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I'm a Gemini woman in total love with a Pisces man. Hopelessly. I don't think I'm the one for him. when we first met, we talked a lot, and had fun texting. His sense of humor is perfect.

He had a family emergency and said he'd call when he got back. I noticed today he had been online (on the site we met on ) so I guess he's still looking. I'd like to think he wanted to read my profile again ha... But I deleted my account. still no text or contact in 5 days.

I guess I'll wait till the day he said he'd be back. and if I don't hear from him, I'll move on. I want to text or email him so bad..... But I know what it's like to get texts from someone you really have no interest in. it breaks my heart.. I really like him.

If you want an opinion.. one little email wouldn't hurt... tell him how you feel! Life's too short, and it's just possible he thinks you aren't interested in him, or perhaps he's just very distracted with his family emergency and would welcome the distraction. There could be an innocent explanation for it all. Go on.. you know you wanna..

Thanks for the reply. I took your advice.

I agree, life is too short. So, I did send him an email. He replied right away saying he didn't feel like talking at the moment, but will always be my friend. I can handle that.

I'm really sad, it's hard to stop thinking about him and the funny things we joked about... But life's too short... Somewhere out there is someone for both of us.

Doh. Sorry to hear that. On the bright side I guess at least you know where you stand and aren't left wondering about it. Plenty more fish in the sea, girl :)

well I don’t know .. I am a Gemini but its never been easy for me to flirt into love or hop onwards and yonder (in typical behavior expected from my sign I guess). I like to have meaningful relationships and stay very good friends with all my exes (who are admittedly few to begin with :)

anyhow I met this Piscean guy, totally lost my head over him like how.. and was happily surprised to see him feel the same way. I thought we were doing well - bonding with each others friends, he was always very thoughtful and considerate, we were doing weekly stay-over, though he was PHOBIC of the term 'long-term' .. anyhow just a few months into it I got totally mind-$#%&#$ to sense that he considered us to be friends-with-benefits. and HE was supposed to be the more emotional, needy, clingy sign right? anyhow I had a talk with him on not wanting a 'convenient' relationship but even after a few months mostly found him emotionally unavailable and had to call it off. my problem - most days I still find myself agonizing over him. guess I’ll get over it but I still don’t get what happened why. :(

I'd love it to be something like he still harbors deep feelings for his ex and cant move on etc cos at least it'll mean he's capable of some emotions :/

I am concluding a 25+ year relationship with a Gemini gal. Unmarried, successfully raised a child... Beyond that nothing nada and totally emotionally disconnected. We get along and respect each other but that's about it. Life is short. Pisces-Gemini are the least compatible of all signs. Oil and water doesn't mix... I wished I would have hooked up with a Scorpio 25 years ago...

Don't go there unless you are really desperate. And it sucks after that.

I am a Gemini Girl, I have been with a Pisces man for over a year now. He is very much in love with me, but I don't really feel as strong as he does! I find myself bored a lot and I still act like I'm single! I do love him but it's not on the same level! He wants to get married and sail off into the sunset together and all I really want to do is run away! He is perfect in every way, he is sweet and understanding, he buys me flowers all the time opens the car doors etc! We never fight about anything, he always agrees with everything I say! I am just so bored! What do I do here???

I like a Pisces man a lot and im a Gemini girl and im always thinking about I want 2 know if he thinks about me

should I let him know how much I care about him?

He does not want to get married and sail off into sunset.

You know its not happening and he knows too. The whole world things too but wait for what happens in the end.

No wait. He does. He does want to get married (to you) and sail off into the sunset.In fact he can't think of a better friend, lover, wife and mother to his kids to be...

He will want to make it happen. What the world thinks is immaterial. Its you and me. It us from now until forever. For the umpteenth time. I LOVE YOU.

I'm dating a Pisces man and I'm a Gemini. He tells me he missed me everyday and once he even told me he love me. The thing is that we are not in a relationship but I want 2 be! Should I ask him to make it official or wait for him?

