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I'm a Pisces woman and I once dated a Pisces man for almost three years. We were not a good match. I was in high school and he was a year older than me. Although the sex was great and we were engaging in it at least 3 times a day, after awhile it gets old.

A relationship needs more than good sex, to survive. We didn't have much in common and I later realized he was a horrible liar. I found out I was pregnant with his child only after dating him for ten months. His friends would tell me while I was with family for a weekend he would have his ex sleep over. I also heard he got another girl pregnant and paid for her to have an abortion, while I was pregnant with our son!!

He barely ever had a job or a vehicle and was living off of me. So then one day after work I log into my computer and I find that he was visiting online dating websites. Not only dating sites but some sort of sex sites too. I'm not talking porn either. I think the site was called [removed]. On his profile he had said he was a single father and the mother of his child had left them!! Are you kidding me? Here I am at work while he sits around doing nothing and he's saying things like this to hook up with women.

Not to mention I BRING my son to work with me because he refused to watch him. What a LOSER! He tried to tell me he was looking for new 'friends' since he was bored at home. Yet I then brought up the fact that he had checked the box saying he was looking for sex. Anyways, we stop talking, he ends up in prison three times and I don't let him see my son. Haven't heard from him since and I hope I never have to.

OMG I am a 47 year old woman now, wow this sounds just like me younger!!! I am a Pisces and my first husband was as well!! I got pregnant at 19 and my mom made us get married!! Big mistake, This dude was a stoner, no ambition, didn't even care that I was pregnant, just went along with it cause of our families saying so!!

I begged my mom that I didn't really think we should or were ready to get married!! When I found out I was expecting, we had already been broken up. Anyway Mom said no way, if we don't get married, the baby will have to be put up for adoption!! (this was 1981) I was too far along for an abortion!! I wasn't about to put my baby up, so I married!!

OMG right from the get go, stoned all the time, didn't want to work, laid on the sofa listening to music all day. I had to work, he stayed home with our daughter but pretty much ignored her. I'd come home to VERY wet diapers you could tell she peed more than once. He would be so stoned he would just let her cry a lot. I know this cause neighbors would tell me!!

Well to make a long story short we lasted only 6 years!! he was really cute, the sex was good, that is about the only way he even seemed like a husband!! But OMG so lazy and way to into the weed. And Pisces are known to be easily addicted to things!! Now I have a sweet Cancer man, very ambitious, very hard working attentive good husband!!! Yeah I guess Pisces and Pisces aren't a good pair!!

I'm a Pisces woman who dated a Pisces man. Great sex but the worst relationship! Pisces and Pisces isn't a good pair

My first husband is a Pisces and so am I; it did not work, he was a cheater, secretive, and just plane cruel. Pisces and Pisces do not make a good match though the sex was alright it was not enough to keep the marriage out of trouble because he always looked elsewhere for attention.

I am a Pisces woman and have been dating my Pisces man for over 4 years. He is without a doubt my best friend and true love. It is uncanny sometimes how well we can read each other and there is certainly no one else who can understand me like him. We plan on being married in the next year or two and I can't wait for our future. It can work, people!

why is it they get so confused?

why is having friends and a girlfriend all to hard???

Well, I am a Pisces woman involved with a Pisces man 8 yrs older than me and I am in LOVE with him. Yes the sex is great, but I feel as though he is my soulmate and one day I plan to marry him. It can work if two Pisces want to make it work.

I am a total Pisces. (Hetro male) I have known a Pisces woman most of my adult life. We are totally telepathic and astro time/date/place clones, in cribs next to one another in the same hospital. A 30 year long story and (short version) this woman has made positive impact on my life and times of necessary intervention.

Romance? Forget it. It is well beyond that. If you get through that part, you WILL get it Romantic/sex compatibility? NADA. too similar.

I'm Pisces man, made myself somewhat a successful businessman. I am pretty ambitious as well. They say two Pisces man/woman together don't know how to lead one another. I think I had to overcome my own bad Pisces traits such as laziness and low energy, etc. before I committed this Pisces woman for my mate. I'm a leading man in this relationship. We are beyond soul mates, we are meant to be together. It's really freaky spiritual. Word of advise for those who's involving Pisces Pisces relationship, though. Especially for male Pisces... Grow up! and BE THE MAN. If you can do those, you can be the best man in all 12 signs. I'm still trying for myself, but so far, I assure you that as far as your maturity improves, your life/love becomes deep and full. Good Luck, my Pisces buddies...

I've been with my Pisces man for nearly a year now, not without that old essential Pisces drama. we are past that now, and are the closest of best friends. our sex life is the best I've ever had, and we share everything. lack of ambition is a problem, as is overindulgence...for BOTH of us. but as the previous post said he needs to grow up! my only confusion is my Pisces man's complete lack of spirituality. he is a skeptic and seems as if he has no faith in anything...but his family and myself. we do have a spiritual bond, but this is the only aspect that I truly worry could ruin a marriage in the future. wish us luck!

To the post above

All Pisces man/ woman start out the same way as you said....majority of them end in ways different that you've been imagining. Are you being true to yourself? That's the question you must ask. Do not escape which I did by trying to force myself in a relationship that never was. I lost the love of my life in the process and didn't even know he was gone (not Pisces). I guess I hurt him too much. remember you cant fix what can't be fixed. don't quit your inner calling no matter what. also Pisces is not good beyond friendship. Pisces woman

im 19yrs old and my story sucked too im a Pisces also and I was dating a Pisces.. im not going to say "man" cuz he acts like a boy but me and him was all good till his ex wife needed a place to stay and he felt sorry for her saying that they was just friends. then I found out I was pregnant with his kid so he is coming to see me every weekend and lying to his ex wife saying he is going to his moms. well his ex found out and she left and he went chasing after her. so now im alone with his baby. all cuz of lies he told me.. so if you're a Pisces woman don't date Pisces men lol

long term prospects depend on other aspects of birth chart. a little earthy influence will secure this pair..........

