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I just wanna say - I have "hooked up" with the same Pisces man a few times for like 6 months and he has been the best lover. They way he touches and kisses is soo sensual and he likes to talk in bed, is soft spoken like a dream... and he can hold me for hours, and never complains about his arm getting tired or rolling over and falling asleep after we have sex. Too bad we live in different states.. but im not sure how we would work in a relationship... he wont admit he likes me. Its so weird....

It would be weird for a Libra to not tell someone they like them. It's not that weird with Pisces. They're typically waaay more intuitive than most other signs, and they often assume others are as intuitive as they are.

It's very possible he's convinced you know exactly how he feels and are just asking to make him squirm! If you look at it that "actions speak louder than words" you can probably piece together his feelings fairly easily, whether he wants to verbalize them or not. Hope that helps a little..

Libra woman with a short lived relationship with a Pisces man. Let's put some words out there. Needy, emotional, moody, broody, dependent, unambitious, lazy, crazy, mental, stuck in a constant state of mental fantasy, insecure to extremes that defy words. I was first attracted to this man because of his physical appearance. As I got to know him better I realized that he was not the one. This was a short lived relationship (4 months). I like strong, dominant, secure, intelligent, powerful men. If I can't be the CEO, I will marry one. I love to be spoiled, I'm used to being spoiled. I love luxury and expensive things. I enjoy being a woman and have no desire to take care of a man who isn't my husband and bedridden. This man's level of insecurity was really insane. I am too outgoing, ambitious, and social to be with a wet fish. I called off the relationship. He wouldn't stop calling me. I blocked his number from my cell. I threatened him with law enforcement if he kept contacting me. After ignoring his attempts at communications, he finally left me alone. The only good thing about that relationship before he went psycho on me was the sex. But I'm a Libra (cerebral) I need mental and physical stimulation. Good sex will not keep me around. Too many other fish (or real men) in the sea. Not a good match. I am happy married to a very powerful and successful Scorpio to whom I adore and he adores me. Run Libra girls from the Pisces man.

Remember. The Pisces symbol is two fish. There are two types of Pisces men. The ones who triumph and the ones who observe the ones who triumph.

Pisces men are great in bed because they make you feel like a queen and its greeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pisces men are not good to fall in love with.

They will hurt you sooner or later.

From the very moment I laid eyes on her I felt the strong undercurrent of electricity between us. It was the first time I have ever felt such a jolt before even introducing myself. I was perplexed at first, and somewhat afraid of it... this magnetism drawing us ever nearer, but as chance would have it, we kept running into one another, and it was unavoidable that which soon enveloped us whole. I pursued.

I adore her. And when we are together my hands can't help but intricately run themselves through her hands/fingers, to all over her body, hours on end - no matter if we are in public or in the privacy of home. We are incredibly affectionate with one another and dote each other with small gift surprises. The sex is phenomenal. I find her liveliness invigorating and uplifting, and we resonate so well together.

I'm a bit disheartened by the number of naysayers about the Pisces/Libra combo, because I see a lot of potential in it. I think in my case, it may be a bit easier as I am a Leo in both my Ascendant and Moon. Sun sign alone won't dictate degree of compatibility.

I don't know what the future will bring between us as we are on somewhat separate tracks in life, but I will always treasure what I have with my Libra woman. Take a chance, as you may discover something wonderful in this too, as I have.

I was friends with a Pisces man before we actually started what I guess you can call dating, but it was really at a bad time in his life. He lost his only child who was 18yrs old in Nov 2008 and then his girlfriend ended the relationship with him and he had to move out of her house in Jan of 2009 which left him distraught and a basket case. Well I was a shoulder fort him to cry on for weeks and then he moved and got his own place and we were always together doing things.

Until around his B-Day which is March 10 and he started slipping away and then he would be distant off and on throughout the year and then around Oct we really became close again and for the rest of the year until Dec2009. I was always there for him anytime and anyway. I would always stopped whatever I was doing to help him and be with him and I believe that was my mistake in this relationship. I would loan him money and he would always pay me back with no problems, he was needy in a lot of ways but I didn't mind helping him because he had lost 2 important people in his life and I knew he needed me or someone to have his back. But once he got stronger he started being a little critical of me, mean in sarcastic and downright disrespectful sometimes. But being the dignified person that I am and loving person that I am I let him make it, which was wrong to. Because when you make a Libra women mad, she can really be a Bitch that you hate you ever met.

Well in the month of Nov and Dec we got along fine until I took him shopping and bought him a Xmas present and later on that day I reminded him that he owed me $60.00 from earlier that week and he got mad at me and left and he stopped accepting my phone calls and texts. He has recently changed his number and I found out that he has met someone else and He still owe me $200.00. I am giving him until Feb to pay me back and if he don't I will take him to small claims court and sue him.