I'm currently with a Gemini woman, she's very interesting at every level. The way she amazes me with her ever ending topics, the way her dual personality changes and the way she simply is around any environment. I don't get bored. I being a Pisces can keep up to her pace well enough I keep her guessing. We connect well, but the only this that drives me crazy is having to accept the fact that she's very flirtatious around other guys. I noticed its hard for her to control that, and sometimes I catch her trying to lie regarding what she's doing at the moment. I really like this girl and I know she likes me too, but what advice can you give me regarding her flirtatious ways? Also, do Gemini women ever settle at peace with themselves and just love one guy?

I like this Pisces guy and I really like his since of humor. He's always calling to cheer me up, or to just make sure I feel good. His words do that for me. We live in different states now, but we still talk somewhere.

A Gemini women who just got out of a 2 year relationship with a Pisces. I loved him I still do, but he became to needy and clingy talking about things planning out a future that might never come true. Besides that well everything seemed perfect we talked out everything that went wrong, even now we talk about it I think if the two can take the time to talk and put up with Gemini's random/odd/'inappropriate' blurbs to make the moment lets dramatic and awkward it should work out

My husband cheats and he is Pisces he is my second husband my first was Pisces as well. I did not know much about stars before once I started I read them some of the traits from both of us are true. Gemini's are true and very protective Pisces are not they love at a certain level not as much as Gemini's Pisceans men especially should be single they should not marry they can't be faithful they cheat and they have no sense of family or belonging. They have low self esteem which a Gemini has to take care of I take care of my husband and am very protective of him because he cannot take care of himself I have to be there to be proud of us and our family. He wants to please outside people for the wrong reasons it is actually sucking up to people it is not caring or compassion, they have low self esteem and they feel they have to be please to be liked. I tell my husband a lot look at I am gorgeous and intelligent why did you not have to suck up to me to marry you a lot of guys do not understand why I married and still with him it is because we are attracted to each other and I can talk to him. He cheats to put me down because of his insecurities and he cheats me with the worst looking and unsuccessful women you can think of if I were him I would cheat him with the best successful man.

I am a Gemini woman, just met a Pisces guy. I have never cheated on my spouse/boyfriend, and never had the desire to flirt with anyone while in a relationship. Knowing all the other traits of Gemini's and Pisces, what is the prognosis for ours? Does anyone know or can take an educated guess?

My experience with a Gemini girl was like no other, she was so damn smart and sensitive in bed. it amazes me how she could look me right in the eye and tell me she loved me, all the while doing other guys behind my back. I still think about her sometimes but it usually involves a horrible bus accident with her brilliant intellect splashed all over the sidewalk.

I'm with a Pisces man, he has two kids.. He seems like a great father and I have a great respect for him. He's not wild like other men I've dated. I run hot and cold with him. One day I'm in love the next I want to run. I don't think he'd be a cheater. But I feel like when I'm with him he mentally cheats on me. I being a Gemini, conversation is very important to me and we have few of those. He stares off into space. He's an amazing father but he falls short as a boyfriend. I'm suffering. I'm sacrificing. Its hard to explain to people my pain because when I say it out loud he sounds amazing. But there's a big mental disconnect and its sucking the Gemini sparkle out of me. I don't know what to do...

I a Gemini woman started to romantically see a Pisces man. He wanted to have an on going thing and then just called out of no where saying that he did not want a relationship. What?

hey ive been going out with a Gemini for about 7 years on and off , this time around its clearly done cuz we cant continue hurting each other the way we did , but I think about her all the time and loved her more then ne thing I know but she hurts me with the attitude and things she says , any ways im on the look out for a Cancer or Scorpio , ive been hearing so many good things and wish I found her already I just cant wait to find that number 1 cuz Gemini was the worse I just cant believe it went so long

I am a Gemini woman very much in love wit a Pisces man. And he is very much in love wit me. We have been together for 4 in a half years. We have had our ups and downs. It has been hard dealing wit his mixed emotions. I had a hard time understanding him especially when he would want to be alone to have his space because he would do it often. I couldn't understand why he wanted to be away from me. I often would trip out because I thought he was cheating. I feel he has in the beginning it hurts. He tells me never but I know in my heart. He is younger than me and we are to be married soon. We want this to work and to do right. I have one problem with him he often tells lies about stupid shit. And it gets me tripping and then he comes at me saying I don't trust him. He is the one who gets me thinking that way with his lies because why should anyone lie about anything all the time? I don't want to believe that Gemini and a Pisces will never work. I am in love with him

