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I'm a Capricorn female.

I always fall in love with Pisces men and can't understand why. It doesn't make sense, but how I feel is often unrequited even if he loves me back!

They are always so shy to me, that we never get together, even if everybody knows that they care for me. It's ridiculous. My very first love was unrequited and he was a Pisces. Everyone knew how he felt about me, but he just wouldn't be with me. Everyone thought we'd be going out by now, talking about getting married in the near future.

But, no. It just happens that he was never able to get it right concerning me. Besides that, I am now dating a Pisces male, and he is emotionally charged. I love it, because I can express my feelings easy to him without thinking he's gonna reject me, and he even told me how he felt about me. I'm loving it.

I was in a love triangle where the Pisces man was seeing his Virgo girlfriend for the last 4 years. We had the most amazing relationship for 8 months. He made me feel as though I was the only woman on the planet and for him. a year later after separation ,I still treasure our moments and will always love him!

Pisces men are lazy irresponsible selfless lovers. They are not ambitious love to make up excuses and lives in a world that doesn't exist. However they are wonderfully thoughtful lovers and caring they are extremely sensitive loves to argue and make noise. they are good in bed and they don't believe in fighting for anything, they'll let it go. They don't express their feelings very well verbally but they make up in the lil things they do and say. they're very serious, spiritual. They have nice eyes.

They stare at anything that attracts their attention or stirs them emotional. they love sex they will use whatever weakness you have to manipulate into doing what they want u 2 do or give they're protective and romantic. If they have it you can have it too. They love to argue and hate to work

I'm a Capricorn Woman and I find that Pisces Men are drawn to me and vice versa. I believe they mean well and love deeply. But the idea of a commitment seems to intimidate them or make them uncomfortable, even if they are actually committed in action. They have to feel free. They have a hard time letting completely go of someone they love because they crave love. It takes patience to be with them especially if you're a Capricorn because you are grounded and they are fluid. But if you stand still in love the flow that is his heart will always find his way back to you.

Hey my Boyfriend is a Pisces as sunsign and a Libran as its moon sign. me a Capricorn by birth and even my moon sign is Libran. He loves me a lot and same with me. but at times he behaves really very ignorant, irresponsible and escapist. he has an idea that he can do everything as his mode of recreation and enjoyment, but when it comes to me, I can't. Just because he doesn't talk to any other girls so he wants me to do the same, jus because he doesn't like to go to disc he says is that the only way of enjoying as I enjoy dancing. its really difficult for me to handle and things even hit me hard. when he will joke at me he will say and anything and everything, which really gets onto my nerve, and if I entertain him then he doesn't stop, if I ignore him he doesn't stop, rather he gets more space to go further and if I show him the limit then he will say that I am so boring. Handling a Piscean is really difficult and he is kid at heart, a real simple guy and down to earth, but he suspects unnecessarily.

He will ask real childish questions when I talk to any guy whom he doesn't know, like is he handsome, how tall is he, or is very rich, or does he have a better physique than me, etc etc.

I am very emotional person, I cry and cry and don't talk to him for hrs, but then also he is not bothered to call me, rather he will wait for my call especially when I m angry. I don't how much patience I need to have and how I will have to tolerate when he will love and express the same way I do. he loves me no doubt, he is possessive and loves me like crazy, but neither he would express, nor he would compromise and at times brings his big fat ego in between when he should actually support me or console me.

please help what should I do? or how can I handle him?

I will always love my true love...a beautifully romantic sensitive man. I was always so in tune with each other and still are...can't find anything like it and it took a separation for me to see this! but I knew from day 1, I took him for granted...we both moved on but still love each other madly and unconditionally, so real so wholesome...all caps should marry Piscean if only they weren't so ruled by fear and doubt. I ran out of patience and faith. miss him like crazy! now marred with 3 kids can't stop wondering how it would be with him. I know for sure I'd be much happier more fulfilled...hang on to those slippery magical creatures

I'm completely head over heels for my best friend who just happens to be a Pisces. We go to the same yoga place a few times a week. When we're at yoga, we are very close and we get along very well. However, it's been 2 years, and we've only hung outside of yoga once, we see each other almost every day, and I would like to spend time with him outside of yoga.

