Pisces better players than Sagittarians

I'm a 19 year old Pisces girl, had an affair with a 38 year old Sag which is a father of four. He's married, of course, since he was 21. He said that it was not a married of love but of obligation. On the very first time we've met, we truly were attracted to each other. It's funny because there was already an instinct inside of me that he is already a married man! (Laugh) Despite of that, I still pursued the affair because I already set my heart and mind that this is just a matter of short term affair, primarily a past time.

We had sex on our third date and that was my very first. After that event, I totally convince myself that its the end for the two of us because he got me already. For me, it was really ok then, it really didn't bother me at all. The unexpected thing happened is that, he turned out to be so jealous to me, ordering things to me as if he was my boss, up to the point that he's the only man who could talk to me for the rest of my life. (Laugh) It somehow gave me a happy feelings but it really irritated me to the highest level.

I had explained to him on the very first that he had all his freedom to do all he wants, from flirting, having sex and going out with girls, etc. Why? Because I don't want him to hold me as if I'm a non- living thing that couldn't have an independent life. All of the things about sag and Pisces you said are very much true. Maybe the best thing in all of our stories is that we have learned a lesson. Now, I'm still happy with my love life... still seeing numerous of guys and taking all of them, of course, it's my privilege to whom where will be my heart belongs. In particular, I'm totally off with him but he's still chasing me. Sorry for him, I'm a much better player than him.

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