Obsessed with a Scorpio man

The Scorpio monster online I call him that because he really is a beast in bed I never had sex with him but I already know im still a virgin and he's the first guy that I knew I wanted to give myself to him cause I truly knew in my heart he would ripple me like his last feast but lets get back to how we met I think he asked me for a friend request on myspace I accepted of course but we never really talked or nothing I forgot if he's the one who said something first or if I did but we started sending each other messages online not much but interesting so he mentioned my teeth a lot how nice and white they were but I returned the compliment so then he was mr colgate and I ms crest lol but he sent me his number I didn't really take anything seriously but I never called or text but I saved his number on my phone then I sent him my number online as a message so he to never called or texted but out of the blue totally unexpected my sisters wedding day im totally busy preoccupied he sends me a text and im thinking to myself wow really were totally meant to be

I felt it was weird cause on a wedding day he finally reached out to me so im like its destined that's my soulmate and I don't even believe in soulmates plus I don't even know the guy or ever seen his face in person so we texted he was nice and charming very unpredictable but I loved it we never actually talked more like texted that concerned me but it didn't really matter to me cause it was something about him I couldn't control its like he had some kind of control over me physically mentally I was 19 I actually never been in a real relationship and I really didn't think nothing of us just two people lonely looking for someone to flirt with he was really nice to me we spoke a few times on the phone not as much like I anticipated so it was ongoing same thing then October came I asked him what's up with us he sent me a text we should just be friends I was upset but not as upset as I was going to be in the near future little did I know so I was like yeah me too so I was okay with that so after that we didn't talk or text each other for 2 months then December came around he started texting me again I was surprised and excited so we got back to just saying hey and there

I wasn't looking to hook up even though I wanted to so he left me alone for about two weeks then just dropped a bomb on me about us going to the movies in January I just turned 20 a week ago I said yes Omg just like that see its something he had over me and I had to sneak out for him I did it just like that I didn't even care to get in trouble its like he was my safe guard and I hadn't even seen him in person yet it would be my first time so I told him to pick me up he stay about 30 min away from me so he came by and I was walking down the street got in his car and boy he was special like some kind of super hero from the first time I saw him I knew I wanted him to be mines forever so we watched some comedy movie that was my best first date ever even if we just watched a movie and talked he was so mysterious and gentle

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part 2 continued
by: Anonymous

I felt so safe with him and complete and that was the first time we ever met we went on a couple more places not dates but an event at my school I invited him and like always I have a great time with him so we started talking and texting less I started getting inpatient but I chilled so one night I went to this secluded park with him I was late but everything that was suppose to happen that night did I have not seen him since feb I finally saw him late march so you already know I was excited so I don't need to say much but that night was magic without the sex we couldn't keep our hands off each other everything about that night was so magnetic so much energy and passion and he took something out of me that night in ways I would never behave towards the opposite sex cause im shy but before everything started we gave each other that look and it was over his kiss touch lips was magnetic to my every being and

I couldn't resist its like he connected with my soul and I kissed others before but never the way I kissed him and no one has ever kissed me the way he did he kissed me like he never wanted to let me go so passionate so intense so deep and I know he never kissed any other girl the way he did me its like you know when you know and he told me he wasn't after sex and I believed him with my heart and I never trust anyone but after that night things just tumbled like a disastrous unexpected earthquake and its like we both knew things were getting worse so I remember our last meeting before totally going ghost on each other it was the gym it was okay but not as I expected I kissed him goodnight I was kinda resistant cause I felt like he didn't deserve my kiss so he pulled me in for a second and at that moment I felt hurt and confused lost and heartbroken while feeling so horny at the same time and I didn't know what to do about it so I knew it was never going to be the same anymore so we texted a little rarely talked and he told me he was close but I was inpatient so out the blue

I start really getting confused I tell him we should just be friends because he's barely giving me any attention so I give him an ultimatum and not a good thing to do especially with a Scorpio guy so he ignores me cause I wrote it to him then I send out an apology letter still ignores me so I kinda moved on but inside I was hurting and desperate for him but my pain still isn't as bad as it will be so about 3 months later im okay then he sends me a message online saying how he apologize and he cared about me and how sorry he is how nothing didn't work out for us I was relieved to finally get a closure letter and I still thought I had a chance that's how much I liked him even though he put me through so much so I reply back sorry too it didn't play out as we both wanted so then I think in a way he wanted revenge on me because he thought I said we should be friends and I had other guys in line for me so he waited...

part 3 continued
by: Anonymous

I let him back in my life just to destroy me and yes a Scorpio man can do that to you so we started talking and flirting a little again and it was October 2009 he invited me over his house so I went it was so good to see him we were suppose to cook together I was an hour and a half late his cousins were there a guy two girls and when I saw the girls I knew not a good sign so we still chilled he showed me a detour of his house we watched a love movie and videos I had a good time the thing is he cooked I didn't eat he tried to get touchy I didn't budge he tried to get something from the past about us I didn't say a word I don't know why but I was so scared to even get a little connected to him that night he tried a little I didn't try at all cause we were alone at his crib and I knew inside if we even started kissing it would be over cause our connection sexually is so deep and intense cultivating and wild and even if

