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Your summary is pretty much 98% correct regarding to my Pisces man EXCEPT money / finances, the roles are somewhat reverse- he's the one that does not save, he basically lives for today. I on the other hand, believes in saving for a rainy day, etc.

This is the biggest obstacle we have in our relationship besides the arguing - and yes, he admits he does not want to fight with me, he likes to keep the peace. He's really a peaceful man, very romantic; which DRIVES me crazy, he knows what mood I am in even before I express what I am feeling. He's teaching me about unconditional love - I don't know where this is leading - which is hard for a Leo -we are very organized people.

With him, life is not so organized which is okay, I kinda like it, sometimes I wish I could be as carefree as he is. However, I'm glad he's in my life. When he's not, I'm not so happy. He brings out the good in me. I do love him and want to make him happy as much as he makes me. The money situation, I believe will work itself out. He's truly one of my "DEEP" loves in my lifetime.

I love a Leo women, and she loves me too. I find this Science of astrology bit difficult here. Everybody tells me the relationship will not work...sorry it does.

We are too compatible. We both are in to extra marital affair....its smooth. We understand each other. its on for last three years.....and it will be there three years hence... How do you explain.... I mean it we understand each other too well.

Everything you have written about the Pisces man describes my ex-boyfriend. He would always put off being with me to go help anyone and everyone. He was always trying to save the world, but forgetting about the people in his life that truly loved him for him. He also was the person in my life that turned me on to some really kinky stuff which I am very grateful for. But in the end it didn't work because I needed a bit more attention than he was giving.

I love my Pisces man we go thru it time to time but we're perfect there are 2 different kind of Pisces so I got a good one. I'm a Leo & they said we're opposite but we have faith love & patience is the key-- love you romey so much!

I tried to date a Pisces, he was too quiet. Me being a Leo, I do need more attention. He showed no affection and rather care for everything else other than me or his family as a matter of fact. We ended it as of yesterday. Relationship only lasted two months.

I'm dating a Pisces man and he is the best boyfriend I have ever had. Very attentive and I don't know why they say Pisces men don't show affection because he shows a lot of it. I have learned to show affection too because they will love you forever.

I'm a Leo woman and I met a Pisces man. I was attracted to him from the beginning. He's truly amazing and what I've needed in my life for a long time!! He listens to me and understands me. He's accepting and open-minded, funny, smart, caring, considerate, etc. We've been dating for almost 6 months and so far so good. I've dated lots of guys in the past but I feel he is the one.

Leo women are too selfish when things are going against them and hate Pisces men when they succeed. they cannot see success in Pisces men. but they always support the Pisces men achievements.

I'm a Leo woman and I'm dating a Pisces man and everything is going awesomely. I was afraid of this combination because of compatibility charts that go against the match but he's the best boyfriend every. I just hate that he's been through so much emotionally damaging that he might be afraid of opening up fully 2 me. And I hate that!! He such a sweet person, I don't understand y you would even have the desire 2 hurt him. He's the best before I've ever had and I'm really starting to fall 4 him!!

Leo woman here -- I've never been so happy in my life since the day I met my Pisces love! Previously, my opinion of men was very low because of what some have done to me in the past, but since he entered my life my Pisces guy has lit up my dark path in life.

Sure traditional sun sign matches say we are a disaster, but he is teaching me patience and I am learning how to consider the feelings of others in my decisions (something very hard to do as a Leo!). ON the same token, I am teaching him how to be braver and more extroverted. It's a win-win for the both of us!

Leo woman with a Pisces man. We've been together three months and he's the greatest thing ever. He can be really loving at times and I love the attention he gives to me. He likes to really get me going sometimes though and like it's been said before PATIENCE is a huge part of making this relationship work. I wanted him to open up to me and share all of his deepest feelings with me, but he's only just started. I think that makes are relationship even better though because it means that he's given me the greatest gift of all. The gift of his trust, and his heart. Dating him is the best decision I've ever made.

I'm very happy I never listened to all of the zodiac compatibility things saying that a Pisces and Leo can't make a relationship work. Like many before me have said: My Pisces man is the one for me. He knows just how to make me Roar (in a good way.)

I am a Leo woman and dating a Pisces man. he is very sensitive, which I very much like. when we are together, he always wants to make me happy and he does, although sometimes he doesn't think I'm happy. I always have to reassure him that everything is just fantastic, but I think there is a little thing inside him saying that "No, do more for her". I appreciate him sooooo much.

The only bad thing, is that he is a little on the depressed side, and being a Leo, I am outgoing. that is his only downfall.

Pisces man dating Leo woman. She stood out right away from a crowd when I've met her. I wanted us to connect, so and her as I found out later, and no surprise we did. Yes, she wants to roam a bit more than I do, and can, but it's understandably also because she is younger than I am.

She is warm and very affectionate, sometime more than I comfortable with, but again she is younger and I've already had my share of bad relationships, so I'm more reserved, although I'm unleashed when we are intimate because her overwhelming physical sexuality drives my wildest fantasies to the fullest, almost to the point of amusement that I can have it this good in my life, so yeah - I can be brave and all and because of her sexuality I indeed become a total puppy when I come back to her presence, when other worlds disappear behind the closed doors and time becomes infinite ambient bliss. When back outside it's the usual reality, some excitement, agendas, plans and dreams are in mix, when all that becomes a routine at the end of the day I want to come back to my Leo woman and tell her I want to wake up next to her for the rest of my life. Will wake up a bit earlier before back to a regular programming schedule, if you know what I mean ;)

I'm a Pisces dating a Leo. and I was thinking,..... if you try to nurse an injured lion back to health, what might eventually happen? I'm serious. lion food?

im a Pisces man and I was close with a Leo women for 4 years 1 and a half years living together ,she lied to me and made me leave for another Pisces guy from her past and I did my best :P

im a Leo woman I have been with my Pisces man for a little over 3 months and everything is going so amazing we have been inseparable since the day we met, but recently something bad happened and we only get to see each other like twice a week now but he constantly calls to check on me we are on the phone pretty much 24/7 unless he is at work and then he still calls me we have opened up so much more to each other so I think all that compatibility stuff is crap he's the best guy ive ever had!!!! I don't see why any Leo woman wouldn't love a Pisces they really know how to make you feel like a queen!

