Pisces Man perspective on mind games

If a man cheats on you, it has nothing to do with his zodiac sign, it's just who the man you dated is; a cheater.

Us Piscean men are very emotionally intuitive, and WE LIVE TO PLEASE OUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER. Myself, I drop off lunch for my gf, I've brought her a bouquet of flowers to work, I hold her hair up when she throws up after a night of drinking, and I always give up watching ESPN whenever she wants to watch her soap operas, etc. All we look for in return is love, appreciation, and honesty.

Honesty is huge to us. If we ask you something just tell us the truth...whether it be good or bad, we don't like being lied to. We know when you lie anyways the truth always comes out sooner or later. And if we catch you lying, expect a major attitude swing toward you. We'll still love you, we'll just be less romantic and less involved with the relationship. I never let go of a harmful lie. So don't do it, it lingers with us and will put a damper on the relationship. And if you cheat don't expect us to take you back.

Be careful of our games. Don't be surprised if a Pisces decides call it quits out of nowhere! I don't know why, but we love games. Personally, I do it to my gf whenever we hit a roadblock and I have to make her go through loops and holes to see if she still loves me. And it breaks my f-in heart every time I make her cry, I hate doing it to her but her tears remedies my situation. I used to be an asshole, yes, but we've talked about it and I told her why I played those games. I don't enjoy doing it but it's in my nature, I guess?

To prevent the games, we need assurance of your love, just remind us and be sincere about it. We love your attention, we love being "the only one for you," we need acknowledgment of the things we do.

I hope this helps for those of you who want to make a relationship work b/t you and your pisces. Do these things and you will be one hell of happy gal. :D

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by: Anonymous

Dude... i totally second that! it's great to know theres someone just like me! haha... no lies... absolutely no lies... one big lie can screw up the whole relationship... it'll take a long time for our hearts to mend... even then I'll still take caution... be honest and everything will be fine I can guarantee. I also love playing mind games... I can't help it... but I only play it to see how much my girl loves me... It's not that I want to but it's because I have to to be assured. But I'm 22, I'm getting passed that phased now... I used to play that a lot but since I got with someone serious I kept it to a minimal...

anyways good luck to all the girls with a pisces male... just be honest... assure him with your love... and you'll get your pisces whipped... guaranteed!

explanation please!
by: scorpiomac

oh yeah??! so..how do you expect a woman who is madly in love with you and only you for years to come out and say i love you or do something to prove it if she's afraid/excited/not absolutely sure what she's gonna hear in return...and obviously all your favorite pisces mind games (which i would love an example of) don't make it any clearer...one minute you push and want and care..another minute you disappear...would my first step be something you'd like to see? or what is it?

Pisces man
by: Anonymous

As a pisces man I think your best approach is open honesty. We tend to play games to test others love for us. Odds are he has picked up on your intresr, but being passive will probably wait to make the move. People send us signs that they like us, but we often get hurt in these experiences and become insecurw and passive. We game to test how real something is. So be real, straightforward and sensitive. Good luck!

Completely hit the nail on the head...
by: Anonymous

I'm a Pisces and my GF would laugh out loud reading this!

We Pisces men definitely play games. And, I'll agree that we do it to "test" people, but sometimes.....we're just complete assholes. My GF can't understand my complete sweetness one moment and then short-tempered couch kicking pyscho the next!

My advice to women dating a Pisces, we are EMOTIONAL.That means positively and negatively. The most important thing to note is that we become our environment. If there is anything dysfunctional going on, expect us to relect it back in our mood. Ever notice how when things are good with Pisces they're REALLY good? There's a reason for that. It's almost impossible to be anything less than charming when you, as the woman, are treating us like kings!

