Pisces man ending relationship with Scorpio woman

I am a Pisces male dating a Scorpio female, we have been together nearly four years now and things have got to what feels like the end, I feel that she is too needy and the relationship is too serious and doesn't feel special anymore... also, which doesn't help, a Capricorn female has just started at my work and we get on really well and I think I could have feelings for her

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by: Anonymous

Good luck with the Capricorn girl !! It's supposed to be a good match too.... who knows... For your Scorpio girl and for you also - it's better if you break up. I would never want to be with a person who's like you…

by: Anonymous

I know a Pisces man who I adore but his communication skills keeps us from moving to the next level and I have tried so many times, I just don't think this is a good fit for me personally. Was engaged to one years ago and things were good until he cheated...

To the Pisces man ending it w/scorp girl
by: Anonymous

Have you tried to communicate with her? She may have forgotten to be herself and enjoy her own life. If you haven't spoken to her about how you feel, maybe you should. You 2 probably have a very nice connection that is hard to find and 4 years is a long time to just throw away for a coworker. It's all about how you feel though, no one can change that. I would try talking and if that doesn't work than cut her loose. Good luck.

by: Anonymous

Oh, and I thought Pisces men are loyal to Scorpio woman. I would never believe that cos u ruined it.

by: Anonymous

depends on the person individually cant totally blame the pisces lol

Be honest
by: Anonymous

You are bored and don't appreciate what you have. When you leave the Scorpio you'll get bored with the next woman and then want the Scorpio back.
How about telling your girlfriend that you don't want anything serious, despite those 4 years, tell her you don't feel what you did back then.
I'm a Scorpio and I would like to know if my partner is unhappy or I'm the problem.

by: @coco_a_scorpio

i had thought that out of all the signs, the Pisces would be trustworthy...Most the post I've read lead me believe that a Pisces guy i met recently might be good for me but it seems your sign is just as unworthy as any other sign if not less due to you loss of loyalty and assumption that some ***new booty*** might be able to compare to 4 years of devotion... I guess no sign meshes well with Scorpios huh????

Just a thought...for Pisces man
by: Anonymous

You are bored with your relationship and have because of this boredom have disconnected from relating to your Scorpio woman. It seems like this not a recent revelation for you but one that has been brewing for a while. Your woman for sometime now has been telling you (be it verbally or not) she sees your disconnect and is trying to determine if it stems from a loss of attraction to her. She seeks constant reassurance from you so she can feel wanted by you because the level of desire you show her has diminished. By her doing this it only heightens your awareness of her insecure behavior. Talk to her about your boredom, let her know it's not on her, tell her what you want and need to spice things back up in everyday interactions, challenge her to rekindle the seduction, but most importantly, YOU HAVE TO GIVE HER THE ATTENTION AND AFFECTION SHE CRAVES FROM YOU WITHOUT HER ASKING. It's the confidence in her you feel in love with she has lost sight of. Help her get that back and the Capricorn in the office will be only a distraction and the catalyst in building your relationship.

I certainly hope this finds you and your Scorpio woman still together...Hey if it doesn't work, it doesn't work.

~A Scorpio Woman with Strength

maybe he isnt really a pisces lol
by: Anonymous

I am a scorpio woman in a relationsjop with a pisces man and i couldnt agree with the last statement more. we have been together for about 7months and i find myself almost setting him up with chances to put some a tion behind the words and even then its usually nothing.although i do know this is not healthy lol and furthermore my pisces is not like most i hear described..he can be cold,cocky,very easily aggervated,judgemental,critical,harsh, and inconsiderate of others feelins although thereis the underlying compassion...i find it hard to decifer which ones are his tru feelings....sometimes i feel as though i burden him with my deep senses but yet wants me to look up to or appreciate his....any suggestions or insiht????? ps excuse the

Tormented soul..
by: Anonymous

I've dated almost every sign in the zodiac..gotten on well with some but they go no where.. The phrase goes "attractive to many compatable with few" . As a Pisces male I can say the sign that set me on fire was a scorpio... My most recent ex is one.. And I can say that our bond is completely different than what I've ever experienced...I broke up with her because there were too many outside circumstances trying to make their way into the relationship...a deep past of hurt on her end...and me trying too hard to change her mindset and me neglecting the practical side of the life I was trying to create for us..but I know in my heart I want no one else..even now as I'm collecting my thoughts and making the changes I need to make for myself..she hasn't left my mind or heart...when I told her I love her I meant just her and only her...

So don't write it off just because the world has torn you two apart..please from one pisces to another hold on to your scorpio...fight...with them...for them ...refuse to back down and I promise you'll reach new highs...

pisces scorpio
by: Anonymous

I am a scorpio women who was with a pisces man for fifteen wonderful years we never cheated we talked about everything rather it hurt us or not before you walk away from your scorpio girl talk to her she may or may not feel the same but let her know we dnt like being kepoot in the dark come straight cause believe it or not we can. take good luck.

by: scorpgirl8

Please end it. She's probably (remove probably) noticing it and that's the reason it isn't working anymore. Please end it, not for yourself but for her

-x- scorpgirl

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