by Lola
(Atlanta, GA)

Okay so I am a Libra woman who has been dating an Aries man for a little over a year and I must say it has been on hell of a ride on a rollercoaster from hell... then there are days where I feel, wow this is the greatest thing... Now this is my question, for every Aries Man article I read, it pretty much suggests that they are just like this (stubborn, bull headed, irrational, and outright hurtful at times) and there is nothing you can do about it... but accept it... That's not far... why can they not look at themselves and see that some of their personality traits can cause them to lose out on a good thing if they don't change them or at least work on them!? Sn: At this time we are separated, because he says he isn't happy with himself and where he is in life, and that he can't keep the promises that he made to me to keep me happy, but he wants to work on us... oh and yesterday discovered he wants remain intimate with me and no one else but if he can't be, that he's going to go out and get his regardless! WTH?? Someone anyone FEEDBACK! Because this seems like games to me... although they say ARIES MAN don't play games... seems like it to me!

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by: Anonymous

I'm an Aries man who messed up with his Libra girlfriend. She's now dating someone else but maintains contact with me ... I'm reading that as a hint that she still wants to be with me and now I am chasing her with every ounce of my being - she is my complete focus.

Walk away, stop answering his calls, emails and texts ... his competitive nature will kick in and he'll come chasing you.

by: Anonymous

I am a Libra woman seeing an Aries man. This forum is insane! I can relate to EVERYTHING you are saying. It get's so frustrating!!! There are days that everything is perfect and I couldn't be happier and then there are days that he is a complete ass! He tells me that he can't committ to anything serious until he knows that he can provide the more important things in life. It's always a battle with him! Good luck with everything, I know I need it!

I'm so mad
by: Anonymous

GOSH...I have the same feeling, I'm a libra girl. one day he is all over me and the other day he is pushing me away. I try to make him happy and he said I'm annoying him, WTF..I really want to beat him up so bad.

These boys are tough
by: Sue

I am dating my first Aries man and I am a Libra woman. We started out great! He is very smart, driven, successful, etc. However, he is (in my opinion) a little into himself. He is confident, yes, but he also only looks as far as his own space. He ended things with me one night and I was so sad. Then the next day he text me implying he was mistaken. I did not text back. Then, the next day he text me again. My text back was brief and supportive "glad you had fun" even though I wanted to curse and throw my phone. Then I didn't hear from him for 2 days. As sad as I was, I left him alone and did my own thing. However, I posted pics and comments to Facebook showing how much fun I was having. Sure enough, the next day I heard from him. He wanted to see me and said that he appreciated that I gave him space because he was just really stressed and didn't want to be without me. We are dating again, but I am very cautious. I now know though how he functions and am willing to adjust to make it work. He is willing to adjust as well and I figure if we are both willing to fight for it, then there must be something good. The worst thing you can do is assume there is another woman or something because this will eat you up! Figure that he is just an introverted jerk sometimes (especially when stress levels are high) and leave him be. If you do communicate, be supportive and happy -- it works!

These boys are tough
by: Sue

I am dating my first Aries man and I am a Libra woman. We started out great! He is very smart, driven, successful, etc. However, he is (in my opinion) a little into himself. He is confident, yes, but he also only looks as far as his own space. He ended things with me one night and I was so sad. Then the next day he text me implying he was mistaken. I did not text back. Then, the next day he text me again. My text back was brief and supportive "glad you had fun" even though I wanted to curse and throw my phone. Then I didn't hear from him for 2 days. As sad as I was, I left him alone and did my own thing. However, I posted pics and comments to Facebook showing how much fun I was having. Sure enough, the next day I heard from him. He wanted to see me and said that he appreciated that I gave him space because he was just really stressed and didn't want to be without me. We are dating again, but I am very cautious. I now know though how he functions and am willing to adjust to make it work. He is willing to adjust as well and I figure if we are both willing to fight for it, then there must be something good. The worst thing you can do is assume there is another woman or something because this will eat you up! Figure that he is just an introverted jerk sometimes (especially when stress levels are high) and leave him be. If you do communicate, be supportive and happy -- it works!

