Pisces and Scorpio too emotional?

I have been involved with a Pisces man for two years now. In many ways he seems pretty perfect for me. Actually for the first year and a half I think I floated on air almost constantly - up until recently I thought it would never end. I thought, wow, I have never met someone who was so different from me, but the SO EXACTLY the SAME. I felt so complete. Soul mates.

After having a 3 year relationship with an Aries where I struggled to comprehend his selfish ME ME ME attitude and then a 3 year relationship with a Libra who was the COMPLETE opposite with his YOU YOU YOU attitude, this partnership was a breath of fresh air. Both other relationships were so lop-sided. It's obvious now years later why neither worked. It can't be about ME or YOU it should be about US.

This Pisces comes into my life, and it was like we were two peas in a pod, as effin corny as that sounds. Our minds were one. Instantaneously.

Both of us fell hard and fast in love.

As fabulous as this Pisces man has been, recently our Scorp/Pisces differences have been rearing their ugly heads. Even though Pisces and Scorps have so much compatible energy, here is your warning now: A relationship with that much emotion in it can turn ugly.

We are both so sensitive and emotional it makes for life always either being on an intense high of love or immense lows of hurt. For two years it was always the high. Now...I'm truthfully worried about our future, we have so many misunderstandings that leave one or the other hurting and feeling unloved, often without even being the intention at all, because we do love each other very much!

He plays passive-aggressive mind games, doesn't pay attention as he's always in la-la-land and is so emotional that it makes communicating anything impossible without upsetting him if the words I must say are something he doesn't wanna hear. I secretly call him the Drama Queen to my best friend. He has earned his name! Funny thing I realized just a few months ago. The one other Pisces I had a long-distance relationship used to refer to himself as a Drama Queen. Self-proclaimed. Must be a Pisces thing. LOL.

Anyways - On the other hand, I am nearly as sensitive as he is, being a Scorp and both of us Water signs. But I retain control of it a little better. I hurt just as bad below the surface, but I choose to not say anything until something crosses the line. Fuel for resentment. Not good. Another thing that drives him crazy about me is that men love me. I must have that "Scorpio magnetism". I would say this was a good thing and be proud, but it drives him to insanity as he is very insecure despite myself being the most loyal person I know to friend or lover. Thus his mind games start in an attempt to control me, but he would never come right out and make me do something as he is "A Good Person" like all Pisces. But he instead manipulates me by his passive-aggressive actions and words. Makes me feel badly about things I cannot control. And Scorpios cannot handle being controlled by others of feeling loss of control themselves. If anything we are the control freaks.

Wow, I think I just got a hell of a lot off my chest.

I have been so depressed.

I truly hope to save this relationship. It has some of the best qualities I have ever experienced, but when you read the Compatibility Charts, don't forget to heed the not-so-great stuff too. I have come to realize the Pisces/Scorp relationship is not all sweet nothings and endless ecstasy. We are set to start counseling in the next week or so. Both of us desperately want to fix this.

Good luck to you all! Xo

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by: Freija

This sounds exactly like my relationship with a Pisces guy.The first year or so was great I thought he was my soulmate. But by the third year I just couldn't take any more of his insecurities , moods , jealousy , whining , lies.I had to save myself so I broke up with him even if it was the hardest decision I had to make.
But I have never regretted it.

same situation except the jealousy part
by: Anonymous

I went threw the same thing with my still current boyfriend, a Pisces man, been together for 4 years now. The first 2 years were amazing! The third year was the worst. The only thing different about my situation is that im the jealous Scorpio. Im afraid my jealousy will lead him to cheat. We are currently working things out.

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