Pisces man advice from Scorpio women please?

by anonymus

Any Scorpio women able to help please? I am a Pisces male currently in a long term relationship with my Sagittarius partner, (11 years). Over the last 3 to 4 years, things have definitely cooled off considerably between us as far as our relationship goes. We don't seem to be, what I would call, 'connected' anymore. The 'love' is just not there anymore.

Some three and a half years ago, my partner was diagnosed with breast cancer. She subsequently went through all the treatments, including a full mastectomy. I am very happy to say, that as of right now, she has a clean bill of health, although there is another 18 months of the 5 year remission to go. I know it has been a very difficult time for both of us. And we have gone through a lot, not to mention her personal dealings with it, mentally as well as physically. She has been incredibly strong throughout it all.

Just over 2 years ago, we had a new neighbor move in. I called in on her one day, just to say hi and to introduce myself etc. As soon as she opened the door, I knew who she was. As time went by, my partner and I started to get to know her better and so now, we are all very good friends. Socializing together regularly, through meals at our places or hers, occasional outings etc.

I have done a lot of things for her at her house, as I am a builder by trade. I guess we get to see each other just about every other day. Not romantically by the way. She is single, divorced twice, no children, the last bit the same as me. I also later found out that she was a Scorpio and I wanted to know what it was that made us get on so well together, as there was a definite..... something!

It was about 3 months ago, while we were all together one evening having a meal, that I realized that our body language was incredible!! She was copying my body language. Catching glances, looking each other up and down, the whole bit.... Flirting! I also, had 'that feeling'. The feeling that happens when your heart misses a beat etc? I was so sure of what was happening.(All of us have just turned 50 by the way). I let it go for a while, and tried to forget about it, brushing it off as wishful thinking on my part, bla bla bla. But the body language just seems to be still there, and sometimes very strong indeed.

This feeling of her checking me out and me checking her out is overwhelming. I started researching body language and flirting. I have been aware of this type of body language for many years, but never really looked into it until lately. It was incredible just what I was discovering. I have also gone on to research compatibility. To say that we click is an understatement!! And as to say whether we are compatible?.....maybe someone here can confirm or reject this scenario.

I don't want to rock the boat here, by up and leaving my current partner. Although the last few months especially, she has said some nasty things towards me after a few glasses of wine. I try to put it down to her post reaction to her treatment etc. Nor do I want to make to many obvious moves towards our neighbor. But, I just know who she is. And, I am also sure, (if the flirting body
language info is correct), that she is very attracted to me.

But I just don't know that for sure. I would love to know what she really thinks of me. I have considered just having a talk with her one day, you know, all friendly as we always do. But then to tell her how I feel about her. I am not afraid of rejection, but I don't want to spoil a very healthy, fun and flirty, friendship either. But I also know, we would make a great couple should the opportunity be presented!!

We laugh when we are all talking sometimes, as my partner would say to her, 'So what are you looking for in your man then?' She replies. 'Tall, dark and with prospects! Who am I? Tall, dark and I like to think with prospects!!

Any advice gratefully received.

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scorpio woman
by: Anonymous

i can tell you that she loves you wholeheartedly and waiting for u to tell her that u love her lol just go for it and get her

A choice to make
by: Anonymous

Look deep inside your own soul and ask yourself: are you REALLY in a relationship with your Sagittarius lady, or it's just two people sharing a living space, but the thrill is gone?
Does your soul long for that magical and mystical connection, or you are more interested in stability? Magical things make our hearts miss a beat, but with deep emotional love comes the risk of loss, pain, vulnerability. And this pain and the heights of ecstasy are two sides of the same coin - they are, in fact, not two and not one.
And a stable relationship, even one that has ceased to thrill, brings security, stability, responsible care - these aren't very exciting things, but they've built the world.
Nobody can advise you on your dilemma, only your soul has the answer you are looking for.

by: Anonymous

I'm Sure After Reading Pisces Man & Scorpio Woman Are Best Match Of Zodiac You Feel This Hahaha :)
Ok Ok Ok
Next Who ?
Cancer Woman lol

Could be hot
by: Anonymous

As as Scorpio woman who is currently attracted to a Pisces male, though deeply involved with a Cancer male, I can tell you she is interested. Scorpio women are intensely sexual, but we don't flirt with just anyone. She is not attached. She is also not afraid of stealing a moment because while she is fiercely loyal, she is not currently attached and probably feels no loyalty to your partner. Men are more interesting to her than women, so she plays along, but you are the one in the couple that intrigues her most. It's an amazingly hot compatability factor in bed, probably the best I've ever experienced. I say go for it and let her know what's in your heart.