Enjoy Him While you can
by: Venus godess of LOVE

Oh yes its weird. I recogize everything all you girls are feeling. I never really had my share with aries men half my life spent with virgos. But back to mister romantico.He is quiet an exsperince for me. I just go with flow and smile with me bieng that I have control in bed thats all I ask cause I know I will be hurt if I became serious. I think all men once they have had the pleasure with you his eyes are back to roving other attractive women although they return for that firey passion he can't forget with you. I say let them trip alone a few days they'll be back . Just have a few of your own until aries snap out of bad moments. I love the aries guy Im with, and as long as we have that passion for one another, I say keep beating his ass up in bed,with lots of kisses and burning desire, he'll track you down for it.

Save ur self from disaster
by: Anonymous

Im an Aries man dating a libra woman. She is pretty and has a nice smile but she is a nut job. We have been together for a litle over 10 months and have been arguing everyday since we met. We love each other unfortunately, but im telling you now that once im done with this libra woman im never going back out with one again... shes selfish, expects to be treated like a queen.. sucks my cash like a f****** vaccum and picks fights with me for nothing. But at the end of the day she is the one i want to be with :)

Save ur self from disaster
by: Aries Master

Im an Aries man dating a libra woman. She is pretty and has a nice smile but she is a nut job. We have been together for a litle over 10 months and have been arguing everyday since we met. We love each other unfortunately, but im telling you now that once im done with this libra woman im never going back out with one again... shes selfish, expects to be treated like a queen.. sucks my cash like a f****** vaccum and picks fights with me for nothing. But at the end of the day she is the one i want to be with :)

the most selfish, game playing sign for male !!
by: Anonymous

I'm currently going through a divorce with an Aries man. Our relationship has always been a rollercoaster ride from Hell!! He is the most controlling, hurtful, person I've ever known. I gave my all, for 21 yrs. We didn't marry until 10 yrs into the relationship. That being 'my choice' because, 'it never felt right'. We have a son together, he was 8 yrs old when we finally married, I did it to 'complete my family'. I so believe in the values of a marriage! The divorce comes as no surprise to many, even my mother in-law.... which is a Libra woman. I'm the one that left, ended the marriage. I could no longer live my life to satisfy someone who didn't care about my feelings, but felt that everything should revolve around them! So, with that all being said... and could add much more..
. Move on!! Get away from this relationship and don't let those few moments that the Aries man can seem to knock you off your feet mean anything. Life is to short!! So many fish in the sea...

Aries Man
by: Anonymous

Girl, Aries men play games all the time. I am a Libra women who have been with an Aries man for 7 years and I think I can say now he is a fool. They are like children who needs attention all of the time and want you to wait hand and foot to their every need. Yes they are selfish. My old Aries man has played those games and I say F........... you! I let him think what the f.... ever and do me. You will have to come to that point in your life and have other compatible friends. But no matter what my old Aries man will come back for good loving. I dont know why we remain together for so long but I think its the passion and love in the bedroom. I definitely knock his boots and he just keep comin back. LOL. Anyway stop worring your pretty head about that fool. If he knows a good thing, he will come back to you no matter what.

not so sure about my aries man
by: Anonymous

Iv been dating an Aries now for about 2 months now, holding my feelings back as i'm sure he is up to no good..he asked me out...i'm very unsure about him..he keeps his phone hidden from me...well tht would be due to the fact that he was txting and recieving em at all hours, i saw his shirt on the floor one nite & picked it up and he had his phone hidden in i did wht any other women would do & turned it on..low & behold he has missed calls & txts from "my baby" also pictures..but i won't go there...i woke him up & kicked him out...he reckons he didn't cheat...iv started seeing him again, but again holding my feelings back..tonite he is off somehwere withthe excuse tht he has to work 2morrow..didn't ask me to stay the nite tho & didn't make a commitment as to when i'll be seeing him again also..i play it cool with him..but i do reckon he is playing i wasting my time here??