I dated a Pisces man back in freshman year in college. both of us had a lot in common even birthdays on march 13. we had this incredible sexual magnetism. he seemed charming and ambitious. it was all so dreamy and I got carried away.in the end things ended like this. all he wanted to do was to get me in bed and when that didn't happen he became vindictive. in reality it never felt right and my hunch was pretty much right. so Pisces women and Pisces men is the worst combination. I hate myself all the more because I just cant believe I trusted so blindly. meggy

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Similar experience. I got involved with a Pisces man in my sophomore year at college. I gave into his charms and regret it. I've hurt the one person who liked me a lot. He does not even look at me anymore. Forget talking. I've written before in the page. I'll say it again. Pisces man/woman is the worst match. What hurt me the most that the Pisces man goes about as if nothing even happened. I wish all of this never happened. I miss the love of my life. He did things for me and I didn't even notice it thinking I was in Love. Pisces men and women are not a good combination. I wish none of this actually happened. Pisces woman

Well I'm a Pisces women and I'm in love with a Pisces man. He is eight years older then me which I find not to bad. Our relationship is going well I believe. We have our ups an downs as relationship do have but we compromise and get through it. we didn't know that we both had birthdays in march until we really started dating. We met each other at work and we hit it off from there. SEX is awesome but we stop having sex for the first part of our relationship so we wouldn't fall into the lust part. That helped out but it was still difficult. I plan to marry this man and he plans to marry me as well. It can work out as long as you both can understand each other and compromise.


Well Im a Pisces women who most of my life have been attractive to Pisces men. The first one I was in a relationship for 8 year and he was 8 years older than I was a real ladies man, player, smoother talker, great sex and a big liar, cheater, lazy. I finally got smart and got rid of him it was not easy he was a stalker. I final meet my husband who is also a Pisces man who is one year younger than me but he is in total charge. He is my soulmate we have been together for 20 years now and I don't see my self being with anyone else. Its funny how I can always tell who is a Pisces even in women. Sometimes us Pisces don't get along with other Pisces. I find this with some men who's birthday are very close to mine. Its like we are competing with each other. Now with women who have the same birthday as my or a few day apart we get along great.

why is that?

I've been with a Pisces for almost 4 months and he dumped me because he couldn't take the pressure anymore. even though we loved each other passionately I was his first love. what should I do to get him back? will he ever come back?

well im a Pisces and I am currently dating a Pisces we are so in love with each other its unbelievable even though at times we get fed up and want to leave each other but cant

Well I am a Pisces woman why left her husband for a Pisces man. My husband was treating me so bad that when I found myself in the arms of my Piscean love he resembled me like "prince charming". I wouldn't say that sex is not so great but he is my best friend and we keep talking for 4-5 hours about each others problems or daily situations and never get enough of one another's presence. He is 9 years older than me, very ambitious and successful. I am very ambitious as well so I think till now he is Ok for me, we have planned to get married, actually we have a daughter that he adores, and he has two sons from his first marriage. He loves children more than any other man I have known and I adore this. I think if both Pisces work on their ambition they can do big things and make them wiser and less adventurous. Good luck to all Pisces couples!

well im dating a boy that I haven't seen in a while and he loves me I know he says it a lot the only problem is I don't think I could ever marry him every time we and public he ignores me until he realizes that im gone then he rite behind me saying I don't wanna lose you. I think im the one scared to love

ouch!(?) I think he is cheating on me. I have had a rough 50-something years single woman and a Mom with a son. He is the only man I allowed to meet my son. I felt he was different from the rest and I let my guard down. We also went to the same high school and graduated from the same class, so there was that bond for me.

All I can hope is that he is a good man and I am wrong since I have been cheated on with my last 5 relationships. I have no proof that is tangible that he is cheating on me, just my gut. Which by the way, has never been wrong.

But he tells me he isn't and I want to believe him. Rejection is not something I want to feel right now. So I may be in deep denial. He sounds so convincing. So I am giving it some time, until I catch him or ...?

I am angry and feel stupid to let this have gotten so far, meaning I fell for him and we have been together. I have boosted his saggin ego to the top of the hill and I think he is testing his new found libido.

My advice: don't be so vulnerable when the next guy comes along. Give him six months to prove himself before sex. He has to knock the door down to get to you, or it will not work. You can't pick him, he has to pick you.

Make sure you can trust him, if you can't, don't go to bed with him. Look at his friends, notice the kind of people they are. Listen, listen, listen, men will always give themselves away. Their actions speak more than what they say. And they can say anything to you. And always, always get tested for aids before sleeping with them. It's free, takes only 20 minutes with a swab to test you and him!

Pisces man I am, fell in love with my Pisces woman at first sight, both of us understand each other, comfort each other,etc. there is no better match have to know yourself first to know your Pisces mate, your Pisces partner feels the same way as you, drop your Pisces wall from being hurt by other signs and don't be a hermit and shut down, let your Pisces lover in your heart even if afraid they will break it and you will find your soul mate!

