My Virgo wont kiss me

Im a 25 year old Scorpio woman and I've been "officially" dating my 30 Year old Virgo man for 7 Months. We've been friends for a total of 5 years. We have recently moved in together. He is very hardworking; currently working 2 jobs to support us and is wonderful to my 2 little girls. I can get VERY emotional & I'm quick to tell him "I love you" or express my feeling etc...Him on the other hand he's very complicated at times. He gets in these moods where he just wants to be alone and ignores me for no cause. Eventually he will snap out of it and come back to her as if nothing occurred. It's strange and bipolar behavior if you ask me LOL...

The sex is GREAT & AWESOME when we do get time to etc do to the kids and his work schedule. When he is at home is would rather just rest and sleep, but my sex drive is through the roof. Last night he referred to me "as a rabbit with the pick little thing hanging out" LOL. We don't have sex as often as I would like, he's not very ro mantic wanting to cuddle, and HE NEVER FRENCH KISSES, not even during sex!

I'm starting to wonder if he's cheating or maybe becoming less interested because maybe he finds me a little too "needy". I do everything from working full time, cooking, cleaning, and I'm very much into my children and their schooling. I'm beautiful, I workout and eat healthy foods, very clean and well groomed....Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions and just thinking too much into it...I'm unsure.

Do Virgos just lose interest for no reasons or causes???? We've had a great deal of arguments mostly do to his (Lack of communication) & (Wondering Eyes) while we're out on dates. I'm very jealous so this causes conflict FAST! At the end of the day we've always seem to make up because I always reach out and express how we should TALK. After he calms down it's back to normal and the routine. How do I know that he is TRULY here to stay and not going to vanish for no cause etc.....

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Virgo wont kiss me
by: Anonymous

I am dating a Virgo man well boy we are 16 and I normally move kind of fast in a relationship (kissing on 2nd date) but we have been dating for well a month now and we haven't kissed he hasten even hinted to me that he wants to or not and I am scared that he doesn't like me at all or if he likes me too much and doesn't want to move to fast. this is giving me mixed feelings. I have never dated a Virgo before and I don't know can anyone help me

Re My Virgo wont kiss me
by: Anonymous

I'm A 16 year old Scorpio woman and I'm dating a Virgo man. He's been trying have a relationship with me from February until October (8months) and we were just talking and flirting but I wasn't giving much attention. He was always trying to be up under me I'd give him a kiss here and there and tell him what he wanted to hear over the phone. Then in November the 9th to be exact, we made it official and the sex was sooo great he did everything and he just made me feel like I was in heaven and we're in love I met his family I spend the night we got out to places we laugh and cry together we do everything together life is good. my life is Great with my Virgo! :) I don't know what you other guys are talking about

i understand your frustration!!
by: lotuslilly

Girl i too am involved with a Virgo man who refuses to kiss or french kiss and my libido is jus suffering.... good grief is this a Virgo thing.... I never thought there can be another woman on the planet like me with this man who just refuses to kiss but can be soo sweet in just about every other area....... why are virgo men so unpassionate.... and dont like sex alll the time ..... its the only reason that i will end things with him.......

by: Anonymous

Been talking to this virgo guy for a year now we finally had sex but it awkward no kissing or nothing I finally try kissing him but then he kinda told me to stop I don't get it I'm use to kissing and I love it, he acts nervous around me n don't want to touch me its bothering me and I might stop talking to him but atleast want to work things out

I am in Love with a Virgo
by: Anonymous

My Virgo male is beginning to open up. He also has intimacy problems, mostly stemming from a past relationship where he was taken advantage of. I am very passionate and sensual so I'm always touchy and feely. When I asked why he doesn't like to kiss, his answer was a bad experience when he first tried and he never got over it for fear of it happening again. Believe it or not, it was the females bad breath. Lol he said it traumatized him so something as simple as that could turn him off forever because they pride themselves on cleanliness. As far as the distancing, my Virgo confessed that at these times he is fighting issues of his own that have nothing to do with me but he doesn't want to burden me with them or lash out on me because of them so instead he distances himself until he figures them out alone... As a Scorpio woman I always want to take over his pain and help him cope by all means but as a man period, his pride and ego always gets in the way because being "soft" is not how a man is supposed to behave. So my advice to u ladies is if u really and truly honestly Love him, make communication a priority, give him his space without the hounding and the nagging, have patience and remain true to yourself in the process... If he truly cares and wants it to work, he will come back after hiding and ur bond will grow stronger than ever... It's been 8 months we've been together and my Virgo saids he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, we've been sharing an apartment since 5 months and I love him to death :)

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