A complete absolute asshole but I love him
by: prettyone

So i am not the only libra having a hard time with an aries man. i have been dating this guy for 3 months now. i am deeply in love with him i know it coz i can't imagine how much patience i have for him. this time on our third month i had to call it quits because he did something really devilish. after my show i went to see him at the fort. was excited because it's our third monthsary the next day. he hates me smoking and i hate him smoking and drinking vodka. i didn't pick up a fight because it was suppose to be a special night. no surprise he did pick up a fight. imagine wanting to break up with me that night for that one little thing. he was obviously drunk. he said he'll take me home, i said i will go home on my own coz it's the same s..t right? he will break up with me whether i go home or he takes me home. we struggled and argued in front of his friends. it was nothing too conspicuous but of course our friends can sense the tension. guess what he walked out with my stuff, all my gowns in that bag and my ipad and threw them away he said. he went home leaving me there. i went after him. asked him to give back my things. he didn't and made me believe until the next day he did throw them away. i sent him tons of texts i could not sleep first of all because those aren't my gowns i will have to pay for them and all my important files are in my ipad so i am f---ed up if he did throw them away. the next day when he woke up he was laughing outrageously went to my house and gave back my stuff and greeted me a happy third month. should i continue to date this guy? i love him and we are planning to get married but he will seem to make my life a living hell!

so true
by: Anonymous

Omg! All the comments ive been reading about an aries man is so true. I'm going threw a break up now. Hes a liar, he says he lies to keep him self n me calm. Selfish, inconceivable, inconsiderate impassive, pig headed, bull headed, thinks he knows everything and he don't, he acts like a middle age man that flirt with young girls to see if he has it. Runs his mouth, thinks he's hot shit as if the sun rises and sits on his ass. Present to be something he's not to impress people and a HUGE attention whore, hides things as if lieing Isent enough. Just a straight coward idiot! And a cheater ! We were support to get married have kids we had dreams goals and he threw our love away. He says he still loves me and he still comes nand see's me but he's actions reflect on how that makes me look.we have been friends for 5 years dating for a two years. What is wrong with aries men they are so smart and dumb at the same time you have the wisdom air, Venus, Libra, goddess of love with the firey, infant, mars, god of war aries two opposite that should complete each other. Aries men Libra women are not crazy you make them that way with your actions your so full of it you can't see it. Its you who mess up the relationships we travel to help,love and compromise wither you but if its not your way its temer tantrum time. Why are Aires men like that to Libra women?Libra women will always have the same Passion for aries because thereafter just something about The two signs that make them attractedto each other. Aries man Grow up! You'll never. Be with anyone with that attitude you crazy bipolars!

aries men ....arrrrrgh!!!!
by: Anonymous

to the post above you said it allllll!!!! ive never met a more difficult man! ima libra woman who has been seeing a aries man for 3yrs & it hasnt been easy at all, im just about at my end with this man, they hate to play games my ass! i really cared for him, but i couldnt beat him so i joined him, i started to play his game and now i cant seem to get rid of him when i push him away he says and does anything to try to win me back. but ofcourse after a short time its right back to square one. ive deleted my number out his phone didnt work, ive told him im done didnt work,he goes on his 2 to 3 day silences, then he txts or calls like nothing im sick of him ,these men are selfish and bull headed and sad to say will never change, us libra woman need to take our heads out the clouds and take the advice that the woman above gave she was married 20yrs lets not waste so much of our time we deserve better than what an aries man can give us! y make a man a priority when they make us feel like options! im aint waiting around 4 his ass anymore, we love deep, we are loyal, caring, compassionate, and deserve all the love and attention in the world! the bad out weighs the good,time to move on and find a mate that will gives us what we need, like above said so many fish in the sea! its sad because aries men dont kno what they got till its gone, and its their own damn fault! i have many male aries friends who sulk over they fact they lost their life long mates and they dont understand y, i just wanna punch them in the face and say open your eyes dumbass! they never get it because they are thick headed and never wanna listen its drives me crazy! i respect all the women out there who gave it their all and tried, i will not be one one those woman im over it! putting my foot down and walking away now b4 i waste my life waiting for him to open his eyes and be what i want him to be for me! there is sum1 out there who can deal with this type of man, i thought i could be , ha i aint the one lol ya hes muscular sexy great in bed lots of passion,spurts of sweetness, but its just not enough anymore!we can find all that in another more deserving man!! this libra lady is done! never again will i be with another aries ughhhh...... i got nothing left, over it! i suggest all you other libra women do the same its sad but ladies this aries libra union is just not a good match RUN!!