When I get mad at him he acts like he doesn't care. He knows that my patience for him to come to me will dwindle in like a week. I initiate about 95% of our relationship. I feel like he wouldn't care if I just upped and left him, what should I do?

If you upped and left him, he'd still be standing his ground. He'd love you twice as much as before and that would cause you to come back twice as fast as you left!

Nice try, Pisces man! Enough with the psychological bullshit already! Look, there is a thing called "Free will". You can't really stop anyone from doing whatever he/she wants to. Sure, you like her. But this ain't your fantasy world is it? Lower expectations...You never know how things works out. Besides if you really like her let your love be strong and free. What must matter is that SHE IS HAPPY WITH WHOMSOEVER SHE WANTS TO BE WITH.

I have been friends with this Pisces male for four years now...and things between us are Steaming lol

He makes me blush and brings me out my shell jus by the sound of his voice. but he recently broke up with his girlfriend of two or three years. before he dated her he told her he liked me and since then we haven't been able to do the things we wanted to do as friends but now.....:) lets just say I would not be afraid if he gets me in a locked room alone with him....

okay I am a Capricorn women, and honestly before dating my boyfriend ( Pisces man) he was dating some other girl then we started talking and now me and him have been dating for about 2 months and we are happier than ever and I love him with all my heart:)

im a Pisces man and I find a Capricorn woman and every thing im reading about Capricorn and Pisces is so true cause me and her like the same things and think a like and we r falling in love and is its great but the funny thing is she a little taller then me but I don't care lol

I am a cap woman who became friends with a Pisces male. I met him through his friend that I hooked up with. I found out his friend was a liar. some kind of way we became friends then we started having sex. I told him that my feelings were getting involved and all of a sudden he says he has a girlfriend. now if I don't call him he wont call me. im really hurt because I really liked him. I need some advice pleeeeeassse!

I had a boyfriend who was a Pisces and im a Capricorn. He wasn't ready for love. He just wanted to have sex. the sex was great made me feel like I was well experienced and was nick minaj or sum shit but he strung me along like a put until another Capricorn man came along and we clicked because we both were alike and he got me pregnant we both are Capricorns and our baby is expecting to be a Capricorn and now the male Pisces which is my ex wants me back wants to be with me regrets leaving me.

I am a female Capricorn and my partner is a male Pisces. We have been together a long time and we are going to try a threesome, first with a straight male and then a bisexual female. We would like to know what sign would be most compatible with us for this one time role?

I am a Capricorn women and I'm dating a Pisces guy and so far everything am reading about Pisces guys are soo true I mean even though I love my boyfriend he makes things so hard between I mean like when am on the phone with him and I get mad at him and instead of comforting me he just say oh okay I'll call you tomorrow and he always do the stupidest things and when I get I get about it he makes it seems like am getting for no reason and its funny because every I love him soo much with all my heart I'll do anything for him and I know he feels the same and I try to look past all the dumb things he does but I think feel like he don't try hard enough to show me how much he cares like he act as if he's afraid of showing his feelings

I am a Capricorn girl and I really like this Pisces guy who is ending things with his wife who he says he is no longer in love with. I know how Pisces men like to play around sometimes but he told me that she does not give him the affection he craves ( don't they all say that.) It's hard for me cuz I know I should let go, but He is just so irresistible and we get along like nothing I have ever seen. He always seems to call me whenever I have made up my mind to stop seeing him. We met two months ago and we have not had sex yet but I know we will become the best lovers if we do. Forbidden Love with a Pisces is a roller coaster ride.

I am a Capricorn women and I am dating a Pisces man. everything I have read so far is true. Excluding the fact that he acts as if he doesn't care or doesn't hardly show his feelings for me.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for five months now going on six. The only problems I have had with him is him wanting his way but if my way is similar to his I cant have. He even expects me not to have male friends since he doesn't have female friends that are as close as mine. I will admit though that my male friends are either ex.s or want more than a friendship.

all I can say to female seeking a lasting relationship with a Pisces is don't let your independent attitude get in the way of letting your Pisces man you care. also don't always let him have his way even if he gets mad because he will continue it and soon have some sort of dictatorship over you.