At what cost???
by: Anonymous

The pull you feel from this Scorpio woman is one that rests in your loins. You are conflicted because you are devoted to your spouse. Moreover, with what she/you/both have gone through you don't feel it's the right thing because it will cause pain to your spouse. But even if you and this Scorpio were to connect from a physical level only, the immense pleasure you might (alright more than likely) experience would only add to your conundrum. Your spouse is not weak as you make yourself believe. Talk to her honestly and openly about your attraction to the neighbor, you might find yourself in a situation where all 3 of you get what you seek. As a Scorpio woman, I know that if we see you respecting and valuing your relationship, we will respect it as well and more so. Now if you give us a slight opportunity to be the center of attention, we will take it ruthlessly. We don't mean to hurt people, we just don't see the possible collateral damage until the act is complete. If both you and your spouse have developed a friendship with this Scorpio then the possibility of her already knowing her boundaries exists as well. If you however have ever hinted at the plausibility of you cheating on your spouse, then the boundaries she set for herself no longer exists as sees you giving her the go ahead. By the way this go ahead includes statement of feeling unfulfilled in your relationship, venting of discouraging acts, desire to be reassured, and comparing her to your spouse with her rating higher.

Look I know what she is feeling and wanting because I was that single woman. I also know you are torn but you are not the same unhappily married Pisces man who cheated on his wife. I hold these words true still "I don't want to be the reason you leave, I don't want to be catalyst that causes you to leave, I refuse to have my picture plastered on a billboard with 'home wrecker' written below. For selfish reasons I would prefer for you to stay with your wife. I know I can love you from afar and know you love me."

Best of luck to you in finding what price and cost you want to place on which ever decision you make.

Please stop
by: Anonymous

You've been married to your wife for years and she's still recovering from cancer... Are you really going to be so selfish? Please stop and think about the sort of pain you're going to cause someone else... You married her for a reason. You loved her then... Marriage is a commitment you make to someone you care about... When problems arise you need to have the maturity to face and resolve them. Not run away and leave the moment temptation appears. I know it's difficult because you feel you have met someone incredible and you're afraid of losing that connection. But true love always trusts, protects, hopes and perseveres... Love is something that occurs irrespective of astrological compatibility. It breaks all boundaries and overcomes difficulties... So don't lose hope for the relationship you have with your wife. Good luck, I hope everything works out for you. I also truly hope that you make a moral choice in the end.

Be Careful With her Heart
by: Cyann

As a scorpio woman, I am involved with a pisces man. We were friends when I was 12, and worked together at our local mall/pizza joint. He left for Hawaii, as he is an avid surfer to start over there...and I hadn't seen him since. 25 years later, and after our divorces to our exes...we bumped into each other...and have been inseparable ever since. Going on 2 years now!

My advice to you is to be CAREFUL with her heart. Scorpios are very sensitive, emotional creatures, just like pisces. And they can hurt really bad, to the point, if you go too far, you will never have a chance. If you know for sure you and your Sag partner are no longer passionate, and in love, well, then do the right thing and move on. Do it right, and be honest with the Sag. She will appreciate it, and she is probably waiting for you to do it anyway, b/c you can tell if someone is into you or not. So, after take time to yourself...and slowly get to know your future Scorpio lover. Slowly but surely is the way. Believe...Pisces and Scorpios are soulmates...no one can be a better match. We both are into being in love and give our 150%. You will not regret investing the precious time and energy, when investing in a Scorpio...b/c we love with our whole entire being= mind, body & soul.
Good Luck to you 2!

by: jasmine

as a Scorpio,she wants to have fun and she surely is into u but Scorpios r very very loyal and even if u 2 start a relationship together,she will never ever have total faith in u becuz u hooked up with her while being in a relationship..
Scorpios r very attractive,sexy,clever..they love to choose men who are hard to reach, but only becuz they love the challenge and want to prove to themselves that they can seduce any man they want.

it depends a lot on their moon,my moon is in Libra so i love flirting with all the men i find attractive,even I've flirted with married men or the ones in relationships..when i see they get so excited about me and that i can seduce all sorts of men it meake me feel super sexy.
however when i'm in a relationship i'm the most loyal girl in the world and can't even think of other men and always choose men who r extremely loyal cuz i know how they get easily seduced.

my advise is to not go any step further with her and ur current partner needs u,she has went through a tough time, just think what the world would be if people break up only becuz they feel it could be exciting with the other person...and believe me its ur d**k deciding not ur brain.. sorry for harsh words :)

We will play with u
by: Anonymous

This scorpio woman will tease where she can! We luv our sexuality n we def use it! She doesn't want to be with u long term. Just for acouple flings. Her interest in u will be gone after a couple, if not the 1st time u sleep with her! I promise this! So u can make ur decision.

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