Pisces and Scorpio why dont we work!?!

by Lexie
(los angeles, CA)

I've known this Pisces man for at least a year. On and off flirting, similar interest, great kisser. Long story short everything I want I see in him. But I fear iam just a casual girl in his life. I don't how or why he doesn't take me seriously. I also see that were both very territorial (As in, I want him to come to me, and he wants me to come to him). I honestly need some insight.

Am I just wasting my time wanting him? Or could there be something there that we can't connect?

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pisces man insight
by: Anonymous

wait and see. in the meantime, enjoy life. right now you are not yet in the realm of the magical. what you had is just a glimpse.

by: Anonymous

You need to go to him. Pisces have a very deep an instinctive need to be wanted. If you don't show that you want him then he does not trust your affection. I am a Pisces woman. You have to open up to him and trust him. Be vulnerable to him. I know it is hard for a Scorpio, but that is what a pisces needs

by: Anonymous

sorry to break it to you, but just because Pisces men and Scorpio women are the best astrological love match of all the zodiac, does not mean it will always work. there are other forces involved, such as if both of you are full-fledged, or on the cusp-meaning he is not a full blown Pisces and/or you are not a full blown Scorpio. also, he may have someone else who is making him feel good to keep to them- maybe rubbing his feel real good-lol-fyi-they love that!. also, he may not be that physically attracted to you enough-which is verrryyyy important to them because they are moved by fantasy, inspiration, desire and feelings. Pisces men accept everyone as they are, but they can be shallow to an extent when it comes to their main chick-simply said, shes gotta be all that to keep him coming back. hope this helps-ps-im a Scorpio woman in a serious relationship with a Pisces man for almost 2 years.

same here
by: Anonymous

My ex boyfriend is a Pisces but although our signs are compatible ..we wasnt.. Pisces don't know how to accept NO for an answer..they are content with being alone & it seems to me the ones that are use to being alone don't know how to act when the right girl does come along..they treat her like just another chick..if its been a while since yall have been dating and he is not showing signs that he wants to take it to another level then i dont think you should..BUT i do think you should talk to him about it..if he really likes u & doesnt want u to leave him, he'll let u kno & if not, he may have never liked u from the jump..maybe it was just the sex

Responding to Lisa
by: Anonymous

Lisa, Pisces men Ifind are generally very lame. You have to initiate any form of fun to want to have and they generally will follow.


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