Need a leo's man advice please!

by eva

Excuse my english i m a 25 yts old french lady. I start dating this guy he's a leo he lives with his parents and his parent are family friends so i moved to his city and i ve been staying here for over 4months ive known him for a long time we never had a one on one thing , we had some good times flirting and passionate kisses and i know he liked me from the looks he gaved me when we were kissing and fooling around, we didnt have sex, he respected that very much that i sleep with anyone , interl we start dating , i am a capricorn and he loved my french accent, and everything was going well he told me he how much he liked my style and how close i m with his family, and i really felll hard for him, even thou we only dated for 2months 0r less , he told his sister how i was the type he sees himself having getting married to since everyone loved me in his family n stuff, and one night i was tipsy (which he didnt know , cz he doesnt like girls who drinks n im fine with that i m not a drinker) anyhow that night i sent him a text on how he was always out and i basically broke up,(i didnt know anything about leo back then) the next day i felt so stupid rushing into conclusion and sending him the non sense text, so i texted him and told him, but his reply was well if that how you fell then thats how its gona be, and he didnt want to give it another try even thou excused myself and almost begged him, i know he really liked me , since then he always avoids me at home, to the point when he's parent r having a family dinner, first he avoid eye contact with me then eat as fast as he can and go to his basement. i tried texting him few time , i had normal respond that sometimes he called me babe, intel i pointed out that if he calls me that way i hoped he meant it ... and since then he completely ignores me, and if i m in the living room or an area he will avoid coming there cause i was around... i honestly really like him he is 100% the type of guy ive been looking for , and cant stop thinking about him especially i always get to see him even if its for few minutes before he runs away ... i want a leo's point of view of this situation and if you can tell me why is he acting like this and if i should try to text him, or try again to talk to him, i really wana know if i should just give up and move on, or give it another try , cause i really felt hard for this one, its been almost a month that we broke up . please i need some leos advise ... thanks

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