Need help understanding a Capricorn man.

by Who
(Ventura County, CA)


There is no way for me to keep this brief, so I won’t even try.

My background:

Due to circumstances beyond my control, at this time I find myself putting together my own accounting/bookkeeping business, as a Sole-Proprietor, facilitating a life-style better suited to my personal needs and future goals. Meanwhile, I am actively involved in my community in varied interests including; cultural arts, sports, community safety and etc. Middle aged, never married mother of one teenager. Both my child and I are high achiever’s and have a very busy schedule (that has a tendency to change on a moment’s notice). I am easy going but have not ‘put myself out there‘ in the dating scene (for many reason’s). Subsequently, I’m completely naive to the dating games. Especially the test’s of a Capricorn Man. I am attractive but no runway model. At only 5’4”, athletic/curvy figure. In the past two year’s I have gone through Catechism which has increased my faith and studies in religion. I have also, made a hobby of astrology, which I find is complimentary to my faith.
*Please spare me your advice on the controversy between faith & astrology, as that is not the topic for which I am inquiring.


He is a salesman (job is insecure due to the economy - and is looking to start his own business), self proclaimed ‘Pirate’ (though he has told me repeatedly that he is shy- hmm?), is also middle aged (four month’s difference in our age) and has never been married. At 5‘9”, stout figure, I find him handsome but am drawn to our intellectually stimulating conversation’s. We live about 80 miles apart. We originally began conversing on Facebook, in response to a mutual friends wall posting. That was almost a year ago. We were INSTANT friends! There is almost a psychic connection that we share. Completing each other’s sentences, mostly unspeakable understanding of one another, in each other’s heads...and on and on (EXCEPT with regard to romance - he is exceedingly private about that - and I am exceedingly respectful of that)! It is, for the most part VERY cool and sometimes a bit trippy. Most days we text/IM/phone at least once a day. Several days a week, we chat online for most of the day, as per his request/insistence. A bit of a homebody, he will phone/IM me at night so we can watch our favorite program’s together on the tely. Totally in his control! If he does not contact me, (with few exceptions) I do not contact him. He does instruct me to text/call, and I oblige . He completely lifts my spirits and by his admission, I do the same for him. There have been a number of weekend’s and a week here or there where we didn’t communicate. I just give him his space. I do not get jealous or behave erratically because there is no need to, we’re friends. The foundation we have in friendship has been very well laid and if our astrological chart reading’s are correct, we can anticipate being life long best friends. I believe in respecting his ‘singleness’ so do not want to intrude on his independence by stopping by unannounced or phoning/texting incessantly. Besides which, I’m quite busy myself. I think of him often and intuitively know when he is thinking of me. I just feel it, and vice verse. Typically when I get that feeling, within moment’s I will receive a call or text from him.
* Like just now :D
I’m getting very mixed feeling’s about thing’s lately. I strongly sense that he is falling for someone. When I delicately asked him recently if he is, he quickly changed the subject. That seems odd to me because we talk about EVERYTHING else under the sun. As he and I are not dating, naturally I assume it is someone else in his life. I later thought to myself, “He’s been in constant contact with ME. Could he be falling for ME?!?!”

Question (s):

1. He has told me that he talks to his family & friends about me but has not invited me to meet anyone in his inner circle.

a. Of course, I’ve been a good friend and so I naturally come up in other conversation’s
b. He admires my skills as an accountant and might find me useful in starting his own business but really doesn’t see the relevance in introducing me to his inner circle
c. He might like me as more than just a friend but is really shy and will introduce me when he figures out his feeling’s for me

2. He has had me over to “Hang Out” a handful of times but has not asked me out on a “Date”

a. Of course, you’ve been a good friend, DUH
b. He’s looking for a booty call but wouldn’t come out and say that
c. He’s too shy and fearful of rejection so he is testing the water’s by getting to know me better and see if I am “Date Material”

3. I read on many astrological sites that Capricorn Men appreciate independent women with traditional and more conservative character traits. Which may be another reason why he and I seem to click so well as friends. Though there was one astrological site that indicated a Capricorn Man will not get involved with a woman who is too independent or whom he views as more prestigious than himself.

a. True
b. False

4. Recently, when expressing an interest in going on a future camping trip, I told him that would be a great thing for him to do to escape and get back to nature for a while. He’s been under a lot of stress lately. He corrected me and and said “(I) should go?” meaning himself and then moment’s later said that I meaning me would be welcome to join him.

a. Why wouldn’t he invite you? It’s cool to go camping with friends
b. He is making future plans with you in it, He is “In to you!” Don’t be an idiot

5. Knowing Capricorn Men, in your/reader opinion, would you say that my dear friend is

a. Happy in our developing friendship
b. Considering more than friendship
c. Falling for me

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