im in love with a aries man
by: Anonymous

Well everything y'all say is true yet my aries male is and can be so wonderful... I've known this man for yrs and I have had this rollercoaster with him since 2009 and the thing is when hes good he's great but when he's messing up he's doing it bigtime! If the goodtimes for u don't outway the bad run but my aries male is that oneperson for me in my life but we don't fight n argue he gets aggervated with me he always apologies but we make each other completely happy

Some advice
by: Anonymous

I'm a libra girl with an Aries man. We have both been married before. I'm 31 and he's 29. He's my first true love. We too had one heck of a ride the last year. However, I made some discoveries. He does know when he's being am @$$, but he has to be left to stew in his own juices. I'll tell him, point blank, when he does something that isn't OK. He's always receptive. The only thing I learned is that I have to "discuss" differences. You can't accuse an Aries man and you can't tell him what to do. We went to an event and I really just wanted to spend time with him, but he wanted to stay out all evening. At first, I told him that I wanted him to spend time with me and that didn't get us anywhere. I changed gears and said "I'm going to go back because I'm tired so have fun." Within about 5 mins he said "I'll come back with you and see how I feel." He ended up staying with me :) He's happiest when I support him and don't take his independence personally. When we're together I fight to keep it positive. When I would have moments of insecurity I would force myself to compliment him. I know it sounds silly, but it works. I'd feel insecure and say "you're just so hot" and he'd be happy, loving, and affectionate. He's not as affectionate as most, but I realized that I won't change him. He also knows that I don't NEED him. We had a time when we separated and I didn't call, text, nothing. When we did talk I was happy, yet vague and made it about him. "oh hi. How are you? How was work? Well, I better go. Have a great evening!" I didn't mention us at all and I know it ate him up. We've been solid since.

hey lola
by: Anonymous

if you still come here I can help as an aries male (:. Libra and Aries can only work if they learn from each other and the aries learns to see both sides of every situation. odds are hes confused and has not done his homework. At times we can not help our actions we may come off as by polar due to our tempers but DONT TRIP OUT! we will always find ways to come back like little kids or heroes to apologize and make up for our antics. WE DO NOT PLAY GAMES in our minds we could win any game anyways so there is no point. If we do its because we feel the other is to. work things out libra and aries are opposites but come together like peanut butter and jelly uniting and learning from each other IT TAKES BOTH SIDES you and him to learn compromise team work and learn from each other. About the sex heres the thing its all or nothing with us who we have sex with we stay with why because to everyone else sex is a physical action of pleasure to us its almost like a lifeline our lives will go to hell without it!!! we know this an theres no way around it we become the devil without it to. in general we can work on our nature but theres no way around the blind anger and temper traps if you realize this an let them cool off you will be fine and we will FEEL AWFUL about it. the thing we love most about libras is there ability to help love and teach us to look at both sides of things equally use that in a none bossy way. use your charm!!! we melt in the face of a smile and a lady batting her eyelashes basically a soft flirt you just have to remember under every steel shell of an aries lies a river of passion a hero a lover we love challenges so we are one ourselves of course our biggest thing is following them through another thing to help him with your ability to get people to see both negative and positive things about everything. but dont take the sex thing to heart!!! sex is to us what medicine is to a sick person!! we become assholes fall apart our lives fall apart we loss ambition and confidence and can even suffer health wise without it if you want him give it or else he will get it but nothing personal he has to live no lighter lights without fluid no match without being struck I hope I have helped.