I am a Pisces woman dating a Pisces man. his birthday is march 1st and mine march 18th. we are very much alike. we like to help others in need, we are compassionate, kind and its hard to say no (well for me it is) but we have been together for 5 years and it took hard work to get where we are at now. we are going to be married one day. I love him until forever. we are each others 1st and only loves. I think ANYTHING can work as long as you have the drive to make it work. if I wanted to give up I would but that's not me! I'll be here until the end... BONNIE & CLYDE!! KRISTI & NOLAN

I am a Piscean male. I have made friends with a Piscean female. Like what some people said, there is a telepathic connection between us. I rarely have a connection like this with anyone, and it is scary. I really want to be more than friends but I do not know how to do it. I do not know if she feels the same way. She gives me mixed signals. I really like this girl. I am going to be the man and tell her how I feel. My fear of rejection will take a back seat because she is worth it.

Reading all these bad Pisces and Pisces, has gotten me worried about how my current relationship will be.

All I'm hearing is the sex is great but he wasn't very ambitious.

I don't know how the sex is with my Pisces partner but we have a romantic and sexual connection. But he also is a good friend to me.

How could this end badly if he's a great person now?

I am a Pisces man and had a very gratifying and mostly sexual relationship with my Scorpio wife. We dated for 7 years she gave me an ultimatum and I married her. That was the biggest mistake of our lives. We always had great sex but in the end that was not enough of a reason to stay together. After 10 years of marriage she tells me that she has been unhappy all our married life and wants to break up. This was devastating to me because I knew we had problems but never felt that this was reason enough to end the marriage. She then tells me we can have sex whenever I want to because she still wants me but does not want to live with me. This confuses the crap out of me! So we separated. I have dated only Pisces women since the breakup with the wife, our divorce is just months away now.

I have found that Pisces Man and Woman can be a great team but it has to be the proper team members in a particular team that will make or break the relationship. All of the above is true it is almost freaky how in tune fellow Pisces can be almost telepathic. Not all Pisces have the same degree of qualities or faults common to Pisces personalities. Pisces man and women can be the greatest relationship a Pisces can experience; the chemistry is having the proper balance of personality. What I mean is that like any other relationship the best situation is when a couple complements each other for instance if the man is stubborn the woman is not just as equally stubborn or the man is lazy maybe they woman is the stronger of the two in terms of this fault. The most important key is to recognize our weakness in the relationship and acknowledge your partner's strength in that area and thus help each other to be a better whole by working together. This is really working for me and I truly believe it does not matter what your mates sign is if you are both mature enough to truly give and take you can make any pair of people last forever together in bliss.

I am a Pisces girl of 17 years, met a Pisces man 6 years older than me last year and we immediately connected. It started out amazing, we were constantly together, he would text/ring me 5 times a day telling me how special I was to him. One day he told me he loved me I was so happy and thought it would progress further from there but it seemed to do the opposite. I don't know if he suddenly got scared or what but he wasn't much of a talker I never knew what he was thinking and I was too shy to ask it was all mainly lust. we broke up (we never even really established we were together- once again communication issues). we stayed friends and about a month ago he came back into my life and started talking to me again. once again it started well I thought it was really going to work this time...once again he's being quite confusing about what he wants and it just hurts me. don't know what to do I do love him but thee relationships can be destructive at times, you really have to work at it.

Me and my girl are having our year in about a week. We have had only two arguments that mattered. The rest were just playful banter. I myself have had problems with getting sidetracked but women do the same. Everything needs to be in balance for a Pisces to function. I over came my sliding by admiring my lover for what she provides me emotionally. When I get distraught and down because of a work problem she seems to find the hook to grab me back. I will love her till the day I die even if we don't work she will remain. It saddens me to even think about that. My Honest Opinion about Pisces together is that they adore each other but aren't enough ground for each other and can actually remain great friends.

I'm a Pisces woman being courted by a Pisces man. He's extremely romantic, and makes me feel like a princess. I'm worried though, because he doesn't have a lot of ambition and just got laid off. I really like him and want to start a relationship, but I'm pretty sure that if I do, he'll settle in and stay jobless. WHY IS LOVE SO DAMN DIFFICULT...

At 14 years old I developed a huge crush on this amazingly beautiful young man who is now my husband. We are now 46 & 48 yrs old, both Pisces and happily married! And without a moments hesitation I can say he is STILL the love of my life, my pull-apart, my best friend, my confidant and my absolute soul mate. Even now when I see him at the end of our day, my heart leaps and I am again transformed back into that 14 year old with a big time crush ? what an amazing feeling is it to not only love and like your husband but to still have a crush on him after all these years. We share intense intimacy that thankfully also includes frequent, amazing and satisfying sex which never has gotten old or boring. So to those of you who are saying Pisces/Pisces relationships don't work well, my hearts breaks for you because who knows with a little more effort you, too, could be experiencing a love that poems were created to describe.

It seems that majority of comments are negative.. dis scares me! how about focusing on the positive .the success of relationship depends on how you both handle and balance things. as partners you both have to help one another and work as a team, since both Pisces understand each other's personality, rules must be established. Both must have constant communication and be open to each other. Pisces and Pisces relationship can be good if both are mature and balance. it is true LOVE that binds people not mere sexual attraction or what so ever coz you can have attraction to thousands of men and women in d world but true LOVE is hard to find!

I am a Pisces woman and dated a Pisces man for about 8 months. We were previous friends from a while back through my ex best friend. He was the one guy she told me was off limits. Well we lost contact and we met up through work last July. He told me that he always had feelings for me and we started talking which led into more. We got along so well but then everything just went wrong and now we are not talking. I took it pretty bad and expressed that many times to him trying to get him back after I broke up with him over a trust issue. He seemed to just disappear and never really addressed the issue except that I was looking for something that wasn't there as far as the trust issue. I had a gut feeling and felt the distance and this is where it got me. Yes Pisces can truly be happy with each other but I knew what I wanted and he obviously was not able to fight for us. so in my case it turned out to be disappointing. which leaves me to believe he never felt the same way about me!

