Need help with my Aquarius Man

by Louise
(Manchester UK)

I've been involved with an Aquarius man who's 52 for just over a year now. I'm 33 and a Capricorn. We both had a mutual friend on a social networking site we use that's how we came to know one another. We stay over 4 hours from each other so distance is and can be a problem at times, along with his behavior and probably mine if i'm being honest as we've actually only spent 2 days together in total.

He was the one who made contact with me first he made it very clear from very early on he fancied me and was very interested he was also the first to bring an US into the equation. At first i was totally disinterested i know this may sound bad but looks wise he's not the sort of person i would go for but he very much won me over especially with his thoughts and feelings regarding relationships.

In many ways we seem to be a perfect match as we both have the same thoughts and feelings regarding relationships but the last 4/5 months have been a total nightmare with him. Every time we seem to get closer he runs a mile he becomes very distant and ignores me completely for a few weeks at a time and no i've never really handled it very well when he's done that i'm embarrassed to admit i've acted very much like a child stamping my feet and having the attitude of who are you to ignore me kind of thing which i've learned the hard way doesn't work, thing is he always comes back after a few weeks. He's told me everything that went on with his split from his ex wife(they are still legally married and still stay in the same house. She is now dependent on him as she has became an alcoholic and wont leave the house so basically he's now became her carer of sorts. they also have 3 grown up children together) how he felt and what he went through. He's told me that he cares very much for me he's told me that he likes me very much and would very much like to see how things turn out between us yet he runs away and hides for weeks at a time. His actions tell me one thing that he doesn't want me or an US but his words pull me back in and he very much tells me he's interested and wants to see where it goes between us. I have grown to care very much and am now developing strong feelings for this man. I have a close circle of friends who i speak to about him and this situation i have found myself in, my friends range from 30 - 50 and are completely divided in what they think about it all. Half say he's a player of sorts and just using me the other half says he's just scared of getting into anything serious as his marriage ended very badly 6 years ago (his ex wife cheated on him) I'm now starting to feel extremely insecure about the whole situation. One of my friends suggested looking into his star sign and i've been reading about Aquarius men over the last couple of days and i find i quite strange as it seems to have him down to a tee but i'm still at a totally loss as what to do or to think for that matter and i was wondering if yous could give me your thoughts and opinions and advice i don't want to walk away from this Aquarius man he's totally captured my heart, is this a typical Aquarius man, what do i do and does he really have any feelings for me?

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ah, those tricky Aqua men
by: Capri-Corny

dear Louise--

I read your post with interest. I have been involved with Aquarius men, both as friends &...otherwise. Must admit that it doesn't usually end up well between Capricorn & Aquarius. I do believe it works better when the female is Aqua and the Capricorn is male (I realize that doesn't help).

I would caution you against putting too much stock in what an Aquarius man tells you. The fact that he is still legally married & living in the same house with his wife should be a red flag. I guess my advice would be to stay on, but treat him with a grain of salt. Be open to dating others. ...Just b/c you could end up playing a long waiting game with few results at the end of the day (years?)...

BTW, what sign is his ex-wife? That should provide some insight into the matter--

talk soon, fellow Capri

Aquarius and Capricorn
by: Anonymous

I know the feeling... I also care for a Aquarius and I'm a Capricorn.. Funny, he took the time to say "I like you" and then fades away for a few days.. When he finally gets in touch with me I don't know how to feel but upset.. After a few minutes things are good.. Sometimes I just want to let things go but I keep on holding on.. I ask myself WHY..

by: Anonymous

i'm aquarius male. He may have any feelings for you. I like having sex very much, I imagine to have sex vs someone, even in my dream i have sex vs someone, masturbating, honestly i'm telling. If you gave him sex, sexual sign, such as touching body, face, if you dress sexually he likes it very much. Most internet sites says, Aquarians love almost everybody. It's true!.

Advice needed not judgement
by: Anonymous

I met my aquarian male whilst on a first date at a party 5 weeks ago. I saw that he was with someone however things weren't going great with the date so I decided to leave. Before I left I did something totally out of character for me. I wrote my number down and pushed it Into his hand. He text me on the Monday but I didn't reply til tues. we met the following sat for an afternoon drink. I was amazed. The attraction I have for him is u believable. He is a gentleman he's caring considerate and extremely handsome. He is also married. It's his third marriage and has been married for 6 years. I tried to end it on the tues after our date as I don't want to be the other woman and think that his wife doesn't deserve to get hurt. He said that was very decent of me and appreciates my honesty. I sent that text at 7am and I lasted til 4pm before contacting him again ! I'm weak and wrong I no but the attraction I have is immense. We chatted and he sent me a long message saying how if emotion becomes involved its no good so basically just wants sex from me. I said that's fine with me as my own marriage broke down in dec last year so not ready for commitment. I invited him to watch a band and he asked if I fancied an afternoon swim first. He booked a five star hotel and treated me like a queen. I had my period too which he was aware of before booking. He said that he wants sex relationship however his actions are saying the opposite. He wants to see me whenever he can. But not for sex. I invited him to my house when I'm child free but he refuses saying that he doesn't want to have sex then leave me feeling used. He keeps stating he can't leave his wife (although I've said I don't want him to) there are reasons he will disclose to me when he feels he can trust me. My confusion is what is he looking for. Says never had affair before and I totally believe him because of the way he is with me. Obviously I could be wrong ! His actions (to me and my friends) scream that he is really into me wants to get to know me. I'm libra and compatibility is supposed to be good. Help please xx

by: Cat

This is going to be all sort of blunt, but: He is married. You are f***ing with a goddamn married man, idiot!

Aquarians, from my experience, love hooking up with women online to either cyber, sext, cam, or to hook up IRL. You are a means to an end. And, if just a hook up, they usually don't really care what you look like.

Aquarians are notoriously unfaithful. Even if they are happy, they will cheat. Even if you are devoted, they will cheat on you. And they will have zero guilt about it. Aquarians are better in an open relationship because of this. Remember the hippie era was "the age of free love" and "the age of Aquarius. Its no coincidence. These guys are not really monogamous.

They will be very suspicious and jealous of YOU running around though!

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