I am a Leo woman dating a Pisces man. We have been seeing each other for 4 months. He is beautiful. Very loyal, honest, considerate and generous. He can be sensitive at times. So far, he is quite affectionate though I feel he prefers to be smothered in my affection. He is very carefree with his money and lives for each day. Saving would not even cross his mind. He is everything my ex Piscean boyfriend wasn't and am happy to see how things go for the future.

I am a Leo woman, dating a Pisces man was a very bad experience for me

I am in a relationship with a Pisces man & I love him to death I don't understand why these astrologies say we are not compatible we have a good relationship & I do honestly feel he is the one for me he is caring, fun to be around, compassionate etc. I could be around him 24/7 we do argue from time to time but all couples do. but this has been the best experience for me because he has shown me that I can trust someone not to hurt me.

I am a Leo woman and I have been talking to this Pisces man for about three months. He is a sweet heart , but sometimes can make me feel unhappy because he don't trust me . I am faithful and I would like for him to trust me . but other than that he's the best.

Im a Leo woman dating a Pisces man and I don't care what astrologists say. I have found MY SOULMATE. Plain and simple. And it is EVERYTHING the stories have EVER talked about. The instant emotional connection, familiarity, and comfort. The part that's a bummer is he has been through A LOT, so it will be a long time before he trusts me fully. I know it will come in time though. He isn't very vocal w/ his feelings either, but shows it often. I don't want ANYONE else, EVER AGAIN :)

I'm a Leo woman and dated 2 Pisces men the first one is my daughter's father was with the man for 5 years and the only man wherein it was a long period of time. The newer relationship has ended on a bad note, he promised that he would do a favor for me and just didn't even come through, I've done everything for him, been there for him when no-one else even cared. Anyway, I'm trying to move on mentally and I can't stop thinking of him, even though we had disagreements, I loved him so much very deeply - he's the only man in years that have touched me so deeply however, he doesn't like to open up and talk with me, he feels like I'm going to attack, if he only knew how much I truly loved and love him. I'm not going to call, because you know how a Pisces is, once they swam away - its hard to get them to come back until when they are ready. I don't want him back because he keeps disappointing me when I truly need him, it hurts, but I know its for the best. I use to think it was the two of us against the world. The communication was hard, we just didn't get each other, I like organization, security, and he lives for today and today ONLY, which is scary because he has a child also and don't seem to care about making sure that she's taken care of, he leaves that up to the mother. I wish he would grow up mentally, he's 3 years older than me; however, I'm the more stable one and the one that will be there if you need me wherein he's the opposite. This last time, after he let me down, I felt like he spat in my face once and for all, its just trying to get my heart to understand that its the best thing for me. I would have never done that too him. I was there 100% for him. He's just not strong enough to deal with me. I learned a lot about love in this relationship - that if the person can't be there for you once in a while and you are there all the time they need you, then why keep doing it? What are you getting out of the relationship? nothing but heartache, which I am hurting but this Leo woman will be GREAT IN 2010. GOD WILL SEND ME SOMEONE NEW TO LOVE AND WILL LOVE, AND BE THERE FOR ME.

I am a Leo Woman who was in a relationship with a Pisces man, we actually have two children together. Communication between is very hard, I don't understand him and he doesn't even try to understand my point of view about things, he's very insecure although he will never admit, when we have disagreements its not unusual to not hear from him for weeks at a time, I usually have to be the one to try and piece the relationship back together because he will just go off, like he doesn't give a sh*t, when I know deep down he does, but he has a hard time expressing how he feels and sometimes I take that as he doesn't care. I try to be there for always and my love is unconditional for him, but I don't think he is always there for me like he should be, there has been times when I really needed him and he was nowhere to be found. He also is very selfish and is only happy when you are pleasing him, doing everything that he says and wants. In the beginning he adored me and wanted to be with me always and called always but soon all that stops, needless to say were not together and I moving on to try and Aries Man, hope everything works out!

I'm a Leo woman dating a Piscean man - the first date was absolutely amazing! He gave me so much attention and hung to every words I said - I felt on top of the world. However once we had sex, things have been a bit different. He seems to be making more excuse not to see me and being the proud Leo that I am, I would never chase him. I'm noticing also that he is extremely tight with his money - so tight that he doesn't even buy credit for his phone and this drives me insane!! I can't understand how all these other women can say Piscean men are big spenders...I've met 2 Piscean and they are major tight arses! However they are quite intuitive. My Piscean is such an alpha male that he'd rather look like a woolly mammoth than get rid of all that hair on his back, shoulders and neck - which grosses me out. I'm anal about personal hygiene and odor issues...he smells like damp clothes and is hairy as cousin "IT"...and yet I can't stop thinking about him...he's good in bed.. .sighhhh...!

Leo woman dating a Pisces man, best experience ever, best sex ever, best connection ever. We do fight because he tends to take on his friends and families problems a lot, and I wish he would stop allow their problems to become his problems. He wants to save the world all the time. we have a strong passionate connection, but tend to drag all day and not worry about day to day life carefree), that annoys me. I cant stand when he goes into silent mode, it drives me insane. He treats me like a princess with flowers, and gifts, I love it. He is the best boyfriend I have ever had (a real soulmate). Not sure why it is said that we are not compatible.