I have been talking to a Pisces man for 6 years. I am also a Pisces. I believe it can work with the right connection. We both have opened up and expressed how we feel about each other. Our feelings are the same. We both were also fearing rejection from each other. But communication is so important to the both of us since we both are divorced and didn't have that with our ex.'s both feel, like, and enjoy the same thing. I adore him so much and he feels the same. I feel good about this relationship and I know it will get more serious because we have so much respect and our needing each other every day. Wish us the best.

I'm a Pisces man, born on Feb. 19, so I'm supposed to have some traits of Aquarius and Pisces. I was lazy when it came to school, but an ambitious worker. I'm also a hopeless romantic. I've found that if you want two Pisces to work together you both need to know yourself. Pisces are so caught up in trying to figure others out that they lose themselves in the process. Just slow down Pisces! Find out who you really are before you try to dive into a serious relationship.

I am a Pisces and some of these things about Pisces I can say they are true because I experienced them myself. but I am sooo into this guy and he is Pisces too, funny coz I could tell from our very first conversation that he was Pisces even before he told me. I must say it's weird how we can read each other and predict each other's next move. we both know that we are into each other it's just that none of us is willing to act on it because we want to be professional since we work together and most importantly coz we are open to each other and are aware of the high chances that it will not work between us. we actually spoke about it. and it's not only because we are both Pisces but because we are from different backgrounds and we follow lifestyles and have different styles of achieving our goals. my point is, I understand and sympathize with every one who had a bad experience with another Pisces, but I want to bring it to your attention that some of these things have nothing to do with being Pisces but the way a person was raised, background, beliefs etc. this applies to all the other signs. for instance, I was in a relationship with a guy who was "Cancer" and according to astrology we should have made a heavenly match but it turned out to be the worst relationship I ever had. I agree that we stood a chance of having a good relationship because of the way our personalities/qualities complimented each other, but because of his beliefs, background, etc we fought everyday and he was abusive. because of me being a Pisces I tried to work it out and do things so he could be pleased, I ended up depressed and attempted suicide. my point is the are other factors as well that we should keep in mind. all the best for those in relationships with other Pisces

I'm a Pisces woman and I dated a Pisces man for 2-and-half years and 7 years have passed by. sexual magnetism was great, but communication was lousy.

I have never been the girlfriend type. meaning I have a hard time staying faithful to my men. I met this Pisces man and he totally threw me for a loop. He is only 4 days younger than me and he happens to live right next door to one another. Our sex life began due to quite a bit of alcohol and ever since that day in consumed our relationship, after a while it got old and I thought for sure it would end and it actually got better. he agreed not to have it for a while and during that time we still hung out every day and every night. We love going out and doing things and running around together. He's truly my best friend and best lover. He gives me so much support in the things I wanna do I don't see myself without him for quite some time. Yea we have a few arguments from time to time but we end it quickly and get back on track. He just got promoted and usually takes the male role very well which I love. That is when my Piscean take over I cater to his every need without t hesitation and he does the same. Pisces and Pisces are a good match for me... :)

Why would my Pisces dump me for a Libra Oct 12.. Im a Pisces too March 7 and him February 28th?

He tried to cheat and got caught but it makes no sense since I thought we were compatible.

He met her on a Wednesday slept with her, asked her out on Thursday and then dumped me on Friday cuz I felt it on Wednesday you know how us Pisces can feel things.

Will he swim his way back? they been together for 3 weeks already on vacation together. Is this his soul mate seems to me like the moved way to fast when we had been dating for 8 months.

I am a Pisces woman who met a Pisces man 6 yrs ago. our connection was so real so raw it was scary. there have been many bumps in the road. but I have never felt so deep b4 for a lover and friend...he feels the same will we be 2gether? only time will tell

I am a Pisces woman an I am 26 years old an as I was reading other peoples stories .it look like the Pisces males r cheaters .... I was also dating a young man AN his was a Pisces as well....man we went through our up's an downs an then we gave each other time to breath an ,,,not to my attention or surprise while I was letting him breath ,he was cheating on me with a younger person...but I still have strong feelings for him , but as far as being with him ...I don't think so ...ii think im just still so hurt...fresh break up [tears]

This should be a lesson for all Pisceans with really distinct moon signs (i.e., Fire, Air, Earth...):

I'm a gay Pisces male, and I dated an older gay Pisces male (there was a thick age gap). I was from the East Coast, he was from the West Coast, but he also had a place on the East Coast. Two words: Terrible relationship. He was far too quiet for me. It was INCREDIBLY annoying. Quiet isn't necessarily bad, but he would hardly communicate his feelings to me openly. We would also go without communication for a really long time. And, even if we did talk, he'd be really bad at communicating with me and would tell me that neither one of us was really good at communicating over the phone or online. So, he'd really only contact me when he was around. One time, I complained about the lack of communication, and he said, "Listen, I know you're trying to be affectionate, but you haven't developed that capacity yet."

The sex was mediocre, to be honest. I was bored with it, but he was clearly turned on. After sex, I would cuddle with him, but he would criticize me, saying things like, "I know you're trying to be affectionate, but I need my sleep."

I would wanna go out, but he would wanna stay in. Whenever we went out, he was only openly affectionate in contexts where he felt comfortable.

