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I'm a Cancer woman who is dating a Pisces man and for me there is no better compatibility. He totally understands me deeply sensitive, emotional nature and I truly love his sensual, gentleness and strength; he can be brash and tough when dealing with the day to day grind, but when we're together, we are at total peace and calm

We are definitely each other's safe place, we both cherish being protective of the other and there is just this profound deep emotional connection that we share. I truly love that we can be on the same page regardless of when we're together or even when we need space or alone time. Our mutual interest just enhances our connection and when we have had differences, they are so minimal and it's very easy for us to get past any conflict. I would say that for me, this Pisces man is truly my soulmate!!

hey guys im a Pisces male, 20 years of age. I just got out of a relationship a few weeks ago. ive been interested in a Cancer woman that I work with. she is 3 years older than me and I am very interested in her. I know it seems like its too soon to be interested in someone else so quickly but she is a great person who I cant take my eyes off and when im around her my words are all in a mix. what should I do? cuz im confused on how to approach the situation

Since the fish (Pisces woman) is so 'slippery'. How does one know if they like you? Things they say and do seem so very contradictory. How in the name of Christ do you know if they don't like you? Somebody please help! And are they even faithful? As far as I know, Pisces men are bloody cheats. Pretenders trying to be angels. Perverts/opportunists who want to live for the moment and get the 'best' out of it! My Piscean male friend 'cared' for his 'soulmate' and next thing you know he was sleeping with someone else because he needed a 'change'. He told me I would never understand. A re fish women any different? I heard they cheat in the name of strengthening their 'original' relationship. Some rubbish! I've also heard they liked being pitied. Martyr complex or something like that. So should I even consider this fish woman whom I met recently?

Will appreciate any help


Well I truly love a Pisces man and I am a Cancer woman. He is something out of this world. I love him so much. But the things is I have not told him this. We share on so many levels, spiritual and intellectual. We cover so many basis and these conversations last for ours. We talk every day. All I can say I am in love. But I wonder if he is??? That has me baffled, he can be so elusive. I went to his house last night and there was a dozen of roses on his coffee table, that was a beautiful sight. As many times as I have been to his house that shocked me. I just wonder about him.

cancemini messed around with an aquripisces and I regretted it...he was just so confused I couldn't stand it

I am with a Pisces man and I am a Cancer woman how do I start a conversation with him because I feel that I am boring him and I suppose that's why he's cheating

I am a Cancer woman whose dating a Pisces man. I'm very into astrology and for the longest time I was so into my Pisces man that I kept looking up Pisces-Cancer compatibility and what not... after much experience and research I must say that all the emotional and connection on a higher level talk in VERY true.. For you Cancers... give the Pisces guy time, he's not like you and he will NOT lay his emotions out on the table for you. It takes time for him to open up (It took my Pisces about 8 months to admit he really liked me). I knew he liked me, but it was not something that we discussed.. with the P&C (Pisces and cancer) relationship you really need to trust your intuition because actions really do speak louder than words. If your patient, wait, give each other space and give each other time to realize how much you actually do care for each other... then you'll honestly form a match made in love.

MY boyfriend is a Pisces he called me hot and vibrant the most beautiful girl he ever saw. Bought me a gold watch booked us a restaurant On valentines date, but didn't call me back as he promised on Thursday ;( when I asked him why he didn't answer ? sometimes he just doesn't keeps his promises and keeps secrets which make me feel not serious or like he lost interest.

I'm a Pisces man and had a some good talks with this Cancerian woman. She invited me to her place and the first time we simply talked the second we kissed and did this kinda romantic sensual stuff, no sex. A week later when she comes home from vacation she tells me that she still thinks of her EX-boyfriend which is an Aries I might add. Ugh!!!

Anyway I'm confused ever since and although I thought she really liked me I think she was simply playing with me. And like the person above said, they don't like confused Pisceans after some play time.

It really hurt and we have stopped talking, so I just wait and see, because truly she felt like the real deal. Before her I have never fallen in love.

Every partner in my life I was in a relationship with was a Pisces man. Even after it has ended I feel like I loved him still love him and will love him forever. The experience is impossible to remove I feel him all the time.

Pisces men do you think Scorpio or Cancer match better? Why what do you see in each sign?

Pisces man here and I've dated both. I find Cancer ladies to be much more compassionate and caring. Scorpio women on the other hand tend to be too domineering and manipulative for my taste. They basically want to own you, but not in a good way. Cancer women get my vote. Though I will say that the two are the sexiest of all the signs so it's about tied in that one area.

soulmate relationship connection. very fulfilling, intense and romantic! gets deeper and more in love with time!

My partner is a fish man and he is my number 1 job. We are capable of loving each other as much as possible I sense it will be longer then forever it could pass to another next life.

I am currently in the works of trying to figure out of a Pisces boy likes me or not. I am a Cancer girl, and I have been researching our compatibility. I believe in it, but at the same time I do not believe enough to throw my emotions out there and just tell him I have feelings for him, when I am uncertain if he feels the same way.

im a Cancer woman and "my" Pisces man hurts me so bad I don't know if he knows it. I stopped talking to him cold turkey but he's all I think about and its 3 months later and im still not over it. ive never even met him face to face!!! he was in the navy and a friend introduced me online we chatted and called and "fell hard" and made plans for me to visit him. then he just stopped talking to me and started talking to some other girl. I found out and didn't say anything and he still was pretending that it was just me and him. so I cut it cause my hearts to sensitive to deal with these games......but he's still "there" and I haven't been able to date anyone since. im just sad all the time. what can I do?

My companion is a Pisces male he called us dating an ideal relationship.