I have been with a Pisces man for 5 1/2 years, as a Leo I like communication but if I have a view on something or want to talk about something that involves me then he isn't interested!!! he is also moody, he talks quite a bit which is good and he doesn't understand that I like to let my hair down once in a while and goes moody with me when I do, he doesn't shower me with flowers or gifts but he does tell me he loves me a lot but he always needs the reassurance that I love him which is quite annoying. he doesn't pay much attention to our son either. my Pisces man is a hard worker and would choose more work over a family day out. in the beginning it was great and loving although he did cheat once! im not sure if my relationship is coming to an end... his moodiness and non communication is hard to deal with. we have so much in common as well.. a Pisces man Leo woman is a good one but they tend to hold you back :)

I am a Leo in love with a Pisces man....my god am I in love typing this tear come to my eyes I am totally lost in his love , I have found my soul mate and I don't want to ever let go, I love this guy to death .

I am a Pisces man, dating a Leo women - This is the best relationship I have ever had. We connect on every single level, fell in love in weeks, and have lots in common. I am not sure why many people would say these two signs are doomed to fail...

As an overly confident Pisces, my Leo girlfriend is quite placid and often shy at times - This goes against all the traits of each of our signs, which could suggest that neither of us are typical of our sign, or that the generic traits are just load of rubbish

I am a Pisces man in a very close friendship with a Leo woman and despite everything I've read about Leo woman-Pisces man friendships and relationships this is the nearest I've experienced to finding a soulmate. There's something so very deep and true about it that it frightens me a little but I love her more than I've ever loved anyone. We're both deeply romantic in nature, there's such a profound connection and I think we both recognize how sensitive and easily hurt we both are and so there are simply never any hurtful words between us.

I am a Leo women I have been dating this Pisces man for 2 years 2 months - in the beginning of the relationship he ways absolutely in love with me to the point he never wanted to leave my side he always would lay down with me tell me he loved me always wanted me in his eye at all times and as me being a Leo I wanted to go outside walk to the beach do something besides being inside weeks went by we started working out our differences but to wrap this up once you loose a Pisces its hard to get them back they keep there emotions all the way inside of them and never express there selves they try to act like mister big guy when it comes down to their friends we are not currently together right now but we talk I know we are gonna get back together in no time but just know once you loose them its hard to get them back not saying they don't want you back they just try to hide that they do cause they want people to chase them 24/7

How can a Leo woman tell if a Pisces man loves her?

I m a Leo women in love with my Pisces man. our relationship is great. he is very caring , considerate and we fell in love soon after we met. I am the one who does the talking but I have never seen such a good listener. he is awesome. I do crave for more attention at times but he makes an effort if I tell him about something that bothers me.

he has made me a lot more caring and I do teach him to save ( still trying).

I adore my Pisces man. There's something incredibly sweet about him. I feel deeply connected w/him & he's so good to me. Know astrology is more then just the aspect of your sun sign.

I am a Leo woman, with all of the traits of the lioness. I have met a Pisces man and this is my first experience with this sign. They are romantic, will take me totally off guard with their sentimental reactions, I am amazed at how he can make me feel. A lioness blush? c'mon would never have believed it, if I didn't live it. Amazing they would say these 2 signs wouldn't work, its a complimentary match.

I'm attracted by a Pisces man too... but the problem is , I think he doesn't feel the same to me :S : ( so sad ... : ) I just don't know how to make him get interested in me (but it's impossible, I know)

Im a Leo lady and im seeing this gorgeous Pisces. First date was great, when we are together we both love each others company and he gives me all the Attention in the world but when we leave each other he doesn't give me the attention I need, its hard to tell if he really likes me. when were together its a dream but when were not he doesn't talk to me, only if we have plans to go somewhere...idk what to think.

I am a Leo GIRL, and my boyfriend is a Pisces. he's wonderful, always makes me laugh, and we never argue. But my friends hate him :( I cant stand it. He says he tries, but I can trust that? He always makes dirty jokes about sex... And were 12! I don't know!

I am Leo woman and my ex is Pisces. I was ready for the relationship to end because all he ever talked about was his dreams -not that that was a problem - he failed to realize that I have dreams, too. And it didn't help that he can be lazy and didn't do anything to secure a future that might involve a woman, or the possibility of children (he is 35 and I am 29). I've tried to ground him but he called me negative for it ... too bad. I really liked him. He broke up with me over the phone (left me a voice mail message). The next day he was calling my phone begging me back ... for several days he attempted to get me back saying he made a mistake, and didn't realize how good I was for him. He talked about how now he understands everything I was trying to get through to him and how he didn't try to make things work before, but will going forward ...

I know it was only two months, but I really gave the relationship all I had in that short time while he didn't. That hurt me to think about ... anyway, I refused to get back together with him, and now it's over. he swore he'd never call again.

I miss him, but this is for the best.

I'm a Leo woman dating a Pisces man. we've been dating for 9 months. im so confused and the reason im so confused is because he is confused. I know im falling madly in love with him but im wondering if he's falling for me to. He listens, he's caring, but I feel he can do more. I will keep you all posted on what happens because I don't want to lose him.

I'm a Leo woman dating a Pisces man. Like any relationship, there's pros and cons.

pros: When I am around him, I feel adored. He's open with his affection for me. He has shown me a new way of thinking. He's very unique and intelligent. The sex is mostly amazing because he is so intuitive.

Strange enough, I'm the pessimist and he's the optimist. I know this is not typical of our signs. But, he keeps me mostly balanced.

cons: I feel neglected sometimes. I feel that he puts his friends above me. If he is lonely, I will drop anything to be there for him. If I'm lonely, it doesn't matter. He thinks that by giving me space when I'm sad he's doing the right thing, because that's how Pisces deal with things.. but really he's making it worse. Though the sex is amazing, he is much more into being pleased than pleasing. The Leo side of me wants very much to please him, and I constantly find myself putting him in front of me without reciprocation.