I spent seven hours standing out in the freezing cold on New Year's Eve with him, waiting for the crystal ball in Times Square to drop. This was nearly seven months after we'd met, and, yet, he still considered me the guy he was still "kinda seeing". A few days later, he shied away from me in bed and we didn't cuddle or have sex; it was in that instant that I knew that something was wrong. I stupidly shrugged it off, but, about two weeks later, when I offered to fly out to see him, he said that he wasn't ready to step up the relationship. He broke off things with me via IM. Completely rude and classless. I really should've been a lot more upfront with him, but I was certainly much more open about my feelings than he was.

We had a stupid fight after we broke things off because I joked, saying, "Have fun with your new boy toy", but he took it very personally and accused me of trying to find out whether he was seeing someone else. (I wasn't, but okay...) I apologized to him later that night by leaving a card on his doorstep and tried to talk to him, but he said he never wanted to "talk". I tried to reconcile things by telling him that I do care that he's seeing someone else, but only to make sure that he's happy. I even called him, apologizing for offending. I'm definitely not jealous, since he and I already broke everything off. I simply wanted to be friends with him, but he just didn't wanna be friends anymore.

I read into his Moon sign, and it turned out being in Pisces (aka double Pisces). I, on the other hand, have my Moon sign in Aries. This was probably part of the problem. Perhaps I was the more aggressive one, but I was showing myself honestly.

But, still, there were some good moments in the "relationship". For example, he drove up to visit me at school (I go to school 100+ miles away from home). He also was there for me when I had problems with my parents. When he was sweet, he was very sweet, and he was delicate. I miss him, sure, but after how he treated me, I feel I should definitely move on. Now, I'm kinda getting into a Leo man.

MORAL OF MY STORY: Check your Moon sign carefully!

I am a Piscean woman who was involved with a Piscean man in college. we were together for 3 years. at 21, I broke up because he constantly criticized my looks, my weight, my choices in life and career. I was very submissive to him in our relationship and the sex was simply great, although he was very domineering (which I loved!!!!). anyway, when I broke up and refused to meet him, he realized he loved me. but it was too late by then. after 8 years, we are in touch. he has been through his share of relationships and meanwhile I fell deeply in love with a wonderful Sagittarian man. but there are some sparks when the Piscean man calls me or I call him up. we end up saying intimate things to each other. I don't know what the future will be.

my marriage was failing and I had always liked a Pisces man. feelings were expressed and found out that he had loved me for years. I believed everything he said to me. I seen it in his eyes. I was ecstatic woz madly in love and thought I would end up marrying this man. my dreams had come true. Then I found out he had been telling his ex he still loved her, and sometimes she stayed at his flat. She has since met somebody else and pregnant with this other persons baby. I cant believe how awful someone can be. ;you shouldn't be allowed to say all the things he said and get away with it. Anyway, obviously we split up. Thing is he still tries to keep in touch recently, so I have just had to ignore his messages. Nothing about his emotion though! he's probably bored! Yeah, we fancied each other like mad. But he hurt me bad. I am now in a loving relationship, where I get a lot of attention, love and importantly no mind games like I did with the Pisces man Pisces woman relationship.

Im a Pisces girl I fell in love with my best guy friend who's also a Pisces boy. At first when I meet him I was dang he's hot then I did a double glance and was like ewww gross never mind lol this was in 7th grade a year passed now I'm in 8th grade I started hanging out with his guy friends that I didn't know were his friends. They told me that he liked me and I was shut up don't lie and they were like no seriously he really likes u..would you go out with him I was uhh no that's nasty. couple of months later I came to school wearing fur boots that were in style and a really cute blue jacket and he comment saying I look good and of course a said thanks not so bad urself and ever since then the couple of days later we flirted everyday in art but I never knew for sure if he liked me liked until I confronted him during summer saying if it was true if he did like me and he came out saying yes I like you a lot and I was why didn't you tell me apparently he was too shy about say ing what was on his mind . But all I remember was he was my best friend in 8th grade never thought of him as anything else until last year my ex boyfriend got mad at me for something stupid he called me a bitch a slut and a whore and I told my best guy friend what he called me he got mad and got a hold of my ex. boyfriend number told him crap and told me that day he loved me and I told him I loved him to and ever since then we gottin closer and closer and now were best friends/lovers who can't be without each other :) I say you can make things happen if you try hard enough don't search for love let love search for you

im a Pisces women been with a Pisces man for nearly a yr now. when we first met it was love at first sight! stuttering, red faces, hearts beating, non stop eye contact even when we weren't saying anything. we are identical in everything possible, even our deepest darkest secrets are the same lol weird. the start of our relationship was breath taking, then sort of faded after a while...sometimes he's a mature man but then BAM! immature boy...when we first met he had a girlfriend, few weeks later he left there 4 yr first love relationship for me! still non stop arguing, he had boundary issues, didn't see the inappropriate actions he took! like making a friend from the club (female!!!) realizing they had so much in common and he just wanted a close friend so they went camping together and never told me until I found the photos of her ASSSSSS!!! on his camera! he said he took the photo to show her that she doesn't have fat legs or bum. wtf! another argument followed. then he nev er saw her again coz ther weird sudden relationship hurt me to much. then he makes a group of girlfriends which he says is different coz its not a one on one friendship with the opposite sex its just a group of friends! so I shouldn't put down him and his friends just because there female. then I find out later he had 2 girls sleep over his house, they stayed in the bedroom and he slept on the couch, even his mum said that was true. but still thers a line!!! even if you're not cheating, but havn sleep overs at age 21 with girlfriend you meet weeks ago is f'd up! argument follows. after he dumps me 5 times coz he cant stand to hurt me all the time, last time we broke it off I was gone hours later he was begging me back he cant keep hurting me but he's in love with me and doesn't no if he should let me free, I said whatever if you want me you cant hurt me anymore and ul have to prove you're love!... were still together in fact he left his hole life and new friends and moved to the other side of the country to be with me!. I look back and think maybe he did cheat maybe he didn't, it kills me!! he is a very sweet and kind gentle man with passion in his heart but sometimes he just cant see were he went wrong, as he says there just friends just coz there girls and he's a man doesn't mean he wants to have sex with them (he has a point, but he's still wrong!). he didn't tell me before coz id flip out, so hed tell me when they hung out and what they did after. he wants marriage and kids with me, he tells me he loves me everyday and he does constant surprises, cooks me breakfast lunch dinner and does the dishes everyday and pays for everything. he has never been out of work, and when he got laid off he even went and worked for avon! lol were currently still together just going with it, and yes of course the SEX!!! OMG need I say more... so I have a little question is my boyfriend some master mind genius! and had cheated on me OR he's just a gullible little lamb who's just to dumb to notice wats right and wrong??????