I cannot believe this supposedly sensitive and caring Pisces man has done this to me. I was a true good friend to him and he just turned on me. I thought he was strong person but he is not even man enough to break off what I thought was a good friendship, He is a user and a loser. Can someone explain this Asshole of a Pisces man to me please.

I'm a Libra woman and all the comments are interesting to read. I guess my experience with him began 8 years ago. We didn't know each other and met at a mutual friend's house. I was attached to a sociopath Scorpio at the time and my Pisces lover knew him. I haven't been with the Scorpio for over 2 years and all this time the Pisces tried to reach out to me. I accepted his friendship to a certain degree, but for fear of regret and not quite understanding his mysteriousness I rejected any offers he made to be involved on a more intimate level. I finally decided to give it a chance and it was AMAZING. He is such an attentive lover, does everything right. But on top of that, he treats me like a queen. He wants to make sure I'm comfortable. He actually listens. I am still in shock at the amazing sex.. it's a hard task to please a Libra that has been trained by a Scorpio lol.. I love that he never rushed me and that so far it is a positive experience. I look forward to spending more time with him and giving him a proper chance.

What would be the compatibility report of Pisces man who swim upwards with a Libra women.

"What would be the compatibility report of Pisces man who swim upwards with a Libra women" - It all depends on your other planet placements. Your sun signs are the first paragraph in an analysis which is typically 20+ pages long. I wouldn't say they're insignificant, but in astrological terms they don't tell you very much. Everyone knows what they are however so they're discussed a lot.

I love my Libra woman (I'm a Pisces man) but it's hard to make things work sometimes. I won't say I'm burned out, but I feel like it wont last somehow. I often feel like that though and each time I see her I guess I question if it's just me. It certainly helps to read the Libra perspective though. It's funny how people share things on a message board that they wouldnÂ’t ask their partner face to face.

I met a Pisces guy and he is Mr Perfect there is only one thing sometime he act weird and he goes into a loner weird mode!! He's SEXY, HOT AND a GREAT GUY

Ive been dating a Pisces man for 8 months and in the beginning it was picture perfect but recently he's been drifting into his alone time and lack of communication.. Im just confused as to whether its just part of his personality or if it's just not meant to be..

Hello ladies. I am a Pisces man and I can say that your post are interesting. I'm sorry to hear you're going through such difficulties with your current and past relationships. Pisces are aloof because there is something bothering them and they're trying to figure a way to resolve the problem. Since we are natural problem solver, we try to tackle every issue on our own. I guess that a defect in our DNA because you are not alone when in a relationship. Don't get me wrong, we are loyal to the core and we do everything possible to please our women. We put the feeling of our partners above our own. So, when you see a change in pace, we are inviting you to investigate as for some reason we won't initiate a conversation to speak our minds. Mainly due to the fact that we're putting your feelings first and trying to prevent conflict. I found in my personal experience is that does more harm than good. There are many Pisces that don't share my outlook. But this is true for al l; when the gate is open, the river flows. You may notice this at the wrong times, but when timed right, there is nothing we won't tell you if we feel you can handle it and is really interested in knowing what's on our mind. I can tell you that Pisces have a rather unorthodox way of thinking and seeing things. So be prepared for anything. If you can grasp our perspective, we are more than willing to grasp yours. When you can reach that kind of understanding, the Libra and the Pisces will connect on a level greater than sex, and establishing a great relationship. Sounds like a lot of foot work on your part, but it is worth it in the long run.

Just started seeing a Pisces man. We have been friends for years and have gotten closer over the last few months. I had been involved with an Aquarius man over the last 4 months, and as a Libra woman, I thought the Aquarius man was my perfect match. The Aquarian played head games with me, would disappear for weeks at a time not call at all and just when I was fed up enough, he'd drag me back in. Through all the turmoil, I leaned on my Pisces friend. He is ALWAYS there for me - as a shoulder to cry on and he would always dry my tears and remind me what a wonderful person he thought I was. Then, one day, it just clicked. I opened my eyes and saw that something I had been looking for had been standing in front of me the whole time. He is patient and warm and always considers my feelings. Needless to say, I have kicked the Aquarian to the curb and am now focusing on the Pisces.

I just started courting a Pisces man and I am a Libra woman. I really like him. I see a possible future with him. No one is PERFECT so his weirdness I tolerate and it's kind of humorous most of the time. He is going through a really tough time and I feel I should give him some space. I am old-fashioned as well...If a man wants me he should pursue me...Pisces men included. I guess time will tell but I want to stick around and take it one day at a time.

I'm a Pisces man the Libra beauty wants connection its been hindered bye my shyness and nervousness were on hold till something shows otherwise I'm thinking till it shows up. I no she could use a guy like me but beauty is great so what Pisces gotta do 2 get her I'm thinking present myself and just give it time. what you say?

ok let me say I like da pisces-libra combo...met dis Libra beauty who jus had me from da start. we have much in common but my shyness and weirdness made things weird at da beginning we can be a great couple but my funny/weird start of things has caused us 2 take a break from dating I wanna give it another shot but think time has 2 past.