I met my boyfriend on line, and have enjoyed every minute I spend talking with him, and making love with words. He is the best.. absolutely Capricorn and Pisces are a match.

My story is quite overdosed right now... I'm with a Pisces guy for 6 years, and we are really happy. I mean he adores me and supports me, and he is a fantastic lover. Its amazing how he reads me, as if I'm an open book. although being a Capricorn I usually hide my feelings from instinct t as precaution. Anyway I was very young when I met him, but instantly felt the connection and inexplicable sexual attraction. We had of course up and downs in relationship as many of us but still we are together and with the age he becomes more adorable and very caring.

Of course as being young 24 years old I often get see sights from other men , but I'm usually not very interested even flirting with them.

Still I have met last year this trainer at gym , who apparently is a Pisces guy and he was circling around me every time but never took him serious. This year I feel very attracted of him, although I don't know anything about him, and he isn't so handsome at all. Its just his charisma and the way that he looks makes me tremble at the moment. I suppose he sees that on me sometimes and he is doing it by purpose. so the thing is that he is being very rude sometimes and others is trying to get closer. but he does that I suppose with other girls too.

Still every time we met, we barely talk but I feel this strong connection and irresistible sexual attraction , and I know he feels the same too, but never happens anything.

I don't want anything, its just I cant stop thinking of him lately and this really bugs me.

Please help somebody give reasonable advice

Pisces guy ...all I know till now do gel well with me ..I have not been close 2 ny till date ..but I know one of dis guy I came across from the first day I click him feel for him practically I know our coming together is hard am 4 yrs elder but emotions makes me weak ,I ant stop felling for him . He is really caring and loving makes me feel so special I try avoid but its such a pleasant feeling. I love him don't want 2 hurt him

I am a Capricorn woman dating a Pisces man. Almost everything on here is true. I started talking to him only a little while ago and we clicked instantly (he later told me that he had had a crush on me for months). He is selfless and would do anything for anyone in need. As a Capricorn this did amaze me at first but now I'm thinking of ways to follow his example. He makes me feel amazing even though I have nothing to give. He seems to enjoy my simple presence and I enjoy his. I feel completely secure and am able to open up to him more than anyone else ever. We truly do help each other with our insecurities. Even if we break up in the end, regardless of how badly, I know that I will always love him.

I would like to add that pisces guys get off serving. In addition we don't see sex the same way other star signs see them. To us it is more of a way to serve and serving is what we are bred to do :-) I honestly think someone should pay a hefty price for hurting a pisces.

I started dating a Capricorn woman close to 5 months ago and she still will not open up to me. She is very , very cautious I already explained to her how she makes me feel , I really do love this cap woman , she is really something. I have had no compliments from her at all , sometimes I feel like she doesn't like me but she is very shy at dropping little hints that only a Pisces man such as myself could pick up on. She told me that she does not know me enough to trust me

Pisces men about Capricorn woman.

I think when you first see a Capricorn woman, you think they are really a arrogant and mean. So cold and they don't care like at all even if you are like bradd pitt. After you start to talk with them they are really sweet and give you a lot of attention. By attention I mean in flirting that they are really pushy in a confident and sweet way. it doesn't get annoying or something). They will make sure that you get the message that they like you. That's a sexy thing you know, a confident and strong woman that knows she will get you! hot.

I also find that they have a very strong sex appeal.

BUT still. They have this cold boring vibe even if they are hot inside and you know she is crazy about you. They just cannot do anything about it ,its just how they are. So for me Pisces its not enough sparkle to be for them like in a relationship. I think an amazing flirt and a good down to earth friend!

these stories about the Capricorns that has gotten their Pisces I love it, I cant wait to marry my Pisces

Hi I'm a Capricorn woman ..

I was in love with a Pisces for 2 years. He was my very first love! I met him first on the Facebook so we became soo close friends then we started lovin each other. And I really loved him from ALL my heart but I did fight with him many times because of his careless, coolness and even he always pretend that he did no wrong he is just a completely innocent!


I broke up with him and 5 months later he wants me back as a friend! but really I couldn't! I didn't call him back

I don't know y I do miss him till now!!