Patience is a requirement for this sign. We completely love confusing those around us with our words, moods, and actions. In all the confusion, we're expecting to see the real you come out. What pisses you off? What makes you cry? What will make you laugh so hard you'll snort? What are you most insecure about? Pisces will find out! The nice thing is they don't want to share it with anyone else, it's just a means of connecting with you on a more emotional level. The difficult part will be telling when we are truly in love with you. We're expert liars and will say whatever is necessary to manipulate our web of deception. Once we're in love though, we live for "true" love

One more question
by: Scorpiomac

Wow! Very helpfull..hard to say when you're in love? What would be the signs for the outside world to determine weather you're in love, dear Pisces?

poor pisces
by: lallie

yep thats my pisces to a t! mind games all day long. until i got bored with it all and am now in the process of parting him and his money 'just for the hell of it'. He thinks he is the only player of games!! WRONG

Wow, wish I'd have read this years ago...
by: Anonymous

I'm a cancer, have been out of a relationship with a pisces several years now. He married three years after our break up. I had a dream 2 years after his marriage, when someone i was seeing proposed to me. In the dream, my pisces told me to do whatever I needed to do, that all would be ok and that he was working through something and he'd be back to me later in life. I married someone else, he was an addict unfortunately and I did love him. We divorced in 2010. Found out my pisces also divorced three months later. We live in different states and haven't spoken in years - I wonder if I've crossed his mind. He did play games and it pissed me off. I wish I'd have known it was him playing and testing. I took it to heart, but my greatest regret in my lifetime will be the loss of that relationship. Wish I'd have known this beforehand but we both had life lessons to learn. Maybe I'll see him again one day. He made me promise to never forget him and our time together. I've kept that promise.

Can you help me?
by: Blake

I'm 18 years old and a Pisces. I know I'm young but I'm wondering if this is all true. Everything i read from spiritual, emotions, money, friends and exc. It's all correct. I don't know what is happening every relationship starts with sex even if it's not my intention. I'm glad there's other guys who are telling me this isn't up in my head or its a dream.I have really bad bipolar to that may act with the emotional part and thats why i've been dumped every time my girls can't keep up with what I'm trying to do or think of what to do. I don't know really what I'm trying to ask for help on. Maybe just some info on whats going on inside my head or if i should just denie what i think and move on and never look back. If anyone who reads this could email me anything on what you think I couldn't thank you enough. My email is blue_sky_gate@yahoo.com

by: Proud_Pisces

I totally know where you are coming from!!! I'm a gay woman (Pisces), but totally think like a Male Pisces (I dont have gender issues, just takes on the male role in a relationship. Anyways................................. You're so right about the lying! I was with a Gemini/Taurus woman and it was a match made in HELL. It was lies after lies, She played me for a fool. As much as I still care about her, I am not going to lie, I'm a bitch towards her now. I think I come across as not giving a shit. Once you've been lied too so many times, its hard to believe anything sincere that comes out of her mouth anymore. It's all bullshit I refuse to eat up again. Once you've hurt us bad, we forgive and move on, but never forget it and we'll treat you differently. Agreed?

by: Anonymous

Seriously, us pisceans can be seriously misunderstood sometimes because of our erratic unpredictable behavior. I was with a girl, who was a sagittarian, we had really strong feelings for each other but it could never go anywhere, she never understood me, and i never understood her. The one thing I am struggling to cope with, is how women can complain about guys not being to sensitive, and then one comes along and they decide that sensitivity isn't what they are looking for ?

by: Anonymous

but how do you know if he's just "testing you" and playing games...or if he really does want to end it and be done??? and if he wants space...is that a test or does he really want to be left alone?

It's real and fake (will explain)
by: Anonymous

Pisces men want to be alone. But they need you to be there. They will not do anything to hurt you ON PURPOSE. And they will be sorry. In the end it's best to give them what they don't realize they want. And one other thing, Pisces guys love seeing those pretty eyes (off topic but it's true)

Pisces Testing
by: Anonymous

I'm a 27 year old male pisces and I do play mind games to try and see if the girl I'm with really has true feelings for me or not. To know if a pisces is testing you would depend on the questions he asks. And when we want to end a relationship you will know that it's not a game by the emotional backing of the words he chooses to say to you. I just recently broke up with my g/f (a Taurus) because I lost my feelings for her. She wasn't able to give me the stimulation I needed to keep our emotional balance going in the relationship. Not only that but when I needed space to recollect myself and feelings she would never let me be. She was constantly prodding me with questions on why I was isolating myself. Even after I explained to her why I was doing it she still insisted on nagging me. I know she tried with all her heart to understand me, but she she was trying to hard. She is a very caring person and I do admire that about her, and she will always have a special place with me. When I told her I was breaking up with her I was very bold and blunt. So the advice I would give about knowing if a pisces is testing is to pay attention to their questions. If they ask you for your opinion on your relationship (or any questions about themselves and what you think of them) answer honestly. We are very trickey but at the same time involved in everything we do. If you have a fear of him breaking up with you just ask him. That would be the best thing in my opnion. We always answer with our feelings and that is a sure way to find out if he's testing you or really serious about breaking up.