I date a Pisces man 4 13 years im a Cancer women. he was my soulmate when he left me it took years to move on. im finally getting my life back together. I will never meet anyone like him, never.

hey ive been going out with a Gemini for about 7 years on and off , this time around its clearly done cuz we cant continue hurting each other the way we did , but I think about her all the time and loved her more then any thing I know but she hurts me with the attitude and things she says , any ways im on the look out for a Cancer or Scorpio , ive been hearing so many good things and wish I found her already I just cant wait to find that number 1 cuz Gemini was the worse I just cant believe it went so long

I'm a Cancer woman dating a Pisces man, and although we just started our relationship, there's an element of ease within our relationship. As much as I know cancers are also compatible with other water signs (cancer & Scorpio), I must say that the sexual chemistry as well as the intuitive connection between Cancer and Pisces is totally explosive, a once in a lifetime experience!... It's as though we can read each other's minds. It's a totally different experience and I think every Cancer should date a Pisces at least once in their life. Thumbs up

In love with and suffering from a Pisces man, he is all I think about all day long. his rejection that confuses me lowered myself esteem, made me depressed, lost interest in so many beautiful things and opportunities. I'm now scared to start any kind of relationship for I gave him my heart, he stepped on it in a harsh way. I loved him, he said for him it was just a game.

I don't seem to let go of him, or the thought of being rejected by him either. I'm a Cancer woman, that is extremely sensitive, his harsh words were like poisoned flesh that made me deeply sad.

from the outside I give the image of a strong independent woman who is smart and knows what she wants, but from the inside I'm like a broken glass, weak, lost, and still in love with him.

No he didn't cheat on me, but he simply never loved me, he said he liked me , but he is still seeking for his love, and he added that we were never compatible to start with, which is totally untrue.

I am a Cancer woman very much in love with a Pisces male. He is the sweetest most loyal man I've ever encountered, but it took much patience to get to the good stuff. So ladies.....wondering if he likes you, he's a cautious soul and he wouldn't be around if he didn't. You'll know quickly if he doesn't. As for anyone needing advise on a Pisces man taking so long to open up or warm up to sex, all I can say is he cares a lot if he's trying. It may take several times to be somewhat intimate to have all out wonderful sex. Give him that time please and you will be rewarded for sure. He needs to trust and be totally comfortable because he's nervous as all get out. But when he really loves you and everything settles, then happiness comes.

I am a Cancer woman....currently interested in a Pisces man. He makes me feel sooo comfortable. We're only just getting to know each other, so it's way too early to talk about LOVE. But he's amazing so far....If your a Cancer looking for a Pisces...or vice versa...I say GO FOR IT!

I am a Cancer lady and I was with a Pisces man for a year. Him and I still can't seem to get over each other (random phone calls and dates) but I had to cut it off after a year because of how strongly I felt about him; he just didn't seem to feel the same. Now that I look at the situation, I think a Cancer- Pisces relationship could be AMAZING if the Cancer woman can understand not to be so sensitive to the Pisces's appearance of nonchalance. It may take some time for him to pour out his heart like you. I think I'm going to try and re-kindle that flame.

I'm a 25yr. Pisces II , I've admired a Cancer II women since Middle School. Life always kept us apart (ie: friends, politics, school and family. She's the girl I never approached. its been 10yrs, still every time when I see her my reality falls apart. She has the power to stop me on my tracks with one look and a voice so divine it carries is out like a catholic chant. All these years and I still have not approached her intimately. As A Pisces I fear my imagination/fantasy are search for completion. What if I liked this girl all these year, she being the cause of 80% of my fail relationships and she is meek and dreary. I know her she knows me but she has never known my crush.

I live in P-au-P, Haiti and the social group we belong to is small so we ALL KNOW each-other.

Romantic or Pathetic?

*my parents divorced and I never want the women of my dreams and/or kids to go through such chaos.


I am a Pisces man, and my ex girlfriend is a Cancer.

I still love her, but since she got married on the rebound to a total creep, I now have to stop loving her.

What a mess this is, since our connection was very spiritual and very deep.


A Pisces man once showed interest in me so I thought he likes me. When I asked him about his true intentions, he told me very frankly that he does not want to fall in love yet because of a previous break up. He just wants to have sex with me which is contrary to what is mentioned in Pisces personality trait. If a Pisces man cannot sleep with someone he doesn't love, then why did he ask me to go to bed with him. Was he hiding his true feelings for me or he just want to do it out of curiosity?

I am a Cancer woman dating a Pisces man (Sun, Venus and Mercury placements in Pisces, not just sun sign). He is the most romantic man I've ever dated. He writes beautiful love letters and gives me little gifts. When he looks at me he visibly melts. From this, I might say Pisces are especially taken with visual aesthetics, femininity, and grace... but emotional depth well... something Cancers usually have a generous helping of. And when Pisces are "taken" they fly miles high in the sky and soar in ecstasy. I've never had such an ardent lover... but I don't know how long this could possibly keep up! In any case, I feel emotionally (and sexually, hehe) satisfied like never before by this relationship and it's drawing out my (typical Cancerian) hidden facets, giving me the desire to support him and feel that ecstasy, however long this lasts.

