Pisces man keeps coming back into my life

I dated a guy about 3 years ago who is a Pisces.. Prior to that I was in a five year tumultuous relationship with another Scorpio. I liked this Pisces man from the start as he was a breath of fresh air from my Scorpio man experience. We started going out and felt a really strong connection. We would have these deep conversations that would last for hours and just had fun. Then he started acting flaky and standing me up, then telling me he forgot about our date because he was tired. I figured if he was really into me he would not forget.. So I dumped him right there. A few months later he came back into my life and asked for another chance..so I did and he pulled the same stunt of standing me up..So I dumped him again.. vowing never to see him again. That was a year and half ago..I then dated a Virgo man which was a disaster. Last weekend I ran into Pisces and he started talking to me right away acting all sweet and wanting to know how I have been..I was very stand offish but he followed me out of the place we were at and said that he misses me and it felt so good to see me again. He added that the past is the past and that he wants to be friends and then take it from there.. I don't get why he keeps coming back into my life. I don't want to be his friend let along date him again.. Are Pisces usually this persistent or clueless? I don't know why he can't just let me go. He hasn't dated anyone since me..plus he is the one who kept standing me up..

Anyone have similar experiences with Pisces?

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Pisces man
by: Anonymous

I'm a cancer and pisces men are the most confusing signs of all. You are right there are times they are sweet and nice next they turn mean. They are the typical dr. jekeyll and mister hyde. But what i have learned too about them is that when they fall in love they fall in love and i think that scares them and that may be why he stands you up. He is basically protecting his heart. If you don't want to be with him keep being clear about it and maybe eventually he will go away.

You have offended him
by: Anonymous

As a pisces man I can tell you that you have offended this man. He keep coming back to see if you have changed. He love you or he would not come back.

same problem
by: Anonymous

Yeah i guess was the only 1 facing confusing pisces.... but listening to u guess they all r same... they keep coming back sweep u off ur feet n dissappear showing mean face.. LOL and come back again... confusing u like hellllll

i disagree
by: Anonymous

i disgree agree with the pisces man says about offending him. Pisces men are just not worth anyone's time because they are like little boys and don't know what they want. I'd like to know from the pisces guys that said that she offended him, in what way did she??? Pisces men like to play with people's emotions. All they care about is themselves. So my advice is lose him you don't need him.

by: Anonymous

i dated a pisces man 3 years ago....dumped him then never seen or heard from him until lately. i made the first move cos i missed him n then i treayed him like dirt again.
one thing i can say for sure is a pisces mans heart should not be played with!!! and people with views like urz r wrong! everyone can be selfish n u sound like u r!
pisces men r the best u can get if u want to settle down u just have to know hoe to treat them.
i think any man is like that but depending on the woman they r with....and i am female btw, whether or nor u get the full potential of them.
women can be nasty n that is exactly the kind of attitude that gets ur heart broken!
u obviously need to grow up and get a grip!

Same Situation
by: Gemini

I've been in a very similar situation. I started seeing a Pisces a year ago. It was nothing serious and a month later I left on vacation to another country with my family for 2 weeks. We didn't have any contact while I was gone until I came back and when I got back I tried talking to him and things felt different. A few days later I found out he had gotten back with his ex girlfriend. At first I kept on telling myself I shouldn't be upset about it because we never set to be in a serious relationship but it did hurt me a lot so I distanced myself away from him. A month later, he started calling me again but he would just call me when he wanted to hook up. He never really told me he had a girlfriend now and I didn't think I had the right to go off on him for hurting me because honestly we never formed a serious relationship so I just acted as if nothing had ever happened. I would talk to him occasionally when he would call me but that's all. He stopped calling me for about 3 months and then one day he just called me and he continued calling me daily just to talk and we started becoming closer again. I realized soon that he had just broken up with his girlfriend so I figured that's why he was coming back to me now. Its been 7 months since we've been talking again and we've become a lot closer but I don't see us going anywhere only because he's so indecisive and I don't want to get more attached to him then I already am because he's hurt me plenty of times. I've tried avoiding him but he just keeps coming back.

Original poster update..
by: Anonymous

I am the original poster- life's been busy so I just recently caught up.. Pisces man also goes to my church so I have been seeing him more than I had anticipated. I decided to just keep it a friendly aquaintence and that's it.. Well one day I had to leave the service early because I had to help with set up of a ministry fair and the next Sunday he asked me straight out why I left the church early. He said he had been looking for me everywhere.. So he asks if we could get together for coffee and asks me to call him to set up a time. I was reluctant but finally decided why not.. So when I did I figured we would get together in the next week or so. But then when I called he said..well why don't we set a time next Sunday at church..maybe we can meet in a few weeks..I was like..what? Isn't that the point of me calling you? To set up a time now? I asked if he was busy with work..and he said a little but that he NEEDS to spend his weekends with his brother and sister in law and was usually too tired after work to do anything. So now I'm all confused about what he wants.. Anyway I don't think I'm selfish..to whoever made that comment...that was pretty ignorant to say with out knowing me or the full situation.. Since when am I selfish for dumping a guy who kept standing me up?? Oh..and by the way..one of the times he stood me was to go plumb picking with his sister in law...while his brother was out of town for work...and...she cooks him dinner all the time.. So obviously he has time.. I might just say never mind to the coffee..I can't take this hot and cold..yes then no... Maybe Katie Perry had a point when she wrote that song... lol..

