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I am a Taurus woman with a Pisces boyfriend that I know is into me. How do I let him know I respect him? we have already dealt with great differences (money, communication, and giving space) over 7 months.

He is already talking marriage but I cant handle kids now, which he is unhappy about. we are both studying together. How can we make the relationship last longer - like another 1-2 years before marriage? How do I love him - or rather what is it that he needs from me?

I'm a Taurus woman dating a Pisces man. During our relationship he has been a faster mover than me, wanted to move in after 3 months, get married, etc. I know he basically lives for me (his own words) but I am constantly afraid that he is too wrapped up in me and his past is plagued by unfinished things.

I am worried that he incapable of sticking and finishing something he starts without getting bored and moving on to the next whim. We have an amazing relationship in that I feel needed, appreciated and loved no matter what but I get frustrated sometimes at how impractical he is. I want to be with him and have fought my parents and friends to stand up for our relationship but I want to be sure that I am not being devoted to something that is to good to be true and won't last.

I am a Taurus woman and I just started dating a Pisces man. It's only been 2 months since I met him, he's amazing in so many ways. I would say he's the best I've ever had (compatibility, communication, and sex wise), my only problem sometimes is when I feel like he's very secretive, making me think that he's hiding something. I get so paranoid.

I am a Taurus woman and I have been involved with two Pisces men, you should be paranoid they are always hiding something, find yourself a Scorpio and you'll never look back.

I am a Taurus women involved with a Piscean man since last one year. the relationship has seen its lows and highs but I have somehow had comfortable time with the person. but overall the journey had been rough but each time arises with new smoothness. we share many things in common so we enjoy good times, food, outings and sex. the man seems to be a permanent lover and giver both. no regrets

I'm a Taurus woman, been going out with my boyfriend for about a year now, but he never compliments me or even buys me a gift for my anniversary or birthdays, I tend to be the one only caring in the relationship. he acts like he doesn't care about me at all, its hard to tell what he feels or where he wants the relationship to go, he is always wanting to break up every month or taking breaks, now we are on a break I think, and I feel like I'm just a little secret he is trying to hide from the world, I have no idea what to do anymore. Now I just wait around to see what happens next.

Im a Taurus female with a male Pisces. We've been together seriously for about a month. It took him a while to commit because he just got out of a relationship. Our sex life is amazing and he can be the sweetest most romantic man at times, but his elusiveness drives me crazy!!! I scared him with my temper a couple times but I think he appreciates my apologies cuz im not afraid to say im sorry. We always tend to make up right away and I feel we get closer and closer every day. he's already told me he loves me quite a few times but sometimes he acts different around his friends. O and trust me that he is very jealous too he's just much better at hiding it than I am. All and all we have a passionate growing relationship.

I am pieces man and going on with Taurus women and ask her she might be the happiest women alive on this earth. I just asked her to hold my hand doesn't matter what ever happens just don't leave it can you do this and she said sure and now see I had given her every thing that a one can dream of. this kind of power a pieces are blessed with, please do get that out because women love is the only way to get that power into action.

I am a Taurus woman and I've been with my Pisces man for about 4 months now. Everything's so perfect when we're together, so perfect that sometimes I feel like it's too good to be true. I totally agree with some of the things I read up there.. He's soo mysterious and it seems like he's always hiding something. It drives me crazy (literally). IT'S TRUE. On our 3rd month, he broke up with me, I was heartbroken but we got back together and I was the happiest girl in the world. And today, he broke up with me again. It hurts so bad. I have strong feelings for him to the point where I can say I'm in love but every time he does things like this it just crushes my heart :( Now I don't know if he's ever coming back to me. I'd still say yes if ever. I'd say yes over and over and over again. He's the best I ever had. No lie. I know he loves me and I believe in US. I'm wishing and hoping and praying that someday, we'll be happy together forever. *Sigh :(

I am a Taurus woman dating a Pisces man we clicked like we were best friends it is so true about the Pisces male the first time we made love or have sex it was so magical. Every time we bond is through music and movies but he also had a way having you cling to them I hate to have to say this but they tend to be a charmer and we got swooped up in their dream world and I have been trapped. Also he made me feel so good that I couldn't stop thinking about him I miss a lot I wish we haven't separated.

I am a Taurean, long distance dating a Pisces for a year now. Great sex, communication, self sufficient, but I don't see the "secret" side to him as I am never around. But truly loyal when I am with him and would travel across the country if I was in need of any type of help. I would do the same, but unfortunately my heart is not where his is :( I have to move on. He will never move from his home and a bit stuck in his own ways, which I can totally respect, but not sure how long I would be able to deal with it.

im a Taurus woman. ive been dating a Pisces man about 6 weeks. He is very thoughtful, sweet, romantic. He calls me everyday just to say hi. He is totally into me already. We never mentioned commitment, which I don't want to but yet he calls me his girl. Im not sure if it has anything to do with the signs but he's a little mushy for me.

For all of us Taurus women, we need guys that are loyal, sensitive, affectionate, great in bed, not afraid of commitment and a Pisces man may just be the perfect match. I just met one myself and we live in different states, thank God they are next to each other! My new man actually calls when he says he will and is very clear about what he wants which is a total turn on to me as a Taurus, I love that. We haven't met in person yet but our connection is unlike anything I have experienced because we talk for hours on the phone about everything and even though this is all so new, there is something very special about our little connection. I plan on visiting him next month and hopefully our chemistry will be the same or even better in person.

I am a Taurus woman. I have been in an on/off relationship with a Pisces male for four years. We quit talking about a year ago. I contacted him and we reconnected immediately, by phone, he begged me to have sex with him...phone sex, because he lives in a different state. Our sex life has always been AMAZING...After we reconnected by phone, we stopped for a week or so, and started emailing and texting each other, then the truth came out about him dating some girl...well I loved him and he said he loved me too, and how I had confused and complicated his new relationship....he came home and we made love and he said that he wouldn't be able to stop making love with me...a few weeks later I get an email from the girl saying they were engaged to be married and, he sent a counter email, saying that it wasn't true, later he admitted to me that it was true, that after we made love, he was trying to tell her it was over, but that she was getting angry and wouldn't accept it. ..he just got a job overseas, and now he stating that he dumped the girl because of me....he said I was the catalyst to push him to do this. but I don't know how accurate this is...or if he's just playing head games with me...Pisces males what do you think?

I am a Taurus woman and have been in a 9 month relationship with a Pisces man. He is very secretive and it pisses me off. We have moved very fast in our relationship but certain parts of it is still standing still. I don't trust him and cant find it in myself to do so again. As a Taurus woman, once my trust is broken it is best that we break up. I need to break up with him.

Taurus woman in off and on relationship with Pisces man for 15 years please don't be like me let it go better off with just friendship if that Pisces men go in two different directions at the same time Taurus women are steadfast and one dimensional!

I am a Pisces man. I met a Taurus woman in February of 2000. by September the same year we were married. I some what question how much she is really like a true Taurus woman. we divorced in February of 2006. I was constantly insecure with her and by the end it was for good reason. but sitting here today march 28, 2010, I have to admit that I love her as much today as I did the day I said "I do". she says she loves me as well, but I often find myself thinking she says so because of ulterior motives. since our divorce she has sense gotten remarried, but I have been led to believe they are separated. we live on opposite ends of the state. I don't know exactly what she wants to happen. she has never been good about communicating her emotional needs, and I've probably been too open with mine. I guess what I'm trying to say is once you have a Pisces heart, you may as well put a brand on it like cattle. I would also like to add, just because you think we are hiding something nag, it doesn't make it so. my reclusive nature has been enough to trigger someone to think I was hiding something. when it was really nothing more than me hiding from the negativity of the outside world. we tend to be honest people so if you have a question ask, but I can't promise you will believe the answer. most of us only need our woman to be reassuring in our relationship. not every day but the more often the better. I hope this helps.

