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Hello, I was born on the Aries/Pisces Cusp (March 21st) and I was wondering if I would be compatible with a Pisces lover? From just getting along to the sexual experiences too.

Any answers or personal stories will be much appreciated, for being born on a cusp tends to be confusing for compatibility.

Without getting charts done it's hard to say for sure, but based just on your question I'd say yes you would be compatible.

Why? Because you sound like a Pisces yourself, and not an Aries! Most Aries would start the relationship and not care too much about what happens. The level of prior thought, foresight and sensitivity which leads to you asking is exactly what a Pisces enjoys. So i'd say go for it!

hey, im an Aries woman born 1st April and currently dating a Pisces man 20th February. are we compatible? I'm scared I'll get bored with him. thank you.

Well, it's not an easy relationship to make work. Why are you scared you'll get bored with him? If it's because you're starting to get bored then you've probably answered your own question :)

Im an Aries. April 11 and my boyfriends a Pisces February 24.

I love him a lot but we have too many problems should I just end the relationship?

thank you.

hey, im an Aries woman(09 April) and my partner is Pisces (25 Feb.), we have been dating for 4 years and we have our own problems but we cant live without each other.

well my boyfriends a Pisces march 17 and me a Aries April 12 we argue a lot but to me its because we are alike, we both want to have our own way. We used to argue all the time but as time proceeds we have less arguments. We've adapted to each others ways

I just wait each day out and let everything flow on its on just wait and see pretty soon he's gonna open up for you

I am a Aries woman like previous writer April 12 and dating Pisces man March 17, OMG it's like we can't go a day without each other. There is some arguing because of power struggles. We have respect for each other. I think he is the sexiest, smartest man I have ever been with. Everyday is new with this guy, and the sense of humor between the both of us is amazing. This man is very compatible with Aries woman.

Yes im an Aries born April 8 and my "boyfriend" is a Pisces born February 19 can I have a specific reading or w.e. that is for us in specific

Yes you can, they're listed under 'compatibility readings' in the astrology store section of this and other astrology sites. I've never used this site though I've heard good things about them and plan to try one myself soon with my Pisces honey.

Pisces man + Aries woman = BORING!

from an Aries woman

Hello I was born on 22 Mar 1986 (4:45 pm) and my personality does not really feels like an Aries. I have a Virgo rising as well. But sometimes I feel like a pieces coz I am very sensitive & emotional. Currently dating a pieces man 16th Mar 1986 - and really now sure how to go about to go about this relationship?

Pisces and Aries is one of those combinations where your other planet placements are CRITICAL. On their own Pisces and Aries have absolutely nothing in common. That doesn't mean it will or won't work, but it does mean that the rest of your personalities are far more important than with most other relationship combos. I'll predict that most comments here will be either very good or very bad, with very few neautral ones in between. Sun signs can often give you a good idea of what to expect, but not so much on this relationship combo.

I'm an Aries 14 April and my Husband is Pisces 20 Feb..

we have been together for 15 years and can't live without each other...although have many issues!!

I am an Aries March 31 and my friend is an Pisces February 28, he is great in bed I really like him , I like the way he make me relax not only with sex but with other things like enjoying the outside . I really like him but he told me not to get emotionally involved with him . Even though he is looking for someone. I really like him!!!

I'm an Aries woman on April 10th and he's on march 10th. We are facing lots of problem recently. We already faced lots of breaking up, but we ended up in back together. I don't know why it's hard to get over him. Recently he has no time for me, and always busy with his office. He lied to me only for easy things. I hate it, takes time for me thinking why did he lie to me. And we have difficulty in meeting each other. Even though I've pretended not to care about him, I really love him.

ok, first of all, im a Aries woman (born march 24) and I had a boyfriend (born Feb.25) and he was nothing but sweet and loving to me. He was beginning to smother me and I hated it. So I broke up with him. He didn't talk to me for like 3 days, then he asked me if I still liked him and I told him yes, then he told me that his friends thought that I was very pretty. I think he wanted to tell me this but im guessing he was too shy. I really don't know if it was a coincidence, but for summer school, I had in for a class, but I really didn't talk to him. After I broke up with him he became annoying and I cussed him out one time and he did too and im guessing he felt bad, but I didn't at the time.

then after one year, I finally realized that I have very strong feelings for him and I dreamed about him before, I wonder if he really did like me and I want to get back with him, but im afraid he might not like me like he used to...

what should I do?

