Need advice from a Libra woman!

by Anthony

Question for all of you Libra women - I am an Aries Man who has fallen for a Libra, but, surprise surprise, I've messed up and now need some keen advice.

My Libra woman was in the process of getting a divorce and I was her first choice of who to be with. So she was the agressor. This was before I knew anything about Libra's (I had never dated one before) and all I could think about was being in the "rebound" position ... usually certain death. So, I played it as cool as possible and, in short, ended up not giving my Libra woman the attention she really needed ... and to top it off her ex cheated on her. Our sex was great and she said many other things were great, but I wasn't completely fulfilling her. So after a six months of courtship (we became very very good friends talked a least an hour each day) and six months of dating she started pulling away and she went silent. Five weeks later she contacted me via text, and we began talking again intermittently (I think whenever her new boyfriend isn't giving her attention) and so on until we saw each other "as friends" but did not really do anything ... I told her I thought she was seeing someone else, she admitted that she was and then I asked so why are you talking to me ... she said "I don't know" She did say she was conflicted. I told her I think you love me and I now know that I love you. She didn't deny this, but she did say I cannot give you what you want right now. She told me that she's had more fun since high school with this guy but there are a lot of things she does not like about him. Even though she said she can't give me what I want right now, I know she was very much considering moving back to my town and in with me to eventually get married. I KNOW deep down inside my soul this Libra woman loves me ... they went on a weekend trip together and now she's cut off communication again so I guess he's cleaned up his act. I started sending her a note every day (email) letting her know one thought of why I love her ... after four days I haven't received a response ... though I did receive a text from her while she was on her trip. I'm frankly at at a loss of what to do. I told her I was committed and was not going to walk away this time...but I don't want to risk pushing her away or if I should continue to send her daily emails, poems, etc. If she needs time, I'm willing to give it to her because my ultimate intention is that we are eventually together.

Just to make sure it's clear ... I live in one state (her former) and she leaves in another state. She doesn't live with her new boyfriend but they do live in the same town so he has the conveniency factor. I personally think he's a distraction but I don't know the best thing to do here. Also, she does have a child.

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Move on
by: a libra

you have not managed to win her back - BY NOW - you neve will!

knight in shinning armor
by: Anonymous

Libra, is a sign of balance...when a libras heart has been broken she is always looking for balance and a Knight to save her. When you backed off because you thought you would very a rebound you showed her you aren't that knight she wanted. Now you either move on or fight...if you fight for her you have to bring the horns and all the fire you have. You have to show her you can make her feel like she's in high-school everyday. Show her you have everything she needs...your mistake was letting her leave without telling her what was in ty your heart. Good luck.

Never Give Up
by: ADW1984

There is still a chance for you. Sometimes, we as Libra's want to make sure that we are making the right move when it comes to matters of the heart. Trust me....if she's still staying in contact with you, there's still some feelings there, but because you did not originally fight for her, she has reservations about your love and commitment. Libra's are strong relationship people, and when they find the right person, they are in it FOREVER! I say continue to pursue her, but just not too aggressively until you know for sure that she's available for you 100%. Good Luck:)

Libra lady
by: Anonymous

I'm a libra woman she can be won over she just doesn't want to be unfair to the other by leaving him for someone else it's bad karma but as soon as things take a nose dive she can be swayed. If she didnt care for you and if you didnt have a chance she would not still be talking, she wouldnt answer your calls and her conversation would sound really dry if she did.

Very true
by: Anonymous

She doesn't love you. She only wants you as a friend. Trust me I'm with an aries man and im a libra. If she did want to be with you she would have by now, like with my guy we always go through this and somehow I always manage to only stick to him and can't move on same with him. You can do what you want and wait until she's ready but best thing to do is move on. She's not going to give up on her boyfriend anytime soon.

Need advice from a Libra woman
by: Anonymous

Once a Libra woman has her mind made up on what she truly wants to do, that's it. You have no chance at it again. You have to be up front with a Libra woman and trustworthy you can get her heart. Otherwise I think you should move on.

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