I am a Cancer woman and I just started dating a Pisces man I love it but sometimes me being the clingy Cancerian that I am makes me feel like im pushing him away Cancer lady if you really adore this Pisces man give him space and let time take its course

Im a 18 year old Cancer woman dating a 19 year old man. we are distant at the time, but I will be visiting him for the summer. I will be out there for 2-3weeks. We used to talk on the phone like everyday, but now it's like we only talk every three days or so. Sometimes I have friends telling me that "this person likes me, or that boy want to holla at you." I jus be telling' them (my friends) that I already go with someone and got a boyfriend who I love and plan on being committed to for a VERY LONG TIME. I have felt that he might be CHEATING on me with one of his Ex-Girlfriends...I don't want to listen to everyone else and what they think, because I don't have a relationship with everyone else like I do with him. Regardless I told him if I ever caught him cheating on me with another female I probably would give him a couple of chances and try to work our situations out, because that's how much I love him. We've been going together for 5 almost 6 months now (July 4th, 2010). I will do anything for him too. This has been the longest relationship I ever been in! :)(: I want it to last forever! Another thing is how can I make our relationship more open, because I was told from previous relationships that I never like to show my emotions and I always build up a wall to cover everything up!

I had one date with a Pisces man. I am a Cancer women. The connection was so deep and intense, and I felt so at ease with him.

I sense that he's much more in tune with me intellectually and emotionally then any other person I've dated before.

I have been with a Pisces man for 8 months. We met it was an instant attraction, I love him very much and as a Cancer female its easier for me to show my feelings so its hard sometimes when he doesn't open up. Everyone says to be patient with them & give him his space; so that's what Ive been doing. Pisces men respond well to space, they like the attention that Cancer woman brings. We are the best of friends, we can talk about anything & stay on the phone for hours and hours. I am completely in love with him. But he does become distant which can make a Cancer woman insecure since were so emotional. I do think that they are simply worth the time that we Cancer women put into the relationship. He understands me, if something's wrong he can hear it in my voice, he hides his feelings, but his eyes reveal them, sexual he reveals his feelings. I think Pisces man wants to know that the Cancer woman is really here for the long haul, before he reveals how much he really loves you. They hurt as deep as we hurt & since Pisces man has the tendency to choose the wrong woman at times, he has been hurt too many times before, which is why it is hard for him to open up...

im a Pisces male. my first serious relationship was with a Gemini for 1yr and 11months and that didn't work I was cheated on...three times, so we broke up. so know im trying to talk to a girl (cancer) that I met like the next week over. she barely noticed me and I wrote her a luv letter and she never replied. how do Pisces males show cancers they want to be there for them?.


talk to her, introduce yourself get to know each other, maybe she didn't get your letter or doesn't know you. We adore romance intuition and depth of sensuality be absorbing and compassionate:) Good luck and show you r serious in her.

Pisces finds Cancer intense direct and persistent if they think we are hard on them Scorpio is harder.

Im a Pisces male 21 years old...my now ex girlfriend dumped me because of some dumb ploy a friend and I thought of after the initial breakup. While in my mind I wasn't sure why she had broken up with me I thought maybe another guy was involved...anyway my mind screwed me bad because later that night she came to apologize and beg me to take her back. I felt like such an idiot...the next morning I told her the truth while again stupidly shading myself...and the breakup officially began. She went back to her old boyfriend and they are not officially together, all the while she calls me everyday...after about a month and a half after the breakup she asks me to go out with her to a bar...she couldn't help herself and for those few hours she was mine...she loved kissed and adored me as much as I knew she did and I did towards her. I have seen her briefly the past few days and I want to win her back. She has the same feelings otherwise she wouldn't go through this much trouble right. ..the guy she is with is very jealous and knows im trying to get back in. I leave her presents love notes, love cd's....and he gets angry with her...I asked her if she wants me to stop and she refuses to answer...I know she is confused and so am I, I want everything to work out with her because she is amazing, Cancer women love hard, and the fish has a hook so far down that it cant be pulled out...any advise of what I should do...? I don't want to be too aggressive as to drive her off, but I want her to realize that she wants to be with me also...so im scared to back away...for fear that she forgets what we share...that interconnectedness

I'm 21 as well, the problem that happened happened outside of you not within of you. she wants you back go after her prove how much you love her. you'll be fine and she will be swept of her feet. there are different dates and decades which works.

I met a Pisces Male 6 months ago. He has been the man that I have soooo long for but I really don't know if he is into me

im a Cancer woman I was in a relationship with a Pisces man for a little over a year. we met twice, the first time when I was 16 he gave me a ride home asked for my number and I never got a call from him again... A year later we met again but this time I was pregnant (by a Gemini) and I decided to get HIS number instead.

we talked over the phone for a while I told him my age and he decided that he still wanted to talk to me. days went by and we talked for hours. it felt like I had really found someone I wanted to be with.. but I wasn't single. my Gemini and I eventually went our separate ways him to jail and I to my new found Pisces love. Him (Pisces) although older than me had no kids but he loved children and always wanted one of his own, while I was pregnant we spent so much time together he would lay his head on my stomach and talk to my daughter. Everything was so wonderful.....

Our problems came up when I would start to call him and he wouldn't answer or claim he didn't get my call. I didn't get upset the first few times but soon it began to be every other time I called him. soon it was times I wasn't able to see him for a week. he would be out of town with his friends or his favorite excuse would be because of my age. my family didn't know how old he was} so the depression and loneliness started to creep in. I started to think that he was cheating but Me being a Cancer I Never asked him because I didn't want to know and be hurt, but I did believe in an eye for an eye cheated on him after five months of being together.

eventually he started being around me more once I had my daughter and graduated, soon I would be turning 18 and then we could spend more time together. we went back to how it was before, again we were inseparable. I never cheated on him again, but once again things went from good to bad to worse.

my Pisces man had started growing suspicious of me cheating when I had found myself a job he started going through my phone checking txt messages and call logs.. he even checked my voice-mail to see who had been leaving me messages!!!! {but that I didn't find out until the end } I felt like every move I made was the wrong move. if I went to go take a shower he would ask if I was washing up from having sex with someone else, if my boss called my phone he would ask if I was sleeping with him. I had started to feel like I was walking on eggshells. every conversation we had turned into an argument over who I was sleeping with; when I wasn't cheating on him with anyone. I wanted to break up with him so many times but my heart wouldn't let me I really wanted to be with him but the arguing had begun to take a toll on me...

we were arguing one day about a guy trying to talk to me while I was coming from the gas station. I was talking to my Pisces man on the phone when the guy tried to talk to me I told the stranger I wasn't interested and kept on my way but the guy was persistent and kept on trying. my Pisces hears the guy in the background and starts going crazy questioning me as to who he was and why did I even say anything to him, I had finally come to my breaking point and broke up with him.