the real deal
by: sex apeal

Let me explian something to all y'all who think y'all know pisces I'm am a pisces that got a baby by a pisces man and dnt show them two much love balance them out they love to be rejected if u are real easy they will hurt u very bad and wnt think twice about it because they know u will take them back I was all mess up and I am a pisces but the women just wnt a lot of more attention we are nothing a like trust me we got a lot in common but I'm not that tricky and another thing when they disapear for weeks they are wit another woman that's the truth they try to live a double life and they do it well trust me wife and and baby ma mas that just majority of them not all I was chopped and screwed and did not understnd why me but since I' am a pisces I adapt to things very quickly I have bacame a night mare to this man and he cries and I dnt care I shut off all feelings and put my emotional side up lol because I was ready to play his game and he couldn't handle it and he continue to stalk me tell him lies and wnt he wnt to hear sometimes if u love some one u got to give them a taste of they own medicine they can dis it out but cnt take it just sometimes realize wat its worth and I say these men are good in the bed that's I ever saw ha ha

Is my pisces playing games with me?
by: Aries-Taurus Cusp

Ok so my ex of 5years and i are back on talking terms, what confuses me is that we use to talk all the time but now hes busier then ever. i know hes got family stuff going on and all that but is it that hard to reply to a text? sometimes hes gone for more than 2 days but then i hear from him a day after and he acts like everything is ok but then he apologises. His reasons are always to do with family, Its like when we talk things are good but after that things just go back to how they were before. We are not in a relationship, but we care about eachother alot. Were just stubborn. Please help me :(

by: Confused Aries/Taurus Cusp

My pisces ex said he came back in contact with me becaused he missed what me and him both shared. What i noticed is that pisces men can be a good boyfriend but when it comes to opening up thats when things get tricky with them and thats when they disappear because their scared.

Pisces Men
by: Aries WOman

pisces men are stubborn towards the girl that know them inside out, they are just scared. How do you wiggle them out of that bad habit?

Aries Girl
by: Aries 4 Pisces

Pisces guys are so hard to deal with, they like their women to be aloof, sensitive like them and shower them with love to a point. It's hard to keep up with that act when falling for a Pisces man as they have a way with transforming you into their fantasy dream girl without you even realizing it. Their good manipulators but will give you the world if you love them. I'm an Aries and my Pisces ex has been coming back to me for years it's soo hard :(

recent break up with a pisces
by: Anonymous

hello everyone,
well where should i begin? I met this pisces about a 3 years ago when i was 19, he was 27. Little did i know that our relationship would blossom into something so wonderful and at the same time so emotionally overwhelming We recently broke up July 1 and i must say on good terms, i guess pisces dont respond well to ultimatums because as soon as i gave him one he said, okay ill leave you alone completely. and so fsr its been a few weeks but i miss him dearly. I dont entirely regret breaking things off with him but i do miss our connections and conversations and our intellectual compatibility, it was true bliss in his arms and at the same time he was quite unbearable all in all ive never met anyone as influential as he was. As a cancer female, i recognize that it is difficult for me to let go and get over things especially someone like him, i just want it to end already i want to be over him and then there are days when i wonder if he will come back to me or if ive lost him forever. I miss him so much. So with someone with history like ours, 3 yrs, im 22 now and hes 29 i wonder/wish that he will come back.

My pisces question
by: Taz (scorpio women)

Okay so ive been seeing this pisces male for a year now we dated for 2 in ahalf months then broke up for causable reasons we didnt speak for about two weeks then we started talking again i was pretty hurt after the break up because we have liked each other for 3 years and finally when i give it a try it goes to hell but anyways we fooled around for a whole year then things got shaky again but dont get me wrong we were off and on like donky kong for the year as well but it always seem hed always keep coming back but anyways we got into some bad arguments the past couple weeks but we always make up we never stay mad at each other i still love him and im sure he still loves me well actually im definate but we were getting into those arguments because i got tired of his pushy away attitude and disrespect so i set the record straight and i told him to do him and ima do me basically but it seemed he kinda wanted to give af after i stated that, but just reasently we did something i didnt think would happen again because i was so sure i was done but just because we did what we did doesnt mean ima be running back but since then ive been thinking about us again i miss him, i love him and i alwsys will. BUt im wondering is he trying to win me back i need major help, i feel like im droning in an endless love triangle oh and i forgot to mention were kinda living with each other because of some personal family issues but my heart wants him back but my mind is wanting to explore one more time because im afraid of giving in and being hurt again but dont get me wrong ive done my share of misfits but im afraid of my moves now what should i do say what!? I love him but i cant be hurt again ive gave him so many chances its unbelievable but ive forgiven him also but im just afraid Please someone help me!Also another thing is it seems we can never live each other alone if we are not speaking or mad at each other i get depessed in away wanting to speak to him but were both s stubborn but normally he is always the one that comes and rekindals the flame.

All the same
by: mesmerised

I believe u both have feelings for each other still and it is going to be hard to decipher what is the right thing to do until u have direction your self. Try and concentrate on getting u back on track and if he follows and makes a committment then decide.Just remember we r all strong and worthy of the right love.xoxox

In same boat
by: Scorpio Chick

I have just recently met a discern man and we have been emaiing and talking on tango.We live in different countries.So I asked him about flying to the US to see him,since I live in western Australia . He has been all for it,so tickets paid for and ment to be picking me up from the airport and have not heard a word for over a week.Still going and now wondering what the he'll is going on. I have organised other accomodation and still going to have a awesome time.

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