by: Drea

So I've been seeing a Aries male, I'm a libra ♎. I really like him even tho I totally agree with everything posted. He's so mean then he's so sweet. So last night we laughed, talked it was fun. So this morning I text him good morning have a nice day, this fool text me back saying "please stop texting me" WTF! So I was busy all day and I was like let me call him, so I did, I was like I'm not dealing with you anymore. <---WTF but I was like ok so this is it, right? And he repeated, I'm not dealing with you anymore. All I could say was ok & bye. Why, why? Does he have to be like this with me? He made the comment lastnight "I know how females are" I asked him not to judge me like that. Either way I deleted him from my Facebook and erased his number out my phone. I can't take it, I just want to love him because I adore him. I think he's so sweet, smart, sexy I admire his confidence and ambition. So what should I do? I want to tell him how I feel and just put it out there, should I? Or should I just leave him alone? I need help :(

my question about aries man.
by: Anonymous

Ive been reading through these comments and it's helped me a lot.
I'm seeing this Aries, and the hardest times for me is when he threatens to leave me. Usually i don't go after him and he always comes back but sometimes he gets so deep and makes me feel like its really over so when he gets this way, my natural instinct is to keep him from doing this.
But now that i read all your comments, maybe giving him a day or two alone is the best thing and letting him come back to me himself.

But my question is.. i feel like he does stuff to get my attention and to see if i care, so i'll see him flirt a little with someone or talk to people i have issues with and he knows i hate when he talks to them
But the minute we're good again, he'll stop. So do aries men try to make us jealous? do they do things to test us or to see our reactions?

Will he come back
by: Anonymous

Hello I need help with the Aries Man that I was, but may still be seeing long story short. When we met we went from 0-60 then back to 0. I like him so I was fine with following his lead I mean on the phone all the time calls/txt messages on facebook etc... We have even spent the night together many times, and he did not try to make a move on me. In fact he said that I was like a girlfriend w/o the title and wants to take it slow so that we really get to know each other, and said he is in no rush to have sex. But wants to see if we are truly compatiable relationship wise. It's been almost a month and I have met different members of his family/friends.Last week he began to act distant, not returning my calls/text. Yet the next time we talked which was 2 days later ( not the norm for us) he said he was real stressed, and was just taking some time for himself. That I understand, so I saw him last week at a fmaily event of his where he introduced me to everyone there but this time I was introduced as his " friend" but just a week before I was introduced as his "BOO/BABY". This struck me so odd what changed in a week. So when I got home I texted him and said I see things are not the same with us, and that I am going to give you some space. No reply to my txt but the next morning he says Good morning. I resent the text back to him, I come back from the bathroom and have 3 missed calls and a text from him. We talked and I told him I feel like you are putting a wedge between us he says he has not idea what he did to make me feel this way. It was a simple call nobody was upset. I like him alot but felt like he needed space will this push him away or make him come back. I am not the one to play games I just felt like he may have been. Can someone help please!!!

The mature aries man
by: Mrissyme

I met him at a gym year ago, we are both adamant about our physical exercse, eating right, and enjoying life. We have only dated 4 times as I travelled frequently., Now I am stationery and running my corporation. He is 16 years older than me(i'm in my mid fifties) but nither one of us is unattractive. I have asked him if he would consider marriage again someday (his wife died 16 years ago) he said yes if the right one comes along. I am too insecure to ask him what "the right one" means. I have never driven to his house (I let him know that) I feel if he wants me there he will ask me. I give him PLENTY of space, I don't call him (maybe 3 times a month to check on his well-being (and remind him i'm still interested, though I will NEVER tell him this tid bit). We flirt with one another through our looks and touches but have never kissed or been intimate(I am an old fashioned girl, that should be his move...right?)
He says he is impressed with me and my entrepreneurship and my energy. I read the book "why men love bitches" and according to it EVERY man in the world should love ME (I 90% fit the bill) :) Anyway, he helps me when I ask and has made it clear that he is interested butsaid i need to be more patient..OMG!! what is this telling you? I need an outside opinion PLEASE!!! I'm NUTS about this man, but I can't make a move, i'm afraid he will run.HELP!!!