Do you guys think he still likes me?

ive seen him around and he just stares at me, but walks away

and by the way im like 2 yrs older than him, is that like bad???

I'm an Aries (April 5th) and my man is a pices, (March 6th) and we fought like crazy when we first met, he fell in love with me from the start he said and it scared me. But I kept seeing him and now after knowing each other I've come to find he's the one for me because he loves me for who I am not who he wants me to be....the most awesome lover too!

Hi I'm an Aries woman Birthday April 4th and I keep meeting Pisces men What's up with that?

I'm an Aries Women (April 11th) and this guy I like is a Pisces Man (February 22). I hardly know this guy but I seem to be very attractive to him I can't get him off my mind. I'm not one to have a guy on my mind like this , but wit with him its different I've never liked a Pisces ca that be the reason why ?

I'm an Aries woman(apr9) and I'm totally crazy for this Pisces guy(feb20) he's. Sooo sweet and dreamy. We've known each other for like 6 yrs,we've never slept together or even kissed! But the few times I've touched him has been crazy...I know I hurt him accidentally a lot but dammit I'm an Aries! We're both in our early thirties and if this ever gonna happen this is the time...I know he wants me and I know that he knows that I want him as a matter of fact, everyone we work with knows we want each other but I think we make each other nervous, can someone please advise me on how to get my sensitive fish without scaring him off!!

I'm an Aries Female and my Childs father is a Pisces, when we first met over 13yrs ago we were so in love, and I believe we are to this day...Although we are not together anymore when we were I hurt him and he has never been the same anymore, sometimes he treats me like Im his everything, but other times he just mistreats me, because he'll never get over what I've done...I wish he would because I really do and will always love him....

I am a Aries born April 9 and currently with a Pisces guy born march 1 and we get alone well in bed omggggggggggg!!!!! but far as us hang out he's a crybaby and he calls me mean cuz I don't care for all that it gets on my nerves so bad but at the end of the day we been together for 6yrs and share a 4yr old son soooooo by that been said im stuck with two crybabies.lol

I am a Pisces (Leo Ascendant) woman, married to an Aries (Virgo Ascendant) man. It has been 15 years of pure bliss. The sex life might be little stale (whose isn't after 15 years?) but my husband is the loveliest, sweetest, most caring, fabulous individual I have ever met. Sure, he has his moments -- you know Aries when they get upset and raging -- but they are rare and, usually, justified. He is a caring father, accomplished professionally (of course) and treats me as a lady. In fact, I tend to dominate him a little -- wonder if we fall into our Leo-Virgo roles sometimes? Anyway...I really think that while Aries woman and Pisces man may not work out that great, Aries man and Pisces woman tend to work out smashingly. We, mermaids, have a way of being every woman all at once and fitting right in with out beloved's vision of femininity!

my sun sing is pieces, moon is Leo and Gemini as rising sings and im a guy looking for a girl. can any one discribe me & with whom I will be the best partner and satisfy her very well. please clear my confusion.....

