Pisces Man in love with Scorpio Woman Best Friend

by Textbook Pisces Man

We've known each other for 6 years... She was incredibly shy when we first met, and I made the mistakes you make when you are young... I asked her to coffee/dinner probably too soon, when she turned me down and continued to refuse after another couple attempts I thought she was simply not attracted to me. I started hanging out with another girl to try to get a rise out of her, and that girl turned into my first kiss. Since then we've dated other people many times but every time we were both truly single, we become practically inseparable. I have come to realize I have loved her nearly the entire time, and honestly shes the only one I ever wanted. I finally had the guts to tell her after not seeing her for a year while I took a break from school. Her response, coming from anyone else would have lead me to believe I should have kissed her, but I can read everything on her except her romantic feelings, and I have no idea what she feels. I know she loves me on at least a friend level... When I told her I had been in love with her, and that those feelings were definitely not finished and that I had been trying to get over her but couldn't her response was "well, what do you want to do about it?" with absolutely no physical cues. She might be the love of my life, but if she is not, I need to run far before I end up depressed (again). What do I do to land my Scorpio best friend?

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by: Anonymous

either find another scorp or a cancerian

meet somewo
by: Anonymous

she doesnt return ur interest

dont give up
by: Anonymous

dont stop dont give up tell her u want her explain yourself more on how u truly feel about her ........you will get her

tell her the truth
by: Anonymous

she truly wants to know your ideas of what to do you wanna make out then tell her that. trust me nothing is sexier to a Scorpio then the truth.

"well, what do you want to do about it?"
by: Anonymous

i am a scorpio woman. I think she means you have to put some action into it.. Scorpio don't care about words too much, they wanna see action

mind games turn-off. fight back
by: Anonymous

My pisces men was 1 entire year all over me never gave up, we ve been toguether for 7 years now and going strong.
You made a huge mistake cuz probably the reason she didnt want anything at the start was
a)you are real friends
b)didnt know if she can trust you 100% for a relashionship, scorpios are possessive and piscies usually are very charming and have a lot of girlfriends, when you went and kiss another girl it kinda proved her point and she just turn around, dont do mind games with a scorpio it just get things worse.
If you really want her back just be honest and dont give up, give her things (not in a financial way)take her to places, exsplore things toguether, overall just be romantic and real you know like a true pisces, its going to be hard in the begining probably she will test you again to see if you "kiss another girl to get back to her" :p just dont do that ok? and everything will be fine.

just prove
by: Anonymous

haha i got one pisces man going crazy and keep chasing me but cant accept him maybe need sometime and just dont think 'im the one and only for him'. scorpion girl seriously doesnt like her man playing around with another girls even u dont mean or what so dont do that if u love scorpio just hanging there and prove your sincerety honesty and she s your one and only you will GET her trust me

scorpion female

Scorpio moon woman advice
by: Anonymous

Hello Pisces man. Although I'm not a Scorpio sun I'm a Scorpio moon with Capricorn sun and my emotions run super intense. This intensity is why people with Scorpio sun/moon are hesitant to act on emotions they have inside. Sometimes the stronger I feel about someone the less likely I am to act on it. Also the men who are the most persistant are typically the ones who get me assuming the attraction is mutual. My whole life I have struggled with who I am (emotional) but am coming to terms with it.
When you said that your scorpio woman wanted you to "do something about it" it sounded exactly like something I would say. Always brave and always challenging people to see if they will put the money were their mouth is. What I heard from that comment is "if you want me kiss me now" and I can almost guarantee she has been fantasizing about it for as long as you have.
The reason she is waiting for you to make a move may be a deep seated fear of rejection.
I'm 34yrs old and have only just dated my first Pisces man all my previous boyfriends were Aries because they are fearless and go after what they want. I needed that before. Now that i'm older and more confident I go after what I want hence being with a Pisces man and it is bliss.
I would say do what you have been dreaming of with this woman she wants it as much as you do. Even if she rejects you which I don't think she will she will still want to be friends (we are a loyal type) good luck.

pisces and scorps
by: Anonymous

Hi Pisces

im a scorpio female. The thing is we are just as scared of the feelings you Pisces men create. Yes we want action, we want you to prove your love and loyalty. We want you to share your innermost feelings be romantic and i guarantee you will get so much more back from your Scorpio. be honest be kind to her and i really think you will get a postive response from her.

Please please dont play games with her you will lose her especially if you do this with other females. We know you Pisces men are very attractive to lots of women, but you need to be consistent in your behaviour and try not to be secretive. She wil open up to you if she trusts you and trust me its worth the effort.

from a true romantic good luck to you.

how scoprios view pisces
by: Anonymous

I'm a scorpio woman and every pisces man I have ever met has scared me because you are all so hard to read and that makes me feel insecure and afraid to trust.

She is mostly likely feeling like this, especially if you have dated other people, set her aside and pulled her back on and off. She won't feel like she can trust you and Pisces men are soooo hard to pin down. We can never tell how you feel. You are so elusive. It's frightening to a Scorpio woman who, above all, wants to understand EVERYTHING.

She wanted you to kiss her. She wanted you to take action. Pisces men tend to be passive and let things float down the river to them. If you want her, do something about it. Go to her, look her in the eyes, be honest (she'll know if you are lying) and tell her you love her and kiss her slowly, intensely and passionately. If she has any feelings for you, she will not be able to repress them after that.

If only the Pisces man in my life would do the same....

Pisces anf Scorpio, bestfriends
by: Anonymous

I've known a Pisces for many years. We have been intimate, girlfriend-boyfriend, and also just best friends.
It is my opinion its best to be their friend and not intimately involved. They do not hold their lovers in as high of regard, are nit nearly as interested in sex as a scorpio, and have s hard time keeping the interest.
It's s disaster waiting to happen.
They can make a Scorpio feel very special with their friendship, and are what a Scorpio needs to feel safe, but as a bestfriend, not a lover.
I will only stay on the bestfriend path with my Pisces, and that will insure that he is in my life forever.
It is my opinion a Scorpio should date a Scorpio. If the sex ingredient is there, a Scorpio will overlook anything else.
I currently date a Scorpio, and consider my Pisces a friend.

bring it
by: Anonymous

i'm a scorpio woman and i can tell you she loves you back but she needs you to 'bring it'. show her just how much she means to you. and please dont go kissing any other girls, that's the worst thing you can do

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