A Leo woman who is falling in love with a Pisces man. We are doomed. At the beginning he was so much caring, trying to take me out and do stuff just to make me feel like princess. However even on one on dates (or double ones with friends and family) I've never felt he was really into me and sadly I'd never managed to show that I really liked him.

Oddly enough, I'm a shy Leo girl, very outgoing and talkative but when it comes to the romantic stuff I expect the first step from the other side. He is a friendly, outgoing, fun to have around Pisces but when we are alone he is getting reserved and shy.

We kissed (took weeks to kiss) and had amazing 2 nights together (took lots of red wine) but after all the touches, romantic sensual sex we've turned back where we were.

I'm never that much confused in any of my relationships, never felt that much insecurity, it's like walking on a wire where your eyes blindfolded. Hmpf... Do I love him? Unfortunately yes, however can't even say where we both are standing and it's been like this since 1,5 months. Families and friends are all waiting us to have a movement or come out of closet but we two idiots are drifting...

God, can you please make him a little bit less Pisces or me more Leo? Thanks!

Im a Pisces man that has met a Leo woman, she is the definition of woman. We have great communication with laughter and smiles, known each other for about 1 month. I truly feel that our union would be an unbelievable match. How can I get her to say yes, even though I believe she will say no.

In Wanders

I love my Pisces man together for 6months and he always compliments me he showers me with flowers tells me he loves me desires me knows my ups and downs. the only thing is he does have his quiet moments where you just want to know what he's thinking lol

My Pisces man is perfect in every way, I am a Leo woman, and I couldn't imagine my life without him, he is always there for me, and a wonderful lover, he takes care of me, and puts my interests before his own, and of course vise versa, I would do anything for him, and always put him first, we have been strong for just over a year now, never fought, except for those silly five minute fights, we spend so much time together, and I could not be happier, he is truly and simply just an amazing man.

I feel like I'm in maze and can't get out of it. I'm a Leo woman and with a Pisces man, on and off for 3 years and I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired, there's basically no communication between us, and when we do try it always turn into a misunderstanding, Pisces getting upset, saying means things and just hang up the phone, its really time for me to move on, he's not worth the crying, headaches, keeping my thoughts to myself, he's done nothing but brought me heartache, I need to stop trying to understand the loser and move on with my life. He was never really there for me, he can't take a lot of pressure,

Wow...I'm astounded by how similar of experiences fellow Leo women are having with their Pisces..! I'm still hang up on my ex-/on and off for 3 years Pisces boy-- We really have this attraction for one another for some reason though we both logically think aren't as compatible/easy/smooth as we try to have a relationship. the end of last year for a couple of month we tried to be really gf/bf and spent pretty much all the time with each other trying, but some my Leo flare-up and as you know, he decided he wanted to be done. typical fish swim-always that are so heartbreaking. We still see each other in public at shows etc. and I know that he's torn about it. He'd talk about small caring things I did for him or small little thing I made for him and clearly sexually wanting and emotionally longing. At the same time I can see him telling himself that we are not good for each other, we tried, it's been long time, trying to move on etc. I have deep care and affection for him and probably I have never been as this emotional romantically before. I can maybe even say he was my first love. I haven't cried as much nor felt as much before. reading this board made me think that maybe there are other Pisces men out there for me to have truly loving, compatible and affectionate relationship with. Since after all, I'm just really attracted to Pisces men. Its just there...One thing for sure--I learned a lot. about myself and relationships...and made me dig into my inner self for otherwise silly social friendly party hoppin Leo. I tapped into my inner, thinking part of me since the tear jerking last break up. growing pains?..

I am a Leo women and I love my Pisces man to death! I went through a whole bunch of really bad relationships and he help me get over all of them. He is the most caring, understanding, loving man I have ever meet...he is like the missing piece to my puzzle...he is the love of my life.

I am a true definition of a Leo woman and just started dating a Pisces guy. We live kind of far from another but we talk on the phone quite often so I don't feel he lives that far. We've seen each other a few times and I was a little taken back on how quickly he wanted to have sex. I am extremely sexual too but holding back because I was hoping to develop more of a connection with him emotionally before we did anything sexual together. I'm scared of getting my heart broken with him. I don't know what to do. I really like his company and he's so smart and funny. I feel it can work out well but my jaded past gives me crazy trust issues.

im a 27yr Leo in a relationship wit a 24yr old Pisces. everything was so perfect in da beginning I felt like I had found my soul mate without a doubt. loving, kind, gentle over affectionate very attentive I got so much attention I felt like a queen he use to open up every door 4 me, was always respectful even at times when we had disagreements he'd never show any negativity he'd always listen when I talked. its been a year now and boy have I seen the ugly side of him he's completely opposite now

I would love to hear more from Pisces Men. I am a Leo Woman and I am married to a Pisces Man for about 15 years. We have 4 boys together. What I can say is that he was my night in shining armor from the first day I met him. I felt so safe in his arms like he was nurturing my soul. We did break up for awhile but he eventually swam back in my direction. I found the main balance in this relationship is to appreciate the differences and allow the Lioness to Roam her Domain and Allow the Fish to swim in his Emotions and from time to time you both can meet at the shore banks where Land meets water...But over all cultivate your steam (fire and water) into creative endeavors and sexual passion and try to minimize the arguments. For Leo Girl walk it off...and for Pisces swim away for awhile till your both calm down. Shower each other with appreciation and this combination can definitely work with some patience.....

