Patience is key to Capricorn seduction

I'm a female Capricorn and I must say the pressuring thing is very true. My ex boyfriend (I dumped him :[ ) Was my friend first but when we started dating he went straight to flirt mode but I liked the way we were as friends and didn't appreciate him "teaching" me how to kiss and be romantic (As if I didn't know how, I'm shy not stupid). It was like a system over load of love that I felt obligated to return (It was also kind of a turn off), I would have rather he showed me how he felt more suddenly with kind gestures and less butt grabbing and saying he loves me (making it feel less special when over used and not explained) I needed time to warm up to him and returned it.

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Yes patience is key
by: Anonymous

I'm a Taurus girl, and i have know my Capricorn man for about 4 yrs. Our relationship did not begin with a good start, but after a couple yrs of
dating on and off, a few good arguments here and there. We realized we couldn't be without each other. Physical and emotional love has gotten stronger.

The key to wining his heart was lots and lots of patience, and forgiveness. Every time
he would mess up plans, he knew i was upset, but i couldn't stay mad at him forever, and he tell's me when i forgive him he falls in love with me more and
more. Now he gives me the talk of expanding the family. I couldn't be any more

by: Anonymous

Be his friend, for as long as it takes.. No mention of romance or flirting or pressure AT ALL... or he/she will step back then flee & he/she
hates confrontation.. Don't do it unless you wish to loose.. True Capricorns HATE being forced to speak or do anything so allow privacy and he/she will speak in time, even if you know they are upset, let them know you are happy to listen
without judging and advise without forcing, if and when he/she is ready..

Do not bombard him/her as smothering, calls or texts, as this is off putting to a true Capricorn.. Give him/her a chance to call YOU.. Do not stray too far while giving him/her that space.. He/she doesn't even though it may appear so..

When he/she is stressed, suggest ways of assistance or that you are there to assist, come rain or shine & step back to let your Capricorn breathe and if you can, offer a de-stressing remedy.. A deep tissue massage or book him.her in as a gift with a low cost but good specialist if you can.. Do the things he/she has no time for.. E.g a nice CD because he/she does not have time to buy them.. A pair of gloves because he/she is out in the cold for or too and from work but
only if this is really who you are as Capricorn is not a stupid sign, and likes a realist..

Capricorn Crap
by: Anonymous

This comment does not sound like a relationship. This particular girl sounds like a eggshell walker to the moods of cap crap. These caps are workaholics, want a family life, but do not want to do any of the home life domestic responsibilities. They want to look high/mighty in the social arena, want a wife/girl who dresses great in the public place? If family means so much to this sign, then they need to be there and contribute as well. If they want to be so successful, let them control their bosses, and push them around, not the wife/woman at home. Sounds like cap crap. I think they EXPECT all to understand their 80-90 hours a week, and then the woman to do their domestic stuff. Sound like a JOB to me. Then women have to wait for them to open up? In reality, like a alcoholic drunk with beer, they are drunk with work of a workaholic. Emotionally unavailable. How can a workaholic be emotionally available when drunk with work? Sounds like a I think a Capricorn needs another Capricorn so they can brag of their 80-90 work week, their distance,be in control, and wait for their name in the city news, with their 6-8 children, mother.father hanging on their legs, waiting for compliments, while the wife puts his picture all over the house to remind her 6-8 children what the father looks like. But he LOOKS great in the town square. Then when he comes home whenever HE wants, he wants dinner. Sounds like a sign that needs to GROW UP!!

by: Anonymous

whoa, whoa, whoa. that's just insulting, man. were you the victim of a cap or something, it sounds like it.

lol victim of CAP crap!
by: Anonymous

I just have to comment about victim of Cap crap, sounds like a bitter person to me. Anyway I just want to say i love my cappy and yes he works too much but he makes up for it in more ways than one! When you are not compatible and can not undersatnd or appreciate why a man wants to work for his family to the extreme then he is simply not for you. Thank goodness you are done with him I'm sure he will find someone who will fall in love with his work ethic and his sexual energy and what ever other qualities you were not able to see aaaaaaaand to you I wish you love as weLl :D