Oh my God! It seems that this IS truly the very worst combination for Gemini's! I am a true Gemini woman, love to flirt but true blue to the man I am with. The Pisces man I was with for 4 1/2 years was totally uncommitted, lied, cheated (I am sure of) and promised me things that never came true. His actions were never followed by words and at the beginning he seemed like a night in shining armour! I was blinded by love and then lust (Sex had been great between us), he was the needy one from the start but then due to his lies (by virtue of omissions), I became the needy individual! I have never felt that low in my entire life and my natural "Joie de vivre" was demolished by this Pisces individual! He was controlling in such a subtle manner, stingy and manipulative and I gave my heart and soul to him...in the end my night in shining armour turned out to be an energy sucking leach! Run while you can- don't invest any more time- I have spoken to others who have had similar are experiences with Pisces- it is all true- they are not for you.. good luck with ANY of the other signs- there are some fabulous men out there- just not the Pisces guys- they are not for us!!

I have been with my Pisces man for a year and a half now. At first he was hard to deal with i.e. misleading me on things, not being open, and having random anger issues (he's never gotten physical with me though), but I was patient because inside I just felt that he was the one. He also thinks that I am the one. We have been enjoying cohabitation for the past 8 months. He is very loyal, but is difficult to help clean up. He is child like in a few instances.. I am in charge of the budget because he is a mess when it comes finances, which Im okay with. He makes up for it with his fun spirit of life. He is so loyal and I know he adores all of me.

I really like this Pisces guy. We've met about half a year ago in a class, and we became friends pretty quickly. He started flirting with me every class, passing me notes, giving me cute nicknames, making me mix cds, etc. I thought he was really into me. Then I found out he has a girlfriend, but I never said anything about it and he always referred to her as a "friend", although I never questioned him. I backed off, and he kept going, inviting me places, asked for my number. I was head over heels. On my birthday, he gave me a big cheek kiss.

We still text from time to time, usually I start, and it becomes hard because his moods go up and down quickly. I'm a Gemini. His girlfriend of 3 years is a Taurus. I heard from a friend he's cheating on her, sex-wish. I'm not crazy in love, but I wish we had more. Do I give up now? I'm 18, he's 21.

Im a Pisces woman with a Gemini woman at first it was excited now she lie cheat and etc but I still love her our relationship is down hill she told me to move on then a week later calling me saying I miss and love you she confuse me a lot

hi. jmr!! I am a Pisces woman 30yrs old and single mom with 1 daug. and heres my story I meet a guy it was sept. 2008 which is Pisces also and we start dating and we had amazing sex we are compatible in many ways so we continue seeing each other even I know from. the start that he have a girlfriend but shes home away. I know him almost 2yr now. and we continue seeing till more we get addicted to each other. and one day we talk about what we are seems like only in bed relationship and I want more than that so I decide to stop seeing him make many excuses but we set up we still good frnds sometimes we call or mesg.and like once a mnth go hangout. till I meet a guy he's Gemini and from d beginning I found out we attracted easily so since I meet d Gemini guy I put all my attention to him to forget d Pisces man. so we hangout all the tym seem we also have more commons to be like. ive know him now almost 1yr and we deeply in love to each other and happy and we have great amazing relationship one time he take me out for dinner and ask me to live with him since we like always to be together and I was happy and he's planning many things about us and he's willing to accept my daug. too like his own I was very surprise that he say he knew it that im d ryt girl for her but im little scared coz everything is so fast and I think pisces/gemini a bit complicated and he's also got teen ege 2sons with ex wife just been processing the divorce paper. I feel like I need more tym to get to know gemeni but im willing to try coz I am happy being with him.and here it is without my knowing the day my gemeni we had dinner in that restourant my Pisces guy coinsedence saw us the next day he called me and want to see me so I meet him since I am open to him he knows evrything about my gemeni guy but the fact that he saw us he says he found out to himself that he will not give up me in this guy becoz he loves me and he willing to broke up his girlfriend for me and he propose me to live with him.they both sweet loving and one of my dream guy to be with.seem like they are also both my compatibility sign. I am inlove with my gemeni guy now but in a way he's on going to divorce processing and also with two sons which is I accept and willing to wait till he's free.and my Pisces guy that I also like him he's a sigle guy and he want to marry me.they both inlove with me but I don't one to choose or get hurt one of them.plsssssss....... all Pisces there can you give me some advice coz I am confuse the fact that I don't want to regret if I make the decision who will I choose among them.plss. anybody can drop me some advice.thanks........