I'm a Pisces woman, March 4, dating a Pisces man, February 19, so he's a cusp Pisces-Aquarius. It has nearly been 3 months now, and I'm so in love with him! He loves me all the same and I quote he "loves me more" Sometimes we playfully argue who loves each other more. He's at least 12 years older than me, but damn, he does NOT look like his age at all. I'm the little lady in the relationship. Not too young though, I'm an adult. But he treats me so good, like a queen. The love we have is so deep, really indescribable. We've decided to get married. Too soon? Frankly, it feels too right to neglect the idea. I love this man and I want to be in his life. Share everything together. Sure we had our ups and downs, but we get through and put the negativity behind us. A Pisces-Pisces relationship CAN work out if you two are willing to give it your all and understand each other enough to make it work. It's not that hard. It takes patients, and it takes 'two' to have an everlasting, loving relationship.

I am Pisces girl , and Im here to show people that some of the Pisces guys are bad and love to cheat and some of them are awesome!!!

On December I was dating a guy he was 18 and I found out that he was cheating on me with other girls , he was a big liar...

A month later, I met my current boyfriend , he's a great guy, it was really a love from the first sight , he's so romantic, ambitious, honest, we trust each other so much... I Love him so much ...

wish you the best Piscean couples!!

Me and my 'Ex' were both partners for 9 years - We had the best relationship until I found out that he was an absolute liar and had been lying about his money problems for most of the 9 years we were together. Such a shame because we both connected spiritually and mentally, he was like my best friend.

Oh well :(

We love each other but hate each other cause we are so much alike

I'm dating a man he is also a Pisces . The first day I met him we fell in love he is the most amazing honest living romantic person I have ever met we love each other so much . When it's good it's good when it's bad it's real bad meani. We are so much alike when we fight we don't give up . But at the end we love each other . I'm a dancer I met him at my place he just got me out of there supporting me cause he knows how much I hate the job. And he sees it . He is wonderful! Ladies Pisces men are great remember we Pisces ate very caring sensitive romantic so go for it

So I've been dating a Pisces man for a short period of time. The moment we met, it was great and everything was better than I had imagined. Soon as we got to know each other more, stupid meaningless arguments occurred frequently. One would assume something the other did when really they didn't do anything. There was mood swings, attitude, attention seeking, untrustworthiness, miscommunication, I can list everything bad that's been happening. I don't know if our relationship is going to work, I'm very much confused and frustrated. I believe Pisces-Pisces are just too problematic and too much alike. He talks about sex a lot, and I'm still a virgin, I don't want the relationship based solely on sex and nothing more. That's not love, that's lust. I've fought too much with him to have just that. I still have an ounce of hope in us but honestly, it's not looking good at all. Whether we break up or not, I still love him. I hate to be in this whirl pool of confusion though. = (

I am a 35 yr old Pisces female and I am in love HARD with a 23 yr old Pisces male. I feel like he's definitely a soul mate and I know he feels it too. He's perfect for me and I don't want to lose him. The downfall is it feels so perfect that we're both really scared of this huge feeling we feel and I think we both feel that this love is TOO much for us to handle. We been together only 2 months so it's still new, but every time im with him, it feels like i've known him from a long time ago before-Im praying it works out with us every day, but remember to keep God first in your life no matter how hard in love you are with someone--i hope he's the one.

I'm a 36yr old man seriously involved with a wonderful Piscean woman, I have no complaints on this experience we compliment each other perfectly. Perhaps it's the uniqueness of our other differences that attribute to our being so well matched... you see we share the same birthday but here's the real head scratcher, we are seperated by 11 years, were born 11 miles from one another, and the times of our birth are seperated by 11 mins and our son is due in Feb 13,...11 months after (and 1 month before) our Mar 13th B-Day. Whatever the reason we're extremely happy and supportive of one another and I thank the Goddess and the God everyday for her presence in my life.

