Older Scorpio woman with younger Leo Man

by Heather

Anyone in this type of relationship?

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by: Anonymous

im a Scorpio woman dating a younger Leo man, 10 years younger to be exact and since the very first time we met it was instant spark. at first he wouldn't show his true feeling towards me, being a Leo he was used to women chasing him all the time. but once he came around and told me he was in love with me it was amazing! he is the most caring, warm hearted man I have ever met. I feel very secure and safe around him, even besides the fact that he is younger than me but he is so intelligent and worldly, like any Leo, that sometimes I forget im older than him. of course, he is very jealous and possessive and at first I found that a bit hard to deal with. he questions everything I do and wants to know all my whereabouts' am a very independent woman that was used to doing everything on my own terms. gradually I have come to understand that that's just the way he is and that he means no harm by it. Leo's deep down are insecure and need all the attention focused on them. we do have arguments because of that, and it gets very dramatic but we have tried to end the relationship only to have either one of us calling the other and simply can not stay away from each other's guess we crave each others possessive and obsessive love. dull and boring it never is!! regarding the age difference, people have told us that we look around the same age so im very comfortable being around him. and the sex is amazing!!! we can go on for hours! I have found my match in that department as you well know, Scorpios are very sexual

Older Scorpio...wonders what are the feelings of younger Leo
by: Anonymous

I have never been in a relationship with a younger man...period. Feeling more secure with an older man, it took me by surprise that I welcomed the advances of the younger Leo. I am 33, and he is 23. We started off on an awkward foot for lack of better term, since he and I met when he was a little tipsy and he decided to do something I found disrespectful (though thought he could get away with it..since I had turned around at that moment)...he pinched my butt! I told him off...we had a mutual friend separate us. He then sees me a month later at a good friend of mine's BBQ and when he showed up, I mention about this incident in front all all my friends (people he didn't know) and made him feel embarrassed. He later confessed to me, that is turned him on that I put him in his place, as most girls won't even think of it. As far as us now...we had been talking, but have also had periods where we can't see each other, since he travels a lot...2 months at a time. It sucks...since when we do see each other, all I want to do is hold on tight, but I notice he is holding back. I have not told him how I feel...but am planning to do so soon. Fingers crossed.

I cant let him go
by: Anonymous

I am also an older woman 38 and scorpio and hes a leo 27..I ve dated younger before and actually prefer to..but what amazes me about him is how we constantly fight and no matter what I do or say to him he always come back..not that I dont want him too..they say scorpios are possesive but i didnt realize how so until I started seeing my leo lover..we cant seem to part.the longest we been without each other was a month a month way too long..my question is why cant we let each other go? and the make up sex is out of this world..anytime we have sex its great but I just want to get past the constant break ups and arguments and find some way to live in harmony its been 2 1/2 yrs now and its never a dull moment between us..sometimes I dont want to admit it but im madly in love with him

I feel your joy and pain
by: InLuvWithaLeo

I'm 29 and my Leo is 22 and in the beginning I thought his age would be a concern, but after a few conversations it was not an issue at all. In fact I feel younger than him most times. We are in a long distance relationship and it's never a dull moment either. We fight like mad, but I love every moment of it. I can't leave him alone and he won't leave me alone either. *sigh* I don't want anyone else ever.

Strongest Attraction I've Ever Felt...
by: Anonymous

I am 30, he is 20. This one really caught me off guard. When I first met him, I never would have guessed in a million years that shortly after just meeting him that I would ever fall so hard or fast for anyone. It has only been roughly six months since we became an item and I am already so incredibly in love with him. I just know that I will never want to let him go... and I just couldn't let him go, even if I did want to. We actually do not fight all that often. I am a more open and less jealous Scorpio gal (if only very slightly :p). That does a lot for the communication problems between our signs. Of, course, I do realize that could be because it is still early on for us. But if more fighting does end up happening, I'll gladly take it... he would be worth every second. There is never a time when he is not in my thoughts. I can talk to him about anything and we just seem to get each other in a way I've never experienced with anyone else or even though possible. The physical side is just way off the charts too. I love what he does to me just with his mere presence and I love his intelligence and HUGE heart. I believe I've found myself a real keeper.

by: Anonymous

It is so spooky reading your post. It is as if I was writing it myself.