I am a Taurus woman and somewhat dating a Pisces man this has been going for about six years he is very sensitive, a great sense of humor and I just feel so comfortable around him but we have been friends for so long I am more afraid of losing his friendship more than anything I think he really cares for me but every time I get that feeling we are getting too close I back up I am so afraid I just want him to come out and say how he really feels and then I can truly express my feelings but he never does at least in words I am straightforward and honest and expect the same in the man who holds my heart but maybe someday

I'm a Pisces male, I love Taurus women very much but I can't get sexual with them, it would be too overwhelming for me. I like building friendships with them, I know this pisses them off and for this I am sorry. The truth is I'm just too spineless to deal with that kind of intensity, Taurus women are so beautiful and sexually charged, I can feel them from across the room.

I love my Pisces man sooooo much to the point where I feel like he's my soulmate, but our relationship is really complicated.. He's away right now and he will be away for 3 months. I don't know what's going to happen to us when he gets back. I have a feeling things are going to change, I hope for the better though. sigh

Pisces men, please help me. How do I know if he's really in love with me?

I am a Taurus woman and met my Pisces two years ago. first few months were out of the world, I felt like we were made for each other and just couldn't stop thanking the universe for bringing us together.. then followed a little break time! because he's so sensitive, you know he needed to "feel free" once again blah sweet blah.. we reconnected shortly.. (of course, with the help of Taurus qualities:) amazing time in every sense once again. and we felt much closer to eachother.. dear Taurus girls, if you are going through the same thing, on and off breaks, just know that each time you'll get back together, your relationship just gets stronger.. Secrets? im not really sure. yes they do seem like that at times but you know what ive read in them? its not exactly secrets. these men in their own ways are very spiritual deep down. and there's always a lot of struggle going on in their heads and hearts, dealing with their own emotions. it sometimes doesn't have to do with their rela tionship with us at all, its something within themselves.. its a self inquiry they're quite busy with ..but partly the reason they have the need to do something like this is also because they want to really make sure that none of the worldly conditions or ugliness infects their ideal and dreamy love relationship. as you must know by experience that a love connection for our Pisces men and the places we travel to in our heads and hearts when together are one the dearest things to them. (and of course to us) The good thing in our connection is that we're both extremely devoted to each other.. Ok commitment they're afraid of! at least in my story! im a typical Taurus so extremely patient.. ive waited so long for him to feel safe and have been wishing that he would feel the same.. but that's the hard part for him. well I gently tried to talk to him about it...and am paranoid now that this might scare him...and of course at this point we're so close I cant imagine my life without having him in it. and I know its the same with him, he's expressed that a lot of times too.. so hopefully the universe will do its magic somehow because we're ought to be together!:) as dreamy as it sounds but a Taurus woman feels that way! that's just the way we are! but id like to share, yes this is a great match! you just have to be a little flexible and give them lots and lots of space at times. they need to swim away to charge themselves...but don't worry they'll come back to you with a sweet pearl each time they return! :)

I've been dating this Pisces man for a month now I am a Taurus woman. So far I really like him he is mysterious to me in bed it seems genuine then I don't hear from him for days I don't know what that's about so I jest pray on active been told we are compatible as long as I calm my anger down but I believe they need a lil cussing out and I think they like it a lil

Wow. It is so refreshing to read everyone's experiences and I think its crazy how much everyone has in common. I am a female Taurus and my guy is a Pisces. I love him to pieces, every single thing about him. When we have sex it is magically Amazing, passionate, erotic and I feel as though we are spiritually connected on a soul level. When we are apart I constantly think about him Lovingly (I could easily say that I am infatuated with him). I do get a mysterious vibe as though he could be hiding something but I guess its more the mystery of his deep soulful thoughts and Inner world. I would say that maybe some Pisces men flit back and forth because they are like their symbolic fishes in the ocean, sometimes they swim away so fast that you wander if they were even there and then they come out of nowhere trying to nibble your fingers. If they feel safe they will always come back, but even though they move fast if you move too fast or scare them they will swim off. My L over is so attentive and remembers the little things I have told him over time and he always surprises me with my favorite things like songs and foods. He has a wonderful sense of Humor and we're always laughing together. He is like the epitome of cool and He drives me crazy in all ways. I have lost my Taurean Temper a few times, he just remains so relaxed and always forgives me... (Maybe he secretly likes how wild he drives me). I trust him completely, he is everything I have ever looked for in a guy, intelligent, romantic, affectionate, loyal, sexy, super great looking, funny, ambitious, Very secure with himself, I love the way he smells, feels, dresses. We connect in so many ways, through music, film, art, language, sex, company, ideals, just so much. He is A true gentleman, Honest, open (ish), Even His voice is just so deep and soulful and he's A Real Man.

I did have a 4 and a 1/2 year relationship with an Aries, and Oh Dear.. I must say it was Explosive, we constantly argued and fought and he was not trustworthy, quite a brazen liar, thoughtful, selfish and good at the safe time in bed but also quite self-obsessed and self-centered, like a baby (A disaster of a relationship but something I learnt a lot from, like DO NOT DATE Aries IF YOUR TAURUS)

But anyway.. I have my Soulmate now so I'm happy, happy, happy and in Love Love Love :) x

I am a Taurus woman who met a Pisces man about a month ago. When we are together we have so much fun, and he makes me feel so great. The problem is when we are not together he doesn't keep in contact with me. He has this mystery about him, that draws me in closer. I feel I should leave him alone, but for some reason I just can not. He say he wants to build a friendship first, but no effort. When we talk I just get more and more confused with what he wants.... They are alluring but difficult to understand!

I am a Taurus woman, who was friends with a Pisces male. Until he sent me a text one day to "forget about him and go enjoy my life, that he hopes I find peace..." This is very hurtful, is it a Pisces trait to cut someone off? I may have said something hurtful, but I later apologized. Are they so sensitive, or some other reason for this behavior.

how do Pisces handle break ups because im a Taurus women & I just broke up with my Pisces because it feels as if he stills live in the past from what his ex which is a Gemini put him through,& he lied to me about him keeping & contact with her then to top it off he doesn't make me feel special he makes me feel like any other female & its been almost a year, he just makes me feel unappreciated or like I don't matter because he didn't trust me & I was very loyal, faithful & devoted to him but he tried to make it seem as if I wasn't & what hurt me the most was trying to prove myself to him then finding out he still communicate with his ex who cheated on him what hurt me because he act as if he hated her so bad but come to find out their communicating & he doesn't want me to have friends so that hurt me so I left him alone for awhile then I forgave him but then it was just one day I had to let him go because he didn't treat me like I wanted to be treated & I treated him like a king & I e expected to be treated like a queen & more so I felt all that he put me through and more with the trust problems him putting his hands on me which he said he'll never do again then lying to me I had to set him free.... we had a very wonderful relationship other that I just wanted to know how Pisces take break ups and besides it was on the phone I tried braking up with him in person before I couldn't do it he almost made me cry... from hearing and seeing what he puts on facebook and says to his friends he seem so down and I don't know what to do because I love him deeply but I don't ever want to know the feeling that he's hurt parts me feels like it wants to rescue him and other half says know because he prolly wont change and I don't I know really how he feels and I think he's scared to make me happy not saying that I wasn't just that certain way every girl loves and last he never told me really how he feels to make me wanna stay or give it another chance but any who how do they handle break ups so I know not saying that im going back my love just wanna know