But when we truly love someone we will always remain faithful, caring, compassionate, and supportive in all aspects of the relationship. And at that point..the games stop for good.

understanding a pisces man
by: scorpiogirl

Can any pisces male help?
I have been with a pisces man for about 1 month, we have an electric chemistry and quite a bond. Things have been going really well, until one evening things were dull and disconnected as I wasn't myself not feeling that good. Anyway after that night he decided to end it saying I'm not the right women for him / don't have a connection. But before this night he was saying the opposite as we did have a connection. How can someone just change after one occassion, I did tell him I wasn't myself and but it didn't make any difference. I have been trying to contact him but he won't respond. How do I get him back, is there anything I can say to persuade him back?

from scorpiogirl

by: Libra Starr

I am so frustrated I have been seeing this guy off and on for 9 months. He is so mercurial.. Dreamy, great conversation, super sweet...
But then he starts acting like an ***.. When I first met him it was like a dream.. we would talk for hours about anything even sit outside and look at the clouds and name their shapes. Things progressed and we did become physical but we still talked everyday normal texting and calling. He asked me to date him I said yes of course and the next thing I know he had surgery and it was weeks before I heard from him again and when I did it was rather dry and distant. Eventually we stopped talking because I couldnt stand doing all the chasing especially if there isnt a reward. A few weeks later he started sending a few texts but still nothing like how it used to be, just enough to keep me hanging on. I really really like this guy and would give anything to make it work but the amount of time and effort is not matched. Recently I cut him off for a week no texts, nothing.. (SO HARD) After that week I sent a simple message that said I miss you.. He texted back and for a week straight it seemed as though my old pisces was back. He would text me in the morning saying GM Luv, How is your day gorgeous?. Even admitted to having feelings for me and told me I was "pulling his heartstrings" we made out for like 45 intense minutes like teenagers. And the next three days nothing but a text thats says; Sorry sweetheart had a bad past few days and a headache... I would do anything to make my pisces happy but we arent meeting half way and I am truly starting to feel as though he is playing games.
Frustated and Sad,
Libra Starr

by: PiscesGirl

Some of these stories are similar to mine, everything thats been said about a pisces man is exactly how my ex is... We were together for 9 months when he broke up with me last month because he said the feelings werent mutual and that he wasnt in love with me like im in love with him because of his past and that he dont really know what love is.. well last month was actually our second breakup one day he'll tell me he misses me then the next day i dont hear from him im just in a love rollercoaster basically i love him and want to get back with him but part of me doesnt because of his bipolarness...its so much more to this story but i'll be typing forever..i just need help on what i should do :/

pisces men
by: Anonymous

I love a pisces man, have for the last 18mths. But due to his words/actions, the usual ones so it seems for a pisces man, I've had to walk away. I'm a cancer fem, he knows I will always love him, I know he loves me, but mind games, one day there the next not, causes to much pain. Will he change? Only when he realises that its ok to be him, that its ok to trust again, that help is out there to solve his hangups. Will I wait? Life leads us down many paths, destiny/fate, he's with me always but for my own sanity and broken heart, no x