Older Scorpio Woman, Younger Leo Man
by: Anonymous

I'm 14 years older than the Leo guy I am seeing. This relationship happened completely unexpectedly, I wasn't even really through with a very long term relationship when I met the younger Leo guy. Very quickly, it turned into a really passionate affair, the sex is fantastic and the age difference means nothing (I think it did bother him a little at the beginning, but I don't look my age and I have always though that age is completely immaterial). He is now completely under my Scorpio spell and it's great to be so desired by a younger man...how it will end I just don't know but I think you have to live in the moment...

Connection ...
by: Anonymous

Same here .. I am a 56 year old Scorpio and he is a 40 year old Leo. Wasn't looking for this to happen and yet it did. A nice surprise for both of us! A good relationship takes work .. Communication, understanding, flexibility, humor. Add a little spice and WOW!!

He's 21(leo male) I'm 25 (scorpio female)
by: MzAnonymous

Omgee I met him about 2weeks ago && we already know sooo much about each other. It's crazy almost like we've known each other for years. We went out on our first date friday night && I must say it was amazinq. Btw we're both adults with disabillities. I could possibly see myself falling in love with him but Idk how he'd feel about that tho. I guess only time will tell. Our family members accept && respect our relationship. My family adores him && vice versa. I don't think I could've asked for anything better. Please comment && Ask questions I will gladly answer them for you.

I'm 32, my Leo guy is 26.......
by: stinger

This is just too weird.... all comments here absolutely are spot on!!

I met my guy in May and the spark was immediate, totally WOW!
The second he took my hand to introduce himself it was just BAM! It was literally like an electric shock....really weird how we both held on just a few seconds too long, not like one usually greets someone new you meet....
The way he looked at me after that awkward moment was like I was prey....insanely enough I was absolutely turned on by that. Normally I am the hunter :-)

He worked his charme pretty forwardly and I could just tell how it made him crazy how I put up a good "fight", I reaaally made him sweat it lolll
At that point I was just playing with fire a bit, no plans of meeting him again, after all he was clearly much younger than me...but after a few hours of talking he completely won me over, so mature and confident for his age, he was also much more at ease with the age difference than me. I just couldn't refuse a date.
The sex is just mindblowing, we are both unstoppable and go on for hours. It almost feels addictive.
I have had the luck of a good sex life in the past, but this "kid" drives me insane.
He is really bringing the scorpio out in me, it is a big challenge to keep my cool.
Like a cat he is very cautious about expressing his feelings, but his eyes and body language tell it all. The way I can cuddle up to him on the couch and the way he can just "be" there and wrap his arms around me leave no doubt in my mind that this has really big potential... Just the right mix of tenderness and insane passion....

We will see what the future brings..... :-)

by: stinger

I posted a comment before but it doesnt show.... So here I go again :-)

I am 33 soon, my leo guy 26
It is soooo spooky how every post is basically the same and so much like my experience.

When I met him I was instantly drawn to him like a magnet, weird. When he took my hand to introduce himself it literally felt like an electric shock, it was weird cause we both held on just a few seconds too long. He felt the spark too.... From that moment on I was prey he just had to have. This was so strange to me, because usually I'm the hunter lol but I put up a good fight until I agreed on a date ;-)
He is so frekking sexy,
The sexual tension was crazy, so when we had sex for the first time it was like an explosion. Just WOW
It can go on for hours, we just can't stop. I really never had a problem with my sex life, scorpios rarely do from what I have read, but this "Kid" is just as insane as me, finally someone who can keep up ;-) lol
It is impossible to just make out a little bit, it gets hot n heavy pretty fast, normally I try to take over in bed, but with him I cant, he doesnt let me and that drives me crazy (good crazy)

The age difference is not an issue, at first it was for me a bit, but he was so nonchallant and mature about it that I stopped obsessing about it.
He looks at me like I'm the hottest women on the face of the earth (at 33 I doubt I could be....after all I'm not as ripped and cellulite free as I was at 25....), I will just enjoy the attention while it lasts.
Let's see what happens....

by: Eliza

Hi everyone, I looove ur comments. I am not even in a real relationship with this guy who is like 3 years my junior. I am 23. Both of us go to the same medical school. I'm scorpio and he's leo and he is sooo fine...damnn! He sent me a friend request on facebook after he had broken up with his leo girlfriend. I then asked him for his blackberry pin as I usually ask my other friends. We started to speak real nice then we argued (messages) to each other until he deleted me off his chat. I was just tryin to help him get out of the break up feeling. I appreciated his friendship but i miss him soo badly...it made me cry...When we're at school, he often watches me and i watch him too and its sooo much attraction ...omgg! i don"t kmow what to dooo!