In my opinion, I think Pisces men are just fulfill our cap desires :)

He was my best friend. I fell in love with him, even though we're that much of different people. But it happened anyway. But then I'm to slow to notice things and he started dating someone else.

I'm a 23 year old cap who is with a 31 year old pisces, He is the best man ive ever dated, been through soo many bad apples, and gave him a chance, he is the one that proved to me that they are not all the same, he's not over romantic or too fake, he just cares, does little things that matter, for expample we went on a fishing trip him and I alone for 3 days.. he took me fishing and we caught quite a few fish , and half way through he told me you're using my fishing rod and he was using the spare less expensive one. I thought that was the sweetest thing. he told me he wanted me to have a good experience, but don't get me wrong he's a manly man, stands his ground and that is appealing to me because of my independance we mesh very well. he's good with my family and friends they all adore him. he's got the charm of an aries, but the loyalty of a virgo. he's perfect for the independant cap woman. he can make you melt, and make you feel like your the only one. and it seems like it comes so naturally to him, he does not have to try. He brings the best out of me. the sex when we do have it, is amazing because of the love I have for him and how intimate he can be, we have been seeing each other for 10 months now and dating about 4. I will want to have this mans children thats for sure.we both grew up in a family both our parents were married and together for years... and we have the same beleifs.This relationship does not require any work. just time we enjoy spending together. he has made most of my jealousy disappear. he is strong will with goals which is appealing to the somewhat serious goal oriented cap.

This zodiac match is perfect.

I met a Pisces guy on fb 3 months ago. It was an instant connection. He lives far away from me, so we would casually send each other messages and comments. Then it got to be a little more. I like that we shared the same interests and he really surprised me by how much I am starting to fall for this guy. As a Capricorn, I can be reserved and bottle my emotions. When talking to my guy, I didn't have a problem opening up to him. That to me, it's a big deal. I did get scared because it was happening fast. I've learned my lesson to take it easy. A month ago, we were talking and he asked me to call him, so I do and we finally get to talk on the phone, we were both head over heals. I loved it. That's when he said the 3 words (I love you). I told him how I felt and was in wonderland. We spoke again after but we were a little cautious, because this is a long distance friendship that grew into more than it should have. He has an issue with his gf's still be in c ontact with their ex's and I used to have that issue as well. We are not dating, he feels uncomfortable with it. I explained to him that, my feelings for him are mutual and I am a very loyal friend and stay true to my word. And I hope he can understand that, it is possible to be friends with an ex. I don't know if I am being selfish. Am I? That sort of scared him off. I don't want to lose him as a friend or yet, losing the chance of meeting him and see the possibilities. What the heck should I do? HELP!

I am Pisces man dating Cap women, I can tell you caps like to stay friends with their EXs. plus they aare over friendly with their male friends. For now I don't have problem with it since we still know each other 1 month, but I think the more intimate we become and our feelings grow I will fill in all gaps which would draw her closer to me aand further from other males. or at least to be less friendly if you know what I mean. I need to open up soon that it DOES stir some jealousy it is not forbidden but not advisable either. don't make us swim away ladies.

I am 20 year old Pisces & I just got out of a 3yr relationship with an aquarius, it did not go well but I started talking to this beautiful 19 year old cap who has the most amazing personality, we clicked from the beginning an it feels as though we were sent to each other by god but we are both so cautious because we never met we have been conversing for 7 months now & I feel like it is better to maintain a friendship which can hopefully develop into something in the future, she lifts me up when im down & I make her blush constantly...im wondering is this the girl of my dreams...