Sick and Tired
by: Anonymous

First, I totally agree with everyone. I'm a Libra woman who's been involved with an Aires man for 10 months. Let me just say it's a thin line between love and hate. This guy started out as being very attentive by calling, texting, and seeing me every single day. However, he would always come to my flag! I repeatedly asked him if he was involved or living with someone and he continued to lie. Well long story short either he moved out or the person he was living with put him out. Yes! He was living with someone. So from the month of May when I met him until September when she put him out we were fighting everyday. I should have left him alone because he lied however I had fallen in love with him. Now things have gotten really bad. We've not done anything but screwed whenever he wants to get laid. Yeah, from Sept-Feb he's not taken me out nor spent any quality time with me. This ass didn't even spend Valentines with me. I know what you all are thinking and so am I. He freaking seeing someone else. He's a liar, cheat, selfish, and just a true ahole. It actually took me 10 months to move on and can I tell you I don't answer his calls nor text. I almost hate this guy. I'm especially mad at myself for allowing this jerk to come into my life. So as the lady who was married to an Aires for 20 years said...Move On! Aires are not compatible with Libra's!

I'm making a change from a Taurus Man to an Aries Man.~
by: Anonymous

My relationship has just finished with a Taurus man and now I have a interest in this Aries Man. I met him in September in college and the moment I saw him I could feel my heart pounding. I saw him staring at me as well but we didn't talk. I sat near him in class and eventually I spoke to him. Ever since then we became pretty nice friends. At the time I was still with my Taurus but that wouldn't stop this Aries from being close to me. When the semester finished, I stopped talking to him. I tend to do that because I feel that I have to push people away from me so I pushed him from a life the Aries. He tried to speaking to me and texting me but I never responded. Recently, we started speaking again and we talk everyday until we fall asleep. I saw him in person and we messed around but it didn't get very far. Now we asked me if what we did was ok and I said no even though I deeply care for him. I know how he works and I know he won't ever ask me to be his girlfriend and I think I'm ok with that. We had our first disagreement recently, I apologized and he said, I'll let this go this once. I have to admit I wanted to yell but I didn't. I dislike fighting. Now everything is normal. He makes me happy and I really don't think he realizes it. I think I'll just see how it goes. :)

libra women with Aries man
by: Amber

I am a libra women with and Aries man and it been sort of the same situations over again he's sending mixed signals sometimes the relationship is good sometimes it's bad. I've been reading that with an Aries man he loves when you're adventurous but don't chase after him, he'll love chasing you though. I need advice on my own relationship myself with me aries man I feel that I'm not doing something right and my scales aren't balanced enough to suit me plus mercury is in retrograde in the sign of Aries maybe that's why. I try not to "chase" him but I feel like I'm alway missing out with him when I don't text him or talk to him that day. At the moment I just want to pleasure him sexually and idek what to do help please!& how do you know if the feelings of an Aries is really true !?

no mine
by: Anonymous

well i have been wiht my Aries guy now for almost a year. i am libran, met him at a time when i was really in need of someone, and he was there for me. we ended up having sex, but he was wiht somone else and so was i, but attraction was so strong, and we always ended up together. decided to giv it a try, and it was just amazing, till now. we stay about 3 hours apart as opposed to in the same flat before. and we argue a lot. so much so that i just got tired of it and told him this morning i do not love him but i just like him and was confusing our intense sexual conection wiht love. needless to say, he is very hurt. and i do not know how to make this right. i lied. but i refuse to give in and say so. am hoping to create a fresh desire to chase me in his mind...he used to be so into me, and i miss that. now he hardly answers my texts and never calls me at all. unless i let two days pass and then he somes runnig for an hour. and then its the same thing again. i can not allow myself to be used. so i am giving him this chane to fight for us or leave quietly.

Go with the flow with aries men ...
by: Anonymous

Ladies, I have an aries man too... And your comments about them are all right, but if you like them for being passionate and good in bed just go with the flow anyway life is too short to be sad and annoyed with someone else enjoy life and have fun... Don't take life so seriously. And dont forget ladies, it doesn't mean that when someone engage or marry you or have any relationship with you, you will end up thier lives just to be with you alone, it's not ! Believe me any men it is a great thing that happen to them is to have someone who still understand them inspite of their weaknesses and mistakes and find them AMAZING! Just a matter of understanding your partner weaknesses... Am sure everything will be alright ladies!!!