I am a Gemini women and I have had great sex with the few Pisces men that I have connected with and fell deeply in love it's like the Pisces men leave a mark in my love life the first one I fell in love with he was three years older than me he was like a sham type of guy I stuck with him when he needed me. I put in 70 and he put in 30 percent of our relationship I left him because I was not getting anything out of it but a broken heart. We lasted three years and the sex was great but I had to choose my self over a creep. The second Pisces I know we actually love each other a lot he's a much older guy he loves women he's a cheater but a great person that I have an understanding with Pisces men create the most strange relationships with people who are their lovers. This other Pisces I knew him since child hood but when I became older we decided to have sex he was awesome I couldn't get enough I was in lust and addicted we went at it and he loved it to. but he was a leec h he did not value me and he had a horrible personality so that couple of weeks we had together ended up with us being complete enemies he wanted to take advantage of me and was only for him self. Oh and the fourth one he became such a challenge for me I fell and love with him hard I connected with him hard me and my child he was a feb. Pisces like the first one I was in love with it's like they get me more he just left me all I had to experience enjoying him and his sex was a week I liked him since the first time I laid eyes on him. It took me three years to finally talk to him and get his number because I was scared he would hurt me because I wanted him. When I finally got to be around him it took me three days and he won me and my daughter hearts by the end of the week when he walked out of our lives me and my child was in tears and hurting I don't know what happened I did the best I could to keep him he left and I can't explain why. He's very hurtful has a temper in a split second I was deeply in LOVE and his abandonment really hurt me plus my daughter...

how can you tell what a Pisces guy is feeling? I am a Gemini girl, and was talking online with a Pisces guy, we were talking for a long time everything was going good, we were flirting, laughing and joking than all of a sudden he made a comment about something that I didn't like maybe he was joking or something, but I took it the wrong way and without thinking I snapped at him and than immedeately realized how stupid I sounded. I wanted to apalogize but it was too late because he deleted me of his friends list. So I send him a friend request saying how sorry I am and asked him to add me back and he did but he just doesn't reply to my messages anymore he said he doesn't have time to socialize. So I left him alone. Becuase he was ignoring me. After 4 months later I found out that he deleted me again this time I didn't go back. I felt really sad, bad and mad at the same time.i even cried because he doesn't want me. :( why did he delete me? Is it because he was still up set or was he being manipulative? maybe he thought I would chase him back again? after 1 year later he found me sitting in front of his door step. Because his parents invited me to his house and we were all sitting outside. He wansn't there he was outside then unecpectedly he came out of no where he kept looking at me walking near me showing off in front of me but wasn't talking to me. And and didn't speak to him either I was ignoring me. all of a sudden he came set next to me gave me something to eat and was asking me how I was doing? He said how much I have changed and grown since the last time he saw me. I still didn't speak and when I left his house he just kept staring with a lost look in his eyes. What does this mean can anyone tell me how he might be feeling because I can't and don't understand his feelings at all. Did he missed me or was just trying to be nice to me in front of his parents?

I am a Gemini woman and I have been friends with a Pisces man. He is very intelligent and concerned aboout me but he is soooo boring. I always have to lead the conversation. I run out of things to talk about with him. I think that I might just stop calling him before I die of bore.

I'm a Gemini woman and flirting is like breathing for geminis. It's not like we're interested in dating those people, it's just our nature. And yes, I've always been a loyal girlfriend. Never cheated. You just need to try and focus that when she flirts, it doesn't mean anything. She's into you and with you.

I am in a relationship with a Pisces man for 8 years,best thing is I am a Gemini woman.I am demotivated when I read that Pisces & Gemini have the least compatibility.We have had our share of good and bad times in our relationship,still we are heading towards marriage. What's bothering me now is, is it for real that Gemini & Pisces can never go along?So if we get married, will it be a bad choice?