From a true capricorn woman
by: Anonymous

I am a capricorn woman, and pretty much everything that this entire artical has said is true...besides the pessimistic part. I am the most optomistic person and inspire others around me to be so as well, however I, as other capricorns, always have a guard up. I never expect anything, but always hope. As far as a partner goes, patience is definitely the key. We thrive on feeling stable, so we need to know our partner is as committed as we are, even if we don't show it as often. The best thing a man can do is be understanding of the walls we have around us and not back away because of it. Us capricorns do work A LOT, I for one work upwards of 60 hrs a week, and spend sunday evenings preparing for the week, but I also love to take care of my partner. Just be patient, help us unwind from the day and our stress with a glass of wine or a back rub, and once the walls come down, you will have the most loyal capricorn partner who will do anything in the world for you.

by: OD

I need help with a Cappy guy.
I am a Gemini with Moon and Venus in Taurus.I am 43 yrs old divorced with no child living with family.He is 45 yrs old, leaving alone. He has 2 kids and takes them to his house every saturday night.I am a conservative type and do not chat or meet people on the net in general, I am divorced 7 yeras ago and I did not have any relatin before and after my ex. I am quite sentimental.

I met that cappy guy on facebook, we had common friends. We started to chat about music , cinema etc. We had lots in common.He was also a customer of my company so I felt secured with him. He works a lot and late.He is an architect.
He was very secretive.He did not have a clear photo on facebook at the beginning but I felt he was a nice guy.

by: Anonymous

One month after we met, we both had tickets for a concert and said we can meet there, I said I would go with my brother and I did so.He did not say with whom he would go. During the concert I looked for him sent messages but he did not reply. At that time I did not see his face clearly but at the end of the concert I saw a man with a beautiful blond girl. I was sure it was him. Later I wrote him that I could not meet him at the concert etc. He said his phone was closed and he saw my message after. We continued to chat we had great fun.We both are full of sense of humor. One day I asked him if he was the guy I saw at the concert, yes it was him with the blond. He answered '' silence of the lambs'' but did not want to talk about it more, so I stopped. Later he called me to meet. We met after 3 months had dinner in a nice restaurant he choose the restaurant and he was very gentile, very cute, talkative ,we talked for hours to each other. It went well but very friendly.
He was divorced with 2 kids. He was married a scorpio for 17 years.She was bipolar and she wanted to divorce as he said. She was a very ambitious woman with a high career. He was not the one who wanted to divorce because he likes family status que etc.I told him I had only one boyfriend in my life I married him, he cheated me etc.I also said I do not like and I am not the type for one nite relations. I never go if I do not see a future as my general principle in life etc.

by: Anonymous

After that date I felt that he would not call me as he did not like me etc. I just texted a thank you message and some information he asked for business. He replied telling that he had a good nite. I did not call him for a few days . One day he caught me at facebook and we chated a bit. Then he called me and said. ''You dont call me so I called you''.Then I felt more confortable. We continued to chat or talk on the phone. In general he calls me. and I send him sms messages to say have a good week or weekend etc.
After 3 month he called a sarturday evening to have dinner that night. he was going to take his sons at 10 pm and wanted to meet me around 8 pm then he said it would be difficult perhaps we could do another time. Then I said dont be crazy we can meet in a mid point etc.Finally we met that night had a great time talk talk laugh laugh. He said we would be very good friends and etc etc etc. Then he said our moods are good. he also told me about his private life. He divorced 4 years ago and had 4 serious relationships wiht beautiful women havind career. But once they asked for a committment he felt bad and left them. HE says his x-wife has psychologıcal problems and if he marries now his children will feel very bad. So he want to wait until they get old enough.( they are 11 and 16 now) His son asked him if he had a girl friend and he said he replied to have more than one. I did not understand if that was a joke or not. we stayed together until 11 pm that night.When we walk he is very kind and protective. After that dinner we kept calling each other in the same manner, jokes etc. Recently he started to make some sexual jokes , I showed I did not like them much but still can laugh.From time to time he said we should meet again. He called one night telling he bought a coffee mashine and if I canIshould go for a coffee but it was not very serious , I saidI was late andI had to sleep. For last 5 -6 days he did not call me, I messaged him 2 days ago and aske how he was. He replied he was ok and asked how I was. I send a confused smiley face. He called me and asked why I was confused. In fact I was confused with him, job and other issues but I did not tell him. I said it is just a crazy smiley etc. We spoke a bit, then he had to do something else he said he would call but did not for lat 2 days. He was more on facebook at the beginning but not much recently. Perhaps he works a lot or he has someone else. I have no idea and I do not know what to do with him. Any suggesstions pls.

