Pisces Leo gay compatibility

by Andy

Well, it was really fun and interesting to read your comments and experiences regarding the compatibility of Leo and Pisces. Although it seems to me all experiences posted here are about hetero couples of leo and Pisces, I would really like to know whether the compatibility issues are very similar regarding gay men.

I am a Leo and a "true leo" especially after reading what has been posted here. I carry most of leo's zodiac characteristics if not all though since many has also mentioned things that were slightly different in some areas, I would say I am a typical leo: a very passionate, loyal, trustworthy, strong sexual stamina, caring, understanding, generous, very hospitable while also I sure enjoy getting attention though do not care if it's there or not just that
I am very people-oriented maybe that is because I grew up in a very metropolitan european city where I socialized with limited number of friends and interacted with many different people through events and so and so forth.

Anyhow, I have been out just for 8 years with no prior hetero relation either but I am a late bloomer. I have hooked up with this guy just recently. He is a pisces and I am a leo. There's a large age gap but surprisingly he doesn't show his age by any means (in and out of bed). He is in incredible shape (muscular,
strong and manly by profession and personality so am I). As soon as we met, there was an instant attraction on both sides. I took him to a nice place for dinner in my neighborhood, got to know each other a little. Afterward, we got to my place. Initially, I thought if we liked each other, we would maybe have had a few hours of intimate moment. He spent the night at my place although he initiated he needed to leave the same evening.

I have to admit I have had great times in bed with my partners in almost every time though this was simply "unbelievable." I just can't explain it by words. I have never ever made love non-stop for 5-6hours literally. I mean "no breaks- no bathrooms, nothing" he never stopped kissing. I have never seen a guy who was so much into kissing and cuddling. I have stamina but I was simply shocked by his stamina. Boy, I just can't get it out of my mind for the last two weeks.

His endless compliments in fact made me quite a bit uncomfortable but I said "well, if it helps me to stay in bed with him, that's okay." It was amazing feeling just to look at his eyes, read his facial expressions, I have never felt like that. I could barely hold myself not to say "I am falling for you" but I could also see it in his eyes and his compliments as well. We didn't chat when we made love. Then we went to sleep, I couldn't fall asleep. I was getting weaker every passing moment next to him. I was afraid to wake him up or made him uncomfortable by moving in bed. Nevertheless, I decided to roll over him and initiated sex by just kissing him. To my surprise he opened his eyes as if we never went to sleep, we begun making love again from where we left for some time. The morning arrived shortly and quickly. We made love the first thing in the morning for a few more hours. I took him out for a quick breakfast before he left late in the morning.

I knew he had other plans with his family and he wouldn't get home till the next day and then I received a "thank you for the amazing time and I would love to be invited over again soon." I liked it that the feelings were mutual. But here's the interesting thing that perplexed me. He never phoned or message me until I sent a text message 3-4 days later just asking"hi how are you?" I expected him to talk on the phone or maybe message more often. It didn't happen. I asked him on the following weekend of our meeting sort of trying to find out how was he again. I am used to being chased by others all the time so I decided to give up on my pride a little and wanted to invite him over again but before I asked, he already mentioned he was going to be at work and the following day, I was busy so I couldn't get in touch with him. Another few days past, I heard nothing from him. By then, I decided to know about piscean guys as he was first for me but two of my best friends at so me time of my life have been piscean guys. I have learned a lot about this guy I met. Though I am more understanding towards the way he is (too quiet, not talkative, acting sort of he is not interested any longer), I wanted to give up or play his style of "game" being quiet and not going after him. That was the time I got the last unexpected message from him saying that he is going on a out of state weekend trip following with a week vacation, a very brief message and nothing more, just that he likes to stay in touch. This is not what I am used to.

I like to do things now right at this moment. I like to take action quickly and tackle the issues immediately. I expected that he would call and we would get to know each other as we have had sex and talk not much at all. I don't like to ask personal questions unless one is willing to share them. Anyhow, throughout the night, he has told me many times "hold me tightly," I am strong
and muscular so I thought I would crash his muscles :). I hold him tightly and I said "I wouldn't even if he wanted to." He smiled and used all his force to get away from me in bed. As better built than me regardless of his age as he was, I wrestled him and he couldn't move. Then, I whispered "wrestling is in my gene handsome, and I am a leo and not in my house..I ain't gonna let you overpower me!" He responded "don't let me go off," I said "I won't handsome."

It was amazing, I am overwhelmed by his brief existence. After reading so much about pisces all over the internet, I am afraid to initiate any chat. I think that he is an adult, older, wiser, better achiever in life with a long married life and grown up kid, he should feel comfortable to talk to me on the phone. I made him comfortable which he admitted and I told him he could call as well. Nothing! I realized if this is not a "headgame" or some sort, I ain't gonna play it. It's already too much drama for me. I decided not to make any other move until he made the next move. I saw him online where I met but I didn't bother; as I expected, after a long waiting (he knows by then he will get some message from me, he didn't this time). As a result, he sent a message, It's been a few hours and I didn't bother opening it because I am in a way pissed off that, he is not willing to talk on the phone. I opened that door for him. If he is shy which I doubt then at least, he should have told me "you can call me, instead." He doesn't respond to my question which indirectly reminds him that it's okay for him to call me.

