Pisces man a true assessment

by bluewarrior
(Honolulu, Hawaii)

It's amazing how accurate astrology can be. I'm a true Pisces man and i can truly say that the descriptions here pretty much fit to a "T". For the most part, I think we are dreamers and it is true we use our intuition a lot, especially on matters of the heart and romance.

We are not aggressive and don't like playing games. Most of us would simply walk away if such is the case. But, once someone has captured our heart everyone else becomes a silhouette. We will go out of our way to satisfy the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our lifetime partner. We would defend our partner, even if the cost are our own lives.

Sorry... but, you will seldom see us involved in one night stands. To us lovemaking should have a special meaning. It is the fruition of time and emotions that unleash the sensual passions within us.

Unfortunately, the problem with most of us is that we need space to cultivate our thoughts and enlighten our spirits. If someone can give us this then we will embrace them forever.

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i live in hope
by: Joy

I hope what you say will ring true and that if i give my Pisces man time and space to cultivate and work out his feelings (for me) that there will be a positive outcome. I fell in love with my pisces man at first sight.... and i never believed in "love at first sight".... so it felt weird to have these feelings at 48 years of age. Having fallen for this man in a supermarket queue!!!!! I was shocked to find myself meeting up with him as my blind date from an internet dsting site!!!!!.... having fallen in love with him already.... i really didn't stand a chance with him!!!... i ran away when he came on to me because i was so scared how i felt.... but he ranf me the next day to see how i was and i haven't been ever able to say "no" to him since!.. i only see him a 2,3,4 times a month but he does have a demanding job and does have to spend alot of time out of the country on business... he felt i was too demanding at first but i grew to trust him and now i may think of him every hour of the day but I just wait for him to call and he always does... i tried dumping him once becasue I stupidly thought that if i suddenly took charge and "god rid of the problem" out of my life that i would somehow suddenly feel better...... in actual fact i felt a million times worse and when he let me take back what i had said and we carried on seeing each other... i just resolved to stay in this for the long haul and see where it goes becasue i love him so much.

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