by: Anonymous

I'm sitting here reading everyones comments and cannot believe how parallel they are to my experience. I too am 10 years senior to the Leo I met. When I walked into the room he was the first person I saw and visa-versa. I played it cool talked to everyone but there was this magnetic energy that seemed to draw us together. We both have children and the biggest turn on to me is how he talks about his child. Especially since my childrens father is not very fatherly. The sex is absolutely the best that I've ever had. He is like a drug addiction. We cannot seem to ever get enough of each other which is totally fantastic. I have been keeping my feelings toned down a little. I am recently divorced and he has been for two years and I feel like he's very guarded. I have been letting him just lead the way and trying to stay patient. Sometimes only seeing him once or twice a week since we work different shifts and then with our alternate weekends w/our children. It's a really new relationship but I feel strangely safe and secure with him. I'm fairly new to the whole dating scene. I've been out of the market for roughly 17 years. But look forward to pursuing this relationship to whatever level it takes us to. Even if it's just a friend with benefits.

me too...
by: scorpgirl

I am 52, he is 45...we are like 2 kids...we are both married to people who have forgotten how to appreciate us, and love how we take such good care of each other. Neither of us meant it to happen, both married for 20 years, but it did happen, first affair for both. We text/email/talk 6+ times a day, and when we get together once a week, we literally can't keep our hands off each other. and the humor...we laugh all the time. I don't know where this will lead, both have kids this would hurt, but both getting such healing from this right now...

He literally picks me up from around the waist while i straddle his hips. I am 37 he is 21!h
by: Heidi

I am completely swept off my feet literally! He reminds me of The Little Prince. Regardless of age or paygrade I love and respect him as I have No man thus far... Including the father of my children... Other men I have been with have been punished severely for angering me and I have felt little guilt or remorse...when he transgresses I stand face to sternum with him and simply state I am angry. He bends to look me in the eye holding on to my rib cage acknowledges my anger then searches me for acquiecence before picking me up and turning me into a complete submissive mess whose will HE intuites and becomes executor of! Shit I don't stand a chance! do not even get me started on the magical mystery tour of "sex"! Not to be crude... But makes love and f@#$s at the same time!

Scorpio female early 30s/Leo male early 20s
by: Anonymous

Met my Leo male 3yrs ago and I was very hesistant from the beginning bc of the age diff. He always said his persistance paid off. We have always been friends w benefits, I liked that in the beginning. The sex has always been amazing and with one look we are instantly all ovr each other. My feelings started to grow and it scared me. I started pulling away and he got back with his ex. Changed my number and never thought Id see him ever again. Fast fwd 2 yrs later and life makes are paths cross again. He had just broken up with that ex. We rekindle our friendship and not long after our sexual chemistry comes back. He then gets a rebound gf but still would call me and want to go out with me to talk. We pretty much cant keep our hands off each other and can have very deep meaningful conversations. I realize that I love him as I have yet to feel the connection with anyone else. It makes me feel dumb but he has me in pieces with one look. I never admitted my deep feelings for him this 2nd time bc I was too scared to be rejected. I have not contacted him in 2 mths and I believe this is where our story ends. Very sad since we have both admitted our deep connection we feel

43 Female(Scorpio) 29 Male(Leo)
by: Anonymous

I mt my younger Leo male online, May 2013, prior to avtually meeting him in person he pursued me by sending m messages, I ignored them all because I felt he was just TOO YOUNG for me. Well I decided to respond to the last message he sent. He asked if we could possily chat offline, I replied yes if you were Older! Well to fast forward we did chat offline and we did meet!! Instant chemistry!! It also helped that he is 6'9 250lbs!! former college basketball player. Some mentioned in one of th post that they feel like the are younger! an I can attest to that because I feel the same way. He is by far one of the most attentive, caring, intelligent, thoughtful, affectionate man I have ever met. Now like another post we have had our share of break ups or space mainly me, because I was still gaurded, but he always finds away to remain in my life. He recently told me that no matter what you know I won't let you go...I SIMPLY LOVE THIS MAN!! WHO KNEW!! I have always date older men...I can say our relationship is more than just SEX! because we were together for for almost 3months before we wnt there, but I tell you I have never experienced what I experienced with him!! it is a plus that he is tall and built like a stallion. I love the way he handles me!! lol!!

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