I am a Leo woman, I ran into a Pisces man in an unusual way...we were suppose to meet through a mutual associate but it never worked out as planned. we ended up meeting again a month later and since then he has been a blessing in my life. At first I want interested, but he was VERY persistent day after day. As I got to know more about this man, I began to fall in love. I have searched for a man that can stand up to me, who is romantic as I am, going places in life, and who lets me get my way every now and then. It is hard to find a man that possess all these qualities in one. He is the perfect blend, not overly dominant but not overly submissive either, he makes me feel like im floating. We have such a powerful connection spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. We pray over our relationship every night. Our bond grows stronger every day. Since Ive meet him, we have talked every day for the past four months. I have never had a man tell me how special I am to him every single day. I have truly been blessed with an angel.

I noticed while dating a Pisces man he does in fact seem to help others, even friends that are not that close to him. He seems to have lots of friends that are girls... many of which are attractive as well, which is a Red Flag for Leos.

Pisces Men are very kind, loving, and caring but realize that they are just as kind, loving and caring to his other female "friends" at the same time! So this definitely can be a red flag especially for Leo women who are not very fond having to share the man they are dating with another female "friend"

It also seems that Pisces men will have been in many relationships and still be friends with girls they have dated.

I have noticed of in a few of my Pisces male friends that Pisces Men actually do cheat whether it is emotionally or physically with another "friend" or new girl they meet at least once in their life even when they are in a relationship with a girl they love.

Also with the more shy types... if they are in a relationship with someone and they are too scared to break it off they will go and seek comfort and sex with another girl they meet and find cute. They will keep doing this until the other person breaks it off.

So just keep a watchful eye to see what type of Pisces you have. Do not be fooled 100% by their charming ways always keep your brain in tact and don't let your heart completely blind you dear Leo's!

All my Lionesses... You love a bad boy don't you.!!! I, a Leo Lady have been in relationships with two Pisces men. And they were nothing like each other. There's mixed feelings about the Leo and Pisces relationship and I've come up with a conclusion. I can relate to each and every single one of your experiences. Overall, I suggest, just to be on the safe side, Leo ladies, stay away from that Pisces boy but if you just must indulge in your hearts fantasies, then make sure he's a Pisces born in March. There are two types of Pisces, the man I dated who was born in March, I shall love even beyond my dying day because there's not a doubt in my mind that he loves me despite my flaws, puts up with my drama and still branded me his pride and joy. Even though we aren't together now(, for reasons that are not our choice and love and respect for our families and religion,) theres not a day that goes by that I don't thank God for sending me an angel who truly made me feel loved .

Now, the other type of Pisces, born in February... Leo ladies, you're a queen. And I'm strongly advising you to stay away from this February born, drop dead gorgeous Pisces boy. He would be an amazing friend to you. But I would personally rather commit suicide than to meet another February born Pisces boy. The guy I fell in love with didn't love me. Or maybe he did, but his lack of communication broke this Lionesses heart to pieces. He's not a bad person. In fact he has a heart of gold. I admire his love for his family and friends. Very well cultured. Tried his best to do good for others and wish good upon others. He's extremely sensitive and had been hurt in the past which meant his vengeance he took out on me. The sex was unbelievably amazing. He turned me from a nun to a whore in the bedroom. Unfortunately, fulfilling his sexual appetite was the only thing he loved about me. On the other hand, I was unconditionally in love with him so even if it meant that sex was the only hold I had over him, then I was okay with I now say in shame. He was the one and person who could break me, the at the same time the only person who could see right through me, who knew what I was doing without even asking, who knew my mood even when I was trying my best not to show it, and yet he didn't understand me at all I don't understand him. Communication and in which way you choose to communicate is vital. Pisces men just want to hurt Leo women because actually they hate the fact that we are stronger than them and take advantage of Leos love and uses it to hurt us. But hey, better that his emotions out of his system by hurting me, making this Lion feel so small than, better me than the next undeserving women.

I am a Leo woman who met a Pisces man very drunk the first time so I did not know if we connected intimately but I know one thing it was very excitng and guess what we got together the next week it was like wow he found me but still wasnt sure where we were going then a couple of weeks went by I had been sick he rang me at my work I thought wow he's pretty keen to call me at my work so we meet up with each other some more very hot and steamy and even thou our starsigns are not compatible we sure felt like we connected sexually ohh yeah but when I started to feel l.o.v.e.he didn't want me to get attatched but it was too late I was but even thou I knew how he felt I decided to keep seeing him any way even if my heart was going to get hurt in a big way but I thought and know that he was worth the time we shared unfortunately I fell pregnant and he was not keen with me going through with it but I couldnt let this joy leave me as in my past relationship struggled to fall pregnant which ended terribly but anyway I feel this baby was meant to be for all parties even if it dosent seem that way at the moment it has changed my life in more ways than one,even thou im not with my Pisces man he sure is a true piscean and thats what I liked about him and still do if only, love you Pisces man forever and ever and our baby will grow up to love you forever too even if we never meet again

Basically Leo Ladies, if you want that Pisces man, then make him work really really hard from the beginning. Give him a little lovin but not too much. Take it slow. Let him lead. I've noticed that for reason, these Fishy Pisces characters get a thrill out of being treated like nothing. So when you meet one give him attention but then confuse him a little. These games are exciting for him and loves a challenge. Us Leos give love so generously but make Pisces struggle for your love or else he will just use and abuse you whilst making sure you know that he's a good catch. Pisces men have huge egos that could dampen us Leo so make you cut that down in size before jumping head first into a sea with a shark. Lol. Don't compromise yourself to make him love you. Trust me, I've been through it all with these Pisces men so play your cards right and you'll have a winner. He will love you unconditionally. You'll feel as if Gods blessed you with an angel to show you true love . You'll be crying because the love he provides gives such overwhelming happiness. So Leo Ladies, go fishing. You're the bait. Goodluck.xxx