I'm a Taurus woman and have a 1 year relationship with a Pisces man. Long distance. Yes he is quite sensitive, but being a bull, I try my best to put a little more patience with him. He knows his short comings and makes up for it. Sometimes we disagree, but never give him your bull temper. Just be more careful. If he retreats, it is for the better, since he doesn't want to hurt you with words. Just give him time to sort it out. He will come back. Never chase him for answers when he's not ready. The more he'll hide. Do this and all will work on fine. He likes respect and he wants to be loved. Hugs and little messages does well on him. I love my Pisces and I'm happy

Currently, I'm a single Taurus woman but I was talking to this Pisces guy for a while and right now, we're not talking, but it's so good to hear about successful Taurus Woman /Pisces Man relationships, because this guy gets me like no one else and I miss him so much. We're alike in so many ways but different. Somehow, I know that we will reconnect soon. This has been a truly positive experience.

I cannot believe how true all these stories seem to me, as a Taurus female who was recently overwhelmed by a Piscean male. I hadn't really regarded him (thinking he did not seem to be great bedroom material and also slightly shifty and impractical in his talking) and then on a lark, took him up on his offer finally and OMG was I surprised! This guy simply blew my brains away and the sex and intimacy and all that good stuff was what dreams are made of, much much better than anything else I'd known! And then just as I was feeling loved and secure he became evasive and secretive. I'm actually wondering if he just needs time to himself or is simply deceitful by nature. I cannot believe this change and after hanging around waiting for some reassurance (which did not come) I just blew it! Well, no news since from him, and it's been a week. So I'm not sure if I've permanently blown it. All I know is that right now I'd be the happiest girl alive if he comes back to me.

So I am a Taurus woman and have been going out with a Pisces man for a week 7~14~10. But we having been talking since jun 23. I could say that he is the best guy I have met so far. He is the sweetest boy I've ever met he really do know what to say. Im really liking him and I wish I could be with him all the time. He's a great kisser he understands me very well and I understand him too. We have so many things in common. Pisces men are just amazing in every single way! but I don't think he's hiding anything from me yet like secrets and stuff. He's very honest and loyal boy. I just feel like I found the man of my dreams! so if you find a Pisces man go for it! They are the best!! and so romantic!!

I'm a Taurus woman in love with a man who turns out to be a Pisces. After our first phone conversation, we realized we have everything in common when it comes to are romantic desires. We met for a night out to spend time together and it was even more magical that we literally fell in love in two days! We both were so shocked how we made each other feel so good. He is very forward about the future he wants us to have together (marriage, etc.) which is alarming to me but at least he knows what he wants without rushing anything. I am having the time of my life.

wow, what can I say, am a taurean woman having just met a Piscean man....last week...it has been a roller-coaster...I am totally besotted with him and he is with me.... we are both so smitten with each other. so in since.... yes love.... unbelievable...its not as if I am a teenager.... I am a mature woman...but the feeling is so real...he is , romantic sensual...and we haven't had sex yet, its been more of the mind and the overwhelming connections that have enveloped me...I have never felt this way before....being a practical taurean girl...you would think I should be thinking to hold back the reigns, but im not going to ...is it bad to go with the soul..???? anyway I am totally in love and am surrendering to this wonderful man.. and what will be will be.. don't think too much out there girls....xxx

I'm a Taurus who once had The heart of a Pisces. I still believe I have his heart because he's been asking for a second chance and tell me that he still love me. I do want to give him a second chance but my love life has just become so complicated; his 'best friend' asks me out the same day we broke up and without thinking I said yes to the Leo. We didn't last long (not even a week) he was rushing EVERYTHING and it pissed me off! Also because I still had so much feelings for my Pisces. Then later I find out that MY bestfrien (Cancer) likes my Pisces A LOT. I know deep down I love my Pisces with all my heart even though it was only 3 months, but those 3 months made me believe in love again.. but I can't go back with him for my best friend which I love, for the Leo who won't get over the fact that it was only a week and insists on 'waiting' until my trauma is over to go back out (yea.. not going to happen sorry ]: ) and for looking back at why me and pisces broke up; No more I lov u's or txting and him THINKING I liked other guys while we went out when the truth is that he's the best I've ever had and even though I had all those guys hitting on me, they can't replace him. I don't think it will ever work out anymore. He didn't know what he had until he lost it.. and when he wanted it back it was too late )'= Now I feel like I'm blaming myself for breaking up even though all he did at the end was ignore me, and let his friends insult me without minding to stop them. But I made sure to thank him for that 3 months and everything he did to show I appreciated and respected him still...

Piscean men need assurance and support not aggressive, money focused Taurus women.

I totally agree.. It's an amazing everything, but Pisces guys always have the need to not be 100% honest, they bend the truth, not all do, but the ones I've been in a relationship. They are very overcompensating, but will give you the best times. Not a boring relationship at all, but the guys will move on quicker than the girls in the end.. /:

"wow, what can I say, am a taurean woman having just met a Piscean man....last week...it has been a roller-coaster...I am totally besotted with him and he is with me.... we are both so smitten with each other. so in since.... yes love... its been more of the mind and the overwhelming connections that have enveloped me..."

Hi! lucky you! Also as a Taurus woman with a Pisces man, I wonder how its going so far?

im a Pisces man and I want to know what about us Pisces men attracts the Taurus women

Taurus woman, been spending time on the weekends with a Pisces man for about a month now. AMAZING! just need to find another man to hang out with during the week so I will stop thinking about him so much and driving myself crazy. ha ha!

I blew it with a Pisces man because of my flirtiness, I need a lot of attention and his intuition picked up on it - it sucks


Reply to: 'I'm a pisces man and I want to know what about us Pisces men attracts the Taurus women.'

Hello,(: I'm a Taurus, and we're attracted to Pisces because they aren't jerks, they're kind, sweet, gentle, AMAZING PERSONALITY and great to talk to, us taureans love the mystery.. and they usually aren't stuck up and conceited or self centered.. plus they aren't very argumentative..

Anyone else want to add on? Comment and put Reply to: TAURUS.IS.LOVE at the beginning.

Hope you check back and read this, hope I help to you and all you other Pisces,(:

what do Taurus women like about Pisces men?

they have some sort of vibe that lures us in and forces us to stay

they know how to read us, which is good cuz sometimes we don't like to say the things that are bothering us

they're a little weaker, so that makes us feel more in control/secure.

the way they give us attention, look at us etc

they make you feel like you're the only one

they seem like family men

they aim to please (emotionally)

PS. I've only had 1 Pisces male friend....so this is all based on how he made me feel...

"Piscean men need assurance and support not aggressive, money focused Taurus women."

I'm a Piscean male and this was my experience, unfortunately. There was an incredibly strong sexual attraction, but ultimately her instability, aggression and sense of entitlement were repellent in the extreme. By far the most pretentious and materialistic woman I've ever been involved with.

wow. person of past comment.... still going strong with my Piscean man, says the taurean woman....its sooo amazing, girls I think the answer for real love with your man, is to surrender to him, don't play the games, be real...yes it will make you vulnerable, and everyone is so scared of that, don't be, let go, make each day as though its your last, welcome him into your arms, love him with all your heart, and he will love you with his......... and even if it ends, take the experience and love that you had with you....

