in the room and even though I don't know he's there, something will bug me, I will look back and I'll be looking at him in the eyes.

We also keep bumping into each other A LOT.

And we even do the same thing at the same time (I'm not gonna put everything. it's too long lol)

So after like 1 month his friends started looking at me and they would be everywhere I'd go and they would be like "observing" me. Just like him.
Like if they were talking and saw me coming they would just stop talking and stare at me. Thing is I don't even know them lol (I just know who they are cause I always see my Taurus guy with them)
He would say hi wherever he'd see me even if I was with my friends and if he was too far away he would just wave at me or smile.

And so he would be like Hi-5-ing me and then I started ignoring him because I THOUGHT PLAYING HARD TO GET WOULD HELP BUT NO NO NO.

So he started ignoring me too. and we had like 2-3 days left of school and I said hi just once and rest of the 2-3 days he would be everywhere again and he would just smile or say hi 213827 in a day.

So summer passed by and we had to go to back to school but we didn't have any classes together and it sucked.
But he would still stare at me and his friends of course and he would know where I had next class and he'd be there talking to his friends but staring me at the same time.
He got "married" several times on facebook but I know FOR SURE that it was for fun (I have my ways lol)

And I didn't get a bf either. I am like really focused on my school stuff and I don't go to parties and stuff like that and he knows and I am typical Piscean girl. Feminine and I never curse or do drugs, drink, smoke, etc. And he never had a gf even though he's very popular and i heard he said he was looking for the right one.
so somewhere in January my stupid bff told my Taurus guy's best friend(because my bff and his bff were friends in middle school but didn't have any classes together in high school so they stopped talking but they were still friends) that one of her friends liked "Taurus guy" but she didn't say my name or anything and this summer Taurus guy's bff told my bff that Taurus guy liked one of my bff-s friend too and it was obviously about me because my bff hangs out just with me from our school (her other friends are from different school) and his bff was like "Does this girl still like him? cause he likes one of your friends but he's not sure who you are talking about because you hang out with like 10 girls (when she doesn't lol we are like always together) what's her name?" but my bff still didn't tell him my name and told him that I don't care about him anymore then he was like "ok.nvm. just don't tell him that i told you about this"
and it's been yeah and a half we are like this and this year I have a class with his bff and my bff has a class with my Taurus guy (and they talk to each other too but they stopped talking in high school because they didn't have any classes together)

And I really don't know what to do. Like I am lost...

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He wants you to pursue him...
by: Taurus

He simply wants you to pursue him. Taurus individuals are very shy and reserved. Don't let the flirtacious, gregarious, demeanor fool you. He will observe you from afar. Your actions, your ways, how you interact with people, and the way you carry yourself. He's assessing you! Trust me, it's not a coincidence that you are bumping into him. Tauruses will almost stalk you from afar while keeping a respectful distance. We don't want you to feel overwhelmed. Currently he is asking people questions about you, probably checking you out on FaceBook (if you have one), or monitoring your moves from a distance. It's TORTURE for him not to call you, so he's desperately hoping that you would inititate the first contact.

Playing hard to get with a Taurus will not work. They will simply 'mirror' this action, and ignore you too. Tauruses are proud, stubborn people, and will simply not give in. Persistence is the key. You seem like a reserved Piscean which is why I'm positive this Taurean is drawn to you. We are drawn to people who make us feel safe and secure. But we need you to confirm it by being patient and persistent with us.

The best way to get him to come out of his shell? Comedy and good food! Tauruses have funny bones. Invite him to a comedy show and offer to cook him dinner afterwards. He will feel more comfortable around you. We are also very visual creatures (signs of Venus). Advice, when you cook him dinner, wear something sexy and feminine, carefully apply your make-up, nice hairdo, and wear a very feminine soft perfume, nothing too strong. At this point, you will be able to hypnotize him. Dirty unkept appearances, odor, or ugliness of any sort turns us off!

