Mysterious Scorpio man and Gemini woman

by Regina
(New Jersey, USA)

I met this guy at work and he has always been very quiet. Up until recently, I have been working more hours with him, and I have noticed that he has been noticing me. He makes comments about me dating another male co-worker all of the time such as "How many glasses of wine would it take for you to flirt with him?" and that he is going to Photoshop a picture of him and I together. I of course, denied any attraction to this second male because obviously, I do not like this other male.

He is not the type to be too serious and he knows how to have fun luckily, and he makes me laugh all of the time. So much that I come to work looking forward to what crazy stunt he will pull next.

So, here is where it gets interesting...

Last week, I made a comment to him by saying that he was mysterious. He asked what I meant by that and I told him it was not a bad thing. The next day, he invites me to go out with him and 2 of his friends. I had a spectacular time. He smiles whenever he talks to me and kept looking at me. I of course, was sweet to him and really emphasized my charm, but I did not make it that easy. I said thank you so much for the good time and we left it at that.

I met up with him at work again today and he seemed to more open to me than usual and helped me with a lot of tasks as well, whereas he never did before. So I am guessing I give him space and continue to be my fabulous, Gemini self right? I mean, I am sure as hell not going to straight up ask him if he likes me. He will do it himself. correct?

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Scorpio hunter
by: Anonymous

The fact that you could not read the signs troubles me. How naive can you be? The Scorpio man definitely want's to get in bed with you. The minute he locked eyes on you and you turned out to be not so obnoxious was perfect for him. Are you serious in being with him? Go for it. The minute that you do him wrong he will cut you loose in an instant and forget you like an ugly war. Scorpios are real, and we are sexual. We will care for you and love you. Any betrayal or sub treatment will be taken very seriously and expected to repay ten fold. Have fun with him and be cool with him. Don't smother him and definitely do not meddle in his business. He will keep courting you with numerous tests to see what you are "made of" and if you pass the gauntlet you will be in shocking awe how Scorpios will love you and cherish you-as long as you cherish in return.


make yourself vulnerable. . . its OK!
by: Anonymous

I am a Gemini dating a Scorpio, we have been together a year and live with each other, if it wasn't for me making myself vulnerable thanwe wouldn't be where we are today!

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