I love this page! There's something really deep about Taurus\Pisces relationships. I say Taurus\Pisces because I'm a Pisces man and I would literally do anything for this girl, even if it means I can't be with her (which looks likely since she's on the move. again). Sometimes I get the feeling I'm the ONLY one she can actually be herself with.

For us though, some of these roles are reversed. Taurus will be out of touch for days, weeks, months while they explore. Relax guys, it doesn't mean she hates you. Lighten up and just be happy you to be in her life, however she sees appropriate. It's worth it

I m a Taurus and been in relationship with a Pisces man...It seems that he does not really care about me.. It took few years before he proposed. I want to marry him because I been in love with him from past few years but he does not believe in marriages.

Im a Taurus lady dating a Pisces man, and I love him to bits but they are very sensitive, and with my Taurus nature I take it to personal....I know he loves me but I cant handle when he with draws and don't tell me wahts happening. Pisces med is very loving and when the withdraw they can be very cold drives me insane....but love them to bits still

Taurus woman w/ a Pisces Man on/off for 4 yrs, currently and permanently off.

It was AMAZING in the beginning, we were soulmates, sex was truly mind blowing, but over time the "bliss" faded and we were left with 2 real people that were not meant to stay together UNLESS we both were ok w/ various degrees of drama.

My Pisces would blow things out of proportion on a regular basis. I would lash back which only caused more hurt/pain for both of us. His need for constant reassurance and emotional support became so draining on me mentally and physically.

He would do wonderful things for me, but nothing I did was ever good enough nor did it show him enough appreciation and love.

I am still in love with him, always will be. But I have to say our union was rocky and ultimately a bad thing for both of us.

I am a Taurean female dating a Piscean male for about 5 months now. God, this man is soooo amazing and he makes me feel like a young schoolgirl all over again! They enjoy it when they piss you off, shows them you are fiery! This guy is already talking marriage and kids with me, but I am very cautious, as is my Taurean nature! He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I always thank God for placing him in my life! They are very jealous, so don't talk about or flirt with another guy! They want you to be loyal, loving, nurturing, honest, genuine, and most importantly yourself! They love a good challenge, and someone who can be there for them always and will give them unconditional love...they HATE fakes and trashy women! Always use flattery with them and give them constant reassurance. Give them their space when they need it and don't be clingy! they may want to break up sometimes, but that is just their insecurity coming out! assure them that they are loved and wanted, and he will come back to u! They are somewhat flakey, but don't get mad, just be understanding and patient, even when it is difficult for you to be so! always thank them if they help you or give you something, they want to feel appreciated first and foremost! Make sure you're always affectionate and playful with them, make them laugh and joke around with them! They love that! Do romantic things for them, such as write them a loving letter or poem, send them a romantic text or give them a call just to simply say he is on your mind, and that you love him dearly because he makes your life wonderful...I love my Pisces man to death! also, this is a MUST! Always, remember little things that they like, they also love that! whether it's their favorite condiments on a sandwich, their birthday, their favorite treat, song, book, bible scripture, etc.!

Pisces men are truly God's gift to women everywhere, they are also blessed with great intuition... so don't lie or be something you are not, they will see right through your act and swim away for good! I love my Pisces man to death, I hope we grow old together, just like we both want...

"wow. person of past comment.... still going strong with my Piscean man, says the taurean woman...."

Yes! I know- surrendering to my Piscean man was hard also, he is away for work a bit more than I'd like and is also quite a bit older than me but his experience and calm totally comforts me when we're together...

I'm a Taurus woman and I was on and off with a Pisces man for about 4 years. I am now not talking to him at all it was a horrible breakup because it would never end. If I wanted to break it off he wouldn't let me because he knew I was the best thing that's ever happened to him. They are great for the first year and will shower you with gifts and take you places but after that they get very secretive and sneaky and they are very flirty. They look for love somewhere else when things aren't going great. He ended up getting a new girlfriend who he talked shit on and she knew but didn't care. Anyways it's been months since I've talked to him but he will still call me randomly (even though he's still with her) and tell me he misses me. Pisces will go behind your back because they never know what they want until it's too late and they never learn. I basically had to tell him that I hated him and that he has no heart and be a total jerk for him to stop talking to me and eve and after all that he still wants me? well it's not like I would ever get back with him but I still think about the great times we had and know that that's all I will ever have because he is a total jerk and he's changed so much. My advice is to have a fun time with a Pisces but don't go into a relationship because they don't know how to be faithful and don't know what they want the only thing that's great is the sex.

I am a Piscean male and have been with my beautiful taurean wife to be for nearly 5 years. Meet at work we became the best of friends. Hugs before we got together. Even slept in the same bed as friends.... That didn't last long..... We have traveled the world together and have been together since day one. We both are loyal to each other and respect one another. She is dedicated to her work more than I am as I see work as more of a way to make money... Then when I get home I enter my dream world. It's funny to read all these comments to find so many similar connections that we all have it's amazing.

I love my little stubborn bull with all my heart!!! I swim around her all day long while she stands tall, tail brushing with the wind....

Us males live in a dream world, very hard to distinguish fiction/reality. Although it may look as if we are hiding something it clearly is not as we are simply zoning Into a completely different wave of emotion.

We are natural healers and am able to heal just about anything. We are always lending a shoulder to cry on without taking into consideration what level our own batteries are at.

We will always drop what we are doing to go start something else and then quickly start something else just after that and so on...

This relationship is built to last. Although we do not like confrontation it is sometimes needed in the relationship to fix a situation as it is very hard for us to put what we are feeling into words as there are no words to express how we feel...... Although eventually if the conversation is not exploded than we will tell you what you Wang to know.

Just remember to kiss every 5 mins and chuck in some baby talk... And bumb squeezes..... And no flirting with anyone else!!!! They hate it!!!!


congrats to the last poster, thats fantastic.

My union with a taurean girl started really nicely until her borderline symptoms started up which were made worse by her merry-go-round of meds: pot, booze, pills and old bf's kept so efficiently in her phone... texting a lot then having to go to some 'meeting' for her rinky dink 'job' The characteristic of "taurean loyalty" was sorely missed in this junk show of neurosis. I wish she'd get clean and therapy but am long gone and ain't holding my breathe. She just gets a new "one" and tally ho! - it starts all over anew... until the next 'best thing' crosses her radar...how empty.

All I can say is wow.. I am a Taurus woman, I have have never seen Pisces as the one that just light my fire. But for some reason they are ALWAYS attracted to me. I just think of it as a moth to a flame. I married a Pisces man, he was just too dam indecesive. He cheated a few times but I knew he loved me, he is just the curious type, I felt sorry for the women. Get all the great sex for just a moment. Pisces are fish, they really do only have one home although some of them like to swim other places, they always come home. I dated another Pisces (after our divorce) and no not because of the cheating but because of him not being able to have a freaking stable thought in his head, he tried, I know he did he just couldnt do it.. Now the one I dated, he was charming, funny, intuitive, and sexy with a capital S. But again lofty, and I wasnt going for that again. I wasnt dating for committment, more for fun and he wanted me to get serious. I just wasnt up to it.. So now wh en I see the little fishies swimming up to me I just smile, and swat them away with my tail. Go on little fishy...

Im a Pisces guy, and Taurus girls. I am sorry to all of you, but it looks like the fish men are messed up and we have ALL done something that is listed above. In a way Im apologizing to all you girls, for what I also did.

