Older Libra Woman, Younger Aries Man - This Is How It Is!

by Estel
(The Cosmos)

So. What exactly is it about the Aries man?

I've been trying to wrap my mind around this concept for quite some time now. I initially met an Aries man through mutual friends. I was seeing someone at the time, yet as soon as I entered the room my full attention was on the Aries man, and his attention on me (Libra woman)! Nothing happened. He IM'ed me on occasion asking me if I wanted to hook up, but he was underage at the time and I was very wary. We ran into each other occasionally and it was such a bizarre experience. There was always great energy, even just as acquaintances. Two years later after initially meeting, we began to talk. I wasn't mentally prepared for the exchanges and blown off my feet by this guy. He was totally opposite of anyone I'd previously been involved with (Leo's, Pisces and particularly the most recent like-minded Libra). I was initially put off by his directness and inflated ego but it turned out to be a godsend in form of a lesson for building on my better, highest good.

Anyway, we didn't run into each other for a couple years. Eventually we began talking online again and just wow wow wow. I knew the energy was always there but the depth and the intensity of the conversations we eventually began to have were uncalled for. We ended up meeting, hooking up, and then the Aries cut all ties. I was totally devastated and wracked my brain forever, losing sleep, feeling like sh!t about myself, etc. What did I do wrong? I couldn't get him out of my head, and when he did come back into contact he was a total arsehole. My friends told me to let it go but I just couldn't. I know from experience and from reading around this forum that the ultimate question in a Libra/Aries relationship (from the P.O.V. of the Libra) is "should I keep pushing to make this work because of the way I feel with him? Or should I just let it go because he can be such a pain in the ass?"

I'm basically here to explain the gist of this decision that the Libra women seem to be struggling with. Yes, there is a chance that the Aries you found is a bad model: immature, far too self involved, hyper sexual and entirely incapable of seeing any point of view besides his own. Or, you were luckier and found an Aries that was mildly more level-headed, self assured, (mostly) responsible and willing to turn his flame down a notch for the sake of all parties. In my case, the Aries Man was totally enlightened; we had similar interests and could talk about absolutely anything with a raw nature that was sometimes terrifying but totally rewarding. Regardless, these men are passionate! Fire flows from their veins and being around them feels so damn good that you really could care less about anything else, which is why it's so difficult to just cut them loose. They are entirely charismatic and completely different from most Libras which make them incredibly difficult to get off your mind! I get it! So if you feel like you are going crazy over your Aries man, you are not alone.

In my case, the two of us eventually worked things out. It took way more effort than I cared for (should have thrown in the towel ages ago) but my hard work paid off. He recently asked me to be his old lady but I refused (stupidly, or gratefully, only time will tell). I think an Aries and Libra can be the greatest learning experience of any of the astrological signs. The polar opposite of the two are so powerful when combined. One calculating and balanced, another brash and spontaneous. Introverts and extroverts. Opposite ends of the spectrum.

You can make a great team if you learn to accept and balance the pieces of each other that nag at you. Aries will more than likely get fed up with Libra's and their indecisiveness, as well as their sense of selflessness (when it comes to serving the greater good and showing fairness to all). Equally so, Libra's will inevitably get fed up with Aries and their ego which often times make them appear totally self involved (not true, for the most part). For the sake of their pride, Aries must be in charge of the situation - or wear the pants so to say - and that is one compromise Libra's must learn to make. Let the Aries man win the small ones, but keep your foot down as a Libra on the things that matter, for the benefit of both of you (because we all know Libra's are far more diplomatic and fair when thinking of everyone involved unlike Aries and his ego).

As a Libra, don't ask yourself so many questions and let it flow. You'll surely sabotage yourself and merely make yourself unhappy in addition to putting off your partner. Libra's are incredibly stubborn in their moral ethics of fairness and Aries are equally stubborn but in a different sense: ego, pride and what THEY think is right (not the universal, balanced view we Libras always come up with). I think the lesson to be learned here is PERSEVERANCE. This relationship can have a really great dynamic and ultimately the Aries and Libra bring out the best in one another if they are willing to work on it. There will definitely be nights when you never want to talk to him EVER again but just armor up and work through it. Totally worth it. We Libra's are lucky in the sense that we know how to keep the Aries ego in check if his head isn't too far up his ass already, and he's (usually) appreciative of it too!

The sex is dynamite and if it's meant to be, it will! Don't be too hard on yourself when your Aries man is being a little bit of a prick whilst letting his ego get the best of him, it's just his nature. If your Aries is acting distant, do whatever you can to occupy yourself so you don't think of him and AVOID contacting him AT ALL COSTS. Guaranteed he'll coming running back in no time ;)

Of course, the key here is self-respect. If your Aries man is a total sh!thead and constantly ridiculing you, making you feel as though you have no self worth, get rid of him! Maybe he'll grow up and see the errors of his way, and if not, you're better off with another.

Hope this rang a bell to some of the women here. I can honestly say I am happier now than I have ever been while involved with any of the other signs. Obviously social, environmental and personality factors will affect your ultimate compatibility, but Astrology is legit in my opinion! Good luck on your quests!

- Love & Light from a Libra in Lust

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this is how it is
by: barb libra monkey

Well put Cosmos...the most comprehensive answer to date, and soooo true. I have chosen to persevere at all costs, as see the worth in the Aries male even though he can be really cruel verbally. No sex yet, but I do feel telekinetic contact that is mind-blowing...only seeing his face and feeling his body when it happens. Hard to believe, but very true.
I have aged somewhat over the past 3 years from the stress of it all, but am now at a level of consciousness where I can tolerate the bouts of fear (that is what it is) and continue with what I am doing. I feel in my heart that one day he will realise I am for real and do see through him, but my biggest mistake is not being able to break contact altogether...always have to say what I am thinking when I think it. I am working on it, and know it will pay off. Thanks for your clarity and you sound just like me when you express yourself(; Well done!

by: silk

Older women - do you want to be his mommy - better not.

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