No Love for A Hot Scorpio Woman

by Linda
(Staten Island )

I know I married the wrong person. I have been reading about Pisces men ... I WANT ONE .... I am with a Sagittarius and it is a horrible relationship ... We do not share anything anymore ... He never understood me .... No Sex for at least 10 years .. I am so deprived ... I want a Loving, caring, Pisces man to make love to ... I am Loving and caring for the right man .... Havent had hugs or kisses in years too ... I am sad all the time .... Looking for Love soooo Bad ... Need to move on ..... If anyone sees this and is a Pisces Man please respond .... Love Starved Scorpio Woman ...

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by: Anonymous

im a scorpio women and its not great being married to a pisces man, we havent had sex in 2 yrs and he doesnt hug or kiss or anything its awful. i think your better finding someone u connect with rather then going on star signs. hope it helps x

Scorpio woman
by: Anonymous

I am a Scorpio who can't find love!!!! I was married 20 yrs with a Sag. The only reason I stayed was the sex. Now I don't miss him, just the 4hrs of sex 4-5x a week for the whole 20yrs. I too have people telnet ,e that I am unapproachable and scary. UUGGHH I am a good person, easy going. I gave up trying to change I just need a strong male!!!

Not so fast
by: Ray

I am currently dating a pisces man. Our sex is great, but I do not like him. I am currently dating other men, so that he will find out and go away. My experience with a pisces man is this . . . he is not grounded, too idealist and debates with me about everything. It's exhaulting! I say get out of your sexless marriage and just do whoever gets your juices flowing for right now.

im a piesces man lost my scorpio girl
by: Anonymous

im a piesces man lost my scorpio girl i cant stop loving her i am 47 years old and never bin in love like that my only hope now is to try find another scorpio nothing else will do

by: Anonymous

I am a pisces man mary to a scorpio woman. And I think I might be a little too much for my score for woman I am a hopeless romantic. Lately she's been helping others too much she helps her best friend out more than she helps me I wish you to communicate and talk with me more cuz we used to be best friends and hang out all the time we're about to have a baby that should be new and entertaining but I have to say most the time she's a cold hearted bitch and doesn't know how to act I love her to death but she doesn't really express it the way that I need her to

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