No more Leo men for me

Just to thank all the Leo's and Scorpio's for your honest advice. I'm the Scorpio that miscarried from the Leo. I have used the advice from the Leo man. I have been ignoring him, he did make contact me and, yes, we did fool around a bit. And guess what?. I did not feel a thing for him, at all!. Now, I'm even more confused than ever. there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of him but when I get a chance to see him, I just do not feel a thing for him??

I do not know what to make of it. I miss him extremely but I'm glad to say that the peels are now slowly but surely falling of my eyes. I now see that he is not remotely interested in me at all but only in what I can offer him. I sensed that he is afraid to commit, I could also sense that he might be afraid because he must have gotten hurt so bad in the past that now he is avoiding any commitment and uses his work as a excuse. Which is sad......

I feel for him. At the moment I am so lonely but I have learned to overcome my desire for him. I find myself daydreaming about the times we spent together. But for me, I now know, he is not what I want him to be, to feel bout me like I want him to. Part of me still want him to want me but the biggest part is over him. It's going to take a while but I truly wish I can get over him, completely.

I have learnt a lot from my experience with a Leo. I will try and avoid them in the future but I know it is going to be very hard. I'm also sure Leo's are magnificent guys, I probably fell for the wrong one and got my heart ripped out, over and over again. No thanks, no more Leo's for me.

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