I am very sorry to take this too long but I feel like I am not the leo of the jungle but just a domesticated cat before him and I have no problem with that just that I would like better communication and want to know what it is that he wants from me or how he wants to move on with whatever we have for each other. IF nothing,then I'd like him to make it clear so I can do what's right for me.

Thank you for listening, again. I can't even do proofreading so I am a little overwhelmed. So please except my apology for unclear description in the story. It will be difficult for me to go and reread things which may change my mind to post this here and any opinion of yours are greatly appreciated; especcially, the leo men who had been or are with other piscean guys.



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by: Anonymous

Hey everyone!

After a long month, we got back together. He was away on vacation and then some medical issues. We got together yesterday. I took him to a nice restaurant for a dinner (again, it was a great choice for him and I was happy). When we met, I gave a brief kiss on the lips. He smiled and said "I have been thinking on the way how I would greet you and I wasn't sure about it. I said "no worries; here, I made it easier for you and I smiled back."

We got to my place and we have not left the bed for almost 24 hours, literally. We have slept in between some hours but what an amazing time I had with him, again. We really didn't eat almost anything either. I offered him a slice of cheesecake we brought home and a cup of coffee in the bed and that was around noon. He never wanted to get out of the bed. In fact, I told him he should get up and take a shower so we could go out and eat before he leaves. He stood by the bed and not moved for sometime. I asked him "what are you waiting for?" He replied "I just can't leave you," so I walked into the shower with him. I had an INCREDIBLE time with this fish.

He made compliments but reading all the stuff here that leos love compliments, I kept it low but it was nice knowing that he was loving it, too -the time we were spending together. I made him act kinkier than before. Oh boy! At times, I thought if he was leo. He said the time he spent with me was priceless which was sweet. I really like him A LOT. I never made love to a person like that-for more than 15hours non-stop and every minute of it. I think it's because of him, he says the same thing about me. Clearly, there's some strong connection(chemistry) here. I hope so. I just can't describe my feeling about the time we spent together. Will it last like this for a long time? I wonder! I am getting whiffs of him on me.

Advice for gay leo
by: Leoman

Hi, again. (part 1)

We had our third hook up since we met, the first day of the New Year. It's been once a month thing so far as I have been busy and he wasn't around much. It seems like he keeps himself busy with his family (divorced gay man with grown up kids and a wife that he stays in touch with regularly),party events and a successful business. Anyhow, it was AWESOME, again.

I took him out to dinner as usual when we met. He was flirting with me during the dinner which I LOVED, I am also flirtious. It gave me a bon*r when he said "when we get to yourself, let's not waste any time, take my clothes off and let's hit the bed." Well, that has been the case in the past anyway. I couldn't finish my dinner, I asked the waiter to cancel one of the orders as she messed it up just because I couldn't stay another minute in the restaurant but wanted to get us home so badly.

We had an amazing night, we made love all night long, then I remember waking up very early in the morning while it was still dark, I couldn't hold myself off of him and begun giving him sensual massages while he was assleep, which he told me later on a few times how much he loved it, it blew his mind off. I have done things with him sexually as I have not done with anyone before including the ones that I cared and liked a lot. I don't regret any and I am glad I have done it. It was more important to me that he was pleased as he has never been before. I found out later that he was also compromising sexually in some ways as well. This guy takes my breathe away.

The first time I saw him last night after a month, I walked to his car, and kissed him before I told him to follow me to the restaurant. When we got there, he jumped into my car, we kissed for a while. I told him "I forgot your face and what you look like, you got to provide me a fresh picture of yourself." Actually, I said it because when I saw him the first time last night, while he followed me with his car, I thought in my mind "Darn! Is this real? Is he incredibly hot and sexy or what?" Normally, not to sound like I am full of myself, I always hear guys making such comments about me even to my face, but this piscean man who is soft, gentle soul, so romantic, sexy, amazingly great in bed simply took my breath away. I am intoxicated by his presence.

(to be continued)

Advice for gay leo part 2
by: Anonymous

Part 2_

Anyhow, in the morning, he said he needed to leave and he was already running late. Nevertheless, he stayed another hour while I prepared a quick breakfast for him, we sat on the sofa in white briefs, flirted, chatted while he had his coffee and I mostly watched him. Meanwhile, thank you to this site and all the contributors, I have got to know what might be a turn off or annoying about me as a leoman and what maybe pleasing for this piscean guy. I try to be careful and be at my best. I have learned so much from comments on this site, I constantly remind myself that "it's not all about me" as many think we leos are like...so I try to make it "it's all about him." I really would like to get a little closer to him as I really REALLY like him.

