Pisces and Scorpio marriage

I'm a Scorpio and I married a Pisces. It was one of the best decisions I've made so far in my life. I have never been so compatible with someone else before. I love him with all my heart. The sex is also off the charts, which is very important to me. He is the only person that doesn't irritate me to tears and when I'm with him he brings my best qualities forward. He says everything I want to hear when I need it and the best part is that he is really sincere- his eyes tell me all.

The fact I respect him so much for his incredible heart and emotion inspires me to become a better person. I do things to protect us, he does things for the good of humanity. I almost wish I could be as noble as he. I feel like I married my best friend, best lover, and my right life mate. Now we are pregnant with my first child a son and Scorpio, can't wait to see what that will entail.

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Pisces and Scorpio marriage
by: Anonymous

I'm a Scorpio and my husband is a Pisces. My step dad was a Pisces and that's a horror story I won't go into but, needless to say, I didn't expect this to be a good combination. I am more than pleasantly surprised. The thing that stands out most in our relationship is our communication. Even after 15 years we seem to be able to take our exploration of self and questions about men and women deeper than I've been able to even with my girlfriends. When he and I started dating we both talked about what we saw other people, including our parents do that was non productive. We determined early on never to call each other filthy names in anger, for example. To this day we have not done that, neither of us has ever called the other a bad name. That may seem insignificant but I feel like it's made a big difference for us. I was, and am, also constantly touched by his ability to dream. He's got a child like innocence that allows him to explore ideas most of us are to jaded to hope for anymore. There are so many great qualities to him. He's tender and yet strong, he's got a purity of heart rarely found, he loves easily and deeply and he's loyal to a fault and, at the core of him he's very trusting. The challenges are that he can be sometimes severe in his judgments and that he's not quick to reach out to make new friends, though this makes sense in the context of how easily he believes in people and loves them because he's also easily hurt - he has a tender heart. I met him. I dated him. I fell hard for him. I love him more today than when we first fell in love.

by: Christina

I am a Scorpio woman with a Libra daughter and a Pisces boyfriend. He isn't my daughters father and I've been very careful about the men I've dated since having her. However, this Pisces man seems to have swept me off my feet. Which being a Scorpio woman your self I'm sure you know is very unlike me to allow.

I was just wondering... how soon after meeting your husband did you know that he was the one for you?


Pisces and Scorpio marriage
by: Anonymous

Hi Christina, I know where you're coming from. I'd say I knew within a month. It took me 6 months or more to actually believe and accept it though. I guess when something's too good to be true you take longer to accept it than when there's obvious problems. I'd have a good feeling about this one though, if I were you. Best of luck to you!

pisces woman scorpio man
by: Anonymous

My boyfriend is a scorpio and im a pisces woman AND I HAVE TO SAY that we really are a good match. i just hope it stays that way. i love him with all my heart. THE SEX IS OF THE CHARTS. Happy me

Pisces Man - Scorpio Woman
by: Anonymous

I have a on=off boyfriend for 4years and this man is a pisces man. almost within the 4years everything is rocky. but we still manage to be back at each other arms. everytime we broke up he already has a new girl and when he make up, when things got back to normal then i just out of the blue find out. We have a 2year old daughter. he keeps saying that im a the woman he is meant to be and he is cleaning up his closet. but i have doubts already about this, im not sure if i can trust him.

now we have another problem. when we are already have finally agreed to let go of all the past, his dad is dying.

now is saying again that he wants space to think, he is shutting me out again. i want to reach out and help him, im not pestering him about other matters. its just that with the time that he shuts down i am alone to cater to all the problems he left, its such a weight on my shoulder.

what do i do? should i leave him? give him his space?

So unsure
by: Amber

I'm a Scorpio Women, and I just don't know.. Over and over again, I try and think about everything, and not really able to get anywhere. I have 2 kiddos, ages 5 n 3.. Three months ago, my ex left in one day,(not my kids dad) after we had been together 2 yrs.. He was a Scorpio as well.. We were so hugely connected, The relationship was very intense, and I loved him deeply..We had talked about forever together, so often, and both felt that we would be forever always.. And when I first found him on an online datin site, before I even first talked to him, I felt a feelin that said, "he's the one." But there was so much drama, n stress and bs from his parents, that we're not together now.. Did try to patch things up, but it can't be an "all" relationship right now, which I read with Scorpios it's all or nothing.. He's going away soon, for 5 months.. And states if I'm still around then, he says he'll ditch his parents and I'm all his. But I don't know..It was a totally one-sided relationship of me giving my all, and of his parents n himself taking. We usually talk every day, but yesterday we didn't once, and so far today we haven't either. So I'm kinda thinking that it may be over now.. And thats sad, because I loved the connection and intensity.
But now.. Just to add more things to it, that I can't decide on..
I've met a guy who's a Pisces.. At first, it felt as if something was lacking.. The intenseness of a Scorpio male, and that huge connection.. But now I've been wondering if the connection and everything else could come, and perhaps that it wouldnt be a "step down."
He also just seemed to right away, to just "know me and have me all figured out." Like he could see past my walls and see everything.. I'm not use to that at all.. Being a Scorpio, we're all about having a wall, and people not knowing. So I feel the urge to pull away from the uncomfortable.. And twice we've kinda gotten into a relationship, but I've pulled away.. But feel myself getting drawn back.. And when it comes to him.. I see my mind fast-forwarding.. Fast-forwarding so much, to seeing my kids and I moving in with him, seeing a life together with him, and seeing myself married to him even! With in 3 days of knowing him, my mind was as if, it was "seeing" all this.. All that of "seeing that" just makes me kinda wary, because, how am I to know all that, already? Way too rushed for me. I think I could be happy with him.. And so far, I have been around him.. And it seems far too easy to just share everything, all my hurts with him, everything, that I would otherwise have held secret.. And not to sure what I think about that either.. Everything seems to be pulling/putting me out of my comfort zone.. And I don't know what to do.. Fight it, or surrender to it.. And with being a Scorpio, I believe other Scorpios would know, that that is sometimes a battle with oneself.