I really enjoyed reading all of the different experiences that everyone has posted. They were very interesting and so, I thought I would share mine.

I have a summer fling with a Pisces man and I have to say that the sex was amazing. I was utterly shocked at how good it was! The sex was hot, steamy, and exciting. Of course having said all this, the conversations afterward were limited and stagnant... As a Libra woman, this intellectual/conversational "barrier" frustrated me to no end. Absolutely frustrating! Especially since I feel like I get along with people very well and can pretty much talk about anything. I couldn't "find" with him as he was lost in this ambiguous place inside his mind.

The relationship barely lasted a month.

During the short-lived fling, he would frequently disappear into moments of... melancholy? He'd stay cooped up in his room, alone, for days. I got used to long periods of no phone calls or any type of communication.

And trying to help him out of his rut was useless. Not that he didn't want my help, but it was clear to me that it was something he chose to do alone.

In the messy end, the relationship was broken off and a friendship was simply unsalvageable.

I dated a Pisces guy ( with me being a Libra ) and I have to say, it was one of the most fun, amazing and happiest times in my life.

We never had sex ( he was younger than me and only 15, me 16 at the time ) and it was a long distance relationship so we never got to kiss or hug, but in all honesty, I had such brilliant conversations, debates and all sorts of other things.

I rarely met anyone who could match me in a debate, lol, and he swept me off my feet, I was the one to ask him out because he was sooo shy.

It lasted 2 months and we broke up due to a misunderstanding on my behalf, heart-broken, I threw myself into a relationship with a Scorpio without thinking, since I would rather be with someone who could distract me from my feelings than feel that heart-break constantly.

It's been 7 months and me and my Pisces ex are now friends again, he's told me he loves me, but we're more than likely different thanks to the situations we've gone through and told me that we would be better off as friends only.

I agreed because I could understand his point, and because I couldn't leave my Scorpio boyfriend who loved me, and I wasn't willing to break his heart.

And in all honesty, I've never felt so miserable in my life, I miss my Pisces sooooooooo much, I dream that he'll come back to me and sweep me off my feet so we can get back together again.

Sadly, that will never happen.

Ladies, never, EVER throw away the chance to be with your Pisces man, they will more than likely be the one you're searching for.


He chased me for 3 years and one day we got together. It was pure magic mind-blowing sex. Then he stopped calling and I thought he is over me so I started ignoring him. Then one day he called me and said: "I've got you under my skin you are in my blood in my soul in my body now more than ever before. All I ever want is your arms around me I love you babe." That was the happiest day of my life. But short lived. He stopped calling again until one day: "I don't even look at other women any more they don't interest me none of them can compare to you you are perfect you are everything I ever wanted in a woman." And than disappeared again. The brick wall he was building between us was becoming thicker and higher he kept on pushing me away until it became too much. We lasted 5 years on and off (not counting 3 years of chasing) and I will always love him but Pisces men are very hurtful and hard to understand.

Hello everyone! I am a Libra woman and I just finished dating a Pisces man. I really care about him still. But I believe in being true to myself, FIRST. We dated for maybe five weeks. We spent wonderful times together and shared a lot of laughs. I told him that I just wanted to be friends because he disappeared for a week with no word. Afterwards, he showed up some place he knew I would be with a woman. My conclusion is that this particular Pisces man is lacking in character and integrity. So, I took the high road. I maintained my composure. He and I are still purely platonic friends and I wish him the best. Again, I still care about him but to thine own self be true. Best Wishes To You All.......

I am a Libra woman who has been with a Pisces man for 8 months. Everything their trait character profile says is true. They have this weird loner type mood. These comments are quite interested in the sense that we (Libra women) are attracted to them and stay with them even through their bizarre behavior. I can say one thinq being with a Pisces is NOT boring.

well I just started talking to my Pisces male friend we were talking for a minute. now he acting stupid with me but I don't know

Ok, Met my Pisces man at massage school! He seems to be stuck in some past things, and is pretty quiet about it.... but it's like I can "feel" him, what he is going through etc. there is a really cool underlying understanding I think we have. It's been a month, in that month we went from hooking up drunk, to sharing one of the bast night's of our lives experience. It has been like a dream and even though I do have that intellectual side... I love the dreaming, cause without dreams how to get things happen? They don't .... so I've been able to share some intellect with him which he has told me are things he thinks about and that I give him a new way to see things. I am pretty sure I'm fallin in love and there is nothing to catch me.... and I'm ok with it... as long as you can talk about things be understanding and not take things personally... I think this is the very best thing that has ever happened to me ever ever ever!!! :D _Pheonix

Is there any libran woman that is in a long term relationship with a Pisces man and relationship is actualy good? Im dying to find out because from what I can see above all women are INITIALLY head over hill about their Pisces men but all that is short lived it appears that Pisces men lose interest very quickly and they are simpy NOT suitable for long term relationship or marriage (at least NOT with Libra women). Prove me WRONG please!