I knew he's a gentleman I knew I wasn't so much and I would just tell him to devour me so that night was give your all or nothing at all so I made my decision so then it was getting late my daddy called I had to get home so I still can feel and remember the last look he gave me honest and sexual intense no guy has ever looked at me that way and I know no other guy ever will its like he wanted to eat me alive and deeply he was asking for my love and affection and honesty with his eyes like he was longing for someone to love him and I did he just never knew cause I never showed you know Capricorns good at hiding their true feelings almost impossible to trust anyone so after he walked me to my car we hugged goodbye and I knew and felt him say goodbye with his touch and I never wanted to let go I wanted to stay and be with him forever but it was over like that after that night things were getting weird

part 4
by: Anonymous

I texted he seemed to be quarry out of ease never replied back much so one night I texted him I still liked him and how I wanted to wake up where he was he said anytime and he just said I have feelings for you too and I knew in my heart things were not good I sent him why he never tried to kiss me that night at his house he never wrote back next morning I woke up Sunday morning I get online first thing I see is he's in a relationship saying finally I found a real one who loves me I was devastated hurt betrayed confused just so heartbroken and I hated him and the saying is you can't really hate someone until you love them and I loved him from the moment he stepped into my life and I just was so stupid and naive and blind but I always say its his fault but really it was mine so yes I cried for a couple nights not because he chose her over me but because I wasn't her the one in his arms touching him loving him holding him just being there for him and when I felt these deep strong unyielding feelings for this guy I never even got far enough with I knew it was my lost but l always say he was the perfect guy nobody is perfect but to me he is a magical one and only creature sent from heaven to me and I just let him walk by and say hi but yes he was amazing still is even if I never talk to him or know anything that is going on in his life but he is compassionate strong loving intelligent driven determined handsome my night and shining armor and my love and like that he was gone he is everything a woman can ever dream of but now were just strangers to each other sometimes I think somehow we will get back together just my hopes and dream but he is the only guy I ever fell in love with and I don't fall easily and

I still am in love with him he's everything I wanted but wasn't looking for and everything I needed and didn't have and I don't really believe in astrology but our connection is really magnetic to the soul so I realize I let him go he let me stroll but I guess I broke his heart and he broke mines too but when a heart breaks it don't break even and I was totaled like a car while he moved on I just hope God sends us back to each other cause I truly believe is suppose to be my soulmate and I don't even believe in those things lol but I want him back so bad only if I had been patient with him when he told me his school was why he gave me very little attention but now he's gone I just hope its not too late

part 5 (final part!)
by: Anonymous

I want him back but I don't know what to do oh yeah one thing that stick out about him was one night I told him describe me in one word and he responded with celestial I didn't even know what that meant I asked he said heavenly creature from above and that's when I knew he was unique and different from the others and that was the best compliment a guy has ever giving me but when he left he took half my heart with him and I love him so much but he never knew that and I wish so bad to tell him but I can't hopefully one day I can but our connection is like no other and I know he feels the same way but both of us are too similar can't admit it and the only thing I want to do right now is have him in my arms all to myself and kiss him so deeply like he did to me and never let him out my sight again but right now it is what it is he isn't with his girlfriend anymore I guess it lasted only 3 months but I don't know I guess things didn't work out for them but I pray one day we can find our connection again and the love we both secretly have for each other and explore it treasure and hold on to it....

"The Scorpio monster online(too obsessed)"
by: Anonymous

As I read you story with Mr.Scorpio sound not very true to me,lol....Scorpio and Capricorn must be very compatible as I read David's chart on the line, Capricorn and Scorpio's numbers are very high than Virgo and Scorpio. I have no clue and what more can I say about Mr. Scorpio. Scorpio is very mystery-dark. I believe no one can understand him-inside. You or anyone can't breaks his heart, but he is the one, yes!!! definitely breaks many ladie' heart; to me, I won't allow. Only him knew what kind of a girl or lady he would wants for everlasting. So, in your situation, it seems he is not committed for you; nothing else beside a pleasure-sex, lol. Soo just be aware of the Scorpio. He is powerful and manipulate. Also, I don't believe any Scorpio man wants an easy one; he want something which is hardly to earn then he will be not loosing it. Keep this in mind. I'm a smart Virgo; I believe Virgo goes well with Capricorn. I would say you must look for Virgo man and kick Scorpio ASS-But out!!! A passion man without logic. Sound not right to Virgo. So Good luck.

So hard to read
by: Anonymous

Not a punctuation mark in sight

Scorpios need to be more self concious
by: Jiraiya

I'm a Scorpio male and my dearest love is a Capricorn, I hate being toyed with I am needy and I do need to be told "I love you" constantly it's not because I'm weak it's just that I feel that way strongly inside and I want to know how you feel as well, I'm not the secretive type Scorpio I never hide relationship secrets I like everything transparent and in the light, I never flirt, and when I say I love you I mean it from the bottom of my soul, I'm a well evolved scorpio who is aware of his weakness when it comes to moodiness and jealousy and that possessive attitude and I'm practicing gaining mastery and self control of my inner self because I find myself drowning in my own thoughts, it's like a raging ocean and when I start to vent it's horrible, but that was me many months ago I've mastered the art of wearing a calm exterior at all times and to not say needless things especially to my beloved, I don't sting unless she needs to be stung, that's my policy, I strongly believe feelings shouldn't ever be played with, to me a Scorpio should first learn how to control his moodiness and jealousy, master the "him" that exists within, I'm steadily trying to achieve that because knowing my weakness has only made me me stronger, I'm a very intellectual Scorpio, who practices using his brain to assess situations instead of the first emotion I feel and let loose like a ball of fire, to all you Scorpio males, live and experience, and most of all moult a few times and you will wear that confidence that never needs reassurance by anyone because it comes from within, everything the zodiac says about me is true I have traits I absolutely adore and ones I hate but can't help but I will overcome them and refine myself into someone better than my weakness. That is all.

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