No strings sex with a Cancer man

by Aja
(Newark, NewJersey)

I met this Cancer man. He told me that he wasn't looking for a relationship and just wanted sex. I was happy to oblige because I thought that he was extremely sexy. I didn't want a relationship either. I assumed we were on the same path. But then I slowly realized that he was trying to push it in the 'relationship' direction, and boy did he come on strong. He started telling me that I needed to stop making excuses and start spending more time with him. I needed to meet his peoples, family, and include him in my life. Yeah right. He was domineering, trying to navigate how I did things, he talked about his past relationships and how women were not to be trusted. He also told me that in the past he stalked his ex-girlfriends, too, but tried to sugar-coat it and made it seem validated. Relationship-material? No. FWB? Yes!

I declined all offers. I put all his flaws on the table. I'm not tactful at all! He became hyper-sensitive. He went into his shell. So I simply ignored him when he refused to answer my calls. Then out of the blue, he calls me and asked me "Why haven't you called me?"...What happened to us?" Us? I told him there was never an 'Us.' We had a few dates only. (which I thought was going to eventually lead to sex)But I did not want to hurt his feelings in case he decided to shell up again. So I tried to be quiet and gave him an elusive response. "Things happen, it's just one of those things." I still wanted to have sex with him. (believe it or not, we never got around to it). It didn't work. He's an incredible kisser, and just makes me wet. I know he will be incredible in the sack. I asked him directly and told him I wanted to sleep with him. He declined...and then told me he has found someone else. Well, here goes to no sex.
My question. Do Cancers have a problem with no-strings attached sex? Can they separate sex and intimacy?

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re: no strings sex w/ cancer man
by: Anonymous

I can only speak for myself, and you must remember all men are different. I can very easily have no strings attached sex, and separate sex from intimacy. BUT and this is a big one the Girl I have no strings sex with is not, nor will she ever be "the one". That is to say be sure that you aren't gonna want a relationship later cuz its very likely it will never happen. I will never date or go beyond a casual friendship with a "hook up" and likewise a girl I want to date or be close to as a friend or more I won't hook up with, simply because I value them too much to possibly hurt them, or make things weird between us for careless sex. So maybe your cancer male friend may have said he wanted a hook up but really deep down he wanted a relationship which is why the hook up never came to be...
Good Luck!
-Cancer Male

Emotional entrapment?
by: Aja (author)

To the anonymous poster above^^^^
Thanks for responding to my thread.

Why would a Cancer indicate a 'Hook-Up' although he secretly wanted a relationship instead? Isn't that emotional entrapment?

I'm confused....

by: amy

BECAUSE THEY ARE MENTAL F*CKERS,DOYOU NOT GET THAT. Just say you want a relationship to smooth his ego, get what you want and bounce. He is playing games with you, and you are going along with it. Take back the power a WOMAN, and always adtes multi-people, I dont mean sleep with them all, thats your choice, but dont make yourself so available to him. loves amy

hmmm... :))
by: Cancer male too :)

In my opinion, Anonymous is right. Cancereans always try to get what they want's really rare for a cancerean guy to hook up with somebody he has no feelings for. The most probable reason he said that he wanted a "no strings sex" is he thought that may be after having would want to be in a relationship with him. It's like his indirect way of asking you to be his girlfriend. he thought maybe if you'd get used to the sex, there would be no reason for not wanting him as a parnter.

Speaking for myself...I would never hook up with someone even if that someone would be a celebrity not unless I do feel a strong emotional attraction to that person. Besides, cancer people value EMOTIONAL relation than SEXUAL... just an opinion. :))

probably emotional manipulative is the term to use to your guy... :)

by: pretty woman

I started dating an old friend of mine from 10 years ago. We were crazy for each other but because of the distance we never hooked up and of course we both got married to other people then we both got divorced. Our first date we had after he found me on FB with had sex and it was the best ever. We talked every damn day and continued to see each other and everytime there was sex. I was getting a little scared because I felt he was going to fast with the relationship but at the same time I was falling in love with him. We had a little argument on Christmas and I confessed to him that I was falling in love. Since then, we've only seen each other once and I have asked him several times if he wants this to be over and he says no. When I text him, he'll answer but he wont call me unless I ask him too. I would think that at least he would use me for the sex but not even that. I thought to my self that if he would look for me just for the sex, I would try to make it the best sex ever just to get him back but he hasn't even call me wanting to see me. This is driving me crazy...I dont know if I should continue to wait on him or should I give up. I still love him deeply.

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