Im a true Cancer at heart and I will NEVER be over him because I loved him so much but I couldn't take the crazy possessiveness of the Pisces man. {and I came to find out he cheated on me more than once}

I'm a Cancer lady and I fancy a Pisces man. He's the sweetest person I've ever met, but I don't know how to approach him. He's really shy around me and seems to be a bit of a loner. I have a feeling he likes me too, but I doubt that he'd approach me first. What do I do? How do I make my move :D?

I am a Pisces female...and I have fallen deeply in love with my Cancer female friend. Im bi, but she's straight, however she does know I like her and she wants to spend a lot of time with me. What does this mean? Is there a chance for our souls to be together one day? I literally love her as if she IS the one. Help!!

I am a now 25 yo Cancer Woman and was involved with a then 28 yo Pisces man and he was the BEST; at everything! I don't think I smiled so much ever in life! Its funny because we were friends for years before we even stepped to each other. We were very hot for each other until about 8 months into our relationship, when he suddenly stopped returning my phones calls and would reply HOURS later to my texts or not at all. Come to find out, in May 2009, after I was with him the Wed night before I left for a weekend trip, that I could not stay at his house when I returned because "someone" was there - he'd been seeing a girl he met the week of his bday (March 13); they began a relationship in June; they were broken up by October. . . . I confronted him on the situation and he had a very vague excuse as to why he lied. . . . We got back together for about two months.

I went to Jamaica in December and he completely fell off the planet, thought he died. I went to his house to drop something off to his roommate and he texted me out of the blue; the last time I saw him was January - he had been dating another girl since August and made it official in February. I confronted him about lying to me once AGAIN (b/c we were not exclusive I didn't see the reason) - another lame excuse! I was heartbroken and did not speak to him for 3 months afterwards. Needlesstosay they broke up in April, I saw him in May - he says "hit me up". I contact him days later and he agrees to hang out with me; never happened - come to find out, as soon as he broke up with the second girl in April 2010, he began seeing another girl shortly after (May). He just made it official via fb last week.

So to make an even longer story short - sex with a Pisces male is above and beyond fantastic, they are smooth talkers and are very romantic and caring and compassionate, but they completely suck at communication, if you don't ask they won't tell. They will get bored and cheat on you at one point or another. If they break up with you, they will continue on as if nothing ever happened. They are emotionally selfish. . . . A word to the wise - Karma is a bigger bish than any woman so tread softly!!

I am a Cancer woman who was with a Pisces man years ago. It was both the most wonderful and worst relationship of my life. Its ending still haunts me. He was so kind, intense, sweet, fascinating and thoughtful. I could go on and on about his good qualities. He was always there for me and made me feel like I actually mattered. No one else touched my life like he did. It was like he could see my soul. We were connected on the deepest possible level. We had a long-distance relationship for quite awhile. We both lived for the calls, letters and visits. Eventually we moved in together, and it was so amazing. I couldn't have imagined a more perfect existence. Then we had arguments, and he seemed so dissatisfied with me. Suddenly it seemed like I was completely flawed and hopeless in his opinion. One day I came home from work to have him tell me a girl "friend" from work had stopped by. Soon after, he taped a poem to the wall with a love note at the bottom from the same girl. Again, she was supposedly just a friend. I was hurt beyond my wildest dreams (and naturally insulted as well that he thought I would really believe that. I was young and naive, but I am a smart person!) Finally, he moved out. We stayed in contact for awhile, but it was very painful, for my part. I spent every night after work literally crying myself to sleep. Then I tried dating someone else to try to stop the hurt (and allowed it to be this Scorpio guy who I knew immediately was bad news) and it was horrible on many levels. If I hadn't done that, maybe he would have come back. But he was with someone, so why should I have been the one to sit at home while he did whatever he wanted? And why didn't he just break up with me if he wasn't happy? I don't understand cheating. I shouldn't feel guilty because he's the one who cheated. I also kept trying to change in the ways he said I needed to. Well, I got over him eventually, but I still miss him on a very deep level that I won't usually admit even to myself. He was my best friend and the only person I've ever been that close to. Even now I just always feel like a part of me is missing!

I am a Cancer Woman and I have been liking this Pisces Man ever since I laid eyes on him when I was in sixth grade. He's two years older than I am. I'm 22 as of now. We have never dated, but every time I see him when he comes back to town, I get this feeling inside of me that I cant explain. I have visited him and when he comes to town, he'll visit me and stay over. Since we have got back in touch as of 09' he have two kids now. but I still like him very strongly. He's the only guy that I have liked for so many years. should I text him and tell him how I feel even though I know it's too late for us to have a chance? or just leave it alone? Because I think about him all day, everyday...

True love - most amazing soul in the young man's body, excellent listener! My first love and my husband.