Alcoholic Capricorn male
by: Anonymous

all i can say is that the man i was married to was so charming at the beginning and he seemed to be so attentive and yes they are a workaholics but also was an alcoholic, he tried to blame me for his troubles. I sold my home and business and the funds i shared with him in our marriage. But when he was drunk he would accuse me of trying to steal his house, why, i do not know, also he would tell me i was a boarder in the house we lived in together as man and wife,(he lived in this house before i met him), One evening we went to a party after our honey moon and my so called maid of honor (whom was also married)climbed into his lap and they started to kiss in front of me and then she pulled him out of the couch and they were rolling on the floor in front of me and laughing at me, I just turned and walked away went home, he came home the next day, Then he told me he was staying in a hotel room with his work mate whom was a woman he was friends with before me,( said to me if it were not for her husband she would be Fing him and he said he had strong feelings for her)they worked together, I did not feel to comfortable with this and asked him to get another rm and he totally ignored me and went ahead with it, when i would go see him, his coworkers asked if i was good with them sharing together and of course i was not a happy camper. They drank and smoked contraband and she told me one evening they were nearly rolled up in the bed couch together, that was not good at all. I felt totally insecure with this and then he told me he had oral interactions with her and "she did a lousy job".On another occasion He was not honest with me about telling me about another female encounter he had and i knew different , because i saw them together. when i would retaliate he beat me up on several occasions and hurt me pretty badly on one of our last altercations he was hurting me and i bit him in the hand in self defense. Life was a big mess and all i wanted was to live in peace and harmony despite all the problems. But the worst part is I still love him we did everything together and he was the man that i wanted to be with for the rest of my life, I went to counselling and was hoping he would too but he said I was not the right woman for him to stop drinking, I told him I would support him if he went to counselling and dry out, why does life have to be so difficult?? I was talked into filing for divorce under duress and I regret the day I filed and wished i tried harder to understand with patience and more love. Life is not fair and if wishes could come true, all i wanted was normalcy in our life.They say a Taurus and a Capricorn are best suited to each other. My parents are Taurus and Capricorn and they have been married for 58 years...why not me??

i need help with capricorn girl im a tarus male
by: sam

now i've been with this capricorn girl for 3 years pretty much clicked at first sight a year into our relationship was awesome second year was great towards the end of the 3rd year we were having complications not spending enough time with each other which lead me to being possessive and jealous controlling and not trusting her because she choose her work and work mates over spending quality time with me which lead to big arguments now she made her mind up and broke it off but still wants to be friends its so hard cause it hurts shes my heart and i want to reunite with her but she sees herself wanting to find her independence again and doesn't know for sure if she wants to get back together in a relationship with me or anyone for awhile cause she wants to heal her pain and take some while for her to build the courage to depend on someone again my heart and mind thinks we re meant to be her heart says the same but her mind is saying different cause she is scared we will fall back into the same thing again i'm willing to change me for me and for her to realise and someday take me back we are both going to Thailand together in few days i want to win her heart back and earn her trust again i know it will take some time and patients i just want to know if there is hope for us to get back together shes my world and i'm willing to do what it takes to change me for me and her!!!

help me with my capricorn sort of
by: iris

I met him online on pof . Its one year now Still havent met him in person. We cam once a week, we text daily all day.
He says i am his lady. He has his own business works long hours.. I appreciate that I am a hard worker too. When I ask him when will we meet already its been one year. These are the 4 things hehas said to me.
1. when i get my work sorted
2. Sooner than u think.
3. asap
4. When i feel better... (he has a sinus infection now.
Is he stringing me along playing w feelings?
I asked him that he said nobody is playing with your feelings.... tell me what to do be patient?

Need help with cap man !
by: Anonymous

Ok so I was with this cap man for 3 and a half years . In the beginning of the rekationship It was really great .. But after a while tiny tiny issues escalated
and i used to keep breaking up with him frequently.. and one day he got very tired and ended it for good .. but i continued being his friend and 5 months later we got back ..But I became insecure and possessive .. Cuz I felt he gave more importance to his friends Now ..I started putting conditions that he shouldn't talk to them and everything .. Now a yr later he has again ended it and said its over for good this time and that he doesn't love me :'( I really don't know what to do .. I want him back badly ..we have had our good times .. I feel all our fights and everything were just a misunderstand or miscommunication half the time .. I hv tried explaining everything .. But to no good .. I heard that caps are very stubborn ppl .. Now we are talking as friends for the past 1 week ., but there doesn't seem to be any change .. What should I do ? Will the friendship work ?