me and my boyfriend where friends with benfits about four or five years ago. We have recently got back in contact and have been together for five months now. We are both alike in so many ways and thats a good thing just as well as a bad thing. The good thing is we both understand each other totally,We both can talk about things on a more spirtual level.And like I tend to hide the way im feeling with others he can just take one look at me and he knows when something isn't right. And I love him so much for that. I can be myself with him and express my feelings,dreams, and thoughts with him as if he's the pages to my diary and he's non judgemental. Sometimes when he thinks im not paying attention he stares at me with a dreamy smile and I know to some extent what he's thinking because I do the same to him. But the bad thing is from both of us being so sensetive we have a very bad temper, we both are possestive of each other and we both know when the other is being deci evein cuz from us being the same sign we both play the same games. And when it comes to one of us getting hurt in the pocess we both try our hardest to make the other feel just as depressed and down. Cheating,words to bring low-selfsteem etc cuz when Pisces are hurt we are hurt deeply and the person who can hurt us the most to a Pisces is their partner. We always try to break up with each other but neither of us are strong enought to walk away because the bond is so strong and hard to find and at the end we understand why the other did what they did or said the harsh words they said. And its because we are just alike and we cant hind our feelings or emotions. The love between us is one of kind and understanding is what gets us through the rough times I wouldn't trade him for the world im so happy that I found a person who loves like I love and feels what I feel we are the total package

I don't normally write on these type of message boards, but what the hell!;)

I have been with my Pisces girlfriend for about a year and a half now (we've known each other for over 18yrs.!!), and have to say that she is my soulmate and best friend!! She will say the same about me as well... I DO have to say this though, when it comes to relationships, everyone is DIFFERENT no matter what sign you are!!! Remember that!! I'm VERY happy with my girl and I am pretty damn lucky to have her!!! ;)

Well im a Pisces man and I been with a Pisces woman for 2 years

And I got to say that it works we talk allot about what we feel about everything and she is very romantic are sex is very good and I always wake up in the morning and surprise her with somthing like I cook for her and I bring her a gift and I write her poems and she writes back and we really love each other and im a ask her to marrie me in about a month

So I think that it does work with the same signs

Well I just recently got done with a relationship involving a Pisces man, and of course, I'm a Pisces woman. We dated for about 5 to 6 months and having two Pisces come together, magic happens. We got into things pretty fast and the sex was just amazing! Emotions were all out on the table and we were comfortable being with each other. I felt comfort in his arms and in the beginning he made me feel as if I was the only girl. Sensitive, emotional, he was the first to drop the L bomb on me...two weeks into becoming official o.O When I was with him, everything felt like what you would see in the romantic movies. Dates weren't that extravagant. We mostly sat on his couch, talked, watched movies and we were both fine and enjoyed that. He would play his guitar and I would just sit and listen to him sing. We could go all day sitting down and stare into each other's eyes. Sometimes we forget to eat. I felt more than just a physical connection with him. There were times where we didn't have to talk, we both knew what the other person was thinking.

How things ended is sort of long and complicated to explain. All I have to say is that the relationship was energy draining emotionally and I had to end it because my emotions got the best of me. Also, I had made a lot sacrifices for him and I felt that I wasn't getting back what was given to him from me. And there were other reasons why we couldn't be together. Different religious views and background...yeah.

Even though it lasted for a little bit, I've never felt a closer connection to another being on this earth, until I met this Pisces man. It's really sad now because after breaking it off with him, it was rough and confusing, we barely talk now. He seriously was my soul mate. I sort of regret getting into things pretty fast because I could of had a friendship that could of lasted a life time. It was all a lesson learned. Oh and did I mentioned that the sex was amazing?! It was just beyond what the universe could imagine.

I'm a Pisces women and am dating a Pisces man. We are 3 days apart in our birthdays. He is one off the best boyfriends I've ever had. He is romantic, smooth, and a total gentleman. He opens the doors for me, and surprises me with gifts every now and then. He is an absolute sweet heart and very mature. We have so much in common and he is always there to support me. I can always count on him to be there when I need him to be and he never breaks a promise. And not to mention the sex is incredible! Pisces and Pisces are compatible. It can work and be one of the best compatibilities of the zodiac. You just have to find the right man. Make sure he has a solid job a nice car and his own place ladies ;)

All I want to say is, I`m a 47 year old Pisces woman in love with a 52 year old Pisces man. He is wonderful to me. Very compassionate, attentive, generous, funny, hard working, and a complete gentleman. Yes, he can also be childlike sometimes, but I love that part about him too! We`ve been dating off and on for 3 and a half years, but recently have come into a serious relationship and it is wonderful. We are very much in tune with each other.

I'm a Pisces with a Pisces man and have a child these men are senstive but very tricky and like to live double lifes to familes to wifes and two set of differnt kids Pisces men will stalk you if you reject them if you show them love they ego become big to big and they will use you're flatery to boost cofindents and step out on you wth the next woman trust dnt be fool because he senstive and he will cry because he know women fall for that mushy stuff the only thing ever been good about them is sex real dam good Pisces female are similar to the male but not as tricky trust me I'm straight foward very sexy and always fall for good sex all Pisces love good sex if you're sex is bad to us we will hide from you to spare you're feeling if you blow they mind in the bedroom the will always be around trust me and the men love money way more than sex so if you got both they will never leave just my opinion and not all Pisces are bad just februaury ones are more cheaters than any one sag girls stay away from Pisces men they are real bad for y'all especially february ones a true Pisces to my heart

I am a Pisces woman, and I would have to disagree on the "Pisces man and Pisces woman isn't a great match" crap. I dated a Pisces guy for a year. Even though he's with someone else now, I love him...

