Passionate Scorpio man

by jan

I recently met a Scorpio man and he is the most passionate man I have ever met. He is charming to no end..... and makes me feel like the most beautiful woman he has ever laid eyes on. Hopefully I am to him. From the moment we met I have felt an intense connection with him and now I can not get him out of my head.

I can understand what people say about them being extremely loyal as he has been in a long term relationship that has been dead for many years yet he would not leave. He is leaving now... I am an Aries woman.....and one of our most compatible areas is sexually.... wow I can't wait to find out!

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scorpio female
by: Anonymous

oh oh hehehe it is going to be the ride of your life. being i am a scorpio female and i have a aries male.. you will love this to no end.. the attraction is crazy. you will compliment each other well but be careful we both love mind games and never win each other over in them we are both to intelligent for them. aries women are head strong and tend to be bossy lol my best friend is aries and i do watch her with her husband. and a scorpio male has to be boss at all times so i would say sometime just submit and let him think he has won ok? lol but for the most part it is said about the 2 signs together the aries for some reason submits to the scorpio but will never with any other sign. i have experienced this with my aries. and i think the reasoning for this is scorpio are not full of bs. and we do not try to harm peoples character or be little them. basically we are your best friend before lovers and that's how we like it and i think the aries learns this and senses this with there intuition and first mind. and is able to bloom like a flower and put there guard down for us cause they know in there heart we will never intentionally harm them at all.

To a Scorpio lady
by: Anonymous

Maybe you get along with Arise well because Arise is someone's husband. Arise likes to flirt with someone even though he is married. I knew Arise very well. Nothing that I can say but I decided not to do a business as marriage with Arise. Arise is very hard and hottest than a blue fire 1000 times. I can be just as friend with Arise which is not involve with my body parts. I'm a bright Virgo, he can't wins me, not in a million years even though he is separated or divorced! I won't let this be. Arise who I just met is a pilot is down to earth but I don't let that to fool me. He is very smart, loyal, and gentle that I can't imagine. However, I've been through. I don't play game. This Arise is always there for me when I have questions, he did his best to help me. I planed to go out in the public with him in the near future. I knew he is attracted and honored me. I don't let that to blind me. We are about the same age. He and I are good friends so far. He took his time to write to me. He is a man that I respect. He's not afraid to tell me that he is aggressive and to give me a his phone or tell me where he lives. I like him because he is honest as well as I'm.

I hope you doing well with Arise-Someone's husband. Lol... Not all Arise or Scorpio are good, I insisted. Best of luck!!

overhead inlove (stong like) with a scorpio guy
by: Anonymous

well i think that is true, i am a aquarius girl and i met this scorpio guy about 4 months ago and he made me feel as if i am the most beautiful girl he has ever see before and he is always there for me and protecting me and hugging but when he realize that i am just 15 and he is 18 he stopped coming close to me what he told me was that he doesnt trust himself with me and i felt bad cuz i really liked him. i even kissed him which was my first kiss and now he has a gf and i still cant get him off my mind no matter what i do it hard i just keep liking him more other than forgeting about him , i feel as if he hurts me and at the same time he didnt hurt me.... i just dont know how to.......:(

There are lots of boys out there!!!
by: Anonymous

There are another beautiful boys out there. Forget this boy who already having a gf. Be wise. Good luck!!

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