Is there a Libra woman who has been in a relationship with a Pisces man for a longer time of period (Im speaking several years); and the relationship is actualy good? From what I can see here (and from my personal experince); the relationsips between Libra lady and a Pisces man do not last; they are hot INITIALLY; but they turn sour very quickly. Pisces man do hurt Libra women sooner or later BADLY. Prove me WRONG anyone PLEASE!

Hello everyone. Well I just started dating a Pisces man. We work together. Its very exciting when we are at work, but once he gets off I don't hear from him. It is very true about their reclusive behavior. Sometimes he confuses me about wanting to be with me. As a Libra Woman I know that it will take a lot of patience to deal with this Pisces man. So I'm up for the challenge!!!!

My Pisces man and I have a strong bond with each other. It's almost impossible to ignore and I can't believe I ever tried to. I know Pisces are usually shy and don't bring their feelings out in the open until a move has been made on them. But from the start he was very aggressive and persistent. In a way he forced me out of my shell. At first, I was very resistant, I'm usually very weary of people who come on so strong so fast. But slowly, I started letting him in. And I'm glad I did, he offers something special, something deeper than I ever could have imagined. I wanted good... He gave me great. Never have I felt so comfortable so fast with someone. He's an amazing listener and he does what he can to let me know he's right there with me. He nurtures me on more than the obvious levels. And when we have sex, it's an all encompassing and spiritual experience, the most beautiful thing ever. I find myself wanting to give the world to him, making sure i'm someone he can depend on and lean on if he needs it. I love him so much and I know that we approach life differently... me approaching life with my mind to guide me, as he lets his heart and instinct guide him. So I know that it will take some patience and understanding but I totally feel he's worth it. We've only been together a few months so the future still has a lot of potential. Our charts are pretty compatible.. I'm in the Libra-Scorpio Cusp, my Venus is in Virgo and my Mars in scorpio. His Venus is in Capricorn and Mars in taurus. I can't wait to see where this relationship will take us. I love the posts so far, it makes me feel good about my relationship with my pisces, but I would love to hear from fellow Libra-Pisces combos from further down the line, who've been together for a few years or so.

I am a Libra woman and I have been with my amazing Pisces man for 4 years! and it still feels like it did in the first four months. yes he is insecure, yes he has weird loner moods, yes he is sensitive and emotional almost to the point where I cant take it some days. But his sensitivity allows me to always know when something is wrong, when he is upset, when he is just feeling a bit off because he is so obviously down. I would rather him like this than never know where I stand. He is the most loving, respectful, loyal man I have ever met. He makes me feel like im the only girl in the entire world. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him :D

The attraction between Pisces man and Libra woman is undeniable. In fact, I can tell when a woman is a Libra just because I'm so attracted to her! I dated a Libra for a stormy year and a half or so. The sex was great. Caught her cheating on me. That was that. Sorry to say but almost EVERY Libra I've known, male or female, has done so.

I am in love with a Pisces men and being a Libran, I am unable to understand few things about them. At times they are so close to you as if no one else exist for them other than you and next day it is like you never existed. I don't know where my men goes - offcourse he is amazing, greate lover , caring never seen anyone so nice to be with. I am seprated from my husband who was an aquaris or Aries - always bullying me and finding fault in anything I did and after sepration I found this Pisces guy -- a great company a true solumate but only problem sometimes he vanishes for no rhyme or reason - and when he is back - answers are vaugue. I don't know what is wrong with these Pisces men - all are like this only ! for sure I love him from core of my heart and can do anything for him but when he vanishes he makes me real mad - my world falling apart , may be let me know how to deal with this ?

I'm a male Pisces and there are aspects of our personalities that are true and not true. It really depends on that particular male and his up-bringing from childhood. When it comes to relationships, its been my experience that the Pisces male really longs for understanding and patience from his mate. When he is aware of the woman that he has, he will move heaven and earth for her. However, if he senses anything that does hold promising in the relationship (because he has looked as far down the road as possible to see what potential the relationship has) he will quickly cut his loses as a way to protect himself and his mate from the destruction that can pursue. As for the quite moods, its really a time of reflecting on decisions both past and present and mindfully planning and preparing for whatever the future may hold. There are at times the Pisces male would love to include the woman he cares about in his alone time, and if he does, you should know you have been ex clusively chosen as a woman who he can completely trust and let his guard down. This seems to be the conflict a Pisces male has, how to let his guard done yet still be a pillar of strength for those who are in his inner circle with being perceived as being week. There are a lot of other issues to be addressed, just wanted to start with the most consistent ones. Good Luck to all of us!