Basically, dated a Taurus girl, proposed to her, love, sex passion, family, friends were all great. I would flip out as she was quiet, she would not talk about any problems and face any minor or serious questions. This is what drove me crazy, I needed answers and she would shy away from them - nothing too serious but it was consistent, small questions, big questions no direct response ever.

Sooo.... I moved with her to China for a year, in China we worked for her father while he was sick and was having treatments, I put my life back in North America on HOLD.. and was there for her and her family business. We had a year deadline, or I would loose my quite descent well paid job in North America. After 6 months there I started asking her questions, what's the plan, are we staying are we coming back..

no answer, no answer, no answer.. so. I had to go back, and long distance did not work out. I was hoping to get from her more feedback, more emotional guarantee and some kind of a firm solid dedication ( after all we were engaged ). I would go to bed thinking when she would come back, wake up with the same thoughts... she did cheat on me a month in when we first stated by hooking up with her ex, but these thoughts and demons did not come out until I was alone, for three months in north america wondering what will happen.

Anyway, I couldnt take it, one day flipped out, said very mean things to her and called everything off. I had to get angry or I could not do what I did.. I did it irrationally, and two months later through my friend I figured out what she was thinking, and how I was on one train and she was on a parallel train but did not show it. Had she been more focused and told me what was going through her head, I would understand, wait longer, reassure her etc.. she didn't she was a quiet taurus,

why, because she did not want to take on blame, and did not want to be in the wrong. had she stood up, pushed back a bit more, I think everything would have worked out.

Once I realized the problems, I talked to her, she loves me I love her, but at this point it has gone to far. Perhaps if she comes back to North America, and both of us ( 28 and shes 26 ) mature and grow up a bit, we can try again, but the odds at this point are 10%... tauruses make up their mind and its too late.

so Pisces GUYS : watch your mouth and what you say, these WOMEN LOVE YOU with all their hearts DO NOT SCREW IT UP, by falling victim to your emotion

and Taurus girls : communicate, reassure, guarantee, explain, PUSH back if he's acting like a jerk, you being quiet is the WORST thing that can be, when a Pisces does not hear back from a Taurus he will start thinking, NEVER EVER let a Pisces mind start wandering around on its own.. It goes in the wrong places.

I agree that as a Taurus woman I have noticed that Pisces men FALL HEAD OVER HEELS for me. Also, they usually have big packages and I don't mean the type that needs a postage! *wink*. You have to get them when they are close to or over 30. They will most likely be ready to settle down later on in life. I'm talking to one now..we've known each other for 15 years (since middle school) but found each other on facebook. We've been inseparable ever since. Very charming guys. They dream more than they accomplish...which is hard for a Taurus woman. We need stability and it's hard to get them with a man that's always in the clouds. But maybe that's why we're in their lives?

The last 5 years I've been in a long distance relationship with a Pisces man. We have fought and reconnect months later, they are very sensitive and mysterious in away but he gets me. And he makes me feel so special inside they do dream a lot and need a certain push in the right direction. One thing ive notice is that they do have baggage from there pass relationships, they cant forget. As a Taurus woman I need a man to focus on me now, not comparing me with previous relationships. As a friend we connect so well we talk hours and hours and give each other great advice. I adore me so much!

I am a Taurus Young Woman,Waiting for My Pisces Man. I want to know what I'm doing wrong in His eyes. why is he not ready to commit. I know that we would make a perfect Marriage, because I'm not afraid to compromise. But is he?

to the Married Man, Married for 5 Years*, How did she keep you. Why didn't you leave. Were you strong minded? I'm a mature Intelligent Young Woman. Who Believes in Marriage, at any age after 18, if you have your mind right. Smart. And If you Believe really believe that your Piscean is the One. I sure In Hell Think So. I'm Religious Born that way!

I am a Taurus women who just got married to a Pisces man. From the moment I met him he was everything thing I wanted and dreamed of. He was and still is very loving, sensitive and a go getter. We have been together 2 1/2 years and married for 4 months now. If you can handle the differences and understand each other without trying to change one another, it will last a long time. So Taurus woman have patient and don't try to change him. Pisces man try to understand a Taurus woman. I love my Pisces husband and without his support and loving I wouldn't been as happy.

To the ***I am a Taurus Young Woman, Waiting for My Pisces Man

It sounds like there is an amount of pressure that you may be putting on to your Pisces man.

First thing first.

Do not try and trap your fish as we are all escape artists. Trying to trap him in a corner will only make his mind work out a way to escape and you don't want that now do you.

Your fish lives on a completely different planet than you do. When you ask him a question, he may not respond straight away since there is so much emotion attached to his answer. His answer will sometimes depend on his mood and what has happened on that particular day.

If you want my advice, make sure that you are there with support and love. in return you will receive the same amount [even more] and although he may not it, its there.

Another point.

Don't talk about religion to your fish. We are the most spiritual sign in the zodiac and its something that religion cannot come close to. The last thing that he wants to hear is about the right and wrong thing to do. Me and my Wife were together for years before we made the move for marriage.

Us fish do need a push in the right direction but if you push to much he will swim away.

Remember, im only commenting on my relationship and trying to understand what how I can relate it to what your issue is. And at the same time it only seems that your issue is that you cannot get your fish to marry you. at the same time, I hated the thought of marriage but after a while I came round and could not think of a better option.

In the long run... as long as your both supportive to each other and both love one another then I cannot see as to why your fish wouldn't tie the knot.....

we are already hooked at first sight.........

Pisces man seeking love with a Taurus Lady. When we first met I sensed a really strong attraction between us, both sexually and spiritually. She couldn't keep Her eyes off of me and the same is true for me (my eyes were glued to Her). I want to ask Her out, but ever since I sent Her a few messages She acts as though I don't exist - Where have I gone wrong? We see each other twice a week at a religious center and She seems to be avoiding me in little ways.

I'm Taurus Woman Dated a Pisces Man. I Love him So much Weve been dating for 10 months. He broke up with me, says he s not ready to be in a relationship. During the end of our relationship I was sad. I Loved our relationship, but I had problems in my life, He didn't give me the support I needed, I'm very supportive of his needs, every one.. I think I pushed him away on accident, I thought that if I keep telling him what I wish he did... Basiclly critizising him. But I wont take all the blame. He does stuff, dumb stuff, wrond not right. Because He's so Impractical. I know if he comes back in my life things will be better, stronger, because I've chaged. Not so depended on him, but on me. We have So much in common, everything. He likes to admire me, I lost myself in our relationship. Im Smarter and know what to do now in our relationship.

Someone please respond to This. I'm a FIGHTER! Never give up on something as important as this. Weve been broken for 1 month

I am a Taurus woman, and over the past 8 months I have came in contact with not one or two but SIX Pisces men. All of them say that they are in love with me and that they want to be with me. They even get really emotional just talking about it. Also another guy came along but he is a Scorpio the first time he looked at me I melted into the floor, I was sprung and he fell hard for me to! I don't know what to do :s I really like all of these guys but there is only one that I can be with. I love Pisces men and boy that Scorpio is something else. In the long run I am gonna have to choose someone but I am so scared what the end results will be! HELP ME!!!!

