Older Capricorn man cooling off after sex.

by Real Woman

I am a 24 year old aries woman and I'm attracted to a 33 year old capricorn dad. We met online and I was a bit impressed, he seemed serious and wanted to really get to know me. When we met, we ended up sleeping together that first night. The following weeks were going good. Until he had to get full custody of his son and he is also looking for a new job. I know he is stressed out and I'm not demanding too much of his time, I just want him to be able to acknowledge at least once a week to know how I am doing. About 10 days ago it was my birthday, and he was there to support me. I was happy. I know he is not talkative by text or even phone but I wanted to see him this week and I felt like he does not seem to care. I have my own things going on too... I understand he needs his space but he is confusing me right now. He met my friends and family and people are assuming that he is my man but he has not mentioned that to me...I don't know what to do? Should I confront him or just ignore him?

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