Pisces men are really great. Don't let them catch you in a lie. If they have, they can change utterly and make you regret it soooo much. They really have dreams like no other. Believe in it as it may be your last chance to get their trust back. In hope to make their dream a reality, they will be occupied with that most of the time and won't have time for you. Be understanding. But as a Libra woman, you have to try very hard to make it work, to fight for what you want. You have to show them you care, so that they can show you the same. If you think, you can't keep up or fight for them, just break it off no matter how deeply you love them.

My Pices lover and I have had an on and off affair for nearly 40 years. He was never husband material, but always a great shoulder to fall on. His sensitivity and listening heart has always been by my side. I will love him till the end of my life.

My longest relationship was with a Pisces man. I knew for 9 years and was engaged to him for 7. I still regret being horrible to him to this day, he was sweet, romantic and caring for the most part and I threw it back at him.

However, I'm now seeing another Piscean and this is totally different to my previous experience. Instant chemistry from the minute I locked eyes with him..haven't stopped chatting, texting, thinking about him and being with him whenever I can. Its just electric. He had to go back to camp yesterday and even drove across town to say goodbye to me. He took me to a moonlit starry part of the beach and kissed me goodbye.

Its bizarre because I haven't had such an instant connection with someone ever before. Be interesting to see how this pans out in the scheme of things.

Guys, the reason not a lot of people are coming on here saying that they have been in a loving relationship with their pisces/libra is because they don't need to check their compatability because they are happy. I am a Pisces man and I was going out with my girlfriend and best friend who is a Libra for over three years. I said I wanted a break because I felt I was taking in too many problems from everyone in my life and I needed to sort my own life out first. Its been a year and I miss her deeply. I could talk to her about anything and I have never had such an amazing and fulfilling relationship with anyone and I miss her deeply. Im heart broken because I feel I had my chance and I wont get another one. I just urge people not to make the same mistake I did.

I a man pisces... very very abitious probably because I live in another country ( Italy) and I don't feel like the Needy, emotional, moody, broody, dependent, unambitious, lazy, crazy, mental, stuck in a constant state of mental fantasy, insecure to extremes that defy words.. like some Libra woman described above. Probably she just found a kind of an idiot. I found a Libra and Leo and Scorpio women as well like that and just got bothered by them. So before to Judge all Pisces men like that look better at the psycology of the person firstat...you get what you give instead... All the best from a Pisces man... Pisces just rock!

I am currently dating a Pisces guy, and so far everything is going great. We can talk for hours and never run out of things to talk about, he's so gentle and caring to my needs, very affectionate. I love how he'll hold me and kiss me anywhere in public. We connect on an intellectual level which is a big plus for me. My problem with him is he likes to spend way too much, and sometimes neglect me when things are going bad with him.

im goin out with a Pisces man I love him but I don't feel I can give my everything as he is very agressive... and although are sex life is goog when we have it he isnt very sexualt acctive anymore and I am... I crave his attention and find myself annoyed with him as im craving sexual needs I don't want to tell him how I feel as if I told him and he made love to me it wouldnt turn me on as I would feel I asked for it its not the same... I two time him because I get the attention he use to give me of other man who want me just like he did at first before I got with him... we fight a lot it starts of small but beacuse he likes to prove points that at times arent relevent to the topic we get into bigger fights but he cant see that I find it hard to communicate with him im a good communicater and I love a general chat but with a pices it turns more into a debate... I don't no if I could last I want to but I don't think relatioships should be tasks help

I am a Libra women that has been with a Pisces man for 2 years! I will tell you it has been rough at some points but what relationship doesn't have it's tough times. +ne of the things I do notice is that we have a remarkable connection. We have a very spiritual and physical connection. I would take a bullet for him and I know for fact he would do the same and the sex is amazing. Where we do bump heads at is he not expressing himself as much and the communication barrier seeing I am very expressive and need the stimulation but nothing says a Pisces man is not capable or is not an intellect because on the contrary he is. You just have to know yourself well enough to know where your differences collide at. That is what I have learned being with him I am the reality to his over excessive dreaming and he is the vacation from my hard to let go can't stop thinking. You will have more passionate arguments with this man but that is because of the passionate connection you ha ve. My side of the Libra is very debating so bring on the challenge! Trust it can work like any other relationship but don't expect a vacation which you can't really expect with any long term relationship. We broke up once for a few months and tried to see other people but we ended craving each others company after a while and we missed each other horribly. It is what you make of it. I wear him like a tattoo now lol even if we did spit for good!

Pros: They will treat you like a queen. Incredible lovers. Very unique love and friendship.

Cons: Flipflopping personalities. Overly horny. MAJOR communication problems.