I love my pisices man buthe lied cheated called names disrepected and munipulated me it was unhealthy I love him but im on a much higher level of success in mi life than he is. they are liars and NOTTTTTTTTT FAITHFUL BUT VERY COMPATIBLE personality wise

I am a Taurus woman in a relationship with a Pisces man. He is very sweet and sensitive and cares about me a lot. The only problem is we are in a long distance relationship so I'm afraid that he might loose interest in me because of a new girl. I have only had real relationships with Pisces men and the same thing happens every time. They break up with me, keep in contact with me, get with someone else and when that doesn't work out they try and come back to me. I always turn them down cause I know the same thing is gonna happen. Now that I am with this guy, we've gotten so deep that I get really really worried that he might "fall in love" with someone else and leave me. Also lately he hasn't been talking to me as much, he will get online or call and say hi I love you and get off the phone. Am I over reacting or should I just let things flow. Help!!!

I am I Taurus woman with a Pisces man. The first day we saw each other and talked, we fell in love, deep. He says the sweetest things and is just very calm and sweet. We have been talking for a while and just recently got together. I haven't seen his emotional side even though he admitted he was emotional but what I have seen is his sexual and romantic side and boy when I say romantic I mean the most romantic any man can get. I have dated a lot of Pisces men and all of them are this way, and I have fallen deep in with them each time, but with the guy I am with now it's like I know he is the one in fact he was the one who said it when we met. Anyways my question is my Pisces is very sexual and asks me to do things that sometimes I am not okay with, but I wanna give him everything he wants and may need sexually but some times I have to tell him know and he gets a little irritated. Should I do it to keep him happy or keep my foot down?

I'm a Taurus women and I have been dealing with my Pisces male intimately since Sept 2010. He is very sweet, smart & sexy (great sex) but doesn't call me a lot and is very secretive. I don't understand what he wants but he is so sweet when we are together> However I find him a bit fussy and he does disappear. Im making a few adjustments so that we both continue to experience "harmony".. We are comfortable together and I have to make adjustments and allow him to feel free. don't try to box in a Pisces male they will always come around. Also the do not like confrontations..Tread Lightly..

I'm a Pisces man who has been dating a Taurus woman for nearly a month now. I just divorced a Libra woman to whom I was married for 3 years. I wasn't looking for this relationship it just sort of happened, and wow it has been amazing. I'm Pisces to the core and I've always had a way of charming people but have a lot of problems making it "stick". She geniunely excepts me for who I am. She doesn't mind my daydreaming at all, a lot of my past relationships have failed because my partners couldn't handle this quality. I treat her like a princess and she treats me like a prince. We have fallen for one another on a deeper level than I knew was possible, and the sex is amazing. They aren't kidding when they say Taurus women have the most stamina. She can't get enough of me and we often spend half the night and the next morning going at each other. We both agree that we're the best either of us has ever been with. I have a bad Piscean habit of fleeing when a rel ationship gets serious, but not this time I'm in love. I swore I would never marry again after my divorce but she's got me thinking I may oneday reconsider this.

I am a Taurus and have been around many a good Pisces in my life. It doesn't surprise me that I will not be marrying one. I only have good things to say about pisces. There is always work in any relationship but for this Taurus girl - Pisces is the best match by far compared to other astrology signs.

I'm Taurus woman married to a Aries Man for the past 7 years, and Yes Aries are liers and cheaters. Then a Handsome Looking Pisces came along in my life. ! Wow ! And His so Amazing , My god I can't believe it. A love so Beautiful I've never thought about. We been dating each other for past 6 years, and it's growing more. The chemistry between a Taurus and Pisces are the best !


If you tell your man that he can't have it, he will find someone else that will do it for him... He loves you and wants to be with only you, if you start to denying him then he will swim to the next mermaid he finds...

I am a Pisces man and am just talking from experience

Try and enjoy what he does, maybe you will if you forget what it is and just relax... No matter how much if hurts ;-)

I am a Taurus woman and all I have to say is YAY!!! but AWWW. I say yay, do to the fact that it is true Pisces have this mysteriousness that lures you into their realm of waters. I dated a Pisces man and felt an instant connection. We never went anywhere but just being with him, sitting in his couch all snuggled up in his arms, was enough to say F*** everything else. Being with him was the most nurturing thing. I felt so secure I felt like a little lamb in his arms. Sadly though things started to go downhill. For some reason he started addmiting that he didn't like to talk on the phone because he didn't know what to say. He also didn't want to hang out with me and my close friends because he didn't like to be around people he didn't know. I completely understood the fact that you didn't like to talk on the phone because you didn't know what to say, bbbuuuttt it made me mad because he didn't want to sit with "strangers", even though nobody is born knowing everyone....also IF I txted him he sometimes wouldnt txt me back. We also rarely saw each other because of certain reason, so we would averagely see each other once a week. So over all my point is THERE was reasons that stopped us from seeing eachother, so obviously the smart thing to do was to talk on the phone since seeing each other wasnt an option. He just never seemed to understand that. This is why I said aww too. I ended up breaking up with him because of that(broke up 12/15/10). One thing to note too, he was younger than me so I actually think that the age difference was one of the problems as well. Taureans ARE the most down-to-earth people so we tend to act WAY more mature than our age, that is why I say that age must have also been one of the factors that led to our break up.

Nevertheless, for some reason I ended up feeling bad and wanted him back, I cried for him for 3 days straight. I tried to make him reason, because I knew deep down inside it wasnt my fault. But I was actually willing to put the blame all on myself just to make things better and for us to be together again. Sigh* It never worked, till this day (12/28/10)he still says no, he still rejects me. I WISH I JUST KNEW HOW TO GET HIM BACK. The last thing he ever significantly told me was that we were different, EVEN THOUGH he always told me we clicked. I just don't know what to do. I KNOW THAT SOONER OR LATER were going to end up seeing each other and I will feel a damn lighting bold pierce my soul. IF ANYONE READS THIS PLEASE COULD YOU ADVISE ME ON WHAT TO DO TO PROVE TO HIM THAT WE DO INDEED BELONG TOGETHER AND THAT I DO INDEED STILL LOVE HIM, AND IS WILLING TO START OVER....

Im tuarus lady living with a Pisces man..He knew exactly what he wanted,we met and in 2 months we moved in together and I have never been happier..n oooooh what a spectacular ride..I have been married for 20 years.......n got divorced and never knew love this way!!!He is a total dream......n all and yes they have this secret side to them but as a patient Taurus lady ...i grant him that space....n he loves it.They don't like ladies to nag.....They r sweethearts..... Communication is key,n dnt push them to hard....just enuff to let them feel they swim there own way....

Pisces man here.I have been talking to a Taurus girl for last two months and our interaction makes me feel very comfortable.We meet regularly at ESL school three times per week/she also happened to be my English teacher/.I know for sure that she is not dating anyone at this point of her life.Recently I`ve asked her out and she accepted but we postponed because of the holidays and she had to travel out of the country.Few weeks later I asked her again and we decided to figure things out over the phone. She did not answer my phone call and the message I left either.I found that she was sick after getting flu and did not show up at school.Few days later we talked again for a few minutes and she asked me to let her call once she was ready.The reason-too many issues to solve and she also needs some space.I decided to be cooperative and agreed to her suggestion.Today was the last time when we talked and I told her that life is a perpetual motion,very unpredictable and we h ave different circumstances and opportunities today that may not exist tomorrow anymore/for example accidents that prevent us to see someone forever/and begged her to give us a chance to go out and have good time.She just answered that she will think about it but cannot promice anything.

I have heard that Taurus ladies typically need time and are slow to make their mind.However,I am wondering if this girl is really interested in our contact/she has not rejected the idea to meet each other at this point/ or she is playing some sort of game.I have been quite persistent giving indications that I am interested but not sure how much more I should continue on this direction.Is it possible that she really needs more space and I need to let her alone for sometime?

