Need advice from Scorpio women

I'm a Taurus male and I had an Scorpio girlfriend. we broke up months ago but now we are going out as friends.. I want us to be back together but always says don't expect anything because I don't want you to get hurt.. What do I do? Does she really don't want us to be back together? or do I stay strong and pursue her?

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To the Taurus Man w/ Scorpio Woman
by: Anonymous

Are you two at a place yet where you can productively talk about what went wrong the first time around? Are you both open to letting down those emotional walls and resolving those issues?

From (my) scorpio woman perspective, what would be the point of breathing new life into old drama if nothing has really changed? Perhaps she acknowledges the potential of a great relationship with you, but realizes that neither of you have the tools to fix the bad parts without outside help.

Constant fighting, hurt feelings, and breaking up a second time = lots of pain.

Taurus and Scorpio have the ability to talk to each other about the stuff that really matters in the right setting and if you both can hold your tongue long enough to let each other finish what they need to say.

Good luck and I truly hope things work out for you both.


Move On
by: Anonymous

You should move on. She doesn't want to lead you on, but she most likly cannot be direct with you for fear of hurting you.

I just left my ex, and the same thing is happening I do not want to be blunt with him (so I dont hurt him anymore), so when he asks about getting back together,i say something like "don't hope for it."

If you cannot be friends with her without wanting more from her, then you cannot be friends either. Becuase she will continue to be there for you; she does appear to care for you, but I doubt there will ever be anyway for her to go back. She has made up her mind and is not likly to turn from the path she has chosen.

by: Anonymous

Once a scorpio women decides something, she never turns back.. she will continue being a good friend of you for the rest of your life..
You have to decide if you can be just friend???

If you find difficult to be just a friend then i suggest you move on..try not to be too close to her again...

by: Anna

She doesnt like you. She's telling you that she 'doesnt want to hurt you' to avoid hurting you for real, so in a nutshell, she's not lying. You can move on... But she just isnt satisfied with you.

Advice from scorpio women
by: Anonymous

You have something she either cannot live without or needs to depend on until she finds a replacement. If she really wanted to be with you she never would have broken up with you in the first place. Scorpio women fight for what they want and there is no need to be apart from someone you love; they do not need brakes or time to think.

a sincere advice to you
by: Anonymous

i am a scorpio women been in a relation with a taurus man for 5 years. ups and downs were too much. to me a love relation is different than him. taurus men do have negativity and a passive attitude which turns us off, examples are many, like:
- taurus likes to disappear.
- taurus likes to hide half truth
- taurus do seek entertainment much
- taurus are not a one-woman-men
- taurus is a 'go getter' only when he wants
many many other stuff which a scorpio woman CAN NOT live with.
look in the last situation happenened from you and calculate your faults, if they are one from the above and you repeat them every now and then, so i'm so soaary to tell you SHE'LL NOT BE BACK.

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