If you are lucky enough to be in a relationship with a Taurus man, consider yourself lucky. This man is very loyal,responsible, family-oriented, and an all-nighter in the sack! Be sure to pamper him though, he secretly craves it....

I hope this helps!
Good Luck!

by: Anonymous

Taurus men show interest at first and when they fall in love with you they run away because they do not want to get hurt. So why they chase you and make you fall in love with them and then remember that they do not want to get hurt? They are stupid, that's why!!!

The feelings may have been rushed
by: Taurus

To: Taurus Is So Confusing

You seem very bitter and have a poor understanding of the Taurean individual. He may have been overwhelemd by his feelings for you at such a short period of time, and did not know how to assess them. We're earth signs, not water signs remember? We do not wear our hearts on our sleeves, and we're rarely impulsive. Everything is gradual with a practical Taurean. I have been in a similar situation. When I am overwhelmed by emotions after knowing someone briefly, then I am very likely to get scared off. Disappearing acts have been very common for me.

These are my actions:

1) Being flighty and indecisive. We will show up late, pull a no-call, no-show, not answer or return your phone calls, make excuses.
2) Although we will remain flighty and indecisive until we have made a final assessment, we will continue to check in periodically to see if you still feel the same way about us. Contrary to our actions, our feelings for you have not subsided.
3) We will be our own private detectives. YES. A Taurus will stalk you from afar (unlike Scorps who will do it to your face).He will monitor your moves, actions, interaction with other people, how you carry yourself, and with the jealous streak...will absolutely abhor any competition!..and most likely will pull away from you permanently.

When he's made his final assessment, then he is all yours! But you will have to practice patience on your end. If you're impatient, then a Taurus man is not for you. The initial struggle {courtship} is temporary, but the long term benefits is worth the wait.

To the poster above
by: Taurus

My last comment was addressed to the anonymous poster above. {Not the original sender}.

"Taurus Men are so Confusing"
by Anonymous.

Need help from a Taurus Male!
by: Anonymous

I'm more than confused about the Taurus male. (Libra female) I've been seeing a Taurus male for approximately 3 months. He came on really strong in the beginning and now that I'm in, he runs off out of town (work) and hardly contacts me when he's away. Recently, he emailed and asked me to do him a favor which included some personal banking info ect. He emailed me his account#,PIN & SS#. After the deed was done I emailed confirmation back & he never answered! I'm so frustrated I really don't think I can deal with this. Interestingly enough, we've known each other since high school (30 years ago), but aside from that, we are extremely comfortable with each other. Don't know if I should stick it out or not.

by: Anonymous

I'm highly confused with this man .(Taurus) . I'm a Leo women btw been dating him for about 3 months now. In the beginning it was great he looked for me, checked up on me alwAys was all over me. Now we see eachother and is a hello or out of nowhere hes all over me. He tells me he really likes me but he's not ready for a relationship but in the beginning thats all he spoke about but then again he was in a real bad relationship about almost a year ago got hurt real bad . I reassure him often and tell him I would never play games with him that I really like him. Sometimes I feel like he's just not interested in me and he's just afraid to tell me.I got impatient a few days ago with him and broke things off but then he sees me and is like I never said anything he's all over me trying to hug me touch me etc. I'm just so confused I keep telling him not to play with my feelings. He response is always I'm not I'm just like that. I really like him and sometimes I do want with him. I'm just so confused.

straight from the bulls mouth
by: Anonymous

i'm a taurus guy, and i'll tell you straight out that all taurus men carry heartache all the time. we get very excited when we meet somebody new, but we are also very self conscious/shy, hence the "stalking." he's testing you for sure, but he's also testing himself. yes, we do a disappearing act, but we never forget a crush, and it always hurts us to blow you off when we feel that things are getting too close. Edward from Twilight is a perfect (cliche) example of Taurus men.

by: Anonymouslao

Feminie, cook, wear, soft perfumes I'm sorry but that's to much to ask from a Scorpio gal that only knows how to make broccoli!! I love you zachery Jeffries

I don't know if the signals are there or not?
by: Anonymous

He has this ridiculously brilliant smile which lights up his whole face, which I have had flashed at me a couple of times. He stares at me from across the room, even in really awkward situations where it is terribly obvious that he is doing so. I have looked up to see him staring at me, I kinda expected that he would look away once he realised I could see him doing it, but no. He continued staring. It's really disconcerting.