Please,Taurus ladies give me some insight over the situation.

im a Taurus chick okay so right I need help so im like kinda sorta in a relationship with this Pisces and he's like everything you would want in a guy he's absolutely beautiful in every sense of the word and so I being the dumbass that I am totally broke his heart without even realizing I did it and now he's ignoring me so I facebooked him an apology he hasnt been on in a week because he doesn't wanna hear from me I understand cause im a jerk and I feel absolutley aweful and all I did was I didn't go talk to him one day its breaking my heart I would never hurt him intentionally someone tell me what to do im afraid to apologize to him personally because im afraid of whaat he'll say should I I don't know anyone who has advice hurry and tell me

So im a Taurus lady who is slowly but surely fallin in love w/ a Pisces & he is so different. I normally stay away from guys who are misterious & just cant read. But this one hit me like a yellow bus. We've always been friends but ive had a secretly crush on him for 4 years..in the meantime he & I began to talk & we dated. After a wonderful 2 month relationship I ended because I thought he cheated when he really didnt. One thing ladies you must kno that A Pisces will rarely let you kno what's botherin him until he's ready. Always be patient because they may take forever to open up but they love security & a strong woman to hold them down. We're still good friends & hang out all the time but he's not makin it official which I want him to! Whenever we have a rough patch , we're never done!Im very straight forward but he never tells me he wants to be done which is had to deal with but everyday is something different. One things for sure our relationship is never borin. There's a lways something different he shows me about himself & I love it. I have faith in my Pisces because he gives me what I need. I trust him & enjoy being around him.

I love my Pisces man, although I haven't told him yet. He is actually 18 years older than me. But we connect. Actually more than I have ever connected with another man. He holds his emotions back a little because he's been through alot. BUT when he does open up a little bit it is sooo worth it. The lovemaking is sensational and I plan on marrying him one day. We get along soo well, mentally, socially, phyically and emotionally. He knows how to handle me- and thats what us Taurus Women need!

I am a Taurus woman involved with a Pisces man.. I don't even know where to start. everything I have read up here is so true!!! These men are the most secretive men I have ever seen. You always think they are up to no good. We were dating for about 5 months when he and I quote" stepped away from the relationship" for awhile. He could not handle my Taurus ways. I am stubborn and I don't take crap..he took it as abuse! I think it was just an excuse because not long after we broke up..(and keep in mind we still hung out daily...)he moved in with a roommate and then slept with a 22 yr old...I am 40 and he is 30. I have been screwed over so many times and I thought he would be different..but he wasn't. I guess technically we were not together when he had this one night stand but he sure seen me everyday and still had sex with me! On the flipside of all this he is the greatest man I have ever known..something is keeping from walking away and I don't know what.

I am a Taurus Woman who has found herself accidentally with a Pisces male.

The background is that my step father was an tyrannical over ruler of a Pisces. He was constantly Fighting/ screaming/arguing with my (Capricorn) mother and was a regular source of grief, mind games, arrogant manipulation , stress and tears in my childhood home. His punishments were creative and cruel. He also stuck like glue, my mother's life has been ruined by the codependency of this relationship which has now been going on for eleven years.

Still I got out of a five year relationship with an abusive (Capricorn) male about two months ago and started dating again. I started to get really into one guy in particular. He was polite, quiet, normal and an understated romantic. Cooked for me. Treated me like a lady. Honest to god the man tricked me into our first date with all the finesse of a general at war. (If he had asked directly it would have been no. This impressed me.) When we had sex it wasn't like sex with another Taurus great, but it was intimate and good. Sensual. He listened to direction without getting insulted. I was flabbergasted to find out he was a Pisces. He just so understated and NOT manipulative. He has a good job a college education and no ego.I'm quite smitten really and waiting for the other shoe to drop. He is very quiet, but I had just assumed that was introspection. Honestly I don't know what to do about it. I like him a great deal but I have a hare trigger wariness for Pisces and after that last relationship . . . men in general. If he does any of this off on stuff that others are suggesting, my instinct would be to cut him off. I am loyal, but that strikes me as a lack of loyalty, in terms of being unable to decide. I do adore him though. I could see raising kids with this one if he can be true. :/

I am a Taurus woman involved with a Pisces male. I met him at work, and loved his relaxed, laid back attitude and respect for me. He left to go on a world trip, but I text him shortly before he left saying that I wouldn't of minded a kiss before he goes. Cut a long story short, we met up, I went back to his and we had the most AMAZING sex all night and the next morning. He couldn't keep his hands off me..He really knew exactly what buttons to push and is definately the best I've ever had. I know there is a huge sexual attraction there, and he was so kind to me, but he's leaving for Australia tommorrow..he said that I've given him something to look forward to when he gets home in a month before leaving to fininsh his trip..my question is are Pisces males scared of commitment? He's never spoke to me about it ..i knew what I was getting myself into getting involved with someone whos going on a world trip, but he definately does seem very mysterious and keeps me guessing constantly! I think I'm falling in love :o

Shoutout to all the Pisces men, I need your help! Please..

I'm a Taurus woman and been on this crazy rollercoaster ride with my Pisces man. I honestly believe that he's in deep with me but I don't understand why he's having a hard time tellin me how he feels. It's frustrating. How do I know if he's in love with me?

I am a Pisces man and everything mentioned is true especially the romantic charmer stuff. I have been told by many lovers that the sex was best they ever had and also that we a hard to read. We are loyal but can find it difficult to not respon when being chatted up by a pretty face.oh and we have this aloof. Quality that makes us stick in yor head.

I met my Pisces man about a year ago. At first we were friends but I fell in love with his charm and sweetness. I can honestly say that i´ve never been so in love with anyone in my entire life. He was literally perfect in all possible ways. He treated me like a princess, pampered and adored me. Any Taurus woman would just love that ;) We had a beautiful relationship and I would recommend Pisces men to Taurus woman for realizing the sweeter side of life. Pisces man know how to make you happy.

I was with a Pisces for 4 months. the chemistry was mind blowing. I didn't trust him. He was still in contact with his ex, lied to me about a lot of stuff. We got on well, however, he'd had had an affair and left his kids, which to me is Unforgivable - it would never had worked because he had such a bed past record. I'd never had trusted him. But I'd very much like ot find another pices as the chemistry was so intense!

Pisces are too weak for a Taurus women, Taurus we need stability even if we get into a argument or not, we need to know that the person we love is always going to be there, and dealing with a Pisces you will get hurt because the easiest thing for them to do is leave. Taurus are true lovers so when we love we love deep & real, but with a Pisces they'd re just in love with the fact of being in love, so if things don't go there way or if they can't control you they will leave you. When everything is going good expect the Pisces to be there, but when things get rough, they disappear. Pisces and Taurus are a nice couple but only for some time, because we both want to be right, and Pisces don't never understand, but want to be understood. And you know how Pisces try to come & go, well its only a matter of time until a Taurus allows it, and when the Pisces see the Taurus not having that they will do some crazy things for your attention. Believe me I just told you about my relationship, Pisces are crazy when they can't have you when they want you.:)

Taurus woman here, and I have been sex buddies with a Pisces man for about 12years. Yep, wow, 12 years and still no relationship. That is because we started off as friends and he wanted to cheat on his girlfriend with me and I went for it. Since that day, it has been an on again/off again sexual relationship. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy his company, we get along great. He makes me laugh, buys me things and when Im with him he makes me feel like the only girl in the world. I play hard to get a lot when he wants to do things couples do cause I don't want to fall for him. I believe that he will always be a cheater because on more than one occation of our sexual endeavours which lasts for weeks at a time, he was already involved with someone else. For this reason I feel that if we were to take our relationship to the next level I would never trust him. But in reading some of the above stories, I must sau that the way you women described how the Pisces man makes you feel I s too real for me. Just the gentle strokes across my thigh, or him whispering I love you in my ear makes me want to crumble and melt in his hands. don't let me get started on that look they give when their looking deep in your eyes when you're engaged in a conversation. But I gotta try to stay strong cause what we have began wrong and I don't think it will ever any right........