I`m a 23year old Capricorn woman and im with a Pisces man and I love him so much I don`t know how he relly fills about me. I just want him to know that I love me so much I don`t want to lose him for nobody but me. we have been togather for about 4years an we are takeing a brak from each other but I don`y like it so much . Ijust want to be by his side for a life time I just don`t know if we`ll be togather? ? I Love Him So Much

I am a Capricorn women and I really like this Pisces guy...but I can not tell if he likes me. He says a lot of nice things to me but sometimes I feel like its not real like he is not being %100 real with me.I cant tell if he is acting that way because he can't tell how I feel or what. My advice to Cap women who meet Pisces men wait to have sex. If you give it to them too soon thats all they will think about. We are very passionate people and I don't think they can fully understand.

my Pisces man loves 2 argue, he's never wrong always right. loves 2 be in control, does not like 2 work, has an excuse for everything, sensitive, loves 2 argue and make noise.

insecure lousy thinks he's so smart... and resourceful and wise. talks a lot of dumb shit. dull and boring at times. selfish a huge critic miserable

then he can be so sweet calm and thoughtful. he's protective and caring he has this inner calm that settles me down inside. he's a great lover he's has a great sense of humour caring possesive. he knows what im thinking he serves me.... he's loyal. sometimes I cant keep my hands off of him. he's affectionate.

i love 2 be all over him, when he's layin in the bed or in sittin in a chair I gat 2 be all over him like a second skin

So I just got out of a 4 year relationship with my Pisces exboyfriend we loved each other dearly! Than I guess I was just not satisfying his needs anymore so he found happiness through his friends and drugs(acid,shrooms,special k, weed). Before the break-up I asked him why he did all these things...and he said it was my fault he ended up the way he did, but he is the one who lied to me for 4 years about ever doing drugs in the first place. I was and still am heartbroken about this whole situation and he wants me to support him and do these drugs with him! I am not saying I did not before...but he is so lazy won't go to school or get a real job..he just cares about having fun. He told me I gave up on him and he still loves me....but he just gave up on himself. I think I will always love him, but drugs do change people. Sadly, and I really thought he WAS THE ONE. but I was wrong, now he avoids me and haven't seen each other for 2 weeks and he told me that it is over btw him and I. So yeah it sucks! he told me to leave him alone and it hurt because I feel like he is the reason our 4 year relationship had to end. I loved him. But I don't know some Pisces can be really secretive too, or maybe just any man. I know to find out things about the next guy before getting serious.

I am a Cap Female,And my Boyfriend now Fiance is a Pisces male.From the beginning he always got my weird jokes and has always thrilled me.Always makes me feel beautiful and puts a shiver down my spine whenever he looks in my eyes,tells me he loves me.makes me feel careless and young.He says I'm his dream girl,loves most of my qualities..hard working,organized and clever.I can always let my hair down with him.I think we make a great pair and are like minded.

Hi, I am a Capricorn woman, dating a Pisces man its not the best relationship because we but heads a lot but on the same foot I can't help but love him he say's he loves me but it show's every now and then I can't decide if I should stay with him and continue to question why or should I break it off swallow my pride & walk away??

I am a Capricorn woman. I am friends, I think I am his friend, with a Pisces male. When had an instant connection when we met. I am falling in love with him, however I do not know how he truly feels about me. We have been conversing for four months. And I really enjoy spending time with him. Things between us were good for the first two months of whatever we have together. But he told me three months in to this that he is not ready for a relationship. I did except what he told me. After he told me this I decided to let him know I would wait on him. I would wait until he decides he is ready. I feel like this now because I have never felt an instant connection with a man like this in the past. On the other hand, I confused because we act like we re more to what he verbally said to me two months in to the friendship. I am confused. What should I do?

My Pisces man has been looking for me for 15 years and found me. Grew up together as friends. Never looked at him romantically until now.Of course that was due to his overwhelming charm. Cautious Capricorn I am now madly in love with my Pisces man. He is the absolute best lover and our friendship for over 25 years now makes the bond unbreakable. As a cap it is GREAT to have a Pisces to be there and make me smile feel like a princess and be absolutely adored at all times.Pisces men help Capricorn women calm down, feel sexy, and be loved. Bedroom is so romantic I think Pisces made up romance, Ha!!!