scorpio girl loves pisces man
by: Anonymous

Hi pls I need help from a pisces male, I need an insight on what might be going on in my pisces man's head, met a pisces male(great connection) he said the sweetest and sincere things ever, then one day we were making out and he found out I was a virgin he was shocked because he said I was too pretty to be a virgin lol,he said the sweetest things and how he loves and respects me and I was head over heels I actually wanted him to be my first as I heard they are our best soulmates, next thing he disappears I called once he didn't pick up, sent a text and got no replies so I kept to myself, its 2months now and he hasn't checked up on me, am so sad and heartbroken but I have, sun in scorpio, my moon in virgo, libra in venus and am so proud I don't wanna reach out anymore because am starting to feel its not meant to be, he has his sun in pisces, moon in gemini and venus in aquarius... So am thinking he's gemini moon is a tricky one especially for a virgo moon like mine, do u think he'll call or come back because I think about him everyday he's 28 and am 24.. I usually run from relationships and twice I ran from two pisces males that were all over me and too possesive but its different with him when he gets possessive its cute,he says he wants me to be 'his' and here I am pining for him and he's no where near me, and yeah he showed me off to his mum and tells me she asks of me which I think its cute coz he loves he's mum to the earth and back, he tells me he loVes me coz am very independent and I give him lots of space to do his thing (he parties a lot and am kind of an indoor girl) and I like space too so its all good, the connection is amazing he's got the most sincere eyes ever and my heart is breaking coz he's just gone 2 months of not talking its sad,ii don't even talk to other guys that keep asking me out because I feel like maybe am cheating on him, and its crazy because its crazy I haven't heard from him, I still feel he is my soulmate and I just want just him for a lifetime, that's why I have been a virgin searching for just that 'one' guy with the connection that would last a lifetime and I found it with him, will he come back or has he moved on? So I know what to do, Please help me, I need a pisces man to answer this coz am sure he can relate to this...

Moods Change
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry, but if you are "complete sweetness one moment and then short-tempered couch kicking pyscho the next" does not make you sensitive, it makes you look bipolar. Just sayin... And if the mood change is without a reason...think for yourself what it means

epic failure
by: flabbergasted cancer fem

i recently started dating a pisces a little over 2 months, i am pretty stable as far as my work, home and qualities/values. he had a hard life, says he grew up extremely poor and still yet is making irresponsible decisions concerning his life, financially and morally at the age of 28. i tried to be helpful and supportive, but instead i was met with attitude and rudeness for the simplest things. if someone is helping you on a massive scale in comparison to the little that you do wouldnt you be appreciative. is that a part of the pisces trait to display such measures of ungratefulness and little gratitude. Not just towards me but even in the display i have seen him do to others. Where is this kindness that i read so much about, it what form does it manifest itself? I have so many reason for me to throw this fish back into the see, But its crazy i feel a connection, i wanted to help its the nurturing side of being a cancer. He recently pulled away after an arguement saying that he just needs time to get his life together and that he is taking his frustrations out on me, now we are not speaking due to me getting angry and me telling him to grow up and take responsibilities for his life, my anger came from the frustration of seeing someone with so much potential and just not living in reality. Life is about creating something for oneself and future generations, not partying or living a mediocre life. it seems like he lives in a world of if you ignore problems they will go away, instead of having goals to stare your life in the right direction. i apologized for my harsh reaction, although the things i expressed are justified but he is unresponsive. My question is does a pisces man ever forgive you? i do care deeply for him even though i know deep down i am worthy of someone to treat me like someone of value.

by: Anonymous

I am posting this comment becuase I am passed confused. I have read some of the other comments posted as to the difficulties these young ladies are having with their Pisces bf's,and I have to say that I am experiencing the same thing. We met on a dating site and we've known each other for a couple of years now. I have experienced the mind games the lies and the disappearing acts. He stated that he suffered a tradgedy that caused him to be isolated, there was a death that took place to someone close to him but I didn't hear from him for months(7)Then all of a sudded he calls, im baffled, confused as to why he didn't reach out to me before where I could have been supportive for him, but he chose not to reach out to me. He did state that he had met someone else during this time period and she fell in love with him but he didn't feel the same for her. He told me that he still had feelings for me and wanted to pick up where we left off...well, gotta be honest..I'm afraid he'll hurt me again as I don't like pain in any form emotional or physical. I have decided to proceed with caution slowly...but things will never be the same because they'll always be that fear that he will leave again and come back with another story.

Libra female dating male Pisces
by: Anonymous

I'm 26 and a libra.. My 1 day old ex is 33 and a Pisces.. I gave him a three some with my bf thinking it would spice up the relationship but I got caught up in my emotions and everything.. I couldn't believe I let that happen knowing how deeply in love I was and still am with him. I accused him cheating with her after we had the three some and I dumped him.. I guess my string love for him made me insecure and I reacted.. Will he ever come back or ever forgive me..??? My heart is torn and I feel like I lost the Love of my life

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