I am an Aries woman and my husband is a Pisces. We have been married for a year now and when we first got together, things were a little hectic, but since then, things have calmed down between us. We have been together for 4 years-never broken up. We just needed time to understand each other more. I love my husband to death! He is the sweetest and honest man I have ever met!! He is my childhood dream come true. I, myself, have a very bad temper when it's set off and I try my best not to get angry with him, but sometimes it can't be helped..When we argue I always feel very bad..I hate being wrong and especially hurting the ones I care about. I'm sensitive just as he is. I'd say, over all though our relationship is excellent!! We hang out regularly-like every couple does and go out to eat and all. :)

Hi, I'm a Pisces man born Feb 24, my Ex girlfriend an Aries woman March 31st. My Ex and I fell in Mad insane Love with each other, unfortunately we always had our fights but because I'm such a dreamer and she's a go go getter, she gave up on me. I was devestated and annoyed her, but after 2months she is all over me, she shows a lot of compassion for me, but I'm really holding it off. I have done my research for our compatibilty, and it's very bad. I still love her but don't want to end up hurt again...any suggestions?

hey am an Aries born on april 10 and my boyfriend is a Pisces march 1 we really love each other just wanna know are we made for each other there are probs which seems to separate us but we cannot live without each other I can even sacrifice myself for him are we made for each other? help me please!

am an Aries and my boyfriend is a Pisces what I will tell you guys is that its a marvellous relationship ITS NOT BORING!!!!we both love each other so much and cannot live without each other.we had probs but still nothing can s

separate us after all two negatives make one positive!

i'm involved with an Aries woman, she seemed so perfect when we met, then she started cheating and lying. She will not admit to her faults, she will deny she said something when you absolutely know she said it! I can't trust her anymore, she is a danger to herself! Personally, I think she's bipolar! Trust to them means nothing, that's why they jump from one man to the next. They love to cheat with another married womans man, I think they feel so empowered to be in control! Remember freak Aries, every dog has his day!

I am an Aries woman born on April 10 and I started talking to my friend again who's a Pisces born on March 8. We have a lot of things in common and we end up fighting sometimes. He's a good listener and I'm a chatterbox. It's annoying that he lies about something small and I try to make him undo his lies and he would stick to his lies. It took me a year to make him open up about himself and I'm very happy about that. He told me he loved me and he'd do anything for me, but I chose my bf. Now, I'm back and he tells me he likes me and he just wants to be my friend with benefits and he'll always be there for me. I feel like he's testing me and he was hurt, but he hurt me too and I'm scared of rejection like he is now...

To all you Aries women I am a Pisces Feb 23 male and yes we love to for who you are. So don't hurt us out of fear that we will leave or not love you any more. Also yes we are great together in bed so relax and we won't judge you for being yourself. I think this will help your Pisces relationships

To start off-I'm an Aries woman and my boyfriend is a Pisces male.

We've had our major arguments and even broken up on some occasions but there is always that strange attachment to him that I can never shake off. As an Aries I have to say that this particular sign is probably one of the most interesting I have ever had the pleasure of dating.

For an Aries woman wondering if their Pisces man is compatible with them; if your willing to put your stubborness aside (like I had!) then this relationship will be very worthwhile. :-)

I am am Aries woman(March 24th) in a relationship with a Pisces man(March 1st) and I have to say we have an amazing relationship! We have our small arguments like every couple but I love every day with him! Our sex life is absolutely amazing and always spontanious! Its impossible to get bored! The only conplaint I have is that when it comes to us having time to go out and do things we can never agree on where to go! I like to go out to bars and such and he absolutely doesnt, I don't know if tbat has anything to do with signs.

I am an Aries girl (born April 3) and I am simply infatuated with a Pisces boy (born March 17). We met last year, and immediately I was attracted to him, and at first he seemed to feel the same, yet most of the time I was too shy to make any big advances. Then as the year went on it flattened out. Then, being my rash Aries self I just went up to him one day and told him I liked him. It's been a year since then, and things have been so awkward between us now and we can barely look at each other. But sometimes I'll catch him looking at me, and I don't understand: if he doesn't like me fine, but if he is still attracted to me, why doesn't he do anything? Will it ever work for us? What should I do?