I am a Libra woman who met my Pisces man in 9th grade. We met through friends-of-friends in and began dating to try and get over the ones we had been hopelessly in love with for several years (For him, a Sagittarius, for me, a Gemini). It was very awkward in the beginning because we didn't really know each other well. I had used to hate him because I knew he had smoked pot in the past and he made out with my best friend within the first few minutes of dating.

However when he started to date me he revealed he was just a sad lost puppy trying to find his place in high school among his scummy friends. His 'cool guy' facade attracted me physically however I fell in love with his deeply sensitive nature and insecurity- I love that.

I changed my morals for him. I only wanted to kiss after falling in love with someone- hopefully the one- but I was enticed to trying it and then we moved forward physically very fast. He did indeed capture me with the "queen treatment" and his understanding- I fell madly in love and thought I'd found the one. We slept together in our 6th month of dating.

I will get this out of the way. Things will feel perfect for perhaps a year (at least that was in my case) and being a Libra you will probably be blind to all the things that go WRONG. I found out many secrets about him after losing my virginity- I found out how many people he'd kissed before, and he was very loose with himself. It hurts me to this day. The relationship will only remain because of the incredible sex. He will make you feel like you are so in love in the night and you will wake up and wonder where the person he was went.

Pisces men will hurt you badly- be VERY cautious to their beautiful chivalrous nature in the beginning- make sure uou really know the man before falling into a Libran hopeless romance!

He left me after a year and a half of dating and being engaged, we tried to fix it several times with on and off 'breaks', but heartbroken form his distance and newfound need for quality time with his bros and other female friends, we broke up again. For the next 3 months we romanced each other into bed but he would not hear of fixing the relationship. I later found out he had been having a relationship with another girl when he was sleeping with me.

He broke down and became suicidal after I tried to cut him from my life - after pronouncing his undying love through prose I took him back in the beginning of senior year.

Which brings us to today. Our communication is still very poor. He has reintroduced his kindness and devotion into the relationship. We are planning to be married after college. However as a Libra, the inevitable hurt Pisces usually bring at one point or another is almost impossible to shake off.

I have already posted but I wanted to say in addition that one of the main problems Pisces and Libras may have with communication is that the Libra woman may want to know all the Pisces man's secrets- perhaps reading texts or asking many questions about ex girlfriends. My Pisces found this to be over the top or that it was too invasive to his privacy. Libras - the men want privacy because of their deep pit of emotional instability and are afraid of revealing too much of themselves. They want to fell trusted (Well, who doesn't I suppose.

Pisces - Your Libra woman needs to be reassured very often she is the only one you love and that she is good enough for you. This will sometimes involve comparing notes with your previous relationships. We have a habit of leading ourselves into a depression with this behavior- asking things we don't want to know- however if you can answer her questions without becoming too defensive and can comfort her when she feels insecure compared to other girls, she will grow to trust you over time.

Both will require patience.

I am a Pisces man and just started seeing a Libra woman. everybody has to understand when ya first meet its head over heals? all the newness and then learning about each other. then reality kicks in!! then ya start to think about the things about each other can I live with that or not! love only last 2 yrs folks?? if ya think this might not be the right one! don't stay, becuz your just wasting you're time and theres. the longer ya stay the harder ya fall? and why would anybody stay with someone who has certain faults they can't stand??? don't stay cuz youv'e been lonley for so long?? lonleyness can make you do things you would never do normaly!! I know the Libra I just met 2 weeks ago, and I it won't work long turm. she's head over heals already and have only seen each other 3 times. libras don't overwelm your man and smother him!! he will be gone like rt now. and don't make some one wait for some thing you are not going to give.

after 5 years of knowing this Pisces man, of course i'm a Libra woman, he still intrigues me. the fling, I guess you could call it, that continues to happen to this day, was always confusing but yet very fun. he was a great listener, we always had amazing conversations, our passion for each other was very apparent yet either of us acted on it in the beginning. we never had sex.. and i'm not sure why. he would disappear then return in my life, and currently is in my life again. he's the same Pisces I knew 5 years ago but now I am attracted to him on a different level. I know understand him better. our conversations are still limitless, he still blows my mind with his intellect and mind. he always makes me smile and knows exactly what to say to keep me smiling. we'll see where this ends up, but i'm not crossing my fingers. just enjoy the time you have with the Pisces man, it may be short but in the long run, they are a great sign to date!

So I just started dating a Pisces man and I am a little confused. I think he is interested in me, but he never texts/calls me first. I feel like I have to initiate everything. Is this normal Pisces behavior? or is he just not that into me?

