Pisces man - need advice on Scorpio woman

Here's a dilemma that I'm currently experiencing so any advice on this is greatly appreciated: I'm a Pisces male that's totally attracted to this Scorpio female. It seems that I have this strange psychic connection with her. I seem to know when I'm going to be seeing her without having to confirm it with her or her friends. I just know. Certain synchronistic events seem to confirm this connection. I've even told her about this.

I've dropped enough hints on her to let her know how I feel. She hasn't vocally expressed her feelings (or lack thereof) for me. But there are these strange things that I pick up from her when we talk. There's subtext, body language, and facial expression on both our parts to let me know she knows how I feel and that the attraction between us is mutual. This whole dance is so freakin' ambivalent and confusing!

The story gets stranger. She's just started seeing this guy. On the night other first date with this guy, I decide to go to a sketch class. As I was in the middle of a sketch, this strange "thought" comes into my head, telling me that Scorpio girl is having a good time on her date and that I will be seeing this guy the next night as there was a get-together at Scorpio girl's pad. Sure enough, the guy shows up and she confirmed that they did have a good time. Ironically enough, the guy is just like me, except without all the action packed parts that makes me who I am. I have nothing bad to say about this guy. He's nice. I'm betting he's a cancer.

A couple of days later, I'm hanging out with Scorpio girl and some other friends at this bar. Again, I knew she was going to be there and that her guy wasn't. After a while, she sits on my lap and tells me that I have to help her finish her tequila. I do. She then asks me what I thought of her new guy. I told her that what I think shouldn't matter as long as she feels that they're good for each other. I should've kicked myself in the ass for that.

We leave the bar a little while later and I walk her to the bus top. We say our goodbyes and give each other a hug and I'm about to kiss her cheek when she turns her head and kisses me on the lips. Nothing seductive or passionate but certainly a step forward as far as displays of affection are concerned. I takeoff after that feeling energized and a lot more confused.

I'm sorry if this is a bit long winded but here are some questions I'd like to have answered: Are Scorpio women teases? Is it just in their nature to be so seductive? Am I being played by this Scorpio gal, and if so, is it time to cut and run? Should I just play it cool and see what happens next? What's up with this psychic connection? HELP!

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She likes you.
by: Anonymous

I'm not sure if it's too late to post a reply. But reading what you wrote, it's pretty obvious that she likes you. I'm a scorpio too, I do this with many guys I have crushes on. It's kinda how we subtly test and measure your reaction to see if you're interested--because we hate being rejected, or worse, wrong ;o

if you like her, tell her. it's pretty simple. she's probably obsessing over you everyday, lol. (I do that with my pisces crushes.)

She Likes U
by: Kim

Im a Scorpio woman, and we dont display our real feeling for a man untill we are sure he is the one. Or at least the one for rite now..lol
But she does like you, and yes she is teasing you. Just to raise ur interest in her.. If you like her, express this to her. Commincation with a scorp woman is the key to your success

She likes you.
by: Anonymous

I'm a Scorpio female, too, and I will admit that we (I, at least) have a tendency to test the water, so to speak, before jumping in. She wants to know what your real intentions are, most likely. Tell her how you feel. She probably wants to hear you say it before making a decision on her own.

Pisces Man - need advice on Scorpio woman
by: Angie

If you want to know for a fact, next time you two are out flirt very LIGHTLY with another woman! You will definitely know then. lol

by: Anonymous

It sounds like She is a player, be careful with her ask her what she thinks of her bf if she loves him or not if she says she doesnt then make a move otherwaise dont.

by: ScorpChiCk

I'm a Scorpio myself and believe me when I say that I tend to test the waters a lot as well, so to speak. We're not like other girls out there that usually jump in. We need to be sure that you are someone that will not play with our feelings, because if you are..we will retailiate. Warning: You DONT want a scorpio woman to get even. So yeah..go ahead, she's definately into you...Next time you make the first move. ;)

Heres my advice?
by: Anonymous

Hey I'm a Scorpio woman with a pciese male and listen she could be attracted to you too and go ask her out before its too late and she gets snatched up by someone else or ask her for her number don't be shy snap out of it man and open up ...............

you can read this or not, your choses
by: Anonymous

Hi you don't know me but I'm a Scorpio woman just like the girl your trying to figure out. What I get from what you have told us in your story is that the truth is that she does like you but she can't fully tell if you like her or not, so she decided to say yes to somebody who like her and that is similar to you. She not really trying to teases you. She just trying to figure out if you truly do like or not and if not then she doesn't want to get hurt. She also doesn't want to hurt you too. Probably after drinking and leaving the bar with you she finely got the courage to make a move hoping that you would understand that she does like you but she a little scared to fully tell you, so if you truly do like her the next time your just you and her you should just take a deep breath and just tell her how you really feel because most likely she hoping you'll take the first step. As for your connection of know where she going to be at maybe she too has a similar connection or it could be that your unconsciousness is trying to help you understand how you feel about her and how she feels about you, but I'm not fully sure really, sorry I can't you with that part. Well I wish you good luck and I hope this helps you.

She LIKES you
by: Anonymous

Dude... you really need to brush up on your Scorpio traits. As a Scorpio female, I know exactly what she is doing. The probable cancer guy? He is a test. She is baiting to see if you get jealous. Why would she ask you otherwise? Scorpios can make up their own mind; they dont need advice. And the kiss? Another test. We aren't teases, but we always test the waters. It is out of a fear of rejection.