He was very kind and came round really briefly to assist me with putting together a piece of furniture that I just wasn't strong enough to finish off. He left really quickly, but when dropping the small tools in my hand his fingers brushed the palm of my hand. (sounds daft I know - but who touches someone when it wasn't necessary?) Much to my horror after he left, I discovered that I had put the furniture together incorrectly and couldn't put some of the last bits together ( he had done the work that required brute strength), so when I saw him at work the next day- I just couldn't look him in the eye. I was just so shy and embarrassed.

He had come into the room when I was unawares and had stood directly behind me - a colleague had seen him and gotten worried that he was about to touch my back in front of the entire staff, but after about a minute or so he moved off to the side of where I was, where HE was able to see my clearly, but it would have been unnatural for me to look at him.

So in my ridiculous wisdom I basically did not acknowledge him that day. I ran out and bought a block of chocolate for him and put it in his pidgeon hole the next day with a small note telling him how much I appreciated his help. I KNOW he got it, yet he has not even acknowledged it.

It's been over a week since he got it and still he has not let me know that he received it. Nothing. Besides which, as a rule of thumb, he doesn't talk to me, he just stares at me. I am so freaking confused!!

Taurus guy uncanny behave
by: Anonymous

I have been reading about taures men and there behaviour for quite a while now. Actually, to come to a conclusion as to why taureans behave so uncanny.
Basically, I met this guy online and we both were chatting almost everyday till the time he told me that he would like to consider our relation from marriage prospects. Since, we both live in different countries meeting could actually never take place. The day I told him its not fair to keep in touch if we are never getting to see each other. He retaliated, saying I was acting juvenile and told me to be his friend atleast.

Now, why on earth I have to waste my time like that so I told him starightaway that it wasn't my idea to talak with prospect of marriage. We did confess that we both like each other.
Now, disappearing act are so tortures.He was all over me initially adn suddenly backed off. Fair enough. I did the same started minding my own business. I took him off facebook just to get a txt asking me if I have taken him off??? I just cant undersatnd his behaviour at all.He recently sent me a txt asking this stupid question about an aquaintance. I guess he thinks I dont understand that he still wants me to be around. But why?? is the question
Somebody pleaseeeee enlighten me about this on and off, disappearing and appearing again out of nowhere guy.
Please, I cant make my mind about this man

This is some Bull alright!
by: Anonymous

I find it ridiculous that they say Scorpio woman is a good match for taurus male? If you like a Scorpio you had better show her and court her. She wants to be courted not plan her own freaking dates FTR! that shy business is only a means of controlling another person and it's a total turn off!

Trust me I'm a Scorpio with Scorpio in like 7 different placements including Moon and Mars! Courting a man who may or may not like me is NEVER sexy!

Final Disappearing Act?
by: Anonymous

It has been really interesting reading about why Taurus men pull away. I didn't realize they had a "disappearing act". I was dating my wonderful Taurus man for one week shy of 9 months when...he broke it off. I was completely shocked it came completely out of the blue, but basically he told me he was freaking out, freaking out about turning 30, that when we were together everything was great but on the days when he was alone, he would be lonely (just to name a few). A couple of days after we broke up, he called to check up on me (literally right as I sent the "send" button for my goodbye/closure email) and we got more into his fears (works with a bunch of older guys and they're either miserable and divorced or miserable and single and doesn't want to be either). I love him. Very much so. I still do despite the heartache of the last week. Since that conversation he has emailed me (which I was NOT expecting) in response to my letter and said he loved me too and that I was right, that he needed to find himself. And yesterday he sent me a text message to check how I was doing. I did not response to either because...I'm scared. If I respond, I am afraid of a prolonged heartache. Is this the right thing to do? Or should I continue to give him his space and move forward, hoping in my heart that he'll come back?