Scorpio Woman
by: Hazel

I'm so in love with my Capricorn man. We have amazing intimacy and sex is great. Then he'll text and say Good Morning and @ the end of the day Good Night.While i'm still dreaming of 2 nights ago. Then I start feeloni what happened ? What did I do? I have pleased this man in ever way possible .Is he mad @ me?It's crazy. Ok so I text him to say "Are you okay?" Then he'll say something etc.But i never ask where were you? What happened? Because this is his pattern.We're an older couple Baby Boomers ! But I can assure you I am still sexy LOL. He says so.I'm more of Bohemian black and he is a white guy .I feel he loves me because he is always there for me.We do not live together,nor do I want to. But being a Scorpio my feelinfs are hurt when he disappears but he says no need to bring me into his problems.

Capi woman problems
by: Anonymous

Oh my gosh! I thought I was the only one that got turned off with pressure. I'm dating a scorpio guy and we have known eachother for 4 years. As friends Ofcoarse, we have so much in common! We are both very into weightlifting. But last week and two weeks before that he tried to pressure me into intimacy which I feel it's way too early. I understand he's a sexual Scorpio but it really turns me off when he gets mad when I reject him. We've only been dating a month and with him putting sex on the table so fast and forcefully makes me distance myself from him. Lately I haven't called him babe or said I love you. It all feels so fast for me :/ I need my time and his patience.

Help with Capicorn Male
by: Anonymous

I started dating my capicorn man when he was seperated from his wife. We fell in love. His 12 month seperation which is required in the state I live in was almost over. His wife decided she wanted to try one more time. (They've been married for 27 years, had grown apart and were no longer compatible. My capicorn makes a lot of money. His wife has been making the divorce harder becuase of the money.) After he moved back in with his wife he told me he regretted it. The relationship went back to what it was before. My capicorn loves his home and land. He didn't want to leave again. We kept breaking up and than we'd get back together a day or so later. We wanted to be together. I knew it wasn't right seeing him, but we talked about it a lot. He kept telling me that he didn't want us a part. Long story short, we saw each other for 4 1/2 years. I started a business and became too consumed with it. I neglected myself and our relationship. He strayed without saying anything. A women who had been after him for years finally got him when he was vulnerable. This women is not ethical or kind. She's desperate and completely out for herself. She'd flirt with him right in front of me. He sent me an email telling me he was know in a committed relationship with her.I knew he strayed because he thought I didn't love him anymore. He was successful in business but the most insecure person when it came to relationships. His wife moved out right before he started seeing this women. She's know getting everything I waited for. He knew I didn't trust her so seeing her makes it even harder. The whole thing broke me. I felt abandoned, was lied too and know a lot of it was due to not paying attention. What he did was inexcusable and wrong. No one deserves being treated the way I was. I was devastasted. I emailed and called him for way longer than I should have. I feel like I've ruined any chance of getting back together with him. I know he really loved me. We were good together. I'm okay with patience, but I feel this women has her claws in him and won't let him go. Its been 7 months. I'm still hurt. He broke my heart. Please help with suggestions.

Pisces woman Cap man
by: Anonymous

My ex is a Cap he was my 1st in high school, we had to break up becaus I Move to AZ. We got back in contact after 11yrs, figure we're mature older ready to settle lets give it a try. We was in a long distant relationship for 3 years. First 2 years great last year hell. He showed me a different side of him, there was lies, and he was being very manipulating. He told me he was being someone he wasn't to make me happy he can't do it no more and needed to be hisself and ask for space. I don't pay him no attention anymore and now he want to work things out a year later but it's to late. Let him tell it he " needed the space to help him figure out if he wanted to be with me and he do" ok well sorry that don't cut it for me. I met another Cap man who I been seeing for 2 months and he is complete opposite of my ex and I feel there is a better vibe better communication and we have more in common, he makes me smile and I love being around him. His mixed signals confuse me at time because he makes me feel like we are together and I ask him where do we stand and he ask me where do I want us to stand. It is so true about being patient with cap man I really like him and want it to work BUT I only have so much patience because I'm not getting younger.

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