Go get her!

From a scorpio Woman
by: Anonymous

Are Scorpio women teases? Yes, because we like sexual tension.
Is it just in their nature to be so seductive? Yes, Everything in our lives revolve around sex. If we are not getting our sexual needs met we don't feel centered.
Am I being played by this Scorpio gal, and if so, is it time to cut and run? We really don't play with peoples hearts. She likes you, she sees nothing wrong with harmless flirtations with you because in here eyes that is the type of relationship you guys have. If you want her step up your game. Don't confess your undying love and just leave it up in the open. Go out on a limb for her. Make a big gesture to show here you are not kidding.
Should I just play it cool and see what happens next? Nope because she will just keep flirting with you. She has defined that as the relationship. You have to change that or walk away.
What's up with this psychic connection? It's possible scorpio and pisces are two of the most intuitive signs of the zodiac.

scorpio women
by: Scorpio

Im a scorpio women,and thts wht i used to do to my boyfriends when i was younger to mess with there heads and see how fast my black magic would work... and to see if they could handle me, also to see if they were strong enough to be my man.... and not be a wussy! Best advice be happy! but dnt show her your cards... she wants to see you reaction!!DNT react jst yet.... remember we like alfa males even if ur nt show her ur that ur strong first and not gonna fall into her trap....oh and nt gonna take her shit!!!! ") if ur a good man and shes a good women... she'll step back analyze u and wonder. wait a minute maybe i should stp acting like an ass and let u in... the kiss is cause she does like u.... jst play it cool... true eyes

I am a scorpio woman
by: Anonymous

I admit I do like to tease a little. To be honest, the power I have over someone else is exciting. It only intensifies the sexual energy. A scorpio woman wants to feel totally loved. If there is a hint that your feelings are not the same I feel she will stop pursuing you. It is our nature to be seductive; it’s thrilling. Which also adds to the sexual energy. If you are making it obvious you approve of her new interest that’s saying you are not interested on her. Something a scorpio woman will not accept. If she does want someone she wants to know that person (you) is completely devoted to her. In every sense of the word, otherwise you will lose her interest.

Be carefull
by: Anonymous

I am scorpio woman. Ok, that's clear. Now, until she says she likes you, don't buy in her crap. Remember that we are highly manipulative. And there are times, we really don't care about others' feelings. Sometimes, we do things to make us feel good, boost our ego because someone else tried to put us down and we were hurt.
But one thing is clear: She knows you like her. That gives her ground to roll you however she wants. If she were really into you, she'd have gone out with you, not the other guy.
And yes, She's teasing you. She can make you feel like you're the greatest, She'll give you great sex, she'll let you seduce her, she'll coax you to do anything she wants because she knows you won't resist her, and then leave you disappointed.
This is something I do all the time. Very cold. Yet, whatever.
So, be careful. Stop showing her that you're into her. If she questions, let's say your sudden aloofness, be straightforward and tell her straight in the face, " You're playing me." And watch very carefully for her reaction. If she smiles, you're fucked.

by: Anonymous

Totally, we are teasers. We are famous for that! keep playing the game and one day she'll let you in closer. but she has to control this move.

Scorpio girl
by: Anonymous


If shes anything like me, she likes you. Scorpio women get scared by how conected we feel to Pisces men. It happens fast and scorpio women dont do anything by halves its all or nothing with real emotion. We just like to be sure of your feelings first and we get scared because we cant control how we feel about you.

I agree with the other scorpio gals she likes you but bear in mind if you're indecisive she may well decide to move on as we get frustrated when you dont make it clear what you want. The key thing is to communicate talk and talk be open and honest with her i bet she will fall fast for you if she hasnt already. Good luck and go for it.

by: Scorpio who is and chased a Pisces man

If you and this Scorpio woman have known each other for a while and she has initiated any type of engagement about you or your interests then she has been chasing you since that time! The longer you play cool and remain in B male behavior the more confused you will become since you are showing her she cannot obtain you partly because you are not interested in furthering the relationship partly because she does not why you are not pursuing her as intently as others. If you step up and step out of your passive role you will find her transfixed on you. Once you have obtained her, keeping her is another thing. Communication is good but it has to be substantive for her to grow the relationship.

Hope this finds you still being pursued as a goal and not just wasted energy by your Scorpio woman.

Oh yep, she likes you.
by: Anonymous

I don't even know when you posted this, but I'll respond just in case you still need it. Being a Scorp girl and all, I can tell you yeah, she's being a bit of a tease but she's measuring her ground. From experience, dating for a Scorpio doesn't exactly seal the deal. We get to know people first before making any decisions about how we feel about them. And she asked you for your opinion, so that means she has a certain trust with you; also that thing on the bar is just downright flirting ;)
So yep. She likes you. My advice would be to tell her how you feel, but I've heard Pisces aren't ones for confrontation, so you could always "hint" her a little more clearly, if you get my drift.

Scorpio Woman
by: Anonymous

Coming from a Scorpio woman who is having a VERY similar issue with a Pisces man, (lol) I can tell you SHE IS INTO YOU!!!!! I think I can speak pretty well for most Scorp women, when I say that we want to see the interest in us, the infatuation, the obvious signs that "he" adores us. I mean don't get me wrong, the chase is exciting and fun for us all, however, these two signs can more or less "read each others minds". Good luck with this and congrats on finding your soulmate ;)

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