I am Cancer woman and met a Pisces man online a few days ago. Being into astrology and compatibilities with the zodiac signs I thought I'd have an online chat with him, it went okay but my intuition is kicking in hard (having doubts is the issue).....As I am well in control of my emotions and even more with my heart, and the more I read about the Pisces man here wow.....he's asked me out on a dinner date my choice where and when ,and that was on our first chat...however its 2 days later and he has tx me to confirm arrangements are as planned and that he is looking forward to meeting me tonight....agh!!!!So I shall go with the flow and maybe let you all know the outcome.......Straight up I think we are to much alike along the lines of both being very charming and charismatic /sexually attractive/flirtacious/ philantropists and much much more in common...scares me to death....well wish me luck or him...lol

I met this Pisces guy about 3 years ago and that first day we talked for hours-from the afternoon until wee hours of the night. He told me he loved me about 3 weeks later and being the Cancer I am,, this threw me off and got me scared. He took it as an insult but continued to talk to me. A Gemini childhood friend of mines who I had my eye on before him seemed to be the best bet for me so I left the Pisces guy hanging. He got so angry. He exploded and cursed me out. I thought id never hear from him again but I did about 5 months later. I accepted his apology. We would talk everyday after school on the phone and it was the perfect relationship =) But then we had another falling out because he was talking bad about me to my boyfriend (the Gemini apparently they also know each other...small world lol) and others.

When my grandmother passed he was there to help me cope and from that April our feelings escalated until he finally told me he loved me that summer. It felt so real and special. I had no doubt it was real. Then we dated while he was away in Maryland. When he came back to Ny I could tell something was wrong. So when he said it'd be best if we broke up because he wasn't ready to be in a committed relationship, I didn't act like a brash Cancer and just understood and accepted his approach. He know he messed up and missed me terribly.

Currently, he is away at college and I miss him. what I love is that he's so sweet w| me despite his toughness with others. He gets so open with me. That short time we we're official was the best time of my life. When he's ready,, I'll be waiting. Everyone should hold on to their Cancer love if they are a Pisces and vice versa. Its so completely satisfying that its priceless. To let it go would be to deprive ones self of the bliss true love can offer.

I am a 34 year-old Cancer woman and am seeing a 48 year-old Pisces man. Though it has been only a few weeks, we have that instantly connected feeling. Words cannot describe how intuitive and sweet he is in bed. The only problem is, I was hurt very badly by another Cancer (emotional abuse) and I still can't trust completely. How do you get yourself to trust again? I could easily fall in love with this Pisces man and grow old with him. However, how do I get past my hangup of not being able to trust?

I have recently started seeing a Pisces man...a friend swapped our email addresses and after a few weeks of messaging we agreed to meet up. We have connected on so many levels, intellectually, shared interests, humour...something I have never experienced before. We talk for hours about anything and everything...We have not yet slept together but can tell that when we do it will be explosive as the passion we have shared is hard to deny...I am so glad I have read the comments on this site...we connect on every level when we are together but when we are apart he does not always reply to messages...so now instead of being the 'clingy cancer' I can back off, give him space (even though I find that hard to do) and know that all will still be fine when we do see each other again!!! (which it always is so I can just stop getting paranoid about it!!)

I am a 27 y/o Cancer female and have a very good Pisces friend who is 29. he has dated my friend for the last 5 years. they broke up 4 months ago and she moved to another city. me and him have been hanging out a lot all summer and it finally happened. I knew it would. we hooked up last weekend and I know we are perfect for each other. the thing is he's not showing me much interest now and is kind of acting weird. I am so glad I came on here and read all the comments about giving him space. he will realize how he feels for me and I have to give him his space especially because he pretty much just got out of his relationship. I can understand not wanting to get into another relationship.

the bottom line is we're terribly compatible and such great friends. I hope we didn't ruin our friendship.

I am a 27 y/o Cancer female and have a very good Pisces friend who is 29. he has dated my friend for the last 5 years. they broke up 4 months ago and she moved to another city. me and him have been hanging out a lot all summer and it finally happened. I knew it would. we hooked up last weekend and I know we are perfect for each other. the thing is he's not showing me much interest now and is kind of acting weird. I am so glad I came on here and read all the comments about giving him space. he will realize how he feels for me and I have to give him his space especially because he pretty much just got out of his relationship. I can understand not wanting to get into another relationship.

the bottom line is we're terribly compatible and such great friends. I hope we didn't ruin our friendship.

I am a pices man and I haven't in my life have ever met a Cancer female well my past relationship was unsuccessful and stuff because she never understood me although I kept trying to fix it up nothing happened it kinda hurt so im alone for good I guess just thought id leave this msg and tata take care

I'm a 37 year old Pisces male. A couple of years ago I met a Cancer woman at work. Instant attraction but I was married and she had a boyfriend so we remained friends. I am divorced now. About a year ago, she broke up with her boyfriend. Word to the wise, water and fire don't mix. Both of us were with an Aries. We went out twice. The second time I remember standing by my car and looking into each others eyes and then kissing. I felt complete at that moment in my life. The worst part about it is that I knew what would happen next. I didn't want to be a rebound for her. We went separate ways but haved talked several times since then. With her, I could sense her emotions like being connected. I think of that U2 song that we danced to(with or without you) or the Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill song we kareoked to (its your love) and I remember that night like it was yesterday.

Im a Pisces guy and for some reason with scorpios and cancers I have always immediately developed one of those close bonds of friendship which having sex would break, so its never gone any further than friendship.I am only 22 so I hope one day il meet my soul mate,I do get a fair aount of attention from women but I usually end up with the wrong ones,they always seem to be libras which is always great sex but thats it really lol

Myself a Pisces met a Cancer girl when we were both 12 years old! We were together until just after high school when things ended because we both thought that we needed to see what the world had to offer! I never loved again! 14 years later all I can ever think about is her. And would rather stay single than fake it with another woman!

Hi, I'm a Cancer college student head over heels into a Pisces guy. I've known him since high school and I've always looked up to him. He's just so very chill and a music major with an incredible voice.