The site says a leo and pisces have an average compatibility rating of 3(I am aware of the other factors) but it also said a piscean is and would be a great match with someone like as follows,"Pisces generally benefit from a strong partner, as long as that person is caring, optimistic, uplifting and protective. They also do well with sensitive and caring partners. The ultimate romantics, Pisces make erotic lovers."

I believe I am all of the above to the point. Now that, with all your advice, I am not making this "dating-hook up" with the piscean guy a typical "all about me" thing, and I wonder how I can get closer to him even more. We still do not know much about each other as we spend the entire evening, night, and the following day with making love and sex. I am afraid to ask things to know more about him in case it's something that would turn him off, I let him to tell me if he feels like but I noticed, unless I ask, he doesn't really share much about his privacy. What the heck! He still doesn't know my name but my nick. The site says a leo would want to know every single minute of time you spend without him and you have to show attention and interest in him. I do get those feelings strongly, I feel I am getting agitated but I try to to calm myself down by reminding myself that it's part of my personality and I need to stop doing it. It's difficult but I am working on it. I feel so passionately about him. We had hooked up twice more in the last 3 months but I don't get calls from him on regular basis which has been the case with every guy I have been with in the past. He calls me only once between two "hook up" but I get the feeling (the way he looks at me, whisper things in bed, the way he responds in bed), he wants something more tangible with me.

to be continued)

Advice for gay leo part 3
by: Anonymous

part 3_

I would like to know how to progress about it. I am kewl if he just wants to see me for sex but I highly doubt that is the case on his part. He knows I have a friend that comes with benefits for more than 5 yrs, we are also the best of the friends (He is in an open relationship though I don't think it's the case). I just want a guy that I can go to bed at nights and wake up with in the morning and not someone that come for sex but have to leave before midnight. My buddy can't do it because he is partnered. This piscean hottie hasn't asked me what the relationship is like between me and my buddy or if he wants something more with me. Just like me, I am sure he is worried to mess up what we have, hence he avoids those subjects but he did ask during sex in the previous meeting "do you want to be my guy? Maybe you want to be my special guy?" I didn't resply with clarity as I was not sure if he meant it or if it was something he said at the heat of the moment. Even though there is an age gap that I really need to consider, he is by no means shows any incompatibility in and out of bed. He takes care of himself, his look, his pysqiue (hell he is in better shape than many guys half of his age, all the guys I met including myself). That was a big suprise to me. I never knew it until I took his clothes off the first time, and I said "woww!" He never mentioned he was built just the way I like and with a great GREAT stamina.

To make this long story not longer, I would like to hear piscean guys gay or not and even ladies tell me their experiences with leomen, and what they suggest I should do.



Some advice--but, I'm not the typical Pisces
by: PiscesMale

Just be sensitive to the Pisces' needs--especially emotional needs. Then again, my moon sign is in Aries and my ascendant sign is in Leo, which makes me incredibly manic/insane and loud, LOL. I enjoy a partner who's intense and protective. :)

I'm not a Leo---but I've dated a Pisces!
by: Libra'sAngel27

Hey there, well, I think I understand what's going on here, I never had sex with my Pisces so I can't say for sure if it was 'a heat of the moment thing' but, I know Pisces really well. ( my mother and my ex are Pisces )

Well, if you want to get to know your Pisces better, start off with less personal questions such as 'what are your hobbies and why do you like them?' And if you don't know what they are, ask what they are. Not only does this 1. Start a really good conversation where he opens up and gets more comfortable around you, 2. It shows you're really intrested in him. Seems kinda obvious right? But, you really need to show intrest in a Pisces man or they won't bother, mainly because they're shy or never sure how to approach you.

But, for now, the best thing to do is to build up an understanding of him through less personal questions like that, then ask if you can ask more personal questions ( always ask, if shows you appriciate their wish to keep some things private ) and then ask some more personal questions if he says yes.

If he says yes, don't ask too many in one go, only ask a few say, every few times you see each other, so he can adjust to the idea of you knowing more personal things.

If he says no, don't give off any negative emotion, just change the subject to something more pleasant ( that's where the less personal information you have on him comes from, it's good back-up stuff incase of an awkward moment! ) so that he doesn't get uncomfortable with you.

I hope this helps, and good luck. ;)

~Libra'sAngel27 ( I never give my real name )

by: Anonymous

I let him go... I never bothered going after him as I have never chased a guy in the past and not willing to do in the future. Have you ever seen a male lion going for hunting unless the situation is desperate?

I read so many saying you got to do this or that even before starting anything tangible. I don't see any point of wasting my energy on a guy who has issues; he is not willing to deal with it but expect me or I am being adviced to deal with his issues? Lol... I find such an idea rather very strange. If I was married to one and he happens to develop issues, that's totally different, you there to support him but nothing has happened yet expect a few great hook ups with the person, why do I need to try really hard to please him?

I never believe such things... a relationship should not take any energy out of you, rather it should energize you and one should spend his energy on having great time with the person.


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