I am a 25 yr old Capricorn dating a 26 yr old Pisces. I never been with a guy like him. He buys me flowers, and satisfies me sexually. He communicates with me whenever we may have a disagreement or fall out. I can tell he loves me by his actions and the look in his eyes. He was eager to show me off to his family and eager to meet mine. He even cooks for me. The only thing that kills me is that he is a workaholic to the max and don't have his priorities in order. He is a producer/ manager he puts his up coming artist before everything like brushing his teeth when he wakes up instead he heads straight to his computer and starts working. He puts this project before washing his clothes,going grocery shopping helping clean up around the house. Before buying a car to get to his destinations he rather waste the money paying for cabs.It sucks because he works from home and I see this creative creature take risk everyday. He also takes a lot of risk financially but so far bill s still get paid it may not be on time but its before the deadline. With him working so hard he feels as if going out to the club and drinking is a reward and he does work hard. I don't think that its the best reward to choose because we always seem to get into arguments when he is drunk and that scares me he is quick to act off his impulses before thinking thru the possible outcomes which scares me also. I stick with him thru it all because I love him I love adventure and I trust him. Him wanting to be successful is a turn on because so do I and together I know we can make it. He has treated me with the utmost respect out of all my boyfriends. Sometimes he talks down to me like im a child which bothers me then again I feel he only does it for my own good you know us Capricorns can be quite hard-headed at times. I see his down falls with time management and organization and acting so freely with his money and mine which makes me want to stay even more and help him set up boundaries. I really love my boyfriend I know we can make it work but some things have to change especially with the going out and getting wasted. He tells me he wants to marry me but I wont marry someone who cant handle their liquor I don't think he realizes he's a light weight. He's not a alcoholic I just believe at this point he cant handle the grey goose shots anymore. Should I give him a ultimatum? and if so what exactly should it be?

I am a Cap woman dating a Pisces man. I feel that he really loves me because he wants to spend all his time with me and my family. He has introduced me to all his family and they seem to like me. He is very compassionate and caring and attends to all my needs, especially sexually. We love spending time together; however there seems to be a dark side of him. We've been together about 4 years and about the last year we have been going through a lot of problems. He seems to get so angry and jealous. It seems as if he gets angry if someone of the opposite sex compliments me, even his friends. He gets annoyed with ME, if his friends say Im pretty or his cousin compliments me and talks to me. I am a friendly person and if I plan on spending my life with this man, I feel that it is good to build a repore with his friends and family. Instead of him getting mad at his friend if his friend compliments me he will blame it on me. He claims that I'm too friendly. I show him constantly that I am with him but for some reason he must not trust that. I feel that he has low self-esteem at times and that annoyes me. I am a strong woman and needs a very strong man. He has financial problems and needs help with budgeting and paying bills. I have no problem with assisting him because I really love him but with all these jealous insecurities drives me insane. I love spending time with him and when Im not with him I miss him severely. But this anger is a problem and I don't need an abusive relationship. Do I give up on love? Should I just stick it out and see what happens?

Loving Capricorn woman!

I am a very traditional Capricorn woman dating a very traditional Pisces man. We went to h.s. together about a decade ago & lost touch after he was transferred to another school. About 6 months ago, we reconnected & I felt an instant attraction coming from him. Being as closed off as a Capricorn woman can be..I ignored him until just about a month ago. He's sweet, loving, passionate, considerate, HILARIOUS, attractive & veeeeeeeeeeery into me...I don't know why but he is. Extremely artistic & emotional. He loves deeply & is very into his family. He often gets emotional when he talks about his dad. His eyes are enough to make any woman melt. He has a deep gaze & takes the time to make me feel super special. We just started a sexual relationship & to be really honest....WOW!!! It is amazing...my sexual match. I mean...the guy is like a little monkey trained to play SIMON....He's all over the place pressing all the right buttons!!! He stops at nothing to satisfy me MU LTIPLE times. He has a foot fetish & is very eccentric when it comes to his sexual habits. He is a dreamer & LOVES to fantasize about silly things that make me crack up. Overall, our connection is deep & he keeps telling me that his focus is on me...he only has eyes for me. He tells me that we are a team & he's a part of me. Overall our union is lighthearted & fun. We have not even been dating 3 months & he's already brought up children, marriage & all this thoughts & wants concerning this topic.

I hope that things keep moving in this direction. We haven't run into any hang ups yet but I expect that we will in the future. Given that the communication is soo honest & open between us, I think we will be able to get passed it. I like him...let's see what happens ;)


He's just a little shorter than I am & it's funny. I worried about it at 1st but, lol...now It doesn't even matter given that his height (or lack thereof) is used to my advantage in the bedroom lol. Are most pices men short with amazing eyes & a super outrageous sense of humor? lol! I need some feedback ppl!!!

