Pisces man stay or go...

by Lovejones101
(Indianapolis, Indiana)

I fell in love with my Pisces man 8 years ago when were young and when we met I knew he was perfect for me.. charming, fun, sweet and so romantic.. but he did what all Pisces men do he disappeared off and on during our two year relationship and finally disappeared all together for 6 years. It broke me to pieces and caused me to not really love the man I ended up having my son with after we split for good. But I just found him on facebook by accident and now I have been trying to rekindle the flame since me and my sons father are no longer together and after seeing him again I have to say we are still connected like were meant to be body parts on each others bodies... this man makes me want to just melt when he smiles at me.... OMG but he is doing the same thing again... loving on me one day and the next acting as if I was some stranger. He says he doesnt want to be in a relationship right now because he is going through some hard stuff in his life. But his actions around me suggest that he wants me just as much as I want him.. and when he finds out that I see that he starts acting distant. I cant stand this I LOVE HIM SO MUCH IT HURTS NOT TO SEE THIS WORK OUT THE SECOND TIME AROUND. I dont care what he is going through...I am willing to be their for him and support him...but he is own his self pitty party right now. What should I do... stay or let him go again...

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Pisces man
by: Anonymous

He is not worth you waiting just dump him pisces men want to use you and they love playing head games. Dont waste your time.

my thoughts on the matter
by: Anonymous

The first thing to understand about a Pisces man is they want somebody to save them or understand their spiritual side you gain a lot but its pretty hard to bring the back to reality some times and if he is acting this way know he still loves its just he is setting up barriers so he won't get hurt again.

to my thoughts to the matter
by: Anonymous

that is why i say don't waste your time on a pisces man if he keeeps going back and forth with you he is not worth it at all. Just walk away dont hurt your heart. If he care about you he wouldnt be doing this to you.

by: Anonymous

To Lovejones101: I cannot believe what I have read! I am experiencing exactly what you described in your paragraph. I am with a Pisces man and he adores me - well - at least he does for 3 days of the week - then he needs to "disappear" back to his own place and feel sorry for himself. During this time I hardly hear from him. He gets drunk and locks himself away. A few days later it's ok again, but last night I left him because I just cannot understand how a man who professes to love me can behave in such a bizarre fashion. He said he is 'not good enough for me' and that made me angry because it's down to ME to make that kind of decision.

Anyway....he's gone.... ;-(

Pisces Man
by: Aries Woman

I am seeing a Pisces man at present and he has got me so confused it's mind blowing.
When we first met it was amazing..everything clicked...but he is a listener, takes in everything i say which makes me very nervous.
He said he wanted to find a life long partner and we were just courting, but you know us Aries....impatient, impulsive, a bit dominant...to say the least i was full on and i think it scared the life out of him...he made it very clear he wouldn't be rushed into anything and his pace proved just that. Anyway he said he couldn't see us together so i called it a day.
As us Aries do i moved on quickly but he kept phoning, asking me questions about my feelings for him, what i would sacrafice for him...he was messing with my head seriously. Then he would ask me to spend time with him....talk to me about what life would be like if we were together...but he definately is a lone horse....likes his space and when i want mine he asks why i didn't want to talk to him, spend time with him.....i adore him but understanding him might take years or forever???

Love with a Pisces Man
by: Mark

Ouch, I recognise so much of this. I fell in love with a Pisces three years ago. I tried to resist him, staying a safe distance, but I just got pulled in by??, sometimes you just don't know. Loving, tender, giving, protective yes, consistent sometimes, totally reliable, no. Faced with a crisis, my Pisces man will hide away. He is in one relationship that hurts him (with a man who is strong but negative all the time) and in another relationship with me, his best mate. I am Leo/Libra rising. We are hand in glove 90% of the time and when it goes wrong, I'm the one who needs the open arms. Meet him with ego or stubbornness & he'll meet you back, or simply walk out (again). Gently gently is the approach. Husband material, oh yes, but prone to laziness, especially once settled in a relationship. Puts up with far too much crap from others and indeed seems to have a 'need' to please. Can be frustrating at time.
But, after all said and done, my answer is YES. I would/will.!!! Have fun.....s

had to let it go
by: lovejones101

Updated...after months of back and forth and long nights of crying..i decided to walk away from my pisces man...but it hurts so bad I cant breathe... i feel like I have lost a piece of me. He didnt want me to walk away but if I did not get up and move on... I would have lost more of myself and dignity.. and that was not worth the sacrifice. I wished him the best and I hope wake up one day.. But he is a pisces so maybe not.


all or nothing!
by: capricorn gurl!