I fell in love with a Pisces man when I was 13. I didn't see it coming at all, we were just kids! We stayed close, dated some in middle and high school. I really thought I would get over him. I moved on married someone else from our hometown, went to college, had 3 kids, got a career. We stayed away from each other for the last time after a brief affair after my first anniversary with my husband. I told him I still loved him, but we had to say goodbye. Fast forward 10 years and he is back in my life (thanks facebook), although I have a great solid 13 year marriage to my husband. We are friends, but the past is never out of our minds. I would actually walk away from my marriage for him if I thought we had a chance. Pisces men are the most amazing men, I wish I hadn't given up so quickly on our love. He is married and I am married, the end. These guys make the best friends, the best lovers, and you can trust them with your life. If you still have a chance with them, don't give up because this is the best match ever. I have loved him for 20 years with all my heart, and he is the only person in the world I look up to and has never disappointed me in any way. Wish we could have met as something other than first love. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I will love him forever.

amazinggg in bed!!! ;)

Hey, there. Libra, here. I just ended a two month relationship with a piscean man. We started off as friends going out to eat, hanging out, he's a really nice guy. But that's where it should've stopped. I wanted to test our boundaries and decided to get intimate with him. It was horrible. Period. He didn't know how to make-out, kiss my neck, hold me, none of that. I put up with that for a month and a half. Knowing all this I still decided to go even further. By then I had cut the bull and told him if he didn't think he could put out, then why bother? I don't think it was valid enough to be considered sex what happened next. Minute man? How about 15-second man. I had to tell him what to do. How to move his hips for God's sake. Oh yeah, he's 27 yrs. old btw (I'm 21). I won't even go into details on how horrible he was, just terrible (no exaggeration).

On top of all this, he totally over-estimated himself. He was telling me once how he wants the best, requires the best, and won't settle for less than the best, and in the mist of all this I look over at him and go, "I'm sorry. What?" As if I weren't listening to him trying to beef himself up. He just starred at me lol. He told me he wanted to be famous so that people would look up to him. Um, insecure much? Total turn-off.

He could be down-right irritating by the way he would talk about us. Saying things like "when two attractive people walk into a room, people notice" (he said this more than ten times to me I know) and putting up a picture of us on his computer at work. I'm sorry, but there was only one really attractive person in our relationship. And it wasn't him. I couldn't stand it.

I told him we should just be friends. He didn't have a mind of his own. We'd be talking, and he'd say something I'd said like it was his idea. Like we were on his terms. Get real! He couldn't think his way out of a bucket! I'd literally gotten to the point where I would bark demands at him (with my Aries rising and all), and he'd happily oblige, of course. What really took the cake, is when we went out the other night. He'd volunteered to pick me up, which had me suspicious because I told him I was in no way ready for him to meet my parents. So, he gets to my house and I hear a car door shut. Why in the hell would he get out of his car and try to ring the mofo door bell? But me being the super-analytical Libra I am, I expected this, and I was already at the door when he pulled up. What a sneaky little prick. When I asked him about this he was like, "I knew your parents weren't home." I told him they were and how would he know if they weren't? No answer. Ugh, I get angry thinking about it. That was the second instance of him being sneaky like that. The first was when I didn't want to meet his parents just yet. So, he picks me up and claims he forgot his house keys at his grandma's house, where his parents were. Mind you, this guy is almost OCD, like turn his car alarm on and off three times to make sure it's locked, OCD. So, I knew he didn't "forget" shit. Long story short, I ended up meeting his dad. Sneaky little prick.

He was just so feminine, his hands always shook and he'd quiver in the cold like a little punk. When we'd be hanging out he'd always try to be up under me, laying on me or touching me somehow. I got to the point where I wouldn't allow him to cuddle with me because he would just shift way too much, trying to switch positions every 30 seconds. One time, I turned him down, he actually pouted. I need a man's man. He was a woman with penis (and a very small one at that). Never, ever, again! Where's my leo?? Aries? Sag? SOMEBODY? This guy made me miss a virgo, and Libra ladies know how well we get along with those (NOT!) lol

I am a Pisces man and my Libra ex was the best girlfriend,lover,companion a man could ever have. During our relationship I became very distant over time due to life complications. She was so patient and made me feel as if everything was going to be ok. But I just couldnt let her in completly. I was so wrong. I lied to her and treated her poorly. I loved her and still do to this day. She finally got sick of the pain I was putting her through and broke up w/me. I deserved it. Now after 2years I have met another libra:) everything is so amazing about her. Very smart sexy kind affectionate everything my ex was and more. This time I am putting what I learned in gear and vow to never make the same stupid mistakes again. I am falling in love. Never thought I would again. The only problem is she's moving away in a couple of months. I guess it's Gods ways of teaching me a combination of lessons all at once. Maybe Telling me I can obtain such a woman of this stature again eve nthough I felt like the scum of the earth. I think it's also a lesson of you really messed up and your not going to get another chance to mess this one up until I proove I can keep such a lovely woman.