Hi my husband is a Pisces man, though we have our ups and down, I love him. We can really fight out, and he always thought I am the stubborn type. I am more grounded, practical and he is more those dreamers kind. Can be lazy sometimes but when we are out with friends, relatives etc, he is the PR man who will do the necessary chit chatting while I more of the reserved kind. But I can tell anything everything under the sun. Hmm.. good combination. But tell u, if I offends him, he will get sensitive. haha..

I am a Capricorn woman, and I dated a Pisces man. We had a long relationship, for about 8 yrs. He is a workaholic, and he cares so much, doing things so thoughtfully. We hardly ever argued, and if we did, it was only about children, which they grow up and move out anyway. Unfortunately, he broke up with me 3 yrs ago, because he was not ready to settle down, and I am getting older , he is too, he is 4 yrs older, but he was not done sowing his oats. We have not talked for 3 yrs, except recently, and it was short. I think about him constantly, and out of all my relationships, I love this man with all my heart. He has treated me the best. I will wait for him, and he might come around, I am hoping, but still moving on. I will probably find a man, and that is when he will come back. That is how it always works. But if you got one, please keep him. Our sex was explosive, and wonderful, and it does not ever get tired. Wonderful man, if only he woulf marr y. Have not given up yet though!

I am a Capricorn woman. I am friends, I think I am his friend, with a Pisces male. When had an instant connection when we met. I am falling in love with him, however I do not know how he truly feels about me. We have been conversing for four months. And I really enjoy spending time with him. Things between us were good for the first two months of whatever we have together. But he told me three months in to this that he is not ready for a relationship. I did except what he told me. After he told me this I decided to let him know I would wait on him. I would wait until he decides he is ready. I feel like this now because I have never felt an instant connection with a man like this in the past. On the other hand, I confused because we act like we re more to what he verbally said to me two months in to the friendship. I am confused. What should I do?

Hi, Pisces man here. Your guy is scared, that's all. He's probably been with someone in the past that hurt him and is hesitant to jump into anything. Reassure him. Pisces men need that, probably too much. Be his genuine friend, and trust me, if he is at all attracted to you, he hasn't forgotten your offer to wait. That looks very good to him. When he's ready, he'll be thinking of you. Problem is, he probably won't tell you, so you'll have to be the one to make the first move. It's a bit of a bind that you'll be caught in, waiting on him, but having to make the first move. How do you know how to time it? Unfortunately, I have no good answer for you on that one. Good luck. I'm in this same sort of pairing. We have a LOT of hoops to jump through in order to be with each other, but it's completely worth the effort, at least to me.

me and my Pisces go back and forth , lol but its cool we get along with each other well. I can talk to him better than anyone else and its been 11months so far. sometimes im too emotional , sometimes im too over protective. He doesn't say but I can feel that he appreciates it. He's funny, smart, sexy and sweet. He's my first love and im glad that he is. I LOVE MY BABY ! soooo much

im a young teenager and I met this girl on some chat line or something I really liked her a lot even tho I havent known her that long and eventually things go good then all of a sudden things go sour some how we lost connection and I don't know the reason and im a Pisces and shes a Capricorn

well I am a Capricorn women who is just freaking a Pisces man. who I have been knowing him sense 5th grade. he alway like me,now we are freaking each other. he told me not to fall in love it is just a freak thing. he is a good freak in the bedroom and I want to be in love with him one day just not know. I give him space and don't call him but when we get together it is like magic he make freakin love to me but say he do not but do. do you think in five or six month's he will feel different.