OMG,its rily true why pisces is like that?very negative..even if you insure them of your loyalty and undying devotion they will still leave you behind thinking what have i done wrong/then one day they will come to you sayin they love you and they will do anythin to make you happi.ohh pisces man are so confusing veryyyyyyyyyyy!

I would go if I was you
by: Anonymous

As far as I am concerned the Pisces man that I know is a complete waste of my time and effort. i think they are deceitful and weak. I am an Aries and I am very loyal, loving (to the right person). He says things but doesn't follow through, he thinks he's a player (but won't admit that he thinks this) I say actions speak louder than words. I met him when I was going through a bad patch wid my ex-husband, he was a good listener and we had fun. No commitments. I think they LOVE the idea of no commitment. But you cannot do non commitment forever!!! I think they would if they could. i have tried to blow him out a few times, but some how he keeps coming back or I allow him back....I think he has a problem with sex too. the couple times we did get to that place...It was a waste of my time....Not sure what his problem is....Not trying to work it out anymore.....have to move on..If I was you I would go!!! Life is too short for games.

by: pisces guy

Pisces man stay or go :

His heart must be at love at someone else...

For Aries :

aries woman was not pisces type...

For Aries

Weak ? pisces are just too kind and soft... not weak...

You should appreciate pisces kindness, romantic and loyalty not ask for stupid commitment... you should appreciate what your man have, not ask what your man don't have...

Make Him Share His Feelings
by: Different Pisces Guy

Just tell him that you want to understand what he's thinking, what makes him so distant. Tell him that you need him to trust you, tell him pretty much what you posted here, he'll try to fix it for you.

It's hard to do something like this for a pisces, but it's harder still to see you sad.

I don't know if this is helpful, but it's all I have coming from a similar perspective, only for me I tell people everything, it's not natural though, it's an adaptation, I think the best thing to do is to try to get this guy to adapt.

Capricorn lovin my Pisces...
by: Anonymous

Well im sorta goin thru that too...my Pisces man is my baby daddy and i have kids by another man also...but in the past i kept goin back and forth with them..when i finally realized that i loved my Picses....but i married the other guy and the Picses moved on...he has another girlfriend now...n now that i wanna make it work he just like ignores the way i feel...even tho im willing to get a divorce and everything..when he's around me its baby i love yoy..but when he's not he is a different person...and i am SO SELF SACRIFICING to him its ridiculous!!!..but oh well...guess ill sit back and hope for the best..but this is driving me nuts!!!...i live him sooooo much...smh...what should I DO??!!??....

Think I'm wasting my time
by: Anonymous

I met a Pisces man 4 weeks ago. At first, he called me and seemed so into me. We met a couple of times, and he met my son and promised to take him out for ice cream then didn't follow through on that, then promised my son he would do it next time, then broke his promise again, two more times, which left my son crushed.

My son commented to me that if this guy was going to break his promises like that, he didn't think he would be a very good man to date, and said that he wasn't a very responsible man if he would do that to us.

On the flip side, this Pisces has told me how much he likes me, but seems insecure and/or worried that maybe I wouldn't like him as much. He also knows that I'm very selective when it comes to who I date.

Pisces guy only seems interested in communicating by text, and when we do get together, he bolts after 90 minutes. His actions don't line up with his words. And yet other times, he
seems so sweet and supportive.

In the last two weeks, I've had interest from four other men I
met randomly who have asked me to meet with them. Since Pisces guy doesn't seem to be stepping up, and I'm not exclusive with him, I think I should keep my options open, date these other men in the meantime.

Last time I checked, when a man likes a woman, he goes after her. She has no question as to how he feels about her...

by: Anonymous

the pisces man is very confusing.split personality.very selfish.you have to be there for them but they are not there for you

im so confused.
by: Anonymous

I Met this pisces man a week ago today, we nearly spent every moment together the first two days i really wasnt feeling him, but he persisted on wanting to be in a relationship with me, he couldnt get enough of me, after 2 days, i gave in, and said ok, you want to be my man fine, 2 days later he started backing off, less texting, less calling, and now hes saying he cant give me the time i need, and that he has too much drama in his life, and now i feel like im trying to plead my case with him, to keep him, one second he says i really like you and want to see you, i love spending time with you, to no text messages no calls, and im not ready for this. i'm soo frustrated but i know i need to be paitient, just dont know what to do. Somebody help, i want him and cant stand talking to anyone else.

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