So unsure
by: Amber

Contintuing of previous comment..

I think though, that if I surrendered to this Pisces guy, it would be an "all the way" relationship.. And I think we would be quite happy. But yet, why is it so hard to make up my mind? Is it cause I have a little romantic illiusion of meetin the guy I'm suppose to, when I start school soon.. Or did he already find me? He certainly got my attention when he talked about thinking of going back to school himself.. Am I worried about getting tided down already, and missing the chance to find "the one" or is it him?
I've been able to talk with him, and tell him anything really.. He does about me being unsure and just not knowing, and surprisly enough, he's just telling me to take my time, talk it out with all my friends, figure out what I want.

What does all this mean, or say to someone else? For once in my life.. I just really don't know, or am afraid to act..

scorpio woman pisces man
by: Anonymous

I am a scorpio and my bf is a pisces. He was the first guy I ever went out with, my first bf. But we had family issues, i was young. Now im almost finished with college and after 3-4 years no contact with him. I hated him, we had issues. then i find out he is going in the army. I never thought i would like him, i even told him. But we talked online, facebook. And i slowly let my walls down. soon we talked long hours at night every night on the phone. He even asked me if i still liked him. But i said noo. I knew as soon as i said that he was hurt from his voice. I knew he liked me too. Even we were just friends and he didnt tell me. But he told me eventually. Then i went to visit him, as a friend. lol came back as his gf. :P even we had issues before i saw him. trust issues, and past issues with each other. But now even we had family drama, but i still stuck to him. and i have only seen him twice, since he is in army. we are together for 4-5months now. but he is the sweetest person i know. he is soo caring, and VERY intuitive. He would act like he is not paying attention and then does things that surprised me, in a good way. he is forgetfull, but its okay. i miss him everyday. and i cant imagine us breaking up, although sometimes i get bored, and feel if it doesnt work its okay, but i know he would be hurt. and i can't leave him, he is so sweet to me. he will buy anything i want. He will do what I want, and i never tell him anything. I find that i will try things he likes, and he does the same. he likes to tease me and bug me :P he is a smart guy, and we both feel jealousy equally. he doesn't say it but i can sense it.lol and i like to tease him too, even he doesn't know. he makes me be more soft and subtle.. and i always find that even im upset with him, i will talk in the calmest and very reasonably to make him understand. i get angry but i dont act angry unless i dont care about what the other thinks. He tells me everything, he is like my best friend, and boyfriend, i can tell him anything, even embarrassing. he knows me better then my parents. :/ and i think we might get married, he hasn't said it, but we already debating on how many kids we want 3 is what i want. he wants me to drive a van, and 2 cats or 1. lol.. and i just have to finish school first. so i have a feeling something will happen. i know him for 7 years. funny how i never thought i would end up with him again, and how he has all the qualities i always wanted in a man. :) he has a huge heart, very giving, and i notice he will do anything for me.. and i feel guilty because i underestimate his love.. he doesn't show it but when he does, its amazing! :D he is the perfect guy for me :) i never met a guy like him :D

In love
by: Anonymous

Hi I am a Scorpio woman in love with a Pisces man. He is a quintessential piscean and we are such a perfect fit for each other. We share our deepest secrets with each other, we love spending time together, we have such a deep, unexplainable connection. However, we have one problem and it's a huge one.... We are both married with children. We have been married for years and personally, I have not been happy In years and I feel like I'm just going thru the motions. We love each and want to be together. What should we do? Continue in unhappy, unfulfilling marriages? Or take a chance and come together?