I ran into him at lunch just last friday, I was hurting from a recently ended relationship and I'm still a little stuck. I bumped into him all last year and we would jump into these great conversations. Never weird awkward silences that I get with other boys, nor does he ever feel like he is in some way pointing out my weakness. [My god, how many boys like to 'tease' thinking they're being cute.] Well, I talked to him, it was the first time since the beginning of the summer, and I felt instantly better. He just pulled my mind away from all that turbulence and bad moodiness. Of course, I didn't tell him what was up, haha, he just natural cheered me up even when I was hiding it. Now, I'm starting to think of him in THAT way. Guys, I'm crushing!

The thing is, he is such a sweet guy, it feels like he might get along this way with everyone. I just don't know if this is mutual. He is just so extroverted, but we are always so excited to see one another. I don't want to ruin the friendship because of my kinky whims, but I just can't imagine any relationship being wrong with him. He's always made me feel confident and relaxed. He is so handsome, but my heart doesn't pound and he doesn't make me feel nervous. He just makes me feel happy.

I'm seeing a lot of posts from Cancer girls waiting and waiting for their Pisces. But I would love to be able to kiss him. He has such kind eyes.... I hope I bump into him again at lunch. Excuse me while float away dreaming ;]

Im seeing a Pisces male an dim a Cancer female how do I know if he really isin to me?, He is busy working like always he never have time for me atleast once or twice a week... somewhow I feel like he is busy with someone else or just his music. I amkinda lost and the other way I wanna stay cuz I love him but on the other I wanna leave :( help?

I am 18 year old Cancer and deeply in love with a 20 year old Pisces man. He likes me too, I think. We're as of now long distance, but even then..It's so comfortable for me. We didn't even have to warm up to eachother. After just the first message it was instantly like i've known him for years. I met him on an international penpal site. Since then we've been calling each other every day on skype. I eventually got him to open up his webcam which he does for NO ONE. I was really shocked and we laughed and giggled for hours. He's sweet..And a VERY good artist. He fills me with passion and love. And although he said that we can not be together untill I go to Folk High School in Norway where he lives, I still cannot imagine myself with anyone BUT him. When everyone misunderstands, mistreats and neglects me..He was there with his arms wide open. His humor is uncomparable. We have tons of little inside jokes. :) I would do anything for him. And I would hope it's vice versa . x

I dated a Pisces man many many many years ago. We connected recently through a social network and it was great at first. Ironically, he was more into me than I can remember him being except that were sexually active in our earlier years. He and I rekindled that part of our relationship a month after reconnecting but shortly after that the text messages and daily phone calls ceased. I was devastated. The fact that casual sex has never been my thing..I think I fantasized about him being the one. And the fact that after all these yrs. us being together again was a sign. Yeah it was a sign alright...sex complicates things and that cancers are dreamers. The daily calls turned into every other day and then every week and then every other week. He tells me that he loves me..and he tells me that he is mine...and I fall for it because he also tells me that we are taking things slow. I am an idiot or so I feel like one. I read all these posts and one thing I realize is the Pi sces Men are dreamers with a mission to be illusive which translates into being deceitful liars. They are known to have bad relationships because they can't communicate and using that read between the lines technique has caused more confusion than clarity. I know that I love this man..I really really love him. I think that I would have been the best thing he could have ever had; but if me thinking that does a good relationship not make. I did our natal charts and it told me to run for the hills! So that whole Cancer / Pisces match made in heaven philosophy isn't gospel. I wish I could run for them there hills, but he has my mind and feet rooted to far in the ground of wishful thinking... Pray that I get some relief from the pain of loving someone who doesn't love me. Or better who doesn't know what it does when you tell someone you love them and they want so much for that to be the truth. I now wish I had never rekindled with him.

I am a Pisces Woman- (Lesbian)--- I am definitly a tomboy and "the man" in the relationship lol. Although, I am very easily persuaded by feminine, beautiful women. I just got out of a relationship with a Gemini and my experience with Gemini women is horrible. As sad as this sounds and I hate saying it, but Gemini's lack the emotional tenderness, protection and romance that a Pisces needs. I would often go out looking for other women, but because I am very loyal and never cheats on her partner, I couldn't bring myself to find another girl. I still deeply love this one very much. My ex and her friend and I are really into astrology and they asked me one time if I ever dated another woman what Astrological sign would I go for? I said that I would go for a Cancer woman. I have never been with a Cancer woman romantically, but from what I have read it is a connection like no other. I have done a lot of research on Cancers and Pisces and it makes total sense as to wh y they have such a long-lasting relationship. Both are water signs and seem to have this Ying/Yang component. My Grandmother was a Cancer and she is the 1 woman I love, trust and admire most in this Universe. Cancer women make the best grandparents and people all around!! I love their nurturing and motherly love and protection, that they give to those close to them. Its true when they say "When a Pisces meets a Cancer the stars align". Both signs are very moody, emotional, needy, romantic, tender. Fights are minimal and don't last long. I love how Cancer women have a calming effect on people. The next woman I date I pray to God she is a Cancer!!! If it's true what the Astrological charts say about these 2 Signs, I am all for dating a Cancer woman!!! In the eyes of a Pisces "If you're a Cancer, You're a Keeper"

I'm a 25 year old Pisces man who is interested in a 29 yr old Cancer woman, But I have a major problem, she's scared of beginning a relationship with me because of how bad her ex was and it seems like I'm stuck in this never ending cycle with her, Pisces men will swim away at the drop of a hat but some how this gal has me hooked. Her giggle, her mind, her eyes, and her attitude towards life keep me but her friends and her inability to express herself in a manner that makes me believe that she actually wants me to stay are major faults that cause most of the hot and cold moments we have right now..I don't want to lose her but I may have o if she can't decide (and Btw I have told her I how I feel...didn't do much I guess)

Hello :) I'm a Cancer female and I have been with a Pisces guy 7 months. I met this Pisces guy Spring Break of this year (2010). It was honestly love at first sight. I couldn't help but think he was the most charming, sweet, funny, perfect guy. We spent a month together in person and had sex, had sleep overs, etc. He went home for the summer so we had some distance between us. We both messed around with other people (I can't blame him it was summer and being far away and all) but we talked every single night and I can honestly say I fell in love the days we talked.