Hi Im a Pisces Male interested in a female Aries. I met this girl name Caroline when I was a freshman in high school and since then I thought she was cute but never really admitted that I like her. We met at the YMCA and she was in after care after school everyday I came up to the gym. Well the years passed as I went through high school and we exchanged numbers my junior year of high school and became really good friends. We'd text each other all day somedays and never talked on the phone. She was always there for me when I had my ups and downs. And shes always been cool to talk to. Well I noticed she started to get better looking and just blossomed into this gorgeous girl! Well the first time we actually hung out we got into a slight miscommunication situation. We thought that we were ignoring each other because a lot of friends were around us. Another guy was texting her and I just got jealous which I rarely do. I wasn't mad but I just got a little emotional about it. I gave her the cold shoulder about it and ignored her to hide my feelings. Well she ended up crying about it and I got beside myself "Stubborn Pisces."We finally came out with it and talked it out and made up. But since then for some reason my feelings changed completely for her. We talked everyday after that and I can't get her off my mind. I think about her when I'm going about my day and shes the last person on my mind when I go to sleep. And we started talking on the phone recently and it's been a great experience. She's so nice and sweet and the perfect girl for me. We talk about going to Hawaii and Germany together and I could see myself being with her for a long time. And we haven't even kissed yet! Were both kind of tense about the first move and I've kissed a reasonable amount of girls. Does it sound like I'm in love?

I'm an Aries born on april 9 , my boyfriend is a Pisces born on march 20th.

So, in response to you, I would say, out of personal expirience, this is his defense mechanism because you had burned him once before, he is unsure and protecting himself by running away from a relationship with you, this escapism is probably the most intolerable attitude with the Pisces I had. However, my boyfriend had changed himself...realizing what he was doing and, its been so much better sense! once they stop running from everything they are great, the best tribute of a Pisces is that, they are always willing to change.

"I am an Aries woman born on April 10 and I started talking to my friend again who's a Pisces born on March 8. We have a lot of things in common and we end up fighting sometimes. He's a good listener and I'm a chatterbox. It's annoying that he lies about something small and I try to make him undo his lies and he would stick to his lies. It took me a year to make him open up about himself and I'm very happy about that. He told me he loved me and he'd do anything for me, but I chose my bf. Now, I'm back and he tells me he likes me and he just wants to be my friend with benefits and he'll always be there for me. I feel like he's testing me and he was hurt, but he hurt me too and I'm scared of rejection like he is now..."

I am an Aries woman (3/26) and my boyfriend of over 4 years is a Pisces (3/2). The first year or so was pretty rough as we fought a lot. We have reached the most amazing place in our relationship now. He knows my weaknesses and he is always there to cheer me up. I am always there to pick him up. We are absolutely perfect for each other and cannot live without each other. We almost broke up a few times, but neither one of us could walk away and I'm so glad we didn't. We don't have sex as often now, but when we do it is always mind blowing. I think with work Aries and Pisces are a perfect match.

A Pisces male will often be drawn to the Aries female because of her energy and forthrightness. Believe it or not, the Pisces male does not want to change her. And though the Aries female has strong masculine forces running through her, she is actually often more vulnerable in a lot of situations and it's the Pisces male that often protects and shields her.

The Pisces male is easily led but don't think for a moment that he is not masculine or strong. An Aries female may think he's not masculine enough for her, especially in the bedroom. However, the Pisces male has a natural intuitive ability to meet his lover's needs. If you ever have gone to bed with a Pisces, you know what I mean. I'm not surprised to see the comments of how great bedroom play is between an Aries and a Pisces here on this forum because it is.

This natural intuitive ability that all Pisces people share often come at a great price to them, meaning that they need to get away and re-energize. They need to get away because they need to recuperate from all the data overload that they absorb; there's a reason for why they are seen as so sensitive because they do pick up on things in any social interaction, be it at a party or in the bedroom. Often this need to go away confuses their lovers because lovers feel like they're being left behind. And for an Aries woman, it's very hard for her to understand this alone time that her Pisces lover needs. So, my advice to Aries women out there, give your Fish prince some alone time because he really needs it. You do this for him and you will reap the benefits when he's been re-energized.