To the man who is with a Gemini that flirts... all, Gemini women flirt.... however, we do it best, when we r secure in our relationship, we value men who appreciate our wild side and trust us, it's like a tease I think, flirting is fun but we like to be secure that we will be going home with our own partner, he will reap the benefits of our fun. Don't get me wrong if you flirt infront of us, you can but you had better make it clear to all that we are yout world, we are not jealous people by nature, it's the others we don't trust but fiercly possessive of our loved ones, we enjoy our wild side and having fun but also secretly rely on our other side, the deep thinking side, trust, loyalty, honesty are our bag, that is why we like unconditional love, to get the best from a Gemini woman, trust her, enjoy her, a happy Gemini woman is a sexy, interesting, loyal partner for life, she will test you though so be prepared for an exciting rocky start, if you succeed with her, it will be well worth it. Good Luck..

I had an experience with a Pisces Man , one of the most terrible of my life. He is a cheater and a deceiver. He said he was only having contact with me but he was contacting other women. He never had the courage to talk to me, he just pretends nothing has happened,but I can't stand this. I want clarity and honesty in things. He is not. He has very much a double personality and face.

dear Gemini girls never ever get involve with pices men they have very low self esteem and we are very strong for them. Ive been married to a pices man for eleven years,he was such a deceptive crazy liar,he always played the victim and tried to show me as a cruel,aggressive woman no one believed me even my family,he cheated on me few times even when we were good to gether which was very rare. Im beautiful,intelligent,educated and I have a good job but every time he cheated on me with very ugly and stupid women and told me that im sick and I have paranoya(he was a general doctor but kept condoms in his office ,guess for what???).the sex was very dirty and I hate it.im a sexy woman and I love kinky sex but his sex was the dirtiest and wildest sex ive ever seen (he loved anal and 69 and he thought we are in a porn movie) and after sex I was always wounded.

pari Gemini girl

I am a Pisces man who loves a Gemini woman. She doesn't love me back in the same way. It started to go really fast then she backed me off. Then she brings me forward. The pushes me back. It goes back and forth like that all the time. We started out talking and texting everyday. I fell for her right away and she misses me if I don't text her in the morning to say hello. Then she is still on a dating site and visits it everyday. She won't commit to just seeing me and it's going to break my heart in the long run.

Im a Gemini woman

And what ive read has not been at all what you say. I been going out with a Pisces man for 2years and its been great! I definitely don't flirt with other guys... Why should I? I found the man I hope to grow old with.. I don't get Bored with him...

Our conversations are always interesting! When im with my man I really cant help but be mesmerised by him in everything he does says and do's. I have never met a man like him he is unique and thats what I have fallen very much inlove with:)

You Gemini ladies out there have a lot of growing up to do!!!

The key to a healthy relationship is communication and understanding one another whether he's Pisces Scorpio cancerian or virgo... When you find Mr Right remember that Gemini girls! If you want to love that man forever stop all your stupidity ways now and grow up!!

Hi. I am madly in love with a Gemini women. And all above we share a good relation. But sometimes her words feel me a lot.. and a change in nature. Though I know its a Gemini trait.. but it hurts sometimes.

I really, really, really like this one guy. he's sweet, funny, smart, and so handsome! okay, im just ganna tell you..this guys name is justin bieber. I think he's soo cute, but im not sure if he's the guy for me. ive heard a lot about him, and he seems really cool, but he's a Pisces ( I think ), and im a gemini.

I'm a Gemini born on a Taurus cusp and I'm just wondering is it normal for a Pisces man to be such a flirt OMG!!!! This guy is married in his early twenties and I'm just not understanding. It seems like the more I try to push away the further he comes, in a way I like it, but then again I realize that he does have a wife and I have to continually remind him that, that is the main reason I act so distant. I been told that I'm cool a to be around, but I have never experienced this and he is cool as well, but I feel as though I'm stuck in a situation. I really want the friendship to remain in existance, but I keep imagining what if I had a husband to do the same thing to me one day. That right there just will not be cool. Any advice for me? What would you do? Don't get me wrong dude is so cool and he always keeps me laughing and at times I do like the flirting, but I just don't know.