He came back in August and we started officially dating. It was bumpy at first and took a while, but I have to say if you just keep trying and hold on to him, they will realize what's there. We are the perfect couple. I love taking care of him. He gets me anything I need. The way I feel at night in his arms staring into those blue eyes is absolutely indescribable. I love the way he holds me, the way our hands fit, the way he caresses my body, the way he taste, the way he smells.. Everything. He is absolutely gorgeous in my eyes. Perfect to a T.

Buttttt there is a dark side. He is very argumentative. Being a Cancer lady I always think I know best (and I usually do ;). But he loves trying to prove me wrong and that often starts arguments. DO NOT criticize them. They love being drooled over and cared for. Never "pick" on something they can't fix, it hurts them forever. Don't cheat, disrespect, or freak out on them - that for sure chases them off.

All in all this is a beautiful match.

I love my Pisces guy...

(*& ladies, I read how some of you say you can't get over your Pisces after a breakup, I can can definitely see that happening if I let mine go!)

I have a Pisces boyfriend and I'm a Cancer woman he left me for a Scorpio girl then came running back I'm a very forgiving person so I'm talking to him again but realized I'm not attracted to him anymore because he hurt me really bad. Although he seems really sorry and cries back for me. What does the future look like for me and him?

I am a Cancer woman with a Pisces rising. I recently met a Pisces man who is the same age as I am. he "rescued" me and provided his much needed help when I was faced with a dilemma. he saved the day! our meeting was very random, it came out of nowhere and blew me away, completely.

the moment I saw him, I was thinking "oh my gosh, who IS this guy?" and every minute we stood by eachother, I felt like a magnet, pulling away and trying to resist him. whenever he would come and stand next to me, I felt the need to run and move around because I felt like he was tuning into me and I didn't want him to know I thought he was hot!(maybe it's my Pisces rising, the way I want to appear, i'm not sure)

throughout the 3 hours we spent together, he spoke in the sweetest voice and had the most sincere smile. he kept saying "don't worry, we'll get this figured out". he was very positive and right on top of my thoughts and feelings before I could say anything. he made himself late to work just so he could help out!

my experience with him, was a positive one. the only negative thing, I would say, is that this random encounter has left me completely head-over-heels for him. I sent him a simple thank you card with some gift cards inside(as I would for anyone). didn't leave a phone number or anything, because I did not want to come on to him.

the reason, is because it turns out he lives on the same street and he works directly across the street from one of my jobs. yes, these coincidences freak me out all the more! I don't want to get involved and for there to be that awkwardness, with being so close geographically, you know? lol

at some point he received the card. I got in my truck one day and when I was reversing, I saw his truck pull up behind mine and he had his window rolled down. he thanked me for the card and expressed much appreciation. I thought it was cute how he was there in a flash. like he saw me leaving and just HAD to catch up to me. I didn't see it coming.

while he was thanking me, I had this "play it cool" attitude. I didn't bat my eyelashes or flirt with him. I put my wall up, for sure. i'm not sure what to do about this guy, except go on with my life for the time being. it seems that if we both like eachother, his Pisces sun and my Pisces rising will make the wait a little bit longer. because we both won't let it on right away! I am currently going through my Pluto trine Venus transit, to make our encounter even more questionable! in a good way. *SIGH*

The Cancer woman, Pisces man is a great combination. I've been married to my Pisces man for over 11 years now. It is not always perfect but we can resolve our differences in a pretty short time. He had a great sense of humor that comes out of nowhere and always keeps me laughing! He is truly my best friend. We were both married before and he "sowed his oats" after his divorce - I think this was the key to our great relationship because he got his Pisces "wondering" out of his system - I am so grateful for that! I did not think that love at this depth was possible (my 1st husband was a suspicious, insecure Scorpio). My Pisces man can be demanding at times, but I guess that brings out my Cancer nuturing side!

I'm a Cancer woman deeply in love with a Pisces man. I've been waiting for him for 5 years but I think he's finally realized what I mean to him. With Pisces men you just have to give them space, lots of space, be patient..God knows you can't hurry a Pisces....Once you connect it's the most amazing feeling in the world.. I never thought it was possible to feel this way...Cancer ladies! Trust your intuition..they might go through a "push pull" period, but if your gut is telling you he's worth the wait, you're probably right. To be loved by a Pisces is like nothing else..they're sweet, attentive, make you feel incredibly sexy...and safe, which in turn make you lose all your inhibitions!!...You can do or say anything and never feel "judged".He told me I'd never looked more wonderful..and that's after gaining a substantial amount of weight...lol..how can you not cherish someone like that???? So, if you're looking for that perfect romantic guy, a Pisces man is definitely for you.Show him that "reality" can actually be better than "fantasy"..Good luck!

I'm a Cancer woman and I have been in love with a Pisces man for the past year and a half. The only thing about us though is that, it seems as if we have been going against the tide for quite sometime now. I agree with everyone who says trust your gut if you feel that he is right for you. I do. I trust my guy because I know that he belongs in my life. If we didn't end up together, I'd be terribly shocked, because the connection is so strong. He likes to subtly express how he feels. But will adore you with kisses on your neck, compliments, and hugs that make you feel loved.

