Pisces Man mind games

by SugaBabyTeeHee:)

I liked him since I met him.. he was so mysterious I guess you could say.. and I finally started talking to him after building up the courage.. and he played soooo many mind games and told random lies.. almost as if to get a good laugh out of me... we talked on and off for the last yr but I got tired of him and just left him alone.. then recently he calls me and we have our first real conversation and after that he called me every night we talked for hours.. but he continues to play mind games.. its like we're friends one night and boos the next.. I got tired of him again and now haven't talk to him in a week... I love the chase and the mystery... but with him I always feel like Im being set up to get played...confused!.. ugh.. plz... reply to me

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He's a jerk
by: Anonymous

He sounds rather immature. He may not be an evolved Pisces. They do lie, and in fact are very changeable. They're mutual signs. But these men can be quite clingy, very emotional, and at times very annoying. My advice, since he hasn't matured yet, kick him to the curb!

A pisces woman view of a pisces boy.
by: Anonymous

I had a pisces BOYfriend. and he is so boyish nothing manly about a pisces man and they are like a mamas boy type. not to be trusted. not good marraige material either. just a good fuck no more no less. you will never see a pisces BOY as a MAN.

Im a pisces man
by: Anonymous

damm ya girls oding on me. im a pisces and i know what your talking about. i do the same thing to girls try to get a laugh out of them but try to laugh with them. cuz when i do that and a girl laughs with me i look at them a little different. im a kid at heart and i love to feel loved and treated like a little boy again, its the same with ya how ya girls like to be treated like princesses. i OD on all tht jokin around when i feel really good real giddy, maybe he acts like tht cuz he know hes about to hit it lol

ok and?
by: Picses Warrior

i admit i was in my immature state ladies but now im over it, he probably acts like that cuz hes trying to see how much of you is actually going to tolerate him, i dont think he means any harm he just wants to see where your at, cuz if a picses get hurt its going to hit hard.

maybhee ihts not the sign sweetie
by: pisces female

im a pisces female dating a pisces male . hees playful and lighthearted and i love iht . hees serious when he needs to bhee and only when he needs to bhee . maybhee if u lightened up a little bit mama ud feel better . maybhee the sign isnt for you . and maybhee its not the sign ; maybhee ihts the man / boy .

Strange but True
by: Anonymous

I guess we all are aligned with the stars... Most of the characteristics listed here are true. There are stronger pisces decans however born on the last of the range, more driven then the rest of the pisceans. Combo this with the eastern pisces equivalent that is the rabbit and a fiery one, the strongest rabbit of all. It is lethal combination, can induce the most powerful magic in all universe...

make a move
by: Pisces614

I'm a Pisces and that's what we do, we like to play games, tell him how you feel and I'm sure hell feel the same way. For some reason I never make the 1st move out of the fear of rejection. So go head and tell him

same old mid games playing story
by: Anonymous

hi...i dated a pisces for a while..and things were good..but then i noted if he does not want to meet me he will never have the guts to tell that, instead use some reason that i would have jokingly said and play his games.like one day i said//lets be friends...and we laughed..but after that we were good..and one fine day he does not call for two days and i ask the reason, he says...but u said..lets be friends....i was like !!! OK i got it....its over...just dont play games...

by: Anonymous

so i am with a pisces man, but i dont understand if he likes me or not for sure.. he says he does he shows affection but then when we are around other people like specific people he doesnt show as much. He shows so much affection at the last minute like when i want to leave.. he always wants to know what i am doing and always wants to know where i am at. he always wants me by his side.. but at times i feel like he does things on purpose.. how do i know hes lying or not?

trust he likes you
by: Anonymous

Pisces men from my experience do love hard. Sometimes can seem like they are playful to much emotional. This is the dating phase, they reserve more with time. But they have the ability to turn on resposibility when needed. Depending on male they like challenges. If you really have their eye trust me he is not going anywhere, i have seen them also have the ability to wait long for someone which is not mentioned. But you have had to do something special. Again they like to serve their partner every which way possible you just cant be so harsh on them. Ironically they perform like this with gemini capicorn and taurus. Me being a cap once we let go we go. But i cudnt resist my pisces no longer he waited and worked so hard. I eventually loosened a tad.. in now i wont ever let him swim away!!! I just figure u cant take these signs to heart. People are more complex or lover will get away.

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