I am a Leo woman who has been dating a Pisces man for 11 months. I asked him to take it slow at first, even though this is hard for me to do because I always want to give my heart away. I had only been out of my last relationship for 7 months and was afraid to get attached too soon. But I ended up running to him all the time, I need to be with him and he says he loves to spend time with me and always asks me to come over and to do things with him. We don't communicate very well, I have trouble opening up to him because although he says he wants to see me and misses me when we are not together, he never tells me he loves me or never goes out of his way to see me or be with me. I am always the one running to him. It hurts me that he won't make any effort to come to me or put anything aside for me. I need to know how he feels but can't find the courage to tell him how I feel although I feel like he should know how I feel because I am the one always putting everyt hing aside for him, can't he see this? I am in love with him and I want to scream it but I am not sure what his reaction will be. I am very fustrated right now because I feel we are at an impass and after 11 months we can't be honest and open up to each other when will it happen? We spend a lot of time together and always have a great time but not much affection and love shows. I wish I knew what to do, I am running out of patience, but can't bring myself to say good-bye.

Leo woman just broke-up with Pisces man, I posted a comment here about two-years ago, and have been in the relationship with this man for 4yrs. I must say I have love him like no other but he has cheated on me a few times and swears that he loves me and that things is not like it seems, he has a very strong sex drive. I always thought that it was our chemistry but I have realized that maybe he is connecting with other women the same way. He is very sensitive, patience, kind, non judgmental but he keeps cheating on me after four years I have seen another side of him. He keeps losing he jobs, and seem to have more badd luck than the average, scary. I have loved him like no other, but I ended the relationship because he has broken the trust with me so our great sexual connection means nothing to me. I feel that everytime I talk about getting married he goes out and cheats on me. PLAINLY doesn't WANT MARRIAGE.

I am a Leo girl and I have had my share of experiance with a Pisces guy... I was never attracted to him when we first met nor was I interested in him... but everything turned around completely..!!! after getting to know each other we started dating and I loved his peaceful calm nature,his romantic side.he's a good listener,a great talker... and the best was that he had his own secret subtle way of adoring me.i liked it because it did not throw me off-gaurd. after becoming closer I found that he dint like my extrovert nature, and it created a lot of trust issues between us.even so I tried to win his trust. he usually does not want to agree with me over almost everything!!!hence we end up arguing... though at times I know im right still he'll try to have the upper hand..!!!after we became physical we became even more close. our attraction to each other was sickening.. the worst was that as our attraction grew we never admitted about it to each other.we both had a kind of pride that I cant comprehend..!!! we would always bicker and fight over silly things and if these fights were not there it would be boring for us...i found it difficult to cope with his moods they were impossible...!!! but I learned to adjust.he's got his own little mysterious world and I liked sometimes. but there were times wen I needed him to be honest and to express his feelings and he would'nt.this created a big problem for me...and sometimes I wud feel unwanted. whatever the case , before I even realised how opposite we were from each other...i was already MADLY and TRUELY IN-LOVE with him!!! so..go figure..!!lol

I am a Leo woman who is secretly in love with a friend of mine who is a Pisces man. I haven't had the heart to tell him how deeply I've fallen for him yet because it's long distance. And, he just got out of a very hurtful relationship. I keep trying to tell him that there's someone out there for him as he wants to find a soulmate. But, I feel as if I am that soulmate. He is beautiful in every way possible and I just want to hold him in my arms one day and assure him that I will always be there.

I've been dating me Pisces man for almost three months now and on our second date he told me hw was in love with me. Our two months of knowing each other feels like we have known each other for 2 years. In a good way.

When we are together its as if no one else exists.He is very sweet and soooo kind. He is also not the typical shy pisces: He's outgoing and very talkitave and friendly and I'm a very shy Leo. Our roles are reversed.

But the con is that he will run to help his family soo quickly forgetting about me. I suppose if you can get over that quirk its an awesome relationship. But as a Leo I need attention, not just one or two phone calls. He's very aloof as well, but I make up for that by being responsible. Pros : He's kind, chiverly is not dead with him, he listens, understands, and puts me first when we are together. The fact he told me he loved me has sent me other the edge and I'm in love with him which is scary to me. He is very sensitive and anything negative about how he treats me will back him into a corner and he doesn't like that at all.

Is the relationship worth it? I'm going to give it a little longer to see what happens. I'm also going to back off.. I feel it will be better for the both of us.

I'm a 27yr old Leo woman still with my 24yr old Pisces man who I'm still in love with, I'm still in love with him but I am hurt by him still. He has given me physical abuse in the past just in spite of our disagreements...most of our fights were mostly about his "female friends" whom he usually keeps private about, which I'm a dominate Leo but not overly dramatic I don't start fights I'm more of a lover than a fighter. But he tends to snap at me about these women whom he calls his "friends" which I have only met a few of them and the woman act a bit strange and sometimes disrespectful towards me. Which causes me to develop suspions and insecurities with our relationship and TRUST because I've been a victim of sexual abuse and physical abuse for 5yrs as a child he knows about this but I feel like he sometimes brings me down so much that he brings me back to that place of pain I've experienced in my past, so our arguements are mainly just about that and money. Not onl y has he hurt me physically, but I recently found out 3 months ago that he had cheated on me with a older woman he was seeing for 4 months, what makes this really bad is that she lives a few houses away from us so I was really shocked and hurt because I have been with him for Almost 3yrs and I have been faithful to him, I did a lot for him and still do I took care of him and had his back through thick in thin, gave him love affection and I know he knew that I was in love with him I just couldn't believe that he went outside of our relationship and betrayed me, I feel stupid to admit this but I still am in love with him even after what he has done to me, which me being a Leo usually walks away from hurt like this cuz I'm usually stronger than this, but he's got me in a way that no man has ever had me and I don't know why? :( But he still wants to be with me and he claims that he loves me but I find myself not sure if he's really sincere or telling me the truth even though in my heart I truly wish that he does sincerely love me. I don't know where he wants to take this relationship but I had recently bought him a promise ring, not solely on promising me marriage even though it has been something I've dreamed would happen for us and him giving me a beautiful baby one day...its funny how I didn't even want that before until I had met him...he truly is a gorgeous man Native american with his cheeky deep brown eyes,long black silky hair and his pearly white smile, carmel complextion skin which he is extremely healthly it shows.Don't mean to go to far lol! But he doesn't know how perfect he really is to me. I gave him that ring because I became afraid since he had cheated that he might have done it because he didn't feel loved enough or I wasn't fullfilling his needs...but I wanted to remind him and make him understand that I love him, and that I wasn't playing with him that I'm serious about him and I see more in him than he does. The result so far is that I see him wearing this ring and he has cooled it down with the drama lately...but I pray things get better. I just realize that I am truly in love and I don't want to see it go, but I hope he feels the same and that maybe he can mend my heart and allow me to have more reasons to trust him because I really want to trust him. :( My question is why did he do that to me? And does he really love me? Cuz I'm not sure if I should stay or go. -Confused Leo 11/22/10