Im a Cancer Woman and im very intuned with zodiac signs and who im most compatible with, Im a true Cancer at heart im moody and emotional as hell but I say wats on my mind and stay true to myself before anything but when it comes to love im vulnurable. I dated a Aries and it was the worst relationship ever he was rude, arrogant, selfish and could care less about me which broke my heart because I when I love I love HARD and I cant help my feelings. All my life all I ever wanted was a REAL LOVE someone to be there through the good, bad, happy, or sad and when I met my Pisces we was just messing around and very cool for 2 years but the first day I met him he was so brutally honest about everything and thats so attractive to me because im brutally honest too. the only thing was he was dealing with other chicks and I was doin my own thing and we never got a chance to sit down and really get to know each other until last year 2010 Then I just fell for him harder cus I fel t like I finally met my King ive always been waiting for he loves me for me, no arguements, lies or none of that and I thank GOD I got him ! ~Jasmine~

I'm a 28 year old Cancer who is currently dating a 31yr old Pisces. In the begining (as with most relationships) it was all good! We were unbelievably connected. We would talk on the phone for hours and just had to see each other all the time. Eventually we both had to come out of our dream worlds and back to the hustle and bustle of reality. We went on an amazing mini vacay to Philly and it was wonderful-I still think about it to this day. Yet, when we came back, life threw him a major monkey wrench via his ex girlfriend and things fell apart in his world. It was like he'd become a diff person. He was increasingly cold, callus, wishy-washy and just downright rude. Over time, I just had to let it go because I didn't really feel like that kind of behavior was worth me sticking around. I later had a talk with him and realized that he was internalizing all of the external dramas of life and withdrew from the relationship because he couldn't deal--- and wasn't communic ating that! His communication skills absolutely sucks and it's because they're very withdrawn people who live in a completely different internalized world than the external we all live in. After giving him some space, he let me know exactly what's going on, the information she gave him that sent him reeling backwards in our relationship, the long standing emotions he's been holding on to... the convo was deep enough to make us both tear up. It's been about 6 months now and getting through that was pretty intense. Today, we're moving slow but forward. He's come around and feels more secure in our relationship so he's back to rational, non-erratic behavior. As a Cancer woman, I still have my guard up because he may revisit that behavior in the future at which point, I won't be as hurt yet I'll be able to walk away easier. I agree, they just need space and time. Also, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO GET UPSET. I notice that Pisces men will push you to the edge and as Cancer women, we are more of the bendable type, if you will. When your patience wears down from erratic Piscean foolishness, do not be afraid speak up--even if it means verbally hitting below the belt. I'm sorry--I don't usually advocate for this BUT sometimes Pisceans can get out of control with their words/actions not realizing whom they hurt in the process of being so self-centered and withdrawn. A "tell it like it is" fashion may hurt their feelings but it also oddly brings them back to reality. It takes me a long time to get really angry enough to explode and when he brought that out of me, I did not hesitate to stand up for myself and tell him about his ways and call him on his BS....He's been much nicer since that time. I haven't had a problem with him since then. We've been on excellent terms for quite some time since that fight. Cancers have to lead this relationship, and do it subtly. Pisceans will follow your lead, it's just how they are. Use that info wisely!

Do you people think that dating a girl that was born on July 1st (Cancer obviously) would be difficult for a Pisces guy? since most people born on July 1st, they strive for perfection and I don't know whether or not it would work for a Pisces in the long run since we tend to not be perfect or almost perfect if you will. I will say that there is a girl that I like A LOT but I don't know though I'm confused. What you people think?

I have been longing for a Cancer woman for 5 yrs. I have never told her that I like her but I suspects she knows. But I do feel like she likes me. She is awesome and we have good chemistry.

im a Pisces male and im very much into a Cancer female. We havent never dated or anything but I feel that we both enjoy being around one another. we both have never brung up this situation. so as pisces, when you feel hopelessness we run. so thats what im going to do. I feel bad for her, that im bailing on her. :(

I find it fascinating that I'm in the middle of a divorce with a Pisces man, for whom I fought, nearly to the death, to save from this doom ONCE I realized he was unfaithful. However, we were intensely in love at one time. I am now dating a Pisces man and am, again, intensely in love. Yep, I seem to fit the stereotypical Cancer woman profile and seem to be drawn to Pisces men! :-) interestingly enough, my 3 best friends are Pisces! Coincidence? I think not. The soul connection I have with Pisces is beyond words! THIS time, I'm getting it right and learning from past mistakes!

Hi all, I'm a Cancer female married to a Scorpio for 7 years now....we've gott two kids....everything was ok until I've met a Pisces man at work....I don't know what happened to me, but all I can think of is him. He knows I like him....but he also knows there could be nothin more between us as I am married. The whole thing is killing me....my relationship with Scorpio was allways good. He is caring, loyal and a perfect father. He did hurt me a couple of times before....he tends to be a bit controlling and not very understanding at all. As all cancarians I'm a lot moody which he doesn't seem to take well....But I don't find all that enought to make him a bad person....In my eyes (being a mother) the most important thing is that he loves his kids and does anything for them...yet I keep on dreaming about the Pisces man...can't get him out of my head, can't forget him. The fact that he started workin in my office doesn't help at all, as I got to know him better...we've got the same taste in music...in everything. It drives me crazy. I can feel s.thing I've never felt before...it's like a strange connection. S.times he just popps in to the office on his off day, but 5 mins before he gets there I can feel him...well, it's hard to explain. I think I'm going crazy....s.times I just hate him for showing up in my life. As I used to be happy with what I had and could not even think of another man...Now I just feel like s.thing is missing in my life :(

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