pisces woman and scorpio man
by: Anonymous

My Scorpio husband has made all my dreams come true. I have always wanted a relationship that is true and honest as I started to think I was the only person who felt that way in the world, my Scorpio love appeared into my life. The crazy thing is we were in school together and knowing Scorpio and there impeccable memory he remembered every detail of how I looked backthen.Later in life we were introduced into each others lives again and we just knew that something special had just blessed our lives. We are best friends with a sixth sence we both feel each others pain and happiness. Our sex is the most passionate and really brings us closer. We got married last year and have had a beautiful baby boy. My Scorpio love has taken my little girl on has his own and I am incredibly proud of the man I chose to spenc my life with. Being a Pisces lady I have let some dishonest and monstern types into my life and I really needed a knight in shinning armour to give me the confidence I lake. The thing is to other signs in the zodiac struggle to understand the depth of water signs but from the bottom of my heart I have met my sole mate. Scorpio and Pisces is a beautiful relationship so loyal and true. He makes my life make sence ans treats me like a princess. I have never cared and loved someone this much xxx true gentleman with a massive heart but only a Pisces lady has the key to really know there Scorpio partnrer xxx I'm making myself sick lol best of luck with finding true love xx

Pisces-Scorpio destruction
by: Anonymous

I am a Pisces female and previously ended a relationship with a Scorpio man, just like the comments above with women saying its to compatible, i got tricked into believing it had to be true sense every website gauranated its the perfect match, however my Scorpio, being closed minded, very secretive, absent-minded,sensitive, secretly emotional, never showing his true emotions and coming and going out of my life led me to a journey of emotional abuse, depression, path of heavy drugs and now i have half a heart, fried brain cells, and long term anger and paranoia, so sadly i dident get the best experience, i dont think two emotional, two secretive people could be a best match, because two of the same minds can cause the same destruction thinking and acting alike, anyhow never had sex, because i was saving myself, so cant compare there but yea any suggestions too where i went wrong?

by: Anonymous

WOW, I have read so many similar stories to my situation. I am 40 + and have not dated for several yrs by choice and priorities (young son).
I was told by a close friend that a Pisces man would be perfect for me. Not actually believing in the signs anymore but will still read my horoscope for the day...lol!
I've met this guy that seems to be incredibly too real to be true! Actually I was speaking with someone else and I turned around and saw Him! That night, I felt as if my soul mate had just walked into my life! The good thing, I wasn't alone! His eyes said, where have you been and his smile read, we need to talk. All I know, you could have brought me for a penny!
We are both open, honest, respectful and want the same things in a relationship.
I'm the Scorpio, demanding, controlling ,possessive for my mate...etc! He is the Pisces and he calms them all. I'm not questioning where this guy came from because I did ask God to send h a man with these characteristics. Ble the hard part is for me to let go of the fear!
I'm not sure where we are going because I want him to take me. That will give me my confirmation that he is sure of what he wants with me.
I have visions and I'm in touch with my spirit side but sometime its too powerful that its scares me.
How do I let these feeling go so that it will not jeopardize this new friendship that can turn into a wonderful relationship?


What should I do now?

confused but sure scorpio
by: Anonymous

Ok I know my title is a little weird but its true. I am a scorpio woman who has met this amazing pisces man. We met about two weeks ago and I must say WOW I have never had such a connection with someone . We have never been intimate, kissed nothing but yet we are so drawn to eachother. We live in different citys but its ok because we understand eachother to the fullest. Its so amazing its scary in fact he has told me he "loves me" and to be honest I love him to. He so deep and understanding of my feelings. I will be seeing him this week and I must say im so excited. I see myself with this man FOREVER.... Being a scorpio I take my feelings seriously and hold back my emotions. But with this man im so comfortable im so happy its scary. I want to give him my all.... please help aaaahhhh im so confused but sure...lol

Is this real

A perfect union
by: Vanessa Pamaran

I am a scorpio woman and my boyfriend is pisces. To make the story short - our bond is beyond perfection. My relationship with him is magical. We are both water signs. Therefore, we understand each other more and we love exploring the water. We had almost everything in common. We never had fights - we chose not to. He made poems for me almost everyday. He gave me a lot of surprises. He made my dreams come true. It's like every day is our first date. He kissed and embraced me like it's our last. I'm overjoyed to be with my pisces. I don't think I can live a day without him.

Scorpio and Picses Marrige
by: Miss Fishtails

I'm a Pisces and my fiancée is a Scorpio, and although he can be very brooding and seems insensitive at times (eventhough he is anything but) he is intense and understands me, and let's me live partially in my fantasy world without minding too much. It's true he can be jealous and pretty possessive, it just means that he cares. And plus, the sex is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!

True Love.
by: Jessica& Shannon Herrin

I'm a pisces and my hubby is a Scorpio we have been together for 7 long hard years. It hasn't been easy but at the end of the day its worth it I love him more than I have ever loved anyone in this world, we connect deeply on everything. We have been through a lot due to outside troubles and have stayed strong through situations that would normally break up a marriage. He is my soul mate!!

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