Pisces man is he the one?

by Marie

ok, im an aries woman and my recent ex-boyfriend is a pisces. In the begginning of the relationship, i was somewhat into him (im like two yrs older than him, so it was awkward for me) but the second day of our relationship, he was the one who started holding my hand and kissed me right away, making out with me.

i dont know why ppl say that aries are more assertive than pisces, but in this relationship, he did everything! so that got me kinda scared. i kinda tried avoiding him and i would tell him not to rush things, he would only listen one day, but the next, he couldnt stop making out with me.

i used to think he only got with me because he was either desperate or just wanted to show off to friends. It lasted three weeks, i dont know if he ment what he wrote, but in Valentines day, he gave me a little gift, very sewwt of him and a letter saying what he saw in me and he wrote down that he loved me.

i mean he knew me in the first semester of school, maybe thats how he felt but i still think it was too soon. So i decided that the relationship wasnt working out, i confronted him, and i felt bad because his big, brown eyes got kinda watery. so then he didnt talk to me for like a week then when he approached to me, he asked ,me if i liked him and if i still liked him and i told him yes, i wasnt going to lie.

He told me that his friends thought i was very pretty, and turned away. after that, he kept trying to catch my attention, and knowing that i hated being smothered, i cussed him out one day as he did the same, but he looked very hurt... yeah, i regret it now. So after that, i didnt talk to him anymore.

After a year i started having dreams of him chasing me at school and me avoiding. Then i noticed, i really really like him. i don't know what to do, he lives far away from me and i don't have his number, one things for sure, i want to know if by the info i just typed, did it sound like he really meant what he wrote in that letter? was it a bad idea to brake up?

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Pisces men
by: Anonymous

One thing you have to know about pisces man is that,what they say or write to you they really mean every word they say. It might seem like they don't mean what they say but they really do,trust me i know. You did a mistake by leaving him,cause you will never find another 1 like him. Unless you guys accidentally meet each other wherever then you might get yourself another chance.

by: Anonymous

the internet is an amazing thing.

Been there doing it again!


Very interesting read about you being an Aries and him a Pisces. Funny that! I am the same, I am Aries and my ex is a Pisces. We are trying to work things out for the both of us.
Im going to tell you the story.
Dated, he broke it off over a text mind you! Then about say 6 months ago, I text him to see how he is and if he wanted to try and work things out, all he said was that he needed his space and I respected that, then a month later HE TEXTS ME! so I decided to play a game telling him that I needed space etc..
Then about 2 months ago, I try to convince him into us having another go with the relationship. He was hesitant at first but then settled in quite quickly.

Honestly Hun, tell him you need some space, think about this HARD and then you can work this out as adults. If I can do it there is nothing stopping you! xo

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