Another thing, a Pisces male often will not move fast enough for an Aries woman, meaning that if you're waiting for your Pisces interest to make a move, don't hold your breath. Often, it's better if you make the first move. Remember, he's easily led. So, lead him, but don't think he's following you blindly. And don't for a moment think he's weak-willed or easily manipulated. Ever. Just because he's following doesn't mean he's a lemming. And with an Aries woman, a Pisces male will generally allow her to take the lead. See, he never wants to change her, but wants to complement her and protect her.

This Aries - Pisces association is good because the Pisces teaches the Aries how to be diplomatic, smooths out the hard Aries edges and bluntness. So if you're an Aries, you're a better and more diplomatic Aries with such a person in your life.

I am an Aries (March 28th) in love with a Pisces (Feb 27th).. I find myself checking my temper with him (more my pride). I feel it, I say it, I get over it but I have found that he holds on to it... I guess that is what they mean about Pisces internalizing everything, he withdraws for days... you have to learn to adapt (not change me but change the manner in which I communicate) I truly believe he is my soulmate, he is the most handsome man I have ever met! I love him with all my heart x

I am an Aries women(March31st) in love with a Piscies man (March 15) Our communication in the beginning was incredible. He pursued me so fervently. I find him mysterious, intriguing, secretive and he absolutely intoxicates me!When I became interested in him, he disappeared. We had no arguements or misunderstanding! He would pop in and out, He now totally ignores me. I am so confused. Everything I have read shows this match to be doomed from the beginning! He has confused me and broken my heart! I thought the Aries was suppose to be the insensitive one!!! Not so! I am very loving, affectionate and I adore this man! Where did he go?

Ok here is my situation, I am a Pisces/Aries cusp girl(March 20) and my man is an Aquarius/Pisces (Feb 19th) we immediately conected mentally and spiritually. We laugh and have deep conversations about things that matter to us ie social justice etc...wasnt really looking for a deep relationship at this time in my life but right now cannot go without him. Started out as a flirting game but got real intense and deep and very real quickly, cannot keep our hands off of each other. Major chemistry! My only concern is that we are both dreamers, and can one really live on love alone?? Do we have enough grounding between the two of us to live in reality??

I'm an Arian female (born March 27th) and I'm dating a Pisces man (born febaury 28th). We have aren't year gap between our ages and have been talking and then dating since mid March. We broke up once for a short while then got back together and feel as if our love has multiplied by seeing how niches we longed for each other while we were apart. He and I speak every day (at the very least in text) but lately he's been getting more and more distracted as well as frustrated. As the younger in the relationship, I lack experience in such matters and I'm scared that I'm the one causing these things. I talked to him about it and he said that the whole issue was based on his stress over moving to a new state and had nothing to do with me. I sometimes feel like I push him too much or stress him though by being rather emotionally needy and he always apologizes for not giving me what I need then I feel as if I make him apologize too much and that will eventually make him resent me. Do you beleve that astrologically speaking we are compatible. In my heart, I know I love him to death and will do anything for him, but I'm scared that I'd push him too far or hurt him and he would leave.... Any thoughts or advice is welcome :x

I am a 29 year old April 19th Aries woman who has been dating a 38 year old march 2nd Pisces man on and off for the past 9 years, he is bossy and controling and he hates my independence, funny enough back in Feb. 14th On valentines day I met a 25 year old march 1st Pisces man who sweept me off my feet in the beginning but he ended up pushing me away after a tragedy in his life I ended up going back to the older guy but now my young sex Goddess wants me back and I still want him what do I do now? Do I stay where i'm comfortable or take a risk again with the younger guy? They both have good qualities but I more sexually attracted to the newer guy who rocks my world in the bedroom! Any advice?

hi i'm a Pisces man 18 years old. in love with Aries woman 22-24, actually I don't know if our relationship will work :) help with this guys

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