I'm a 27yr old Leo woman, who is still in love with my 24yr old Pisces man. He says that he loves me too, but I can't help but feel unconvinced...Its because I am facing trust issues with him on a lot of things 1: I found out 3 months ago that he has been cheating on me. 2: He's constantly been lying to me about almost everything and anything. 3: He hasn't really been helping me in our relationship like keeping a stable job like I am doing for us so I'm not sure when I'm ever able to rely on him, and he keeps getting into trouble legally and he fails to see that it hurts me that he doesn't seem to really see me or appreicate and care that I have been by his side through thick in thin even when he's had nothing or no one there. 4: He seems to care about other women he makes friends with and doesn't seem to consider my feelings about those friendships because one of these friends of his he had slept with behind my back already. So he has brought a lot of hurt and conf usion into our relationship in the past 2yrs we've been together. I just want to explain a bit about myself as far as my persona I'm a very tender hearted leo, I'm very honest and gentle passive agressive just chilled laid back. I not one for confrontation I was brought up on respecting peoples boundries, values and opinions I'm extremely accepting and give a lot of love to those I hold dear to me I'm trust worthy, understanding faithful and LOYAL...which makes our relationship complicated, because he usually starts fights with me, even if I have a different opinion then he does instead of just disagreeing with me and trying to at least defuse the arguement by talking it out with me which I'd perfer. He tends to physically abuse me from time to time, just goes a bit to far with his out of control temper. I don't know why he does this to me? Why does a Pisces man sometimes make everything so difficult for us to love them, why do they take us for granted? In any of your opinions is this the way a typical Pisces man would act if he loves a woman in return? I wouldn't know he's my first Pisces man and lately I've been extremely patient with him, I really try to understand him. Usually when I am cheated on by someone as a Leo I run away but with him I can't seem to leave him I know I may sound so stupid to some of you, but he somehow has got a hold on me and that's how I know that I truly love him I've never felt this way for anyone before, but I'm a bit afraid I guess its because I'm not sure that he's really sincere about his love for me or that he's sorry for cheating and hitting me...I'm just so hurt by him right now. How can I tell that he's serious about us? Should I stay or should I go? I would like to hear some of your views. -Confused Leo

I'm a Leo woman who has dated several fish with at least three in serious relationship. As a Leo woman you have to be extremely patient with your fish.

When you first meet a Pisces, their behavior is quite likened to a fish in that they tend to be very slow to trust your intentions. If you are trying to feed (get to know) a fish they curiously swim near you, then away...they swim up a little closer to you...then then quickly swim away...etc. Any sudden moves on your part could invariably frighten them away perminantly. Then one day as you decide to put away your chum, SURPRISE...you look down and they're nibbling all over your body. And once you have them in your net, they tend to cling to you like a barnical.

Unfortunately, as a Leo woman, I'd probably exhausted my romantic, creative and determined self trying to win their trust - our romantic intentions tend to be more transparent than that of other signs. Pisceans can be very emotionally taxing as they need support-galore. In fact, you will have many roles as the woman to this fish. You will undoubtly be his mother - nuturer, psychologist - problem-solver , muse - inspiration, sex object - desire, and bodyguard - protecter. All of which we are more than capable of handling but the criticizing nature of the fish can be off-putting to our delicate ego.

Though known of my relationships with the fish ended with a true committment, my experiences have been a mix of sensually romantic pleasure and deep debilitating heart-ache. I never knew what I get from these opposite swimming fish. A few years ago I vowed never to date a Pisces again...but they seem to swim to me...constantly. Perhap they can detect the faint smell of yester year chum.

I am Pisces man dating Leo woman. The relationship is beautiful, problem is Leo woman pushes a lot of pressure on us demanding lot of attention. Just give us freedom and we will turn back to you with all kidness. Just let us show what we can, you still want attention which we must feel to give you some, not talking to us where we are, who is he/she, when you are gonna call me and so on...sorry for bad english I am not US/UK native speaker

Feb. male Pisces here. I felt the Leo try to manipulate me she was very deceitful and not open at all. It did cause me to have relations with other women which I may have done regardless. Sex, emotions and love where never an issue, but arguments were a norm we were both to stubborn to give in to each other after her lies came to light she hid her soul more, and tried to make up by giving me more of her heart after a year it was clear we were both different people. She was the second Leo the first was very close to the same situation however we she was not as hard headed and it lasted for 10 years but the last three were horrible.

ive read you're comments and I must say, very like my experience. the fish I dated we were together for 2 years. and yah he was febuary borne. he has cheated he has manipulted he has done a lot of things to hurt me. not sayign that I never hurt him. im not perfect. but he hurt me he brought his "friend" that was a Taurus and cheated then he dumped me and got with her for a month then he dumped her cause he got jealous of me talking to other guys.

lemme tell you those people who have great patience who have been with a Pisces very long I applaude you. I just couldn't take it.

i got so angry and fed up my ego bruised for a long time now (2 years) that he dumped me or threatened to dump me and I just said okay and walked away without turning my head

where is he now? crying or whatever for me to come back.

hah! nooooo. I'm done and im free.

p.s Aquarius men can give you passion and are hott ;)

I was dating Pisces for about 6 months. I am a leo. When we started dating he treated me very good, I felt very special, and I was asking my self is this real,so good that I was confused about it but also very happy.On our first date he was feeding me,I have not used my fork and knife at all.He was asking me lot of questions about my self...I tought if he wants to know about me then he is nterested in me.

