Pices girl Sagittarius boy

I've been dating my Sag for 8 months now.
We started off very casual, we both had other ppl on the side...until we got jealous of each other. we both realized at the same time that we liked each other more than just hookups and wanted each other all to ourselves. we're VERY attracted to each other, he loves to please me in bed. I've heard that if this attraction fades, a Sag/Pices relationship will fade fast, but we have so much more in common

We both are very goofy, talk about nonsense all the time, I feel like a little kid around him.

Here's the bad things...we're both very jealous of each other, that's what ALL of our fights are about. he's had a very sexual past...50+ partners. I've had my fair share too...11, but it doesn't compare to him. When he drinks, he turns into a whole different person and hits on everything that moves. The next morning after an incident he says he blacked out from drinking and doesn't remember a thing and then cries to get me back. I almost think he is bipolar, he has such ever changing moods. It drives me INSANE. However, I keep on taking him back and that is very unlike me.

before my Sag, I have always been independent and have been the one to break up with all my former boyfriends...I'd mope for about a month or so and then move on. No one has been able to keep me interested like this Sag. I must say the attraction is big but I can tell it goes so much deeper than that. I honestly love him so much, I can't imagine loving anyone more. So it's very frustrating, being so in love but also putting myself down for putting up with his mistakes and clingy characteristics.

Wondering if it will last...sometimes I hope it doesn't...other time i can see myself marrying him

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Pisces Woman Sag Male
by: Anonymous

Ok here goes the story. I met my male Sag in the early 80's he actually saw me crossing the streets of Hartford Ct while he was driving. Followed me to the Civic Center as I was coming down from the escalators my Sag was waiting for me at the landing. I was sure he was taking surveys and didn't feel like I wanted to be bothered but he certainly kept my interest with his boyish good looks and sexy smile. I was smitten! He confessed that he seen me crossing the street and followed me in. Well that was the good part now the Negative to the story. My Sag liked to indulge in drinking and doing drugs...It was hell after 4 yrs on and off knowing that he was a big flirt and kept women sercret from me. My Sag gave me VD and lied to me about it. It was tough but I had to break it off as much love I had for him. He flipped one night when I told him I didn't want to be with him so he became high and hit me...Yes punched me in the face. Make a long story short I walked away never to see him again and now after 23yrs later I find him (I confess I never got over him) we reconnected now in our 50's we still communicate he lives in a different state but I see he's still got some of that good ole bad boy image! Not sure what we are going to do here because I still have feelings for him... He tells me I'm the only one he ever loved...but my bad boy still has issues with keeping jobs/still doing pot/clingy/ I'm fed up!! But I DO LOVE HIM!!! LOL Crazy huh??? OH well that's the Pisces/Sag relationship...

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