Hey, Pisces male here, I am currently seeing a Libra female. when I first meet here I was out of town 30 miles from where I live and just hungry for breakfast, I walked into the only small town dinner around hungry for breakfast, and was instantly blown away by her, It was like match to a fire my heart instantly burned for her. After finding out that they only served lunch and dinner I took off. the next day I decided to stop by and eat lunch and see if she was still there, she was. Desperate to start a conversation with this small town angel, the subject imeadiatly went to work what I do ( General Contractor ), she said I could leave a card on the board so I did. she then asked if more like hinted at that she was gonna take a break and smoke, me being a smoker to went out with her being pressed for time I told her if she ever needed anything to give me a call. She did later the next night told me her days off and then I called no answer, 2 days later I stopped back by the same dinner and she said she was sorry and thought I may be mad at her for not answering perplexing we txted back and forth for a few days then meet up for a few hours and I made my move and kissed her. A few days later I rented a room And omg !!!!! The sex was mind blowing. Never before have I been with a lover that desired to be touched the way I desire to touch and feel a woman. I adored every part of her body and took it in ( even the frekils on her skin where exotic to me ).And when I was inside here I felt as if our souls where combined together as if our souls starved with such hunger that only or passion could satisfy the famine. 2 days later the words love where mentioned by both of us.

She has a boyfriend that she lives with, and from what she says there is no love there. I wright poetry for her that pours from my soul and brings tears to her eyes. Friday night 1 week into it we stayed a full night together great sex great from soft lovemaking to rough primevil lust, conversation the best we feed each others mind. now here it is 2 days later no word no answer no comunication. And I am left empty.

I'm a Libra woman who dated a pieces man for 10 mo's. I loved this man a lot like no other man in my life. We had great sex , always like in a dream. Never felt this way before with my past relationships. It was so different. When met , he was so intriguing it got me interested. He kept calling me everyday, twice a day in the beginning. So I decided to give him a try. He was so amazing the 1st time. The ONLY guy who gave me flowers on a 1st date, so I got attracted to him. Gave me massage & cooked for me. He was awesome! ! Now looking hindsight, I realized it was his M.O. to get the woman into his lair. He is a user & a loser. He would ask me money for his phone bills, etc. even when he's working. He's also a pathological liar; the fish is always caught by it's mouth. Telling me he's not @ home ,so I went to his home to find him talking on his cell to me , telling me he was somewhere else. So I confronted him & he couldn't say a thing. He tells me he has lots of female friends & brags that people depend on him as a shoulder to cry on; but you know what , it's his way to use them (women) & get into their vulnerable side. Run away , my fellow libran friends, as far as you can go . The Pieces Man will just hurt you , really bad. I just broke off with my man, 2 wks ago. It was a horrible experience. It was a see- saw relationship, He tells me ,he loves me very much & can't live w/o. me; but then on the other hand, under the same breath, don't call me for the past 2 days as if I don't exist. Everything said about him is TRUE. He's weird, moody, unpredictable, unromantic, always living in his fantasy world, hard to understand, confused, puts other people Ahead of You, the person he proposes he loves, doesn't make time for you. Unromantic, why? No gifts , no get together even on X'mas or Valentines day, Your b-day. I wouldn't recommend them for a life- long partner. Right now I'ved block every means of communication with him. If he Truelly Loves me like he say he does, then he would do everything in his power to see me. If it doesn't happen, So Be It! I leave everything to GOD. Feel free to give some feedback. X

I am currently with a Libra man, and went on vacation by myself. I'm not one to talk to strangers, but somehow with Charm, and Charisma I was approached by a Pisces man. I'm engaged to a Libra, but can't shake this Pisces character. I've been in a relationship for 9 years and sadly I feel like it's getting boring...or phazing out. I've held on with all that I have. I'm at the point where I have a wedding to plan, or a break up. I think I'm in love with my Piscean. No one has ever treated me like a queen the way he does. And even though we have done nothing sexual, I'm extremely attracted to him. I don't really use my cell phone that much, but since I've met him, we have spoke endlessly for hours EVERYDAY. The only problem I'm having is that my Libra man like me enjoys the finer things in life, whereas my Piscean couldn't care less for those things. He has a history of taking the easy escape route of life, but for some reason I think about him all the time.I don't re ally know how we would make it work but I have a feeling that we could. His affection is an extreme turn on. He is honestly one of the sweetest people I've ever met. It's the hardest choice of my life. I care for both men deeply, but right now my heart seems to be leading me towards the Piscean.

This is honestly the ONE sign I cannot figure out (male wise). I began dating one recently & am extremely confused with the HOT & COLD

I met him over a year ago. He has been hurt before, has the most beautiful spirit I have ever seen in a man. I adore him, so I wait for the moment that's right. so sweet, so caring, so perfect :)

I am I love w/ a pieces man but why are they so flaky. why cant they just be with a woman without all the guess work, complication and fear. im 90% sure he loves me back but at times that just isnt enuf- he's only said it like 3 times in the past 3 years weve dated (off & on). will he ever commit? will he ever be content. why does he run ive learned as Libra not to chase my pieces man, but he leaves too many questions unanswered. ??????

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