We used to see each other ones a week,yes I want it more but I could not ask him,I knew he does not have time because of his work,so I never asked for more.Sex was great,amazing where sometimes I was asking my self why a my body is with him like this ,why is it flying all over the place.I liked him a lot but I could never show how much,because he was a DR,and I am on a much lover level,I tought if I tell him how I feel that he will think I was with him for his money...any way it was good for the time spend together,but after six months he just told me he is not ready for anything serios becouse he was married one year ago and he cant date on that level yet.I told him okey and I left sad and hurt inside.After couple months he texted me,we met again,we talk but just about general things in life,we end up in the bed...again after 3 months he texted again and now I am thinking he just want to see me from time to time...It is not what I want from him but I can not say it...After t his time I spend with him I am totaly diferent person in any ways,,,and I alwys say to my self that I am happy and I thank God for meeting us together even it did not last for a long time,,but for quality and beautiful time.

I'm a Leo woman 8-8-79, i've been with my Pisces for 10 years, married for 8. I don't think any other man out there could treat me as good as a Pisces man. They are so sweet, kind and caring. If they love you they will treat you like a queen and support whatever you want to do. I've been with other fire signs and it has been a disaster. I would never trade my Pisces for any of them. He tamed me.

I am a Leo woman with a Pisces, we are still in a new relationship, he wants things to be serious immediately and ofwhich on my side I want to take things slow and he doesn't seem to understand that, I love him and he's been telling that he loves me so much and he even mentioned marriage, but the thought of marriage that kinda turn me off, because I believe that it is so soon for us to start talking about... but well I don't know I will see where things lead us.

I was engaged to one Pisces 'boy' . He broke off our engagement 2 months before the wedding after I have paid all the downpayments for the wedding and the invitations were given to some of the guests. Of course, for another woman, whom he thought was 'richer'. Now I am so thankful to God! I believe that karma will get him.

I'm a Leo woman who is deeply in love with a Pisces man. I can honestly say this is the best relationship I have ever been in. At first wasnt that much attracted to him.We became good friends and after that I realized that I cant let this man get away. He is everything I prayed for. He makes me feel so damn beautiful and sexy.He's soooo sensitive and always attentive to my needs and wants. We've only been together for 2 months but I promise it feels like I have been knowing my love for years. Conversation AMAZING!! Sex AMAZING!! Overall connection AMAZING.. I can't get enough of this man. I know that he loves me because I have no doubts. All my other relationships I've had doubts but I have none what so ever. I must say I do need to open up to him alittle more.. I will because I honestly believe God brought us together for a reason. Thank you God for sending me such a beautiful man...

I am a 40 yo Leo woman, through and through. He is a 35 yo Pisces man, almost to a tee! We have known each other for 12 years, he is my best friend. We meet while he was engaged. Days before wedding, I left the country without saying good-bye. Yes, he was upset about that, still is. We have a VERY strong bond, even though we have not seen one another in 11 years. We talk at least once a week. I agree that he can be emotionally withdrawn, but in my time of need he will step up to the plate for me and tell me all that he feels. Now, I am dating another Pisces, that is 7 years younger than me. He is complete opposite of my old friend. We have been together for 8 months now and I am COMPLETELY clueless of what he thinks and feels. I try to make plans, he laughs them off. Yes, it is frustrating. However, we have still seemed to make it work. He is one that needs his space from time to time. Once given, always comes back with a smile. I don't expect this relationship to be the same "type" of connection as my old friend, but they both are exceptional and loving men.

Hello, Im a Pisces man, Me and my Leo lady just started dating. I hope we last forever. She beautiful she makes me feel better she makes me glow and brightens my day

im dating a Pisces man for about a month and a half and he completely drives me CRAZY. Every conversations is a overly deep conversation that takes over an hour for him to finish. when I don't have much to say in return he seems offended then quiet. I care so so so much about him but im not as "wordy" as he is. He tries to be everyones Superman, especially mine, I appreciate it but im not the kind of girl that just lets a new guy financially support me. he's been taken advantage of in ALL his past relationships and I don't feel like he needs to throw it all out on the table so quickly. there are times when I do think he is over sensitive and emotional and just too much. I know he thinks I can be disconnected,closed off and unemotional at times but im very black and white. He sees sooo much detail in every little thing that doesn't even come to my mind to think of. Lately its been way too damn much of all this future talk and too much deep convos for a relationship this early. I don't want to end this I just need him to calm the hell down. im crazy about him and he teaches me to be more understanding that the world isnt just about me. He helps me change my thinking to think more positively. he wants to be and is my #1 fan, I just feel smothered at times and that I don't know how to give him the emotional connection he gives me and he needs. he's always worried and insecure that im going to bounce and I don't feel like I should have to tell my boyfriend every other day im not going to break up with him... dammit. help?!

I'm a Leo in love with a Pisces man we are not im a relationship but I been seeing him for a while I love him so much but its hard to understand how he really feels I just wanna know how to get through to him

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