I am a Taurus women with a Pisces man, where to begin. We have been together for a little over 5 years and in the begining it was like love at first sight, romantic, great listener, the whole nine, but then the fish fliped over lol. When it comes to responsiblity he wants none but on the other hand he has to be super man to everybody elses problems. I am a Taurus through and through I am strong, independent, bull headed and I love stability. Pisces live in a fantasy world and my Pisces fish knows everything and in the same hand knows nothing. If we talk about something as long as it has NOTHING to do with him we can talk about it, but if it has anything to do with his actions its always right and he can always find a way to justify his behavior. I will admit I pamper him and have since we met and I enjoy to make him happy but he refuses to do the same in return. In a nut shell when the chemistry is good it's good and when it's bad its bad. Im at my wits end.

I?m a Taurus girl when I met my Pisces man it was love at first sight, we were inseparable. We were attached to the hip. When I met him I wasn?t really looking for a relationship since I was trying to get over my Cancer man who I had a 3 year relationship with and my God! I thought I wanted him to be my husband. He was what every girl wanted, young, cute, smart, had style, own a house, nice cars, great job, I mean my Cancer guy was my ideal guy and it was sooooo hard getting over him, and I had so much competition it was crazy!...lol when I met my Pisces man we connected (for me to spend time with someone it?s hard I need to feel connected someway, traits of an introvert Taurus)

So we connected very well, he used to make me feel as if I met him or seen him before. We were together for 1yr 8mos, we were happy. We told each other ?I love you? constantly. One day he got up and disappeared then a week later I was told ?we needed to break up? and that?s it! We never fought, we never argued (probably had 3 fights during the time we were together). it?s been 4 years since the break up and it?s been hell. He comes back once a year to ?check how I?m doing? or maybe ?to terrorize my relationships? (still trying to figure that out) crazy part is that I still feel connected to him. When I meet him he recharges me, he doesn?t even have to say anything because I?m just enjoying the energy. But he only comes to tell me how horrible his life is. I know he has dated throughout the years, I can say he has almost turned into a male whore?lol When he comes back to talk he spills all his stress and what?s going on with his life on me, obviously being the (Taurus that I am) I can help but to feel like I want to help, and then my feeling get caught up and once he feels it he runs again, and leaves me with no word. He hurts my feelings all the time, he treats me like garbage to be honest. He never remembers my birthday, he has no sympathy for me when I?m facing tough times (if I tell him too much of my problems he runs again), he avoids me at all cause, ignores my calls, emails, blocks me. (And I don?t bother him that much and with time I have learned to stay away. It has come to the point that I actually think he hates me. And just when I think it?s over here he comes again telling me how happy he was when he was with me (when I see him I forget everything that has happened, and I can tell he has missed me, I just wish he would tell me what he wants from me). I don?t understand why he has picked the only one person he trust with his intimate thoughts with and who seriously wants the best for him to treat like crap?

He chooses to spend all his time and money with his friends and other girls. While with me when we talk it?s always in his car then he drops me home. Makes me feel like he?s ashamed to be seen with me or embarrassed?

so the question is

Does he hate me? Dislike me? or am I just a punching bag? are looks very important for Pisces man? maybe I?m not skinny or tall enough and that?s why he?s embarrassed?

I dated my Pisces man for 2 years, there was an instant connection since day 1. We did everything together.He would buy me gifts all the time and send me ?just because? flowers ?..He used to tell me ?i love you? all the time, all day long. We didn?t use to fight. We probably had 3 arguments for the time we were together. I did let myself go, I gained 30lbs or so (i know that?s bad and its harder for a Taurus girl to lose it) The last 2 months our sex life did suffered, but I thought it was because he was stress with work; Because at the time I had my Pisces man who actually verbalize the words ? I love you? to me everyday. I didn?t see it as a red flag (now, I do). One day he got up and left with no word nor say. a week or 2 later, he writes a letter on how he didn?t want to be in a relationship anymore, he was not ?feeling me?, I had so much faith in our love that I just told myself ?Give him space, he?ll be back, he will miss me really soon and we will be happy to gether again? (yeah, that didn?t happened) I begged him to come back for 1.5 yrs, he would tell me that he had other goals to achieve and that he was stress, that he miss me but he was not ready for a relationship. I found out later on He started dating his ex not too long after we broke up but he failed to tell me for the 1.5 yrs that I was begging him. One thing I don?t understand is that he always comes back to apologize because he feels bad (how many times does a person need to apologize for?) Every year he has always reached out to tell me about his life and how miserable he is and how happy he was when he was with me but he never wants a more than friends relationship with me. when he notices that i?m catching feelings, he leaves again. it doesn?t matter how bad our arguments have been, when we see or talk to each other it brings us back to when we were together, getting along just fine. He never wants me to find out that he?s with other girls (i find that funny) since I have nothing to hide, I do flaunt my boyfriends because i?m proud to say ?he?s my man? I have no problems finding great men that love me and treat me right, but for some reason I just can?t connect with them. no matter how hard I try (trust me, I really want to be able to LOVE again, to treat my man right and spoiled him and travel together and explore the world together).

I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS MAN! I am a Taurus woman, interested in a Pisces male. Is he interested in me as well? I guess only god knows. Each time we meet is different, one time we argue, the next time we're having tons of fun. Either way, we always leave a huge impression on each other. Everytime I get to the point where I am certain that he likes me, he sends me signals which make me insecure again. Mixed signals is definitely what the Pisces male is about. It fascinates me and drives me absolutely insane.

Ummm...I'm Pisces and my darling wife is Taurus. Wow! Yes, we fight a lot and broke up nine time before we decided to get married on Valenties Day! Rollercoaster ride would be an undestatement. But here is the point...I just can't walk away from her as I love her like I never loved any other womam. And, she says the same. She says..."Did you put a lovepotion in my drink?" It's a stormy relationship and she has been gone for 3 days...says she has a new boyfriend which really made me mad...but I know we just can't stand being away from each other for long. The problem is she's alcoholic and I don't drink...okay, one beer but that's it. She gets drunk and says the most hurtful things, flerts openly, talks about old boyfriend, etc. I'm the jealous Pisces so the shit hits the fan...often. But the attarction between us is like nothing I have ever known before in my life. She says the same. Will we get back together? I really have no doubt but we have been talking divorce very forcefully this time so, who knows what will happen. Taurus women, please don't flert in front of your Pisces man. He will distrust you soooo much because of it. I know you think it's harmless, but he will not see it that way. Believe me, your Pisces lover will be the most wonderful, attentive lovere you will ever meet. Try to understand that he needs constant reassurance, tell him you love him a hundred different ways and you will land you fish for life. Well, I hope this helps you Taurus women understand your Pisces man a little better...he will be the best thing that ever happened to you. An awesome relationship but a bit stormy and it may need some work!

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