Not a typical Gemini

by Noona

I'm a Gemini woman and a little unusual. I am very talented with people and discussing with whoever is easy. I love socializing and being surrounded by people.
BUT I love staying home even more. I can stay home with my Cancer man for a couple of weeks without seeing any friends and be completely happy. I also never take sex or relationships lightly and have only had long term relationships (over 1-4 years). At the moment I've dated this cancer guy for 4 years and I'd never cheat on him. I also think love and loyalty are very important to me. I think this is why me and my cancer guy are so compatible.

He says he fell in love with my "innocence" and funny way of making things easy. I think he means the typical Peter Pan thing, to never grow up that many Geminis have. Why am I so different when it comes to relationships from the astrological point of view? :O

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by: Anonymous

I'm totally like that too & I am also a Gemini. But I would never cheat on a guy & I dated my ex for 2 years & loved a guy for 8 years. My ex was an Aquarius & I would have never left him or cheated on him but he cheated on me. But we had a lot of chemistry & so much fun, we got each other a lot. Though one thing bothered me he was sometimes careless.

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