Taurus virgo confused love
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm a virgoan female aged 31 and he's a Taurus aged 34. I met this guy when I was 17 and i was in that time he was pursuing me mostly.I felt he was always protective of me around his mates, he was always arounde wherever I was, he'll yeah I caught him three times following me home!!...The guy found out where I lived,where I used to go for outings etc...anyways being naive as I was i didn't feel he was into me until my mates told me...yeah they watched him carefully!!..that year I got engaged ( at this time i didnt clearly understand whether he liked me or not) but he'll yeah I felt it hit this guy hard!! After my engagement he distanced himself even though afterwards I did catch him stalking me again!!...he kept asking questions as to why I wanted to marry so quick etc!! being duh me still didn't click on why he would ask such questions!!..the day I left college I met all my friends they all met me and wished me good luck for my marriage which was taking place in two months. This Taurus guy being so stubborn didn't move a muscle he jus stood there and didn't even say bye!!...I hate to admit this that's when it hit me how much this guy really liked me!!!...god I felt so terrible!!...anyway I'm married with four children now and he's also married!!...a few weeks back we met up together all is college friends and went out to a restaurant ...the guy didn't even look at me ..he talked perfectly fine over the fine then when he saw me first time it was like he was so reserved and quiet???... I caught him looking at me a couple of times and I felt he was way to quiet being the guy he is !!...jus wanna know what's wrong with him???...he talks to all my family members but me!! sis sed I look more attractive than I did 15 years ago and now that he's seen me probably was in a shocker but still ??...he could at least talk to me??...I want to tell him that I had mutual feelings too because I think he should know...please not I'm happily married and don't want an affair or cause chaos in his life either!!...jus to get it out my heart!!!!...please help!!

Taurus man so darn confusing
by: Anonymous

I've read a lot of the comments and have such a heartache. I have to say..I am 37 and he's 22. I was drawn to him the first time I met him. We got along great. He's just so confusing... one minute he's interested the next acts like a complete stranger. After 5 months we were intimate where he spilled some beans on his feelings. Cuddled & admitted he liked being close. The next day wouldn't look me in the eye & totally blew me off. A few days later was gradually talking again. What the heck? I am scared cause my feelings are growing stronger & I have no idea how he really feels. I'm Pisces btw

Virgo woman, Taurus man, new relationship
by: Anonymous

Just started seeing a Taurus man 6 weeks ago. We are both middle aged (50's) and busy professionals. Met online and hit it off famously. Amazing chemistry and attraction. He wanted reassurance in the beginning that I was interested. I gave him that. When I started to act interested, he pulled back. He told his best friend about me and even had his adult son "check me out" at a group outing. Another male friend told me that his son kept saying "I like her, Dad" when I walked away from the table.

I'm confused! Why would he tell his best friend and adult son about me if he wasn't interested? Isn't that something men don't do unless they're getting serious? I made the mistake of being a little loud at my birthday celebration (not drunk), and he abruptly left the club. When I saw him next (he doesn't call/text often), I apologized. He said that behavior's "gotta stop", so I took that to mean that he wasn't calling things off and was asking me to be more reserved in the future.

Is he still interested? I've validated his questions as to whether I'm "in" to him or not. He's validated mine. I'm just confused as to whether he's even interested still or not. It's been 5 days since I've seen/talked to him, and I'm giving him his space. I won't be attending the weekly group function this week, because I want to give him plenty of time to miss me, if he even does.

Any thoughts on this are appreciated. If it appears that he's really not into me anymore, I'm willing to hear that, too.

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