Gemini woman here. My boyfriend is a pisces, and yes there are sacrifices that both parties have to make. But that's not because of starsigns! A Gemini woman with a 'good' match like a Libra man would still require sacrifices to be made. Pisces men ARE very sensitive and it can be frustrating at times, but they are also very gentle, caring men. As long as you both love each other, both of you will be willing to compromise. A Pisces man is definately worth the effort once he's made up his mind that it's where he wants to be :)

Hi I am a Pisces man and I met a Gemini girl who I was immediatly attracted to and I know she felt the same.We met again three days later by a coincident and I had a girlfriend but I liked her but she liked me more then I knew she did. And me and my girl where goin thru a lot.So afta flirtin in txtn with the new girl me and my girlfriend decided to break up.So now me and her were with each other on in off a lot for two yrs. Basically we loved each other and she almost had my baby,but instead a miscarriage.now her mom nvr really liked me.But I loved her so I worked to fit in and she always tlked about how she would go bacc to her birthplace one day to visit her dad.So b4 she left we loved and made love and promises not to cheat.Now im kinda bad cuz when she left I cheated not on purpose but it happend and while she was gone we got distant and broke up and had the worst conv the turn into dumn situations any way she came back from puerto rico she acted complety diff. she gets jealous c uz she knows other girls like me but still acted wierd like one day I acted weird towards her and she wants to tlk and kiss and make up but she only wants to be friends and I couldnt take it so we argued more.well its goin on 3 yrs and today I decided not to be with her cuz its not the same we argue and I have some1 who isnt as attractive as my last but she will do what ever I ask anything if she can and if I make her my girl and show it I get even more. So all im sayin is if yu get in a situation like mine just don't show all your love to your partner or love but don't fall in love becuz no 1 likes getting hurt so if you love them just breath easy. I couldve wrote the whole story cuz im bored but this is to much typing.

Well this is my story for all of you Gemini girls I am currently with a Pisces man well sort of about 4 months ago we starting dating at first it was a "free" kind of thing knew he had a girlfriend in washignton staying for 6 months we both knew that at first nothing serious right? wrong this Pisces guy extremely sensitive,gorgeous,fun, caring a totally impresive guy we clicked it off immeadiately mentally sexually he never went out with he's friends while we were "dating" obviously I knew that some day he's girlfriend was coming back well it did. Confused to not know what to do to either stay with me or her I have to give props to Pisces man extremely straight foward and direct asked me to give him 4 days to be with he's girlfriend if he still loved her come on Pisces Men why can't you not make up your mind?? then again they never know what they want....................

I am a Gemini woman who is ending a 20 year old marriage with a Pisces man. Looking back it seems like I was always the funny cheerful one trying to make him smile (very difficult to make him laugh--- it was mentally exhausting). Sex was good at the beginning, but never exciting, wild, or fun. Everytime I tried something new, it was like he would approach it like a math formula. The intense concentration took away from the fun. Life wasn't bad financially, as he is an excellent businessman, but in the end it was all about money and investments and appearances. He'd say things like "why don't you wear your diamond necklace for dinner tonight so you can tell your friends I got it for you as a Christmas present?" Over time I became a display doll to bring along to business dinners and in return he would buy me gifts. Once when I was begging him for conversation (as usual) he put his book down and said, "fine, you have fifteen minutes. go ahead and talk." I'm happy to report that in spite of the hassle of divorce, I am so looking forward to NOT spending the rest of my life with a Pisces!

im a gemini. he's a pisces. we've never met in person just online..he claims he loves me - and I just brush it off everytime he brings it up..i don't know if he's the one for me..hw does one ever know? and now that ive read about this horrible compatibility - its even less likely that i'd acknowledge his feelings. but he seems like a nice guy.. lithuanian Gemini

I'm a Pisces male about four weeks out of a relationship with a Gemini girl who I truly loved and thought was the one. I was more loyal to her then anyone should have to be. She cheated on me with two other guys at once and even when I found out kept going. I ended up going to a convention to see her, it was a long distance relationship where we'd see each other a few times a month for a week, and was punched four times in the face. No anger or agreesion hit me until he grabbed her by the throat and lifted her off the ground. I ended up knocking him down within a second, and things went great from then on for a few months. Then "her fire went out." I would have done anything for this girl but that wasn't enough and she can't even tell me why we ended. I still love her more then anything inthe world but know, she even told me, that I will never get her back. Looking for help if possible

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