First of all, Capricorns and Pisceans are friends for life, you will find no better friend option on this entire planet, all my friends are Capricorn and will always be Capricorn, but Capricorns are not "Romance" material and never shall be. Capricorns belong with Taureans, they are natural doers and nobody can outdo a Capricorn. The reason they hit it off so well is because they are the only two introverted signs in the zodiac. Everyone here is trying to make a car fly like an aeroplane, it will not work, if you want a car then you will have the best car in the world with a Caps. There is no more loyal friend on this planet for Pisceans

I'm a Capricorn women. In year 2005, I was be friend with Pisces guy, we knew each other in church. In year 2007, finally we've been together, in that time he told me he was falled in love with me since 2005 till now'2007'....and I just realized , at the same time we were falled in love with each other in 4 years. We had an romantic and unforgettable moment being together in 8 months. On that time im 15 and he's 18 , we were not mature at all especially me. I'm pretty sure is he really loves me. But, is because my unmature attitude made me beak up at last. I always not believe him...is because I have no confident , always mentioned break for many times but we were together again. But, in someday we really broke up. I was really regret why I did all the stupid things to him. One thing that im pretty sure is I LOVE HIM SO MUCH....he 's the one I want bring to my future life. He made me non-stop to love him till now. His first love is me. And, now we had been broke up for 4 years and 2months and I still waiting for him for so long. When I waithing for him for so long and almost everyday I asked him will you come back again....but he never reply me. But when in year 4 , he replied me he wont come back again. And, before that he gave me a call , when I asked him why you called me ...he said just a wrong click. Till now I still don't believe that. I have the feeling that he will come back again. Will he come back again? I hope he will. Because I just love him and my heart is difficult to accept another guy.

As a cap woman,I met a piscean man...The way we met was so wierd... I was meant to be going out with the ladies,that all fell through...so I went to my sisters pub(which was only the second time i'd ever been)he was at the pub for the 1st time!!Myself and my sister decided to go into town,so bkd a taxi.... well he was out with his bro...who tried to steal our taxi,i confronted them and we ended up sharing the taxi lol!!!! Then we all stayed together,went to a couple of pubs 1st then ended up in a club.We weren't in their long and my sis went home then his bro went half hr later lol... so it was just me and him...just seemed to hit it off str8 away!we really enjoyed ourselves,just like teenagers havin fun...we stayed in the club until 5am!!He got in the taxi and took me home,well we didn't go home str8 away... we went for a walk in the park nr by... and I don't do 1 nite stands,n e never at any point did make me feel uneasy or pressurised into doing so...we sat talking and just cu ddling in the park,i felt so relaxed with him,like I had known him ages....we just 'clicked' :) he then walked me home at 7:30 am lol.... and I was on such a high with lust,it was amazing!!!! He txt me goodnite and thanked me for a wonderful nite!! Then the next day he text me!That was it and we r so madly in love... only been seeing each other 2months,but he is so amazing-beyond belief! I have had 2 failed longterm relationships,1st 1 was violent,2nd very controling and emotionally nasty! so I have always wanted to meet a special someone who appreciates me 4 me,n adore me love and cherish me!He is all of that...I also have an extremley high sex drive,n he can satisfy me in that area too!He is so affectionate-i have never felt so special ever b4....he is so romantic too.... I find it easy to now show my emotions with ease around him,it's just so easy.... Have I found the one?? The man I can take care of and he take care of me?? Maybe!! I am sure as hell gonna enjoy this happiness...as I may never get it like this again... his eyes are amazing,he is so gorgeous in every way possible... (sorry,just that i'm so,so happy and am a true believer of 'somewhere out their is someone for everyone' happy days ahead :))x

I am a Cap woman who met her Pisces ex boyfriend when I was 27 and he was 32. Unlike some people have said, my Pisces was a hard worker, a good listener, and very attentive. We got along maybe for about a good two years. But after that, he seemed to have gotten a little bored and needed some adventure, and arguments in his life. He liked to accuse me of things I were not doing. I brushed it off in the beginning because we were so close and I didn't think it would become a problem. Long story short, after 8 years into the relationship, that's what ultimately broke us up. He was doing the cheating and I was being accused. I just want anyone to know that they are capable of having other relationships outside of the one that they are in with you. You will find out sooner or later. They are very sweet people on the outside, but are very sneaky on the inside. The MAIN thing Pisces men have in common is they are great in the bed, and they know it! Sex is very im portant to them, but conversation is not. I've met my ex Pisces years ago, and he still does not talk much. We are friends though. I guess Cap women do stay friends with their exes. LOL!!!

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