Pisces man not ready to commit

So, I've been seeing this Pisces for almost 7 months and he's still not ready to commit! I'm falling for him pretty hard, but for him he just says that he enjoys spending time with me. We hardly go out anywhere, and he also doesn't kiss me in front of his friends or out in the public. Sometimes I feel like dying because of how much he hurts me by treating me this way. I'll probably stop seeing him even though it's going to be very hard. He's already broken my heart so many times... If there wasn't such magic between us, Would've broken it off a long time ago. I need all my strength to get out of this one.

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by: Anonymous

I am a Scorpio female, and I met a Pisces a while ago and have just come to the realization that he was the BEST man I ever had. He was there when I needed him and he understood me like no other. He accepted me with all my faults (I was a mess back then). I was having personal problems at the time and was too blind to see what was in front of me.

I recently got in touch with him, but he lives in another state and has forever ten years (he asked me to go, but I said no:(). I am now processing the reality that I may never meet another like him, and I don't know if he's married...cuz I'm scared to ask. I guess it's too late now. If you have one don't let him go, EVER. One of the biggest mistakes ever.

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by: Pisces Warrior

He probably acts like that because he has gotten hurt before, and it does hurt. i know he has hurten you but ask him if he is ready to trust again, because we are awesome men, but if we get our hearts broken, its hard to put all the pi(s)eces back together.

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