Pisces emotionally drained by Sagittarius

by Teshia

I've been dating my guy on and off again for the pass 3 years which seems to be a trend with Pisces & Sags. I'm 29 and he's 40. I feel emotionally tapped out, empty, drained. I really do love him but I seriously don't think I can give anymore. I am always upset with him and when he's not around I actually miss him. I can cut everyone else off in a heart beat except him. I've tried breaking up with him soooo many times before but he doesn't let me be. I'm starting to think that maybe he thinks I'm easy because I always allow him to come back. I've changed my number time and time again but of course he comes to my apartment. I've actually tried dating other people but he's still there. The thing that bothers me the most is that I've never met his parents or siblings but i did meet his children. I hear all the sayings of if he doesn't take you to meet the parents then its not really serious. My friends think I'm crazy and I'm starting to believe I'm crazy. I cannot believe I've actually allow someone to have such a control over me emotionally and I hate it. I honestly don't know how to handle this relationship anymore. Maybe I want more than what he is willing to give. I've read where it says Sags does not like commitment because of their free wills, maybe that's true in my case. Sometimes I think he cares but for the most part it seems like he doesn't. He is always on the go and I realize he likes his space. When I back away that's when he seems to care and shows interest but as soon as I reach out to him then I start feeling like I'm imposing on his time. I'm really starting to think that we just aren't ment to be together or it just takes way too much work emotionally.

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Saggitarius men DO drain Pisces women, too!
by: Mermaid

Omg! I totally agree. It seems that whenever Saggitarius men sense that we're "done" or wanting to get over them they persist even more. I've been with one(he's 26 and I'm 20) sexually but realized that we weren't fit for eachother. I then got into a relationship with this amazing Scorpio guy and told him we should be friends because of it. I swear, HE DID NOT CARE that I wanted to be faithful to my boyfriend. He persisted even more as if I would risk my relationship for him.

I told him the friendship idea wouldn't work and he still thinks that I should invest my time on him. I avoid and ignore his texts/calls but they still keep coming and sometimes my Facebook inbox is flooded with messages from him. Quite frankly, he now irtitates me because I think he listens to me when he hears what HE WANTS TO HEAR. We clearly don't understand eachother, which intrigued me at first but now I'm DRAINED and DONE! I FEEL LIKE WE SUCK THE LIFE OUT OF EACHOTHER.

I don't think there is a way of getting these guys out of our lives unless we act really emotional, excessively clingy, and tell them that we don't have a sexual appetite anymore(this really works btw). Lol

by: Anonymous

I don't think I could have said it any better! I'm 28, He's 41. It's been 10 years of emotional battery.

emotionally drained
by: teshia

Oh my god! 10 yrs? no no no no no no! im not gonna have
that. I dont think i will last that long.. Im so sorry to hear that. I love him but i need to love myself more..

pisces female been w sag male 5 yrs
by: Anonymous

he doesnt want anything from me but sex it seems like doesnt help w our 3 yr old or around the house he has no goals or ammbition to do anything and is completly contenet in living life as is...there is no romance or really anything there just holding on to a lost cause....he'll never change.

Pisces/ Sagitarious not a good match!
by: Drained and Confused

I have had the same experience with a Sagitarius man (I'm a Pisces). Almost four years of mind games and cycles of him loving me/ sweet and attentive - then hostility or ignoring. He may have loved me in his own sick way, but we were not a good match. I'm so much happier without him. If you separate finally and completely you will heal over time.

You have no idea...
by: Anonymous

I am a 36 year old pisces woman and was with a Sagittarius for 16 years!! It took me a year and a half just to recover. I will always love him he has a wonderful personality and a huge heart but Sagittarius men will never grow up..no matter how long you wait. Take off our rose tinted glasses pisces. Unless your willing to sacrifice your needs the rest of yor life you will never be happy or complete. Truse me, I tried...Sagittarius men are fun to be with every day but thats all they are, it's all about fun, fun, fun 24 hours a day. It will never get better, they will never grow up!! Before you know it you will be 36 and still have the same life you did the day you met.

I feel your pain!
by: Anonymous

My story is just like yours almost to a tee bc I've never been so stupid for anyone in my life for someone but he keeps coming back. He says he wants to change but now I know it's a sagittarious thing.. He dangles marriage around but stood me up twice for other things on our wedding day with in 4 years... I keep thing maybe some of my positive will rub off on him to get his mind right but instead he stops talking to me for weeks at a time.. I try to stop talking to him but it hurts me more than it hurts him! So I decided to take a stand against this cycle and try to break free! I'm sooooo glad our son isn't a sagg lol

by: Anonymous

I'm going through the exact same problem with my Sag. It's almost unreal!! I have told myself time and time again that I am going to leave him alone. Its even gotten to the point where he's physically told me no matter how hard I try I can never leave him! I hate that I fell in love with a Sagittarius!!

by: Cutlass

Reading your messages is heartbreaking. Im a Sagittarius man dating a Pisces woman and I adore her. After reading your comments I am more determined than ever to make this work with this remarkable woman. I guess im a little different because I have been single and played the field for so long that now I want something real. Im 35 and she is 40. She is by far the best woman I have ever dated and would like some advice because the last thing I want to do is to hurt her. She makes me feel like I can conquer anything& she has changed my life for the better. It was rocky to start but, then I realized that I was the problem & little by little we made changes& its working because all I truly care about is her happiness. Thanks for listening and the advice.

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