Aries and libra
by: Anonymous

Well can someone tell me why as a new relatioinship with an aries man we have fantastic times together in the bedroom and out of it. Went out last night had a great night and thought we were spending weekend together then this morning said shower then i wil take you home!!! WTF. I asked if i had done something wrong he said no not at all i will pick you up later to go for meal?? Will he though i wonder!!

Aries Men: Understand This
by: Omar

Aries men can be the best and the worst. I am an Aries man and I do not believe the right woman for an Aries man is Libra, it is Leo or Sag; fire signs. I can bet most of the women of these signs do not have the problems that you have with your Aries men. The ones you have all met, never took time out to learn about themselves, their weaknesses and strength. An aries man can be insensitive and emotionless, a man who needs his space to think and feel himself sometimes, however when he meets a woman that compliments him like a Leo or Sag he commits his entire being to that woman. Aries man and persons on a whole are no fools, that is why in the walls of Greats, across the world, Aries people stand tall.

by: Anonymous

I need your help, especially the opinion of Aries men. I have known him for about 14 years now. We have been in touch for over 10 years as friends, though he has always said he was feeling a deep attraction towards me. Then life created occasions for us to meet and this peculiar bond lead me to fall in love with him. BUT he has a fiancée. He will marry her in May, he looks very sweet to her, YET he says he has feelings for me (never said he loves me though) and even if he is going to marry her he says he wants to go on seeing and continuing our story. I have always told him that to me human relationships are a serious thing and that this implies a choice. When he told me he was going to marry I could not believe what I was reading. Moreover, he hardly understood my reaction. What does this mean?! He is 33, so he is supposed to be aware of what he is doing. He keeps saying I am a special woman and that no matter what happens, he will always have feeling for me. I am older than him and not a stupid and I could see something very, very deep in his eyes when we were alone together and he was watching me in silence. Like "I love you" without words. So, when about two months later he told me that he will marry, I could not believe it. And yet he still wants to meet me. I am a Gemini woman and I cannot find peace until I find an acceptable explanation for this behavior. Why showing some feelings and still wanting to see me (despite the wedding) if you are about to marry? Moreover, why do you marry if you would see nothing wrong in cheating on this poor girl (22)? Please, help me.

by: tnt

Well, let me add. I have been dating a Nigerian who is a Aries and let me tell you. For the 6 months we have been together has been a rollercoaster ride. I am a cancer so I am calm and loving. He likes to argue about petty things all the time and the least little thing upsets him. He would get so mad and call u all kinds of names. CURSE WORDS. So he got mad about something about a car he was trying to sell and he talked to me like I was nothing. So he told me to get out of his house and I have not heard from him since. And I find myself still calling, texting and trying to reach out but he will not answer the phone for me. but I had to say to myself... Wait.. Im not to be running up behind a man who disrespected me. I don't have to take that. But as im reading that is just them and also to add I think his culture plays a big part as well. Do I think he will call but it will not be anytime soon. but I am about to start ignoring him. I will play the game just like them seeing that they are game players.

by: Victoria

OMG Girls i am dating an Aries and i myself am a Libra ! We are together 2.5 years and its ALWAYS been the same shit, I say i want to..... (Basicially ANYTHING i say i wanna do that he does'nt) and he starts a fight with me saying i am never happy ??? Ermmm he is a mechanic and if he even looks at my car for me its like he wants me to kiss his feet with gratitude or some thing. The world revolves around this man in his head, He thinks he knows EVERYTHING, I am obvioulsy in tears as i just ended the relationship. But... i KNOW he will never change and as a Libra woman i know i will just be hurt by him all the time if i were to go back :( Sad Sign really.

Aries man making me nuts
by: Anonymous

I have had it! Absolutely had it with this aries ass! I'm a libra with aries rising - but damn. I've never claimed to be normal, who likes normal?! I'm just over this passive/aggressive bulllshit. How do I speak to this man so he actually listens to what I have to say?