I am Pisces male. I have been married to Pisces wife for nine years. Her sexuality totally repressed. Mine,...readdy to shoot my self. I love her, love my son. She does not kiss me on the mouth, open. The only time I see her naked is in the shower. Strangely the shower is completely comfortable to be naked. Sex is "uncomfortable" for her. I miss the physical contact. We sleep with a pillow between us. Dying here. Sagitarius we had much more fights but sex was great. Help

I am 20 and my husband is 43 big age difference but we are both Pisces and like every relationship you have ups and downs but we love each other very much sex is amazing and since most male Pisces are notorious for cheating we make it a point to keep our sex life exciting by having 3sums and the whole bit we live together he's a business man and we are both honest with each other he's a little insecure but every woman should make it a point to stroke her mans ago other then that were are great

im a Pisces girl. and I met this wonderful man who is also a pisces. I didn't ever really think about my sign or anything untill he pointed out all my emotions one day and asked me what I do to let my emotions out. ever sence then he can talk to me and open up to me and I can do the same with him. we have become very close over the last coupple months and havnt faught once. he's a really nice guy. we had a connection from the start. but I didn't fully understand it untill I fugured out my sign. I don't know where it will lead but right now im happy with him. sure I get mad at him and he frustrates me. but he's so honest and all he has to do is say he loves me and everything falls back into place. I trust him. even through all the bad stories. I truly believe Pisces can be together. he knows me and ive gotten him to open up. I hope it works out. I know its going to take some effort. but im willing and he is willing to try and make it work. wish us the best. ~Cutiee x

I am 21, and have 33 year old boyfriend. We are both Pisces, and I have to say this is becoming the best relationship I have ever been in. My first 2 long lasting relationships were with a Sagatarious and a Libra, both utter failures. With my current man, I have no issues, other than he flirts quite a bit. I do aswell, so I would be a hypocrite if I didn't accept it, or atleast try to work on myself as well. We are both hardworking and responsible people, and in all honesty he is way more responsible than I am. He can read my mind, and I his. We love doing the same things, and bend easily for each other when necessary. I love his attitude, and were both fun loving people, so we never get bored with eachother. The sex happens to be the best I have ever had, and I have been with an older man before, and it doesn't even come close to preparing. I wouldn't say he's my soulmate, but he's def my best friend. We can sometimes get on each others nerves and need time apart, but thats a Pisces trait, that we both share. We get over it by spending a couple nights out without each other and were fine when we meet back up. I trust him, but were both rather jealous. We aern't possesive but do not want to see or hear about ex gf's or bf's, but focus on being together, and making our relationship the envy to our friends. We have grown to have the same friends, and we also love each others families, and I like it because his is wayyy crazier than mine! he's an amazing guy, and we have a very power house relationship!

I am a Pisces woman and I have recently met a Pisces male who is very hard working and strong minded but also deep and passionate might I just add. I think it is absoulutely ridiculous to say that this is bad match for all. At the end of the day every person is differnt and you cannot put every male in a Pisces box and call them the same. We are all individulas. Im not sure what will happen with this man I met but so far we have an amazing connection and I aint met anyone else like this guess we'll see what happens. :)

Not all Pisces men are cheaters it realy depends on upbringing myself as a Pisces man im more on the emotional side and ive never cheated on any of my girlfriends. I never would because id expect the same from them. Ive been cheated on twice by other signs and know what it feels like-

"I am a Piscean male. I have made friends with a Piscean female. Like what some people said, there is a telepathic connection between us. I rarely have a connection like this with anyone, and it is scary. I really want to be more than friends but I do not know how to do it. I do not know if she feels the same way. She gives me mixed signals. I really like this girl. I am going to be the man and tell her how I feel. My fear of rejection will take a back seat because she is worth it. "

So I was reading through these posts and I read the one I pasted above. Wow I have never in my life heard some one else tell my love story as precise as that. I was even considering I might have posted that post myself in my sleep or something.

I am a female piscian and recently met a male piscean. I didn't fancy him initially but as he was I nterested in spirituality I decided to meet him may be to see if we could be friends. But when we started communicating I realised that we feel the same emotioanlly about reraltionships and lefe in general and we hit it off. He is so romantic and is always thinking about romantic places etc. Having met many men all my life who would criticise women for being romantic and wishy washy I finally met a men and he makes me feel how I always felt about love and romance is exactly how things should be as he makes it look so normal. I know I will fall in love and thats the fear. He appears to flirt with women a lot but appears jealous if guys look at me. I really want an emotionally charged romance even for short period. He calls me and texts me and seems very caring and loving and understands me.

I am a 22 yr old Pisces female who also dated a Pisces male! We had good times and bad times! We had our ups and downs! But like a lot of people said he lied a lot and was secretive! Im not sure if he cheated but Im pretty sure he did! Im not going to say that Pisces men and women are not good matches because they can be good matches it just depends on how mature they are! My x was really immature and just wasnt ready to grow up yet! But what was so sad was he couldnt even face me after he broke up with me! He didn't even break up with me in person! so that right there tells you he is immature!

I am a Pisces (February 23) woman and my man is also a Pisces (March 16). I met him online shortly after my husband died in a motorcycle accident on 9/11. I needed someone to talk to, someone who could relate to me, someone special. I was a hooked fish from the first email I received from him. We met in person two weeks after that email and have been inseparable ever since. He really helped me emotionally regarding my husband?s death. I was a total wreck. He was there for me. He listened to me and helped me get back on my feet. It?s now been 10 months strong. I have to say, yes, the sex is phenomenal! The attraction has been there from day one. We love being around each other. We talk about everything. The depth and ease of our connection is something I?ve never experienced. We have both been in long relationships and married so we both know what works and doesn?t work. We haven?t gotten into an argument yet. We have our different opinions on matter s but nothing to argue about. We plan on moving in together at the end of this year, getting married and having kids. I love my Pisces man!!

Hello im am a Pisces girl and I was born March 8 and I like this boy who is 3 years older then me......What should I do? And he was born on march 1 ........His name........ Justin bieber.....lol

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