Opposites Attract

by Jennifer
(Houston, Texas USA)

I am a Scorpio woman married to an Aquarius man for 15 going on 16 years! It has been a crazy ride, but we have 3 kids and some great and bad times! I don't think we could live without each other! Astrology says we are really not compatible, but we have made it work! It is not perfect, but then again what relationship is? We both have characteristics of our signs, hell I even wonder how we did it! LOL! I guess opposites do attract! I would be lost without him as he would me!!!!!!!

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Opposites Attract
by: Ten24

I'm so glad that you posted this. I think 90% of the things I read about a Scorp/Aqua relationship turned out to be extremely frustrating and ended up being a disaster. Reading this made me smile that it IS possible for these two signs to work and that you can be happy in it. Thank you for sharing!

by: Divascorpion

Thank youfor sharing. I needed to hear that from someone. Every comment I read about a Scorpio woman and an Aquarius man has been very negative or not very encouraging to say the least. then we have those that are trying to be positive by saying they've been with their men for 1 or 2 years. well thanks but that's not enough for me. I'm in it for the long haul. I've recently met and been dating an Aquarius man. Thing is I had been afraid that something was wrong with me because I had grown numb towards men and the idea of love. Not that I was bitter, but I just couldn't feel anything for the men that I've encountered there was always some kind of turn off.... and then came he. Aqua man! And instantly the feelings began to flood my heat. I am head over hills for this man although Imust say it's a challenge because of course he is an Aquarius man. I don't have room to express Scorpios jealousy because it seems that he's worst then Iam. Now were on the out and he says he'll never talk to me again. Will he? How do I get him back?

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