I have had it with aries!
by: Libra2theCore

When aries make up their mind, are they done?

married to aries for 7years
by: Anonymous

ALL i can say is aries man are nutts leave them alone crazy as hell.

aquarius women dated aries man
by: Anonymous

Don't have time for games and i always would call it out didn't let nothing get pass me i asked questions and let him knowyour going to have to do better by me i want to be happy too your not useing me as a mattress and any women who cares about her self wouldn't want you either get it right or take flight and he got it right and stop chaseing me you got me already grow up!!and its a lot better

Libra woman dealing with an Aries
by: Anonymous

This is round 2 with my Aries friend. I thought this time would be different before and I must admit it is in a way. The first time we dated for 6 months a
until one day he told me he didn't have time to cultivate the relationship. Then I didn't understand him as much as I do know. He had a lot of shyt going on which i'm sure was part of the problem. Even still I thought it was a coward move but whatever. Of course he still wanted to see me a.k.a he still wanted to be intimate with me and I simply told him that I required time. I cut it off! A year rolled pass, my feeling for him never changed but I knew I had to stay firm. We reconnected in May 2014 and been kicking every since.But and yes there is a but! I as a Libra woman need balance,attention, space, consistency, communication, consideration, compromise, compliments and lots and lots of love and I' just not getting a sufficient amount. I feel like my heart is constantly battling with my mind. When we are together like everyone else stated we are good but when we are apart its not so good. I yearn for emotional security from my Aries friend which I can't hold my breath on the that. But yet in still I try not to change my Aries friend but try to get him to understand how his actions affect others. It can not always be about him. I have never study someone so hard in all my life trying to come up with answers and ways to make things work for both of us, so that neither one of us is left feeling slighted but at times I feel so freaking drained it is not funny. I don't take well to Aries (excuses) and I say excuses cause that's exactly what they are. I realize them ninjas make time for what they want and when they want. I can no longer put myself through this emotional drain, the distance, the late replies to text; either he will consider me worth keeping and making a commitment or he will consider that i'm not. Either way he needs to man up an accept the fact that he will never be truly happy if he continues to see shyt black and white. Good luck Libra and Aries Love I need a relationship not a situationship.

by: *Pisc€s02*

OMGOSH. My recently break up with Aries has been horrible. He is so self-centered I just don't understand at all. Yal, he say the most cruel things ever. Then the next day he says he sorry like aint ish, happen I be like he is mean as a snake. So we are actually beefing right now I'm talking about we been talking it there.Im not gonna let him talk like that me. I hope I never meet another Aries man again in serious. He is just crazy. HE GETS ON MY FREAKING NERVES😠

Settled Aries Man Married to a Pisces Woman
by: Anonymous

We're coming up on 17 years together and it has been difficult. As an Aries, I can tell you, some people will inspire you and other's won't. Those who inspire you can inspire different things in you. Unfortunately, due to our personalities, Aries can handle being forged, as in with fire and steel. It means that while we can take the heat and the beating, we may realize one day that we went through a lot of suffering that others around us, didn't have to go through because they weren't so focused on their objectives and actually paid attention to the things around them. I have never dated a Virgo though there had been attraction to a few, in the past. The best thing anyone can do is be really with themselves, about themselves and then they know that for long term relationships, they won't tire of being that inspiration for that someone special I their life. An Aries may appear to be exciting at times but it's not the Aries so much as the life that he or she pursues. It isn't always excitement for them and then the excite and energy is down, they are, too. I want adventure so bad in my life that I can taste it every day. However, my "other half, who inspires me with her wonderful, unassuming, giving, vulnerable nature, is severely disabled and so I spend most of my free time on a mission to see if there is some way that I can patch my partner in crime up so that we can continue on. If you want excitement and adventure, don't get with an Aries so that you'll have a tour's not in our nature to constantly drone on about stuff when we ourselves are too busy exploring. When we're talking, it's because we've coming off of that adventure high and we haven't crashed yet. Once we crash, we need a new adventure. If you're needing a partner in crime for life, hopefully, if you're lucky, be yourself. See who you inspire in a good way and see who inspires you in a good way while they too are being themselves. There are all sorts of ways to have adventure in life. It doesn't have to be dangerous to be fulfilling so you don't have to have an Aries to go on an adventure. Some